Nagoya is all about industrialization, innovation, and technology, which is exactly what Capsule Hotels has brought to the travel world. So what better way to visit the city than by staying in one of the best Capsule Hotels in Nagoya?

The city is unlike any of the other major cities in Japan. While loads of others offer you traditional temples and kimonos, Nagoya sparks inspiration for those who loved playing with trains and building Lego cars when they were little. (And not to mention, they have some of the best food in all of Japan. YUM!)

Being such a business hub, the city sees professionals coming in and out all the time, making capsule hotels a popular option when you just need a bed for the night but don’t want to spend a bunch of money.

The innovative, sleek sleeping pods offer everything someone could need for a short stay in the city. So whether you’re here on a business trip or you’re checking out the famous Toyota museum, this list of the best capsule hotels in Nagoya has everything you need for your Japan trip.

glass dome with a staircase leading up to it in a park in Nagoya, Japan.
Let’s hunt down a unique capsule hotel in Nagoya!

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Quick Answer: The Best Capsule Hotels in Nagoya

What to Expect from Capsule Hotels in Nagoya

As someone who prefers to spend little time in their hotel room, opting for a small private bed in a capsule hotel allows me to spend more of my budget on activities, making it the ideal way to enjoy my trip to Japan.

In 1979, Osaka introduced the concept of capsule beds for business travelers who missed the last train home and just needed a place for the night. They filled rooms with single capsule-style beds that were stacked on each other to make room for more guests, allowing for a cheap and efficient solution.

Nagoya Station surrounded tall skyscrapers.
Nagoya’s just the ultimate escape spot in Japan, you feel?

From Osaka’s capsule hotels to all across Japan, they’re everywhere now. Some are truly out of this world with TVs, mood lighting, and sometimes even some sleep machines. While others are just a simple pod with a reading light and a charging station.

Best of all, they’re very budget-friendly. Capsule hotels in Nagoya range from $20-$40 a night. A lot of them also have some great common areas. Some have cafes where you can grab breakfast or bars to enjoy a drink with new friends.

The first time I stayed in a capsule, I lucked out. I had booked a regular bed at a Japanese hostel, but upon arrival, I found myself in a private little cubby. Since then, it’s been my go-to choice, and it’s just as easy.

On, you just need to select the filter for capsule hotels, and you’ll have all your options right there. However, for the cream of the crop, I recommend booking directly through my article, where I’ve handpicked the best ones.

Let’s get into the best capsule hotels in Nagoya!

Best Capsule Hotels in Nagoya

While many cities in Japan have pages of Capsule Hotels, Nagoya tends to lean more toward traditional hotels with private bathrooms and queen-size beds.

But don’t worry, they have a few options with high ratings, comfy beds, and won’t break the bank.

nine hours Nagoya Station – Best Overall Capsule Hotel in Nagoya

nine hours Nagoya Station

nine hours is a chain brand that’s located throughout Japan, and the capsule hotel in Nagoya is one of their best!

Where the Nine Hours in Nagoya sets itself apart is the common areas. The rooftop terrace gives you awesome views of the city. It has spaces for you to sit alone and work if you wish or some comfy couches to join others and chat the morning or evening away.

Nine Hours is also known for its huge locker spaces. Perfect for light sleepers who don’t want to listen to someone zip and unzip their bag 100 times looking for god knows what. (We’ve all been there.)

The lockers are outside of the rooms near the bathrooms and showers. And with each floor dedicated to specific genders, you can feel safe walking between the areas regardless of the time of day.

Why you’ll love this Hotel:

  • Working Desks
  • Breakfast Included
  • Rooftop Terrace

If you consider yourself a minimalist, you’ll absolutely love this hotel. It’s the perfect balance of simplicity and comfort. And they provide you with pajamas, slippers, and any toiletry you might have had to throw out at the airport.

It’s the perfect capsule hotel in Nagoya for all travelers. Digital nomads and solo travelers in Japan will be able to meet others at the included breakfast, and with tons of beds, big groups shouldn’t find any problem sorting out space for everyone.

It also has one of the best locations in the city with about a 5-minute walk to the Nagoya station.

If you prefer walking around the city, the Toyota Commemorative Museum is only about a kilometer away. And once you’re there, pretty much everything in the city is within walking distance.

Anshin Oyado Nagoya Sakae Cafe & Spa – Best Capsule Hotel in Nagoya for Solo Travelers

Anshin Oyado Nagoya Sakae Cafe and Spa

If you’re headed to Nagoya solo, then I highly recommend checking out the Capsule Hotel Cafe and Spa. It’s not your typical stay as a solo traveler with hostel events and pub crawls, but the hotel does have loads of opportunities to meet other travelers while staying in Nagoya.

The capsules have a lot of space since they aren’t stacked on top of each other. They are just side by side, giving you a lot of head space to hang your clothes and even stand up in some of them. The deluxe ones also come with a desk and chair if you’re working remotely while traveling.

Along with great beds that give you some privacy, there are also a lot of common area spaces where you can lounge and meet other travelers when you don’t want to be alone.

Why you’ll love this Hotel:

  • Spa and Wellness Center
  • Free Evening Drinks
  • Wine Bar

Don’t even get me started on their spa and wellness center. It’s one of the nicest spa areas I’ve ever seen in a normal hotel. There are saunas, hot baths, and massage chairs for you to chill out in while you’re waiting for a friend.

And for all my girlies traveling Japan, they have some high-tech blow dryers and loads of skincare products for you to choose from so getting ready here is actually fun. You’ll find a ton of mirrors and plenty of space, so you won’t have to wait around for someone else to finish.

Once you’re ready to hit the city, it’s just a quick 5-minute walk to the subway or about a 20-minute walk to Nagoya Castle. And if you aren’t sure where to go exploring, the staff is extremely friendly and speaks good English.

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Similar Hotels in Nagoya

Because Nagoya isn’t exactly sprawling with capsule hotels, I’ve gone ahead and included a few other options for you around the same price with similar amenities that I think you’ll love!

Trip & Sleep Hostel

Trip and Sleep Hostel

The Trip & Sleep Hostel is perfect for budget backpackers who are looking to save some money while having a good freaking time.

The Hostel is located near the shopping district in Naka Ward and is perfect for going out, having fun, and not spending a ton. The place has loads of dorm beds, so you’ll likely meet loads of solo travelers to hang out with and make friends.

Along with dorm beds, Trip and Sleep also has loads of other room options like family rooms, double rooms, and even some traditional Japanese-style rooms. There is a small cafe area for you to hang out, and if you’re really trying to save some money, you can use the shared kitchen and make your food vs going out.

Some of the tourist destinations are a little bit further from the hostel (the castle for example is a 40-minute walk). But you can also just jump on the metro and zoom around town relatively quickly – so it’s perfect for those who like to explore and aren’t afraid of a little walk.

The staff is absolutely lovely and do their best to make sure everyone feels at home. Even though it’s not a capsule hotel in Nagoya, it’s still one of the best places to stay.

Cafe & Guest House Nagonoya

Cafe and Guest House Nagonoya

Upon arrival, the Cafe and Guest House look more like a quirky little cafe rather than a guest house, but I guess that’s the point of the Cafe coming first in the name, ha! The unassuming inn is perfect for a night or two in the city and has everything you need to make your stay an A+.

You’ll find box-type beds in the dorm, similar to a capsule but without a door or curtain to close you in. But they’re still super privatized compared to some of the other hostels on this list. They also have private rooms and Japanese-style rooms if need a little more privacy than the boxes.

The charming guest house almost makes you feel like you’re living in the city rather than just visiting it. The staff is super helpful and has loads of insider tips on Japan‘s must-visit spots, cuisine, and attractions.

And by renting a bicycle, you can take your time exploring the area and discovering all of its hidden gems.

Because the hostel is a little bit smaller than some of the others, there aren’t too many places people can hide, so meeting other travelers will be easy, peasy.

Glocal Nagoya Backpackers Hostel

Glocal Nagoya Backpackers Hostel

Glocal is one of those hostels you stay at way longer than you intended to. You know when you meet all the right people, and you tell yourself, “ok, one more night!” well, that’s this Hostel in Nagoya. And it all starts with the owner.

He’s done a fantastic job of making everyone who stays at his hostel feel extremely welcome. As soon as you walk in, the vibes are just immaculate.

From the rows of different beers at the bar to the helpful nature of the staff, you’ll be meeting people left and right. They have all kinds of dorms: mixed, female-only, male-only, and even some private rooms. That way, just about anyone who wants to stay here has the chance.

And even with a lot of dorm rooms/beds, the bathrooms are always clean and in tip-top shape. (I know, it’s shocking.)

Nagoya station is only about a 10-minute walk away, giving you the best access to the entire city. Enjoy coffee in the common room in the morning, and you’re bound to meet fellow travelers eager to explore Nagoya. Nothing enhances the adventure like sharing it with a group of like-minded explorers.

Usatsuno Osu

Usatsuno Osu

The Usatsuno Osu Hotel is the perfect option if you like a quieter stay in Japan. It’s run by a sweet older couple who go above and beyond to make all of their guests feel welcome. They keep the place clean, and feels just like home.

The dorms are spacious, with plenty of room if you have a bigger suitcase. They also have an area to hang up your clothes if you’re staying longer than a night or two. You can use the desk in the room if you need to get some work done.

It’s certainly one of the better dorm rooms on this list. The hotel has a small kitchen for you to use, or you can order breakfast in the morning and not mess with it. (That would be me, ha.) The common areas are inviting and make it easy to meet some travel buddies.

The Hotel is a bit farther from town on a quiet street, but a bus stop is only about a 5-minute walk away that will get you to the train station in no time. Or you can opt for a 20-minute walk. The neighborhood is nice, so if you have the time, I totally recommend the walk.

Guesthouse Yoroyonaka

Guesthouse Yoroyonaka

This is a great option if you’re looking for a Japanese experience while still having the comfort of a “familiar” hostel-style stay.

It’s a little bit farther from the main train station, but if you have a backpack or small luggage, it’s not too bad. The homestay is a great place to practice your Japanese as the staff doesn’t really speak English. They are super helpful, and Google Translate is a lifesaver.

You can book out the traditional dorm beds if you are on a tight budget. But I recommend staying in one of the Japanese-style rooms, the beds are on the floor, but it’s all a part of the experience. And they have cozy rugs and some cute decor to make it feel nice and homey.

The common area feels like a traditional living room and is welcoming, unlike some hostels that seem to just put some chairs in a lobby. You can relax and chat with other guests or grab a drink at the bar. (An awesome sake bar is also just around the corner.

You gotta check it out if you stay here.) There’s also a shared kitchen if you want to cook. All around, it’s perfect for a long-term stay in Japan.

Nagoya Capsule Hotels FAQs

Here are some questions backpackers ask about capsule hotels in Nagoya.

Travel Safety Tips for Nagoya

When backpacking, you never know what can happen. While traveling, I’ve had several unfortunate accidents where travel insurance would have saved me so much anxiety and trouble.

From motorbike crashes, food poisoning, ear infections, and broken bones. Take it from me, make your Japan trip anxiety-free and get solid travel insurance.

ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing.

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Final Thoughts on Capsule Hotels in Nagoya

Nagoya might not have loads of Capsule Hotels, but the ones they do offer more than enough amenities, comfort, and good times than you could ever need. Sometimes, having fewer options is better for me, especially when I just need a place to sleep and not get overwhelmed by choices.

So whether you’re in town for the night or spending some days exploring Nagoya’s architecture, food, and culture, you can look for a place to stay off of your list of things to do. I’m absolutely positive that one of these two capsule hotels in Nagoya will tick all of your Japan stay boxes.

Japanese castle located in Nagoya, Japan.
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