If you’ve ever wondered who on earth came up with the awesome idea of taking a bunk bed and turning it into a private mini-hotel room, then you’ve come to the right place. Osaka, Japan, is the first to introduce outer space looking capsules to the rest of the world, and we are so thankful!

These pods became a safe haven for travelers who were looking to save some money on short little layovers in the city. Instead of having to drop $100 for a private room, why not get a private bed for less than a third of that price? Genius, right?

But let’s be real—not all capsule hotels are created equal. Some offer basic necessities, while others provide a premium experience with fancy amenities and services. So here’s our list of the best capsule hotels in Osaka that you need to check out on your Japan trip.

Quick Answer: The Best Hotels in Osaka

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What to Expect from Capsule Hotels in Osaka

If you’re backpacking Japan, Osaka has gotta be on your travel itinerary, even if you’re there for just a day or two. The city is a beautiful mosaic of flashing lights, ancient temples, street food markets, and futuristic buildings.

But amid this urban jungle, you’ll find a surprising addition to the accommodation scene that’s as unique as Osaka itself—capsule hotels. They’re space-efficient, super sleek, and give travelers an option to save some money.

And there is seriously no better place to stay in a Capsule Hotel than in Osaka itself. The city introduced the pods to the world in 1979, and since then, they have been a Japanese mainstay. Tokyo integrated capsule hotels into its urban milieu too, creating a unique and efficient experience.

Capsule hotel pods look like something out of a sci-fi movie. If you’ve never experienced this before, prepare yourself to feel like an astronaut (minus the zero gravity and the weird ice cream… but on second thought, this is still Japan, I bet you can find it, haha).

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Now, pods vary in style with essentials like power sockets, reading lights, and doors, some really go all out with the luxury. From mood lighting to noise-canceling and white noise machines to even a TV to catch up on some anime.

Capsule hotels in Osaka are also super easy on the pockets. They aren’t as cheap as typical dorm-style hostels, but that’s to be expected with the extra privacy.

They range from $20 to $40 per night, making it an excellent option for solo travelers in Japan, people on business trips, or anyone who just can’t be bothered to take the night train to their next destination.

Sounds all pretty legit, right? And booking one is just as easy as booking a hotel. They are sold by the bed, so you just gotta go to booking.com and select the filter for “Capsule Hotels,” and bam, you’ll have a full list of hotels to stay in Osaka. But if you wanna stay at one of the BEST ones in the city, you can just click our link, and it’ll take you straight to the website. Easy, peasy, baby!

Now, to the best part—exploring the best capsule hotels in Osaka. Let’s go!

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Best Capsule Hotels in Osaka

With my guide to the best Capsule hotels in Osaka, you’ll find your perfect home base for exploring the city.

These highly-rated hotels have everything you need, from comfy beds to cool communal areas. No matter which one you choose, you’re gonna have a freaking blast!

Padlock plug here?

1. Best Overall Capusle Hotel in Osaka – HOTEL Cargo Shinsaibashi

HOTEL Cargo Shinsaibashi
  • $
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Hot Tub and Jacuzzi
  • Near Nagahoribashi Metro

Some capsules can tend to feel a bit claustrophobic when the door is closed, but the ones at Hotel Cargo Shinsaibashi are some of the most spacious pods I’ve stayed in. Its vibe feels very traditional Japanese, and it is one of the most authentic capsule hotels in Osaka.

The beds lay on the floor of the capsule, and there are little nooks and crannies for all of your belongings, making use of every inch of space.

I loved the little touches, like the Japanese-style bath with loads of different Japanese products for you to try and use. It was like a mini Sephora at the sinks, ha! The communal area was my favorite, with an open-air staircase that leads up a wall of books, where you can grab a book to read in the workspace.

Why you’ll love this hotel:

  • TV in Capsule
  • Multilingual staff
  • Big Pods

One of the most important things to think of when choosing where to stay is the location, and luckily, we have no problem here. This capsule hotel is only a 2-minute walk to the metro and a 10-minute walk to the famous Dotonbori Street, where you can try the best Japanese street food. I’m serious when I say go hungry!

The staff at Hotel Cargo Shinsaibashi are exceptionally friendly. Fluent in several languages, they make it a breeze to get insider tips on the city.

And when you don’t feel like going out, you can visit the cafe downstairs for a beer while chatting it up with other travelers, and when you’re in desperate need of some self-care, head to the jacuzzi to relax. (I found myself here more than I’d like to admit.)

2. Best Capsule Hotel for Couples – HOTEL THE ROCK

  • $
  • Multiple Room Options
  • American Breakfast Available
  • Next to the Samuhara Shrine

Unlike most Capsule Hotels in Osaka, Hotel the Rock offers more than just gender-separated capsule rooms. And since some of us are glued at the hip with our partners, being able to stay in a room together without spending an exorbitant amount of money is such a big win.

Hotel the Rock offers single-room capsules, double rooms, and even your typical dorm-style bunk beds if you’re on a tighter budget or don’t care too much about privacy.

In each one, you’ll have your standard outlets and USBs, a privacy curtain, and check this out: they’re all extra-long beds! So you won’t have to worry about your feet sticking out or having to lay in the fetal position for hours.

The whole atmosphere feels a bit more spa-like at Hotel the Rock, with slippers and pajamas for rent. Bathrooms are also equipped with loads of hair, face, and body products. After a night in this capsule hotel, you’ll feel like a new person, ready to take on the city.

Why you’ll love this hotel:

  • Free toiletries (and they’re good, not that cheap shit you get in most hotels)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Self-service laundry

As a rather new hotel, I think they’ve done a great job at finding that balance between being budget-friendly and offering things you don’t typically expect in a capsule hotel. It’s like they took the best parts of both worlds and combined them to create a great experience. However, the staff doesn’t speak much English, like some of the other capsule hotels on this list.

But once you’re settled into your room, you can head out and and experience the best of Osaka with our with our carefully crafted city itinerary. The hotel is only a few minutes walk from the station, and there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and convenience stores nearby.

If you want to experience more of the culture, you can easily walk to Samuhara Shrine, a cool Shinto shrine with a magic amulet and unique Japanese architecture.

3. Most Budget-Friendly Capsule Hotel in Osaka – Capsule&Spa Grand Sauna Shinsaibashi

Capsule&Spa Grand Sauna Shinsaibashi
  • $
  • Spa and Sauna on-site
  • Restaurant on-site
  • Near Namba Station

The Capsule & Spa is definitely the most traditional-style Capsule Hotel in Osaka. You will be sharing the space with locals and other travelers and you can catch up on your Japanese cultural skills.

The hotel has a variety of pods with your traditional crawl-in spaces that are stacked on top of each other, and then the deluxe pods are some of the older versions with a body-length door where you slide into the bed sideways before closing it.

For budget travelers, this is going to be the best Osaka Capsule hotel. At only $20 a night, you’ll have everything you need for a cozy night stay and even a little more. The rooms and the communal areas are all very basic, but with multiple vending machines, the Spa, and the manga library, you’ll never get bored.

Why you’ll love this hotel:

  • Manga Library
  • Multilingual staff
  • Slot Machines

I’ve never seen a collection of Mangas and comics like the one at Capsule & Spa, and while that could be because it’s not one of my most-loved art forms, I was still mind-blown at the shelves filled with colorful titles and stories.

The multilingual staff at this hostel is always willing to help and give recommendations for local spots to visit in Osaka. The hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the station, so you can be out and about in no time. And if you’re feeling lucky, there are even slot machines on-site for a bit of fun.

But where it gets really good is the spa. After some days of traveling, this is the perfect stay to melt your stress away. They have a sauna that you can crank the heat up in, trained masseuses for different types of massages, and even a large bath to just soak in. The areas are separated by male and female, so everyone can feel comfortable at this Osaka Capsule Hotel.

4. The Most Luxurious Capsule Hotel in Osaka – Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP Osaka Namba

Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP Osaka Namba
  • $
  • Public Bath
  • Terrace
  • Near JR Namba Station

If you’re looking to feel like an A-lister at a G-lister price, then this is the capsule hotel for you. Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP Osaka Namba takes the traditional concept of a capsule hotel and elevates it to new levels of luxury and comfort.

With different levels of capsules, you can get exactly what you’re looking for. From traditionally stacked capsules with enough room for your body to sleep to huge capsules, you can walk into.

These are some of the best and most luxurious capsules I’ve seen. It really feels like a mini-room not just a place to sleep. They come with an extra-large twin bed, a TV, and a desk if you’re keen on getting some work done.

If you choose one of the smaller capsules, you can also make use of their common area, which comes with loads of desks and chairs for you to chill, meet some travel buddies, or read one of the many comics they have.

Why you’ll love this hotel:

  • Bicycles for rent
  • Large Capsule
  • Self-service laundry

With its sleek interior and futuristic design, everything feels elevated at Capin and Capsule. But the cherry on top has to be their public bath and terrace. I mean, a place to stay is one thing, but a place to relax and actually enjoy yourself doesn’t happen too often at budget accommodations.

A traditional Japanese bath is a deep bath where you sit instead of lying down. You’ll fully immerse yourself slowly cause this bath gets hot! It’s heated by a wood fire and kept warm for hours.

And it’s not just about the bath itself. It’s also about the experience of communal bathing that has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries. It’s an interesting experience.

And let’s not forget about the location. It literally takes less than a minute to get to JR Namba station, making it incredibly convenient for getting around the city. But if you feel like exploring around the hotel, you can rent a bike and visit the Ansei Earthquake Tsunami Monument or the Liberty Osaka Museum.

5. Epic Capsule Hotel for Solo Travelers – NINJA & GEISHA

NINJA & GEISHA capsule hotel in Osaka
  • $
  • Adults Only Hotel
  • Male and Female Floors
  • Near Awaji Train Station

The Ninja & Geisha Hotel is seriously epic. As soon as you walk in, you’ll be taken aback by the Japanese-themed hotel, and not in a minimalistic way. I’m talking bright red walls and loads of floating lanterns.

And the decor takes it another step further into the capsules. Each one has been painted with incredible Japanese figures or dragons. TBH, some of them could be a scary thing to wake up to, but it’s all a part of the experience. (Say that to the guest that gets the fire-breathing dragon, yeah?)

These futuristic sleeping pods are not only visually appealing, but they also provide a cozy and comfortable space for you to rest after a day of exploring. And with male and female-only floors, you can feel at ease knowing you have your own private space.

Why you’ll love this hotel:

  • Japanese art throughout the hotel
  • Tablet check-in
  • Self-service laundry

This Capsule hotel in Osaka also has one of the coolest common areas on the list. A lot of the hotels have taken the minimalistic look a little too far, in my opinion. Ninja and Geisha have made it cozy and welcoming. This means more people are likely to hang out there, and that’s exactly what I experienced. As a solo traveler, this capsule hotel was the easiest to make friends at.

The Awaji train station is just a quick walk away and will have you to the center in less than 20 minutes. So you can set out with your new travel buddies and explore the myriad attractions in Osaka.

What really sets Ninja & Geisha Hotel apart from other capsule hotels is their attention to detail in creating a unique Japanese experience. From the traditional art throughout the hotel to the tablet check-in process, every aspect has been carefully thought out to immerse you in Japanese culture.

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Other Capsule Hotels in Osaka

Naturally, as the first city to introduce capsule hotels, there are going to be more than five options, so here are some other great Osaka Capsule Hotels for you to check out!

First Cabin Nishi Umeda

First Cabin Nishi Umeda
  • $$
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Cafe and Bar On-site
  • Near Osaka Station

If you arrive in Osaka late or have an early flight, then First Cabin is a great capsule hotel for you. It’s super close to Osaka Station, giving you incredible access to the city as well as the airport.

The hotel is very modern and has a luminosity system that I didn’t experience in the other hotels. The pods have a lot more height to them than most capsule hotels, meaning you won’t feel cramped or claustrophobic. The pods also come with top-notch amenities, including comfortable beds, personal TVs, and reading lights.

The First Cabin goes above and beyond by offering pajamas, slippers, and pretty much any toiletry you could think of. The hotel also offers a sauna and Japanese bath to relax after exploring the city or getting in after a long-haul flight.


  • $
  • Double Beds
  • Breakfast Available
  • Near Shinsaibashi Station

Book and Bed is one of the most unique stays in Osaka. And I know it says Tokyo, but I promise it’s in Osaka. The Capsule Hotel is what most people would call quirky, and if you are a book nerd or have dreamt of spending the night in a library. Well, now is your chance.

All the capsules are lined with shelves filled with books from around the world. Honestly, there’s a lot going on, and if you consider yourself a minimalist, this might not be your idea of a good time. And if you have ADHD, prepare for your eyes to wander.

But if you are a heavy reader, even in your downtime, and want something out of the ordinary, Book and Bed is an experience you won’t forget.

Plus, it’s also very affordable, considering its prime location in Shinsaibashi, one of Osaka’s most popular areas for shopping. And they also offer double beds if you and your boo thang want to sleep together.

Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka

Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka
  • $
  • Sick Rooftop
  • Shared Kitchen
  • Near Tanimachi Kyuchome Station

This hostel is a great option for large groups; they offer plenty of beds, and the vibes are very traveler-focused. While a lot of the Capsule hotels in Osaka are also used by business professionals and locals catching trains and flights, you can easily be one of the unlucky ones who doesn’t meet other travelers.

Whereas Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka, it’s catered more towards travelers, so you could find yourself sleeping next to someone from anywhere around the world who is staying in Japan. The beds are totally enclosed like capsules but are closed with a curtain, so they feel a little less private than usual capsule beds.

But with a chilled-out rooftop and a welcoming common area, you’ll become friends in no time with your bunkmates, and you’ll forget all about the lack of privacy.

This hostel also offers a variety of amenities, such as shared bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, and a communal kitchen for those who want to save money on dining out. (But you can’t cook every night, it would be criminal in Osaka.)

Osaka Capsule Hotels FAQs

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance for Osaka

As with any trip, it’s always wise to be prepared for the unexpected. Sorting yourself with travel insurance for Japan can save you from all kinds of mishaps.

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Final Thoughts on Capsule Hostels in Osaka

There are two must-dos when you’re in Osaka. First, try as many foods from street stalls as you can. From takoyaki to okonomiyaki, your taste buds are going to go absolutely nuts. Second, stay at a capsule hotel—duh! As the original capsule hotels, it would be such a shame to miss staying at one of these hotels.

Whether you’re a solo traveler hopping around Japan or you’re on a swanky business trip, capsule hotels in Osaka are the way to go.

You’ll have the privacy you need, some awesome traditional baths to soak in, and a hell of a time if you choose the right Capsule Hotel in Osaka, which, after reading this, I have the utmost confidence you will! But if you’re still on the fence, I can totally recommend HOTEL Cargo Shinsaibashi. You get to live it up with a nice vibe without spending a fortune!

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