101 Brilliant Gifts for Travelers • Cool Gift Ideas • Bargain Guide 2019

Finding gifts for someone can be hard. You have to take into consideration so many things, and even then… will they like it?

Lucky for you – travelers are a different story.

World travelers and people with wanderlust are easy to shop for – and this epic list of the 101 best gifts for travelers makes it quick and easy for you to find a gift for the traveler in your life.

Whether you are shopping for family or friends, young or old, our list of the 101 best travel gifts is the best list on the internet of gift ideas for travelers of every age.

With the help of this bargain guide, you’ll quickly find a gift idea that they’ll actually like (and that they will actually use!)


nomatic travel backpacker gift

The best and most sleek bags on the market – great travel gift for men or women





Nomatic Backpacks

(The hottest travel backpacks)





Over the past few years, Nomatic has taken the travel-world by storm by producing some of the highest quality travel gear on the market. Whether it’s watches, wallets or backpacks, they just do it better than everyone else.

Which is why the top backpack on this list of travel gifts is a Nomatic backpack. With three different versions available, there is one type for every kind of traveler and travel style. Worried there aren’t enough travel gifts for men out there? The sleek, neutral black is guaranteed to go with his style.

Full Review – Pros and cons of the Nomatic Travel Bag

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hanging toiletry bag

Such an underrated travel necessity – the hanging toiletry bag makes a great travel gift




Hanging Toiletry Bag

(A great gift for ALL travelers)






You’d be surprised by two things…

1) how convenient these things are. They help keep all the bathroom stuff neatly organized and compact. THEN once you arrive to your destination, you unzip and hang it up wherever you need… 10/10

2) how few travelers actually have one of these! For such an essential piece of gear, it’s shocking how many travelers aren’t aware how awesome they are.

There are dozens of hanging toiletry bags on the market – some for men, some for women, and some unisex. This is a great, affordable gift for travel lovers.

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northface jester backpack travel gift

No joke – the Northface Jester is a great travel gift





Northface Jester

(Great for a traveler who travels with their laptop)








The Northface Jester is an awesome travel gift because it combines the best of both worlds – a durable bag that’s super affordable!

Travelers are always in need of backpacks, especially quality daypacks. The Northface Jester will allow them to keep their belongings (like their laptop!) safe while they travel the world!

Full review – Best daypacks for travelers

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Klymit Mattress

The Klymit Mattress is a great travel gift for anyone who also hikes and camps







Klymit Mattress

(Great for Hikers and Campers)











I love Klymit Mats, they are like the Ferrari of air mattresses.  If you are looking for a gift for a traveler that also hikes or camps, this is a phenomenal gift idea.

Made with some pretty impressive body mapping technology, sleeping on the Klymit Mat is like sleeping on a cloud.

Full review – Top Sleeping Pads

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Everyone loves a hammock – especially travelers




Active Roots Camping Hammock

(Great for a traveler who likes to kick back and relax!)




Looking for a gift for a traveler who like to kick their feet up and relax every now and then? Meet the Active Roots Hammock.

This hammock is designed for travelers. Super durable, it can handle two people and up to 500 lbs. Most importantly, the hammock only weighs in at a lightweight 2 lbs, so it won’t weigh a traveler down.

And to top it off, a portion of every sale goes directly to the Elephant Conservation Center in Laos. This one’s a no brainer…

Full review – Kickass camping Hammocks

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The Active Roots Water Bottle is a cool gift idea for travelers (that also helps save the environment!)





Active Roots Insulated Water Bottle

(Great for ALL travelers)






Active Roots Insulated water bottle is one of the best travel water bottles out there.

Super durable and a nicely sized 25 oz, this water bottle can fit all the water (or wine!) that you’d need. Also, vacuum sealed technology ensures that beverages in this bottle stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

And to top it all off, 10% of all proceeds goes to http://plasticoceans.org/ to help fight pollution in our seas.

Check Best Price


Martin Steel String Travel Guitar









Martin Steel String Travel Guitar

(The greatest gift you can get a traveling musician)












If you’re looking for unique travel gifts, this is one that your busker will know comes with love! A warm and bright sound, beautiful design, and compact makes this travel-guitar something special. All things considered (price, size, quality of play) this is easily the best travel guitar on the market.

Whether for a newbie or a professional, the Martin Travel Guitar is a great gift for any traveling musician! Check out all of the best traveling guitars for more inspiration!


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The Tunods Yoga Mat is lightweight and designed for travelers




Tunods Yoga Mat

(Awesome for a traveler who also loves yoga!)



Traveling yogis can have it hard. Yoga mats are heavy and bulky – but they need a mat to be able to do their yoga!

Enter the Tunods Yoga Mat! This cool yoga mat is incredibly lightweight and was designed with travelers in mind. The mat folds neatly, is easily packed away, and is made of durable materials so it will last years.

If you are shopping for a traveling yogi – this is as good as it gets. Well, this and the next gift…

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YogaPaws are a creative and unique gift for travelers





(Another great yogi-traveler gift!)




The other best-yogi-traveler gift – YogaPaws!

Trademarked and a one of a kind product, this is easily one of the coolest gift ideas for travelers we have ever seen. It’s got it all!

The paws are lightweight, easily packed, and just overall pretty cool! This is a gift that will definitely resonate and last for years.

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JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker





JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

(Perfect for music/travel lovers)






As someone who personally owns this speaker, I can tell you that it absolutely rocks. Small, compact, loud, and with a great battery. Whether being used at the beach (it’s waterproof!) or the hotel, this is an awesome travel gift for travelers or any music lover.

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One of the best ways to protect your phone from water





MoKo Floating Waterproof Case

(Perfect travel gift for anyone going snorkeling)







No one wants their snorkeling or scuba adventure ruined by the sight of their smartphone slowly descending into the darkness of the ocean.

So to help – a great travel gift is the MoKo Floating Waterproof case. It’s a cool travel gift because not only does it protect the phone AND floats – the screen touch sensibility also lets the user take photos and videos.

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MoKo Floating Waterproof Case

This is a great gift for travel lovers who also love the ocean





WildHorn Outfitters Seaview Snorkel Mask

(Awesome for travel/ocean lovers)






This thing is so cool. Giving a 180-degree view, the WildHorn Snorkel Mask takes snorkeling to the next level (and all at a fair price!).

This is a great gift for a traveler who loves the ocean – whether they like to boat, snorkel, or scuba dive. Anyone who has a special connection with the ocean will love this gift and get a ton of use out of it.

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Carabiners are one of the most practical gifts for people who love to travel



Serac #1 Ultra Strength Locking Carabiners

(Functional and lightweight travel gift)




Carabiners are one of those things. You’d think they’d just be for rock climbers, but these things are actually very practical gift ideas for travelers. They are very versatile and serve many functions (while not to mention being strong!).

Due to their lightweight design, functionality and durability, this is a gift a traveler will use for years on end.

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active roots microfiber travel towel

This is one of the best travel gift ideas – microfibre towels are a MUST have




Active Roots Microfiber Travel Towel

(Functional and lightweight travel gift)



Microfibre towels are one of the coolest travel gift ideas. No questions asked.

Why? Because these towels are ultralight, durable, and designed for quick drying – all of which are a travelers dream!

Microfibre towels are one of those things that all pro-travelers need, and even if they have one it means they can have a backup!

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MSR Hubba Hubba tent

If you want a great travel gift idea –  the MSR Hubba Hubba is one of the best tents on the market




MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person

(Amazing lightweight tent)



If someone loves to hike, camp AND travel – then there is no better piece of gear for them than a tent.

And the Hubba Hubba is one of the best! Ultra lightweight (only 3.8 lbs!), durable, 3 season, 2 person – this tent has it all!

While this might not be for everyone, the Hubba Hubba is a serious tent for a traveler who seriously likes to camp, making it perfect for a traveler who also loves the great outdoors.

Full review – Best tents guide

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lawson tent/hammock

One of the coolest travel gift ideas is the Lawson tent/hammock!


Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent

(Easily the coolest tent ever made)


Easily the coolest tent ever made. Why? Because it’s a hammock as well!

This cool gift is for someone who loves the outdoors, loves camping and hammock-ing (and wants the best of both worlds).

The Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge is a 2 person tent that is suspended taught, so you can sleep on a flat comfortable surface. It also comes with a rain fly and mosquito – keeping you rain free and bug free!

If it’s in your budget – this is seriously one of the coolest travel gifts on the market.

Read our full Lawson Hammock review here.

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active roots security belt

So practical and so useful – Active Roots Security Belt is a great travel gift idea




Active Roots Security Belt

(For peace of mind and organization)



Security belts serve two important functions.

1) If a traveler is robbed, they can have a secret stash of cash to rely on.

2) But getting robbed is extremely unlikely, so more likely is that security belts give travelers a super-efficient means of organization. It means that no matter what, they can have backup cash in a safe area they will never forget.

While theft does happen, when travelers lose money – it’s typically because of themselves!

Having a security belt is hands down the BEST way to avoid losing money, making this easily one of the best travel gifts one can buy.

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Craghopper apparel

Craghopper apparel is 100% designed for travelers






Craghoppers Apparel

(Kickass travel clothes)








Craghoppers travel apparel is an awesome travel gift.

Made for travelers, Craghopppers produces shorts, pants, shirts, hats – you name it!

Their clothes are designed with technology that helps reduce sweat, increase comfort and most importantly to keep the bugs away! 3 things that are very important to world travelers.

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survival kit

A survival kit is a great travel gift for the right person




Ready America Survival Kit

(Great for campers and hikers)



This isn’t an ideal gift for an ultra-light world traveler. But a survival kit is GREAT for anyone who loves to hike and camp or travel nationally (especially in a car!).

The Ready America survival kit comes with enough food and water to help 2 people survive for 3 days, and is also equipped with additional survival gear.

The bag is neatly packed and is small enough to be kept at home or even in the car. Safety is important! And in the case of an emergency, the Ready America Survival kit makes sure that safety is never too far away.

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Zombie survival kits are awesome for travelers and adventurists




Zombie Apocalypse Emergency Survival Kit

(Awesome for adventurers!)




While the name might sound silly – it’s just a marketing ploy. The Zombie Apocalypse kit is actually quite functional and has tons of important survival gear for any situation! Even the zombie apocalypse…

The Ready America Survival Kit (previously reviewed) is definitely more of a serious survival kit – so if you are looking for a travel gift that will be most useful in a catastrophe, go with that.

But the Zombie kit is one of our favorite travel gifts for men, and since it’s loaded with tons of cool gear (knife, compass, flashlight, tactical pen) it is also very practical and can be used in the time of an emergency… or zombie apocalypse.

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GoPro gifts for travelers

Travel and GoPro literally go hand in hand



GoPro 5

(The most efficient travel camera)



While the GoPro is not the highest quality travel camera – it is arguably the best-appreciated gifts for travelers.


It’s incredibly durable, very small and compact (and therefore it stays under the radar), it works underwater, and best of all – it takes great photos!

This camera is literally built for travelers and adventurers in mind and is one of the best travel gifts out there. Don’t worry about getting the newest version – the Hero5 is fantastic and more affordable now than it used to be.

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Ravpower Portable Charger gifts for travelers

This is an easy pick for one of the best travel gifts




RavPower Portable Charger

(Easy gift choice for ALL types of travelers)




3,000 people have bought this exact brand on Amazon. 90% of them gave this product a 4 or 5-star review. In a nutshell? It’s great!

Why is it so great?

Because this is literally the PERFECT gift for travelers. While no one wants to be stuck to their phone while traveling, having the option to charge it wherever you are is utterly invaluable. RavPower is one of the best brands available as this charger can charge a typical smartphone SIX TIMES on one battery.

This is an easy pick for one of the coolest travel gifts.

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Sungod gifts for travelers

I’ve been wearing SunGod glasses for years – they are indestructible!



SunGod Sunglasses

(Style and durability in one pair of shades)



There are many things to love about SunGod sunglasses.

First – they are stylish. Lots of traveler sunglasses feel good, but don’t look good! SunGod glasses have clearly invested a lot of time into the design and aesthetics of the glasses – and they look great!

Second – they are durable. I’ve had my pair for almost a year and I swear they could survive the apocalypse.

Third – the 4Q quality optic lenses make you feel like you have super-human vision.

Full review – Read our Epic SunGod breakdown

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Leatherman Skeletool gifts for travelers

An awesome tool for an awesome adventurer






Leatherman Skeletool

(Great for travelers that are also handy)






The Skeletool is like taking the Swiss Army Knife – and making it more badass. This tool is an amazing piece of gear, as it is actually seven distinct tools within one!

While the Leatherman Skeletool is a safe, practical piece of gear that any travel enthusiast could appreciate – I recommend getting it for someone who enjoys working with their hands.

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BCOZZY gifts for travelers

The travel pillow is an essential gift for travel lovers!






(Great for people who travel by plane)




Here’s the deal.

Travel pillows come in all shapes, sizes and prices, and not all of them are made equal. In fact, many of them suck. If you’re looking for gifts for your world traveler, don’t leave it up to chance.

So to help you pick ONE travel pillow, I’ve included the highest rated travel pillow on Amazon. With over 3,000 reviews and 4 1/2 stars, it’s easy to understand why this is one of the best travel pillows on the market.

This is a great travel gift for anyone who travels a ton by bus or by plane.

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Everlasting Comfort Neck Pillow Kit

This is a great gift for any world traveler




Everlasting Comfort Neck Pillow Kit

(Help a traveler catch some serious zzz’s)




Looking to take the travel-sleep game to the next level? Look no further than the Everlasting Neck Pillow Kit.

First off – the neck pillow is top notch. This bad boy is made of memory foam, has an adjustable strap, and even has a one of a kind phone pocket so you can keep your phone safe as you snooze.

Second – it comes with extra goods! Equipped with a face mask, ear plugs, and a convenient carry-pack, this is a great gift for any traveler who spends a ton of time on airplanes.

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FitBit Charge 2 gifts for travelers

Great for a man or woman – help that traveler in your life keep fit!




FitBit Charge 2

(Great for any traveler – period!)





FitBits are obviously incredibly useful for anyone looking to get or stay in shape. The gadget functions as a personal data tracker, and also has a bunch of cool additions like phone synchronization, hourly reminders, and calendar notifications.

I love this gift for travelers for one big reason – counting your steps!

Travel and walking go hand in hand, and knowing how many steps you walk is very cool and encourages you to walk more – therefore staying in better shape! This is a very cool and thoughtful travel gift.

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Nomatic Travel Wallet gifts for travelers

Travel wallets are AMAZING travel gifts – and this is one of the coolest






Nomatic Travel Wallet

(Perfect travel gift for him)






Most men aren’t even aware of the new slim travel wallets – and Nomatic makes some of the best.

The wallet is designed to be super thin, but is designed to fit a ton of cards, cash, and even a single key. The wallet also features a cool ‘pull’ chord that allows you to access any card in your wallet and quickly.

Slim, stylish, well designed and super affordable, the Nomatic wallet is a great travel gift for him that he’ll love and actually use!

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Borgasets Leather Women's Wallet best travel gifts

A stylish and affordable travel wallet- one of the best travel gifts for her




Borgasets Leather Women’s Wallet

(The perfect travel gift for her)





Women love this wallet and it’s one of the overall best travel gifts for her that you’ll find.

How do I know? Try 140 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Stylish, minimal, but yet efficiently designed and able to fit a ton of stuff. This wallet is the best of all worlds.

The Borgasets leather wallet can comfortably fit credit cards, passports, cash, and even a smartphone – meaning the traveling lady in your life will have all her valuables on her at all time in a safe and stylish leather wallet.

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Bluetooth Headphones gifts for travelers

A great (and affordable) travel gift




Bluetooth Headphones

(Affordable and practical)





Bluetooth headphones are all the rage right now, and with a surplus of products on the market, prices have dropped significantly meaning you can get a truly great gift for travel lovers super cheap!

Nothing is more annoying than wires getting caught and ripping earbuds from your head – especially in airports!

These headphones are well designed, have a decent battery life, and are super compact – a travelers dream.

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Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II gifts for travelers

Bose SoundLinks are like listening to music in a cloud of silk and cream




Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II

(Premium bluetooth headphones for a premium traveler)



Traveler gifts don’t have to be from obscure never-heard-of-it-before brands.

These Bose Soundlink bluetooth headphones are some of the best money can buy, and are an incredible piece of gear for any and every traveler. Noisy buses, crowded airplanes, loud streets – all of this melts away once music is being listened to on the Bose headphones.

Loaded with great battery life, deep immersive sound, and the latest bluetooth technology – you can’t beat Bose.

These headphones are as good as it gets. Believe me, the traveler in your life will thank you for years on end.

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Moleskin Classic gifts for travelers

The moleskin is a classic gift for people who love to travel




Moleskin Classic

(The greatest notebook ever made)




I’ve been traveling with a moleskin for so long that it’s probably the top 5 most important things I carry. Whether for journaling, sketching, doodling or writing down an important address, a moleskin is a traveler’s best friend.

These iconic notebooks are built for durability with their tough exterior, but have an inexplicable tenderness to them once you open them up.

Pro tip – there are three different kinds of moleskin. Get the lined moleskin (pictured above) if the person is the writer type. If they are the drawing type, look for the dotted grid page or the bank.

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Nomatic Travel Planner gifts for travelers

Travelers like to stay organized – the Nomatic Travel planner takes organization to the next level





Nomatic Travel Planner

(A great gift for an organized traveler)






Nomatic is back on our list but this time with their Nomatic Travel Planner.

Think of a moleskin meets a calendar – the Nomatic Travel Planner helps travelers stay organized in ways that normal planners and notebooks wouldn’t allow them to.

This is a seriously awesome piece of gear as it is loaded with cool features such as erasable whiteboard paper, a designated pen slot, weekly and monthly planners, and much much more.

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Leather Watch Storage Box gifts for travelers

The Riun Ex Blue Leather Watch Storage Box is a niche, but unique travel gift idea




Leather Watch Storage Box

(Perfect for a traveler who loves watches)





We’ll admit it: this is a pretty niche gift for travelers – but if you know someone who LOVES watches and LOVES travel, then you may have literally just hit the jackpot.

This gorgeous leather case is designed to hold two watches (not included).

The leather box is durable, high strength, with luxury microsuede inside to perfectly cradle and protect the traveler’s watches. As someone who travels with two watches, I can say this is a really cool and useful travel gift.

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North Face Men's Hedgehog gifts for travelers

Some of the best men’s hiking/travel boots out there



North Face Men’s Hedgehog

(Travel gift for him if he also loves to hike)


Hiking shoes aren’t the cheapest investment, but if you get the right pair they can last 10+ years.

North Face Hedgehog is one of those pairs.

Handmade, sewn from leather, these are some of the most comfortable hiking shoes you can get a traveler. Your bargain traveler will especially appreciate not having to buy this necessity.

Full review – The best hiking shoes money can buy

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Salomon Women's X Ultra 2 GTX W Hiking Shoe gifts for travelers

A great travel gift for her – the best hiking shoes for women!



Salomon Women’s X Ultra 2 GTX W Hiking Shoe

(Travel gift for her – great for travel and hiking)


Whether she is looking for travel shoes or hiking shoes – Salomon can do both!

One of the highest rated boots on the market, Salomon have been making quality shoes for years.

The shoes are leather with rubber soles and have a nice sleek design. If she enjoys seeing the world AND hiking the great outdoors, you aren’t going to be able to find a better travel gift for her than this.

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Patagonia Mens Nano Puff Hoody gifts for travelers

This is our favorite men’s travel jacket and an awesome travel gift for men.





Patagonia Mens Nano Puff Hoody

(Awesome gift for male travelers heading to cold weather)






If you know a traveler heading to a cold weather destination for their first time and have a bit of a budget, then this gift could be perfect!

It’s no secret that Patagonia makes some of the best hiking/travel jackets, and this is one of their marquee products.

If you want the traveler in your life to stay warm on his travels – this will keep him plenty toasty!

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Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody - Women's gifts for travelers

A great travel gift for females who travel to cold destinations





Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody – Women’s Black X-Small

(Super cool gift for female travelers needing to stay warm)




This jacket is NOT cheap, but it’s a safe present to buy.


Because even if she has a jacket, there’s very little chance it’ll be anywhere near the quality of the Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody. This jacket is simply as good as it gets.

Waterproof and made from high-quality nylon, the exterior is stretchy ensuring the lucky lady is comfortable and with a full range of motion. The jacket is designed with plenty of ventilation and breathability, without sacrificing a smidgen of warmth.

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Map Whiskey Glasses gifts for travelers

A really unique travel gift idea for men or women




Map Whiskey Glasses

(Fun gift for travel lovers with a home)






Great gifts for travelers don’t have to be for traveling.

Assuming the traveler in your life has a) a home and b) a love for drinking out of glasses – this is a cool present!

A very unique travel gift, these whiskey glasses have maps of different US cities. Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, New York and dozens more are available.

Even if they don’t like whiskey, these glasses are so cool they’ll be drinking water or wine out of them in no time.

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2 for 1 mosquito spray/sunscreen. One of the best gifts for frequent travelers






Bug Guard Mosquito Repellent/Sun Screen

(Very practical – a gift they will actually use!)






Does the idea of giving your loved one a bottle of mosquito repellent/sunscreen sounds like the coolest gift idea? Maybe not.

Great travel gifts aren’t necessarily all expensive kit, especially if your traveler doesn’t want to be weighed down while traveling with big, meaningful gifts.What this gift idea for travelers lacks in sexiness, it makes up for in practicality.

This product is a game changer for anyone heading to tropical beach areas. Whether they are headed to The Philippines or Costa Rica, this will help keep their skin protected from the sun and the mosquitoes.

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NextDia Mosquito repellent can be a godsend for travelers



Anti Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

(Great for a traveler who is going somewhere tropical)



Travelers are typically health-conscious – so the NextDia is the best of both worlds!

Natural and safe for the whole family, these bad boys help keep your traveling loved one safe from any mosquito-related diseases.

This is a great gift for world travelers. They are light and effective, so whenever they head to a climate with a too few many bugs – they just slip their bracelet on!

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You can’t put a price on those travel photos! Make sure they are backed up with this cool travel gift idea




WD 4TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive

(Important bit of gear for every traveler)






While this might not be the most exciting travel gift idea – it’s so important! Think of an external hard drive like insurance. You don’t need it until you need it.

And like insurance, if you aren’t prepared beforehand, the results are not going to be pretty.

Enter one of the best external hard drives available. The WD 4TB has plenty of space for travel photos and videos, and it’s sleek and compact design make it perfect for all types of travelers.

You can also use this as a bargaining chip to finally get all those travel pictures you’ve been asking for!

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Compass Rose Packing Cubes

(Awesome gift for all types of travelers)



It doesn’t matter if they are a business traveler, a casual backpacker or anything in between – every traveler loves and needs some packing cubes in their life.

One of the best ways to take organization to the next level, this cool gift for travel lovers is practical, stylish, and will be used every time they travel.

Designed by blogger Travel Fashion Girl, The Compass Rose packing cubes are one of the highest rated packing cubes on Amazon. They offer more compression than a standard packing cube due to durable fabric and quality zippers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised just how deep these cubes pack and just how much stuff can be organized.

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Kindles are a reading traveler’s best friend




Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

(The best gift for a traveler who loves to read)






Looking for a gift for travelers who also love to read? You’ve hit the jackpot.

As someone who reads a ton of books – a Kindle is a godsend. While the feel of a traditional book will never be matched, the convenience of having an entire library’s worth of books in a 5.7 oz tablet is the best gift you can give.

Available in black or white and with the highest resolution ever on a Kindle, your traveler will use this for years and years to come. If you need a book to put on that Kindle for your adventurer, check out Around the World in 575 Songs.

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Petzl Headlamp gifts for travelers

An awesome gift for the adventuring type


Petzl Headlamp

(Great travel gift idea for a newbie traveler)


While the idea of a headlamp might seem bit silly, the truth is that headlamps are one of the most overlooked and useful bits of gear a traveler could ever possess.

Headlamps provide light in the darkness – and traveling has plenty of times that get dark! Whether camping in the middle of the woods, partying on a deserted island, or just trying to see after the hostel lights go out, a headlamp is an essential item for most adventuring backpackers.

Check out our full review of the best headlamps for traveling!

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JOOMFEEN Universal Power Adapter gifts for travelers

Power adapters are a MUST have for all travelers





JOOMFEEN Universal Power Adapter

(Great travel gift idea for a newbie traveler)





If you are shopping for an experienced traveler, you might want to look elsewhere. Veteran travelers know these are essential for international travel and probably have one (or two or three!) already.

That’s why this is a great present idea for a new world traveler – some don’t realize they even need one of these until they are in a new country!

Save them the time, money, and panic by getting them set up with a universal adapter so they can charge their electronics in every country on the planet.

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One of the most classic gifts for frequent travelers





Antique Desktop World Earth Globe

(A classy gift for a classy traveler)






What is one thing all travelers share in common? They all love maps and globes.

This is a great gift for frequent travelers – watch as they stare into the globe, reminiscing over where they have been, and drooling over where they want to next explore.

This particular globe has a timeless antique style and is mounted on a sturdy bronze metal base.

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MSR WindBurner gift for travelers

This is the best camping stove on the market – an AWESOME travel gift



MSR WindBurner Personal Stove System, 1.0-Liter

(The perfect gift for campers and hikers)






While not for the business traveler or casual backpacker – the MSR Windburner is a gem of a gift for anyone who loves the great outdoors.

Durable and lightweight, the MSR Windburner has been one of our favorite backpacking stoves for years. Even if your loved one already has a backpacking stove, it’s amazing to have a backup – especially when it’s on of the best stoves money can buy!

Check out all of the top travel camping stoves.

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Active Roots Harem Pants gift for travelers

A solid travel gift for her – Active Roots harem pants





Active Roots Harem Pants

(Easily one of the coolest travel gifts for her)







Harem pants are the best of both worlds – supper comfy and super stylish. It’s easy to see why women love them so much!

Especially women who love to travel. These awesome pants are designed for ultimate comfort and maybe even like to unleash their inner yogi.

And to top it off – a portion of each sale goes to the Elephant Conservation Center in Laos.

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Ultra Light Mesh Stuff Sack gift for travelers

A cool gift for travel lovers




Ultra Light Mesh Stuff Sack

(Great for dirty laundry and organization)





Is it the prettiest gift in the world? Definitely not. But will they use it and love it? You bet your ass.

This ultra lights mesh stuff sack is great for organization, security, and most importantly – dirty laundry! Made from multi-filament nylon, this stuff sack is super light and super durable (the two most important things for travelers!).

It’s an inexpensive, but very practical gift idea.

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Need more awesome travel gift ideas?

50 travel gift ideas weren’t enough?

Don’t worry, we’ve put together an additional 51 cool ideas below! This is the largest list of travel gift ideas on the web, so we know you’ll be able to find something perfect for the traveler that is in your life.

Tortuga Outbreaker gifts for travelers

Tortuga Outbreaker is one of the hottest backpacks on the market






Tortuga Outbreaker

(Another one of the hottest travel back)






Another one of the hottest backpacks on the market. Great for long term travelers, Digital Nomads, and anyone who wants an amazingly durable bag.

Backpacks are unique travel gifts that are both necessary and Instagrammable. Those are both important features if you want your gift to be used and loved for many trips to come! Read the full review here.


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Osprey Farpoint 40 gifts for travelers





Osprey Farpoint 40

(The Best 40L Hiking/Travel Bag)






Osprey is the backpack king, and this pack could be their masterpiece. Great for travelers who also love to hike. Read the full Osprey Farpoint 40 review.

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ESPRO Travel Press gifts for travelers






ESPRO Travel Press

(The ONLY gift for coffee/travel lovers)







A french-press on the go, this is the perfect gift for travelers who LOVE coffee. No matter if they are a casual or professional travelers, this cool travel gift idea is great for anyone who needs a coffee while on on the run.

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Bagsmart Electronic Organizer gifts for travelers




Bagsmart Electronic Organizer

(Great for travelers who have a ton of electronics)


Help organize those wires! This gift is perfect for a traveler with a ton of electronic gear.

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How to Travel the World on $10 a Day gifts for travelers






How to Travel the World on $10 a Day

(The greatest book on backpacking ever written)







Aka the Backpacker’s Bible. This book is loaded with all the tips, tricks, and tools to travel the world on a serious budget. This is our recommended gift for the bargain traveler.

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On the Road travel book gifts for travelers







On the Road

(An absolute must-read travel book)







Jack Kerouac’s classic novel is a must read for anyone with wanderlust and a desire to see the world. Filled with epic quotes and endless inspiration, this is a gift that will keep on giving.

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Xenvo iPhone Camera Lens gifts for travelers




Xenvo iPhone Camera Lens

(Great for travelers who love to take awesome photos)



This cool accessory allow you to turn your iPhone into a wide lens camera! Impressively well reviewed on Amazon, this is perfect for travelers who love photography.

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Goodthreads Men's Clothes gifts for travelers





Goodthreads Men’s Clothes

(Awesome clothes for an awesome traveler!)





These clothes are great for travelers – durable and stylish! Also very light, Goodthreads can be worn all over the world. These are great travel gifts for him.


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Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle gifts for travelers

Any traveler can make the most of this cool travel gift





Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

(Compact and durable – great for ALL travelers!)





Like the idea of a water bottle but don’t think you like the whole filter idea?

No problem – this water bottle is arguably even more awesome! The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is a totally cool travel gift, and will be useful to about anyone who likes to spend their life on the road.

The water bottle is collapsible, carries 22oz, has a leak free twist cap, and is super affordable. To top it off, it’s made of food-grade materials and free of BPA – can’t beat being healthy!

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Tile Anything Finder gifts for travelers




Tile Anything Finder

(Help your traveler keep their keys safe!)



Whether it’s your phone or keys, the Tile Finder helps you locate lost important goods. This is a great gift for that forgetful traveler in your life 😉

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Travel Chess Set gifts for travelers





Travel Chess Set

(Super cool gift idea for fun on the road)




Perfect for the traveling chess player, these magnetic pieces stay in place even if you’re on a rocky bus or a bumpy airplane.

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Scarf/Shawl gifts for travelers







(Stylish and versatile travel gift idea for her)






You’ll be shocked how many things a traveler can use a scarf for while on the road. Versatile and comfortable – this is a stylish and practical travel gift for her that will be used for years.

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LowePro 450 AW gifts for traveler






LowePro 450 AW

(Solid gift for traveling photographers)





The LowePro 450 AW is certainly a bit pricey, but it’s the ultimate backpack for traveling photographers. Period.

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Jinri Travel Hair Dryer gifts for travelers





Jinri Travel Hair Dryer

(A really useful travel gift for women)




Give the lady in your life the gift of awesome looking hair wherever she travels! This is a great travel gift idea for her. The Jinri is very compact and VERY well reviewed.

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Travel Straightening Iron gifts for travelers





Travel Straightening Iron

(Always a solid travel gift for her)



One of the best gifts for her, this hair straightener is compact so it’s a perfect travel companion. Combine this gift with the Jinri hair dryer to hit the perfect level of hair-travel-bliss.

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WANDRD PRVKE 31 gifts for travelers





(A seriously great camera bag)





A camera bag that can handle the outdoors! The WANDRD is a robust bag that is well designed and very easy on the eyes… Read the full review.

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Travel Folding Toothbrush gifts for travelers








Travel Folding Toothbrush

(Everyone loves to stay fresh!)







Simple but very effective – travel toothbrushes are great, and even better when they fold (meaning you never have to worry about losing a cap!)

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Active Roots World Scratch Map gifts for travelers




Active Roots World Scratch Map

(Scratch maps make great travel-decoration)


World scratch maps are great travel gifts. As a traveler I can say that nothing is more satisfying than scratching off an area you’ve traveled to… and nothing is more inspiring than seeing more areas to scratch off!

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Remington Self Haircut Kit gifts for travelers




Remington Self Haircut Kit

(Help him save some money on haircuts)




Pretty niche, but this little robot-looking thing is pretty cool for the right person. If you know a traveler who loves to rock short hair, then this gift will save them a TON of time and cash while traveling.

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Nemo Fillo Pillow gifts for travelers




Nemo Fillo Pillow

(Great pillow for campers)



Consistently voted as the best camping pillow in the world, this is a great gift for anyone who needs a small, comfy pillow anywhere in the world.

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Active Roots World Map Hat gifts for travelers





Active Roots World Map Hat




The Active Roots World Map Hat is designed for travelers to look awesome while also showing their true colors – someone who loves to travel!

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Arc'teryx Men's Beta Ar Jacket gift for travelers






Arc’teryx Men’s Beta Ar Jacket

(The Michael Jordan of jackets)






If you’ve got the budget and want to get someone the gift of a lifetime – this is it. If you are looking for a gift for someone who hikes around the world, the Arc’teryx Men’s Beta AR Jacket is the holy grail. Check out the full review here.

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G Shock Watch

(Durable and badass travel watch)








You could throw this watch into a volcano and I’m pretty sure it would survive. Durability is important while traveling, and this watch delivers that plus much, much more.

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Colombia Men’s Fleece Jacket

(Fleece jackets are a travelers best friend)








Due to their super light nature, fleece jackets are the absolute best when traveling. Great travel gift for him.

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Reflex Women's Fleece Jacket gifts for travelers








Reflex Women’s Fleece Jacket

(Women look great in fleece)









Seriously. Fleece jackets look great, and they are extremely light. You can’t go wrong – great travel gift for her.

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Gold Pigeon Women's Sandal gifts for travelers




Gold Pigeon Women’s Sandal

(Comfortable and durable travel gift for women)


While not the most stylish sandals, the boots were made for walking, and the traveling lady in your life will feel like she is walking on clouds with these shoes.

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ECO Men's Travel Sandals gifts for travelers




ECO Men’s Travel Sandals

(Travel sandals are never a bad travel gift)



Built for ultimate comfort, this is a great travel gift for him.

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GoPro Replacement Batteries gifts for travelers




GoPro Replacement Batteries

(Every GoPro needs some backup batteries!)


Any traveler that has a GoPro will take their GoPro-ness to the next level with these backup batteries and charger

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iPod Touch 6th Generation gifts for travelers





iPod Touch 6th Generation

(Music lovers rejoice!)





iPod touches are a great gift because it enables travelers to save their phone juice by listening to music on a different device. This is a super underrated travel gift – but don’t overlook the awesomeness of an iPod!

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Luxury Divas Sarong gifts for travelers









Luxury Divas Sarong

(An amazing gift for a woman who loves to travel)














The versatility of a sarong is almost bewildering. It can do everything! If you have a traveling lady in your life, this is an easy win.

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Travel Umbrella

(Dry traveler = happy traveler)



Solid case, lightweight and with different color options – this is a solid travel gift (especially if they are headed somewhere wet!)

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Day Trip Money Belt gifts for travelers





Day Trip Money Belt

(A classic way for travelers to keep their valuables safe)


This old-school style money belt is a good way to protect all belongings while traveling the world!

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ORIA Padlock gifts for travelers





ORIA Padlock

(Padlocks are a MUST have for hostel travelers)




Travelers headed to hostels 100% NEED a padlock. This is a great travel gift for him or for her, especially if they are backpacking and staying mostly at hostels or countries that are on the dangerous side.

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Macbook Air gifts for travelers





Macbook Air

(The greatest travel laptop ever made)



Lightweight and powerful. As long as they are not a Digital Nomad, this is the ultimate traveling laptop. Read more about the best traveling laptops.

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Helly Hansen Thermal Baselayer gifts for travelers






Helly Hansen Thermal Baselayer

(Every traveler loves baselayers)





Perfect for a man traveling to a colder climate. Definitely a cool (warm?) gift idea for him.

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EINSKEY Unisex Sun Hat gifts for travelers






EINSKEY Unisex Sun Hat

(Great for sun protection and looking awesome)




Great for men or women, this is a great piece of gear for anyone heading to a brutally hot/sunny climate.

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Vanguard Camera Tripod gifts for travelers








Vanguard Camera Tripod

(Great for sun protection and looking awesome)






The best camera tripod on the market. This is an amazing travel gift for a traveling photographer. Read more about the top travel tripods here.

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Canon EF 24-105mm gifts for travelers




Canon EF 24-105mm

(A killer gift for that travel photographer in your life)



This is the best camera lens for Canon cameras. Another cool travel gift for a traveling photographer. Read more about the best Canon travel lenses.

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Samsung 128GB Flash Drive gifts for travelers





Samsung 128GB Flash Drive

(Back those photos up!)






Flash drives are endlessly useful and a good backup idea to an external hard drive. Flashdrives are great because they are so small and can carry a ton of cherished photos and videos.

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Travel Sewing Kit gifts for travelers




Travel Sewing Kit

(A great DIY travel-solution to ripped clothes)



Another super useful gift! Clothes have a tendency to tear while traveling and there’s no better (and cheaper!) way to repair torn clothes than with a sewing kit.

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MSR Hubba Tent gifts for travelers




MSR Hubba Tent

(Backpacking tents are SWEET travel gifts)



Our #1 backpacking tent recommendation! This bad boy has incredible value and will last any adventurer a lifetime. Read more about our best tents for hiking and camping

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Canon Powershot G9x Mark II gifts for travelers



Canon Powershot G9x Mark II

(The ultimate starter camera for travel photography)



Incredible quality camera for an affordable price, this is the best travel camera for under $500. This is a phenomenal starter-camera for anyone interested in getting started with travel photography

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III gifts for travelers



Canon EOS 5D Mark III

(The ultimate pro camera for travel photography)




This is the best travel camera – period. This is the perfect gift for anyone who is serious about travel photography. Lenses not included.

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Bullet Breacher gifts for travelers

The bullet breacher is the coolest way to open a beer. Period.








Bullet Breacher

(A travel gift for anyone who likes to enjoy a beer!)









The Bullet Breacher is great gift for travelers as it is a bottle opener made from actual 50 caliber bullets shot by US Marines!

This is a great gift for a traveler who likes to have a few beers! Whether drinking a Singha in Thailand or a Modelo in Mexico, this cool gadget allows a world traveler to always open their beer, and to open it in style.

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Voyage-Air Folding Guitar gifts for travelers





Voyage-Air Folding Guitar

(A great gift for professional traveling musicians)





The Martin above is amazing, but small. If you know a professional traveling musician who needs a full sized instrument – this guitar is a fantastic solution

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Patagonia Atom Sling Pack gifts for travelers






Patagonia Atom Sling Pack

(Sling packs are so useful!)







Sling packs are all the rage right now and deservingly so! These minimalist backpacks are durable, very safe and great for travel.

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Travel Quote Pillow gifts for travelers





Travel Quote Pillow

(Great travel decoration)




Is the quote a little cliche? Sure. But that doesn’t take away how awesome this pillow is. This is a great gift for traveler stuck at home looking for a little travel-inspiration in their day to day life.

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Map Wall Art gifts for travelers




Map Wall Art

(More great travel decoration)



Rustic look, a gorgeous world map on top and world-famous attractions on the bottom. These looks awesome, and any world traveler will love the way they light up the room right when they walk in!

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Amazon Gift Card gifts for travelers





Amazon Gift Card

(More great travel decoration)




The best gifts for travelers might be the ones they chose themselves. When in doubt it’s hard to go wrong with an Amazon gift card!

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Peak Design Camera Clip gifts for travelers





Peak Design Camera Clip

(Great gadget for photographers)





This handy little device by Peak Design clips on to your backpack, then allows you to safely clip your camera (or binoculars) to that clip! Very useful – this is another great gift for a novice or professional photographer.

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Travel Blanket gifts for travelers




Travel Blanket

(Warmth on the go!)




Small, lightweight travel blankets are always a solid gift. This is a gift that is perfect for any who spends a ton of time in airplanes.

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Conclusion to the 101 best gifts for travel lovers

There you have it!

The biggest list on the web of gift ideas for people who love to travel! I know that with the help of this article you’ll easily be able to find awesome gifts for travelers in your life.

Did I miss any of the best travel gifts? Did this list help you find a travel gift? Let me know in the comments below!


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