What is the primary reason we love to travel (aside from Instagram bragging rights of course….)? It’s because it introduces us to a whole new universe of experiences – ones we usually wish we could bring back home with us and only occasionally wish we could somehow forget altogether.

But just how can we “bring an experience back home” with us? 

Through our senses, that is how! In fact, the link between our senses and our memories has long been proven by both psychologists and neurologists. Let me elaborate. On an obvious level, seeing an image of the Taj Mahal reminds us of the time we visited. But did you know that the most pronounced link between memory and sense is found through our sense of scent?!

So, I say to you that the key to distilling and bottling those travel memories is in finding the “smell of travel”.

Cue in the mesmerizing Dossier vanilla perfume. This vanilla scent is destined to become the aroma of adventure. In this post we are talking about smelling sweet on your travels.

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Finding A Travel Friendly Perfume

Ok I admit it. Perfume or cologne are not generally included amongst the travel ‘must haves. In fact of all of the various Travel Packing Lists and Backpacker Gift Guides that we have written, curated and published I don’t think a single one of them features a fragrance…

And yet actually I never leave home without it. My travel toiletry bag ALWAYS features deodorant, a razor, moisturizer, shampoo and yes a little bit of splash. This is because on every trip I take I either go to a party, eat out at a half decent taverna or go on a hot date and so I plan accordingly.

But how exactly do you find a travel friendly perfume?

  • Keep It Under 100ML

First up, whatever fragrance you bring so be sure to make sure that you only bring 100ML of it. Carry on limits are severe and harsh and if you back even a single millimeters too much then you risk your beloved eau de cologne being taken away at security and chucked in a bin (ie, discreetly collected later by airport staff).

Even if you are checking your bag in, I still recommend packing a small amount in case the bottle spills or shatters inside your bag in transit (though if it does, your luggage will stink sweet just lovely forever more).

If you have a full 250ml or 500ml bottle at home, buy a travel atomiser (a small, sealable plastic bottle) and pour some in when packing.

  • Buy It At Duty Free

Another option is to leave home without a perfume and buy it at Duty Free. This means that you don’t risk having security steal it and you can make a chunky saving without the import duties being levied.

Just bear in mind that selections at duty free can be limited and also remember that you need to bring it home with you. Also bear in mind that Duty free, doesn’t always mean duty free

Finally, while it can be tempting to go nuts duty free and try every fragrance on display, restrain yourself otherwise you risk boarding your flight smelling like a chemical spill.

  • Buy It At Destination
Man pouring perfume into a bottle in a tiny hop full of colourful bottles
Photo: Aiden Freeborn

We all love souvenirs. Novelty hats, cheeky t-shirts, miniature replicas of Milton Keynes’ Town Hall, we’ve bought them all. But one idea for a truly memorable travel souvenir or gift for a loved one back home is a bottle of perfume that quite literally, distills your trip into a sweet and fragrant bottle!

Of course, there is very little novelty in buying a bottle of Chanel’s Number 5 on holiday in Sydney but destinations like Morocco, Turkey and Southeast Asia have excellent perfumier cultures and you can find locally mixed, affordable splash abundantly. I kid you not, the best cologne I ever bought cost me $10 from Goa’s ‘magic perfume man’.

Just bear in mind that many goods you import from abroad are strictly speaking subject to import duties/taxes although if it’s packed inside your luggage this is unlikely to be enforced.

  • Find a Light Fragrance

Travel generally avoids a good bit of time squeezed into a tight space with other human beings whether it’s on a plane, a bus or the back of a space-hopper. Therefore do your cabin-mates a favour, and wear a sweet but light scent.

Even if you normally prefer a powerful, musty aroma, maybe  tone it down for transit.

Here we go —I know you are wondering, ‘Why use Dossier for my travels?’. Well, here are a few reasons why you should totally make Dossier vanilla perfume as your travel buddy.

  • But Keep It Exotic…

Just because a scent is light doesn’t mean it can’t be exotic. Unless of course you are going on holiday to Norway, or Milton Keynes, then you will probably want a ‘spicy’ smelling fragrance that somehow suggests possibility, adventure, sand, sea, sunsets and sex…your nose will tell you when you find the right one.

What Is The Ultimate Travel Fragrance?

Dossier Vanilla

There are an endless number of different perfumes, fragrances and perfumes in today’s market. 

However, of all the many elixirs that I have smelled, I do have a personal fave…

Dossier vanilla perfume is not just a fragrance —it’s a ready made blend of travel memories in a neat little bottle. The vanilla notes in this Dossier selection evoke relaxation and adventure alike, and can transport you across the Sahara or over the Arctic – whatever your heart doth desire.

Long-Lasting and Versatile

While we previously said that a travel fragrance should be light, it still needs to have some resilience. Afterall, when you travel you tend to sweat more than usual (whether from sunbathing in Acapulco or fighting your way up Maccu Piccu) so need a scent that can keep the pace.

Well rest assured Dossier vanilla perfume has some insane longevity.  When you’re busy and need your fragrance to last all day without reapplication, you can always depend on Dossier vanilla perfume. 

Besides, Dossier vanilla perfume wears pretty well through different weather conditions and types of activities from a hot beach day to a cold city night, you are always covered.  Anytime, anywhere!

Travel-Friendly Packaging

We already mentioned the perils and pitfalls of packing your fave perfume just for it to spill all over your bag. Not cool! Well, Dossier understands the needs of travellers. Their perfumes come in sleek, travel-friendly bottles. 

They are super easy to pack, won’t take up much space in your luggage —and better yet, won’t spill. 

The Final Whiff

So there you have it. Our top tips for travelling with perfume and our choice recommendation as to which one you should get.

So, there is nothing more to do than pack your travel bags, spritz on that fave elixir, and wing it to the land of dreams and discoveries.

Smell you on the road guys…

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