Located in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe is a French territory comprising an archipelago of numerous islands. Represented by the butterfly shape created by the two main islands, Guadeloupe boasts some outstanding natural beauty.

From waterfalls and jungles to volcanos and vibrant coral reefs, the island offers an idyllic escape. With such exquisite scenery, it’s no surprise that the island thrives on tourism. Consequently, more and more unique accommodation in Guadeloupe is becoming available that aims to protect and preserve these natural assets.

In this guide, we’ve listed the best eco-lodges in Guadeloupe to help you figure out the best place to stay. We’ve got something to suit every travel style and budget, so you can find somewhere that’s perfect for you. From treetop cabins to seaside villas and compact condos, there’s an eco-lodge in Guadeloupe for everyone.

In a Hurry? Here’s Where to Stay in Guadeloupe for One Night


The Sainte-Anne Eco-chalet

This charming wooden chalet is tucked among the foliage in a quiet residential suburb just outside Saint Anne. Featuring solar power and natural ventilation to maximise the breeze, this eco-lodge is the ideal hideaway on Grand-Terre.

Places to visit:
  • Visit the beach at Petit Havre
  • Visit Bois Jolan’s palm-fringed beach
  • Visit the market in Saint Anne

Is this amazing Guadeloupe Eco Lodges booked for your dates? We’ve got your back with our other favorite properties below!

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    Why Stay in an Eco-Lodge in Guadeloupe?

    Why Stay in an Eco-lodge in Guadeloupe
    Eco-tourism is vital for sustaining views like this

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    Choosing to stay in an eco-lodge is more than just following the current trends. It’s a way to make tourism work for everyone, moving from a tourist-centric model to one of mutual benefit. 

    By choosing an eco-lodge, you’re not simply visiting the country. You’re also contributing to its people, exploring its heritage on a deeper level, and minimizing your footprint on the environment. Traveling sustainably raises awareness and ensures destinations can be enjoyed for years to come.

    There’s no better way to show gratitude to the countries you visit than by choosing to respect its environment. Most eco-lodges are run by communities or private owners, so you’ll also be supporting small businesses and locals.

    What is an Eco-Lodge?

    An eco-lodge is any accommodation that strives to conserve the environment and benefit local communities. They often offer meaningful activities that uplift the local culture and heritage. 

    From an environmental point of view, eco-lodges can use any variety of eco-friendly practices. Often, they obtain electricity from a renewable source or supplement it with solar power. Eco-toilets and Phyto-filtration systems are common in certain regions, while others focus on recycling and waste reduction. Most eco-lodges are built using local, reclaimed, or natural materials, and are designed to fit in with their surroundings.    

    Sadly, many travelers are still hesitant to choose environmentally friendly accommodation for fear that this will impact their experience. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most environmental measures don’t at all impact your level of comfort and relaxation, in fact, you’ll barely notice they’re there.

    All the properties that we’ve gathered in this article are well-managed and offer comfortable extras. They’re bound to make your stay memorable – for all the right reasons.

    The Sainte-Anne Eco-chalet

    The Sainte-Anne Eco-chalet

    • > $
    • > 4 guests
    • > Self-contained and solar-powered
    • > Elevated wooden chalet among the lush foliage


    • > $
    • > 4 guests
    • > Solar power and water collection system
    • > Overlooking Cousteau Reserve
    Ti Bamboo

    Ti Bamboo

    • > $
    • > 2 guests
    • > Built using local materials, climatic design
    • > Authentic Creole style with modern amenities
    Appaloosa Lodge

    Appaloosa Lodge

    • > $
    • > 5 guests
    • > Located on an eco-ranch – solar power, dry toilets
    • > Enjoy horse-riding, scuba diving, and relaxing in paradise
    Gite Ecololo

    Gite Ecololo

    • > $$
    • > 8 guests
    • > Wooden bioclimatic cottage
    • > Ideally located, just 300m from the beach
    Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Sunshine

    • > $
    • > 2 guests
    • > Secluded treehouse
    • > Haven for yoga, meditation
    Iguana Eco-lodge

    Iguana Eco-lodge

    • > $$$
    • > 4 guests
    • > Stylish wooden bungalows
    • > Eco-focus through rainwater capture, and recycling

    The Top 10 Eco-Lodges in Guadeloupe

    Now, let’s take a look at the best eco-lodges in Guadeloupe. Each offers a comfortable and well-managed escape to this idyllic island, so you can really make the most of your visit.

    Overall Best Value Eco-Lodge in Guadeloupe – The Sainte-Anne Eco-chalet

    The Sainte-Anne Eco-Lodge Guadeloupe
    This chalet has everything you could want!

    This quaint wooden chalet exudes a distinct treehouse feel. Located on a lush hillside, it provides private escape while not being too far from superb beaches and attractions. 

    The self-contained cabin is made from natural materials and powered entirely on solar. It also features a terrace and lounge area that opens up wide to maximize the cooling breeze.

    The chalet has a small pool, as well as a hammock where you can relax and enjoy the tranquil location. The owners of the chalet are on hand to show you around the island. However, if you’d prefer to explore on your own, there’s plenty to see and do nearby.  

    Best Value Eco-Lodge in Guadeloupe – CazaBaltus

    CazaBaltus Eco Lodge Guadeloupe

    Located on the edge of a forest and surrounded by gardens, this quaint cabin exists in harmony with its surroundings. It’s a steep climb to reach the chalet, but the views from the terrace are more than worth it.

    The chalet is entirely solar-powered and obtains its water from the river and rainwater. The indoor/outdoor kitchen area maximizes the free flow of air and ensures stunning views with every meal. Guests are free to harvest anything from the lush gardens, including bananas and avocados.

    Hikers, divers, and nature lovers will relish this excellent location. The Cousteau Reserve offers some of the best snorkeling on the island, while the nearby forest is perfect for hikes. Nearby, there are also a number of secluded waterfalls to discover.

    Budget Tip: Dorms in Guadeloupe start from $10USD per bed. They’re the cheapest accommodation in the city. Search for hostels in the area!

    Best Eco-Lodge for Couples – Ti Bamboo

    Ti Bamboo Eco Lodge Guadeloupe
    What’s more romantic than a tropical island getaway?

    This island house may look small, but it’s got a surprisingly spacious interior featuring two modules. One side includes the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette, and the second is made up of an open-sided dining area. The décor exudes authentic island style with modern extras to offer a truly comfortable place to stay in Guadeloupe

    The house is located on the island of Terre-de-Bas, near the famous beach at Grande Anse. In addition to the exceptional beaches, Grande Anse also offers a number of top restaurants and bars. 

    Most Ecological Eco-Lodge in Guadeloupe – Appaloosa Lodge

    Appaloosa Eco Lodge Guadeloupe

    Appaloosa Lodge is located on the Morne Rouge eco-ranch, close to the sea. The raised wooden cabin features large side panels that let in the cool breeze and provide an indoor/outdoor feel.

    The ranch and cabins are very eco-friendly to ensure your stay is as gentle on the environment as possible. Power is obtained from solar panels, all waste is sorted and recycled, and dry toilets are used throughout.  

    Check out the nearby seaside village of Grand Bourg or explore the rest of Grande Terre. Your hosts will gladly arrange horse riding and scuba diving excursions for you. Alternatively, you could spend a lazy day in your hammock with an epic book, enjoying the slow island pace. 

    Best Eco-Lodge for Families visiting Guadeloupe – Gite Ecololo

    Gite Ecololo

    This modern eco-house is located in a quiet area and enjoys beautiful surroundings. The house is made from local timber and has a unique bioclimatic design to make the most of its surroundings. This eliminates the need for air conditioning and additional lighting. 

    A short distance from the house, you’ll find donkeys, geese, chickens, and rabbits. Other family features include a large garden, children’s toys, books, and handy extras like a cot and baby bath.

    The beach at Sainte Claire is just 300m away from the house, and the village of Goyave is also nearby.

    Best Eco-Lodge for Backpackers – Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Sunshine

    This rustic cabin in the woods is the ideal escape to the forest for budget backpackers. The cabin is slightly elevated and built from timber logs to offer a charming treehouse feel. You won’t get closer to nature than this. 

    Made entirely from natural materials, the cabin blends seamlessly with the surrounding trees to offer an unobtrusive retreat. The sides of the cabin are partially open so there’s a pleasant through-flow of air. 

    The host offers mediation, dance, and yoga for those wanting to reconnect with nature and themselves. Those wishing to explore can head out on hikes, go diving nearby, or visit the sea turtles at Malendure.

    Amazing Luxury Eco-Lodge in Guadeloupe – Iguana Eco-lodge

    Iguana Eco-lodge

    Iguana Lodge offers accommodation in exquisite wooden bungalows made from sustainably sourced timber. The bungalows are surrounded by lush gardens which strive to preserve the local fauna and flora. 

    The lodge strives to reuse and recycle organic and inorganic waste wherever possible. Rainwater is also collected and used throughout the property.

    Relax beside the salt-water and chemical-free pool, or enjoy a barbeque or take a leisurely stroll through the gardens. Massages are available at an additional cost, but they’re well worth it.  

    Eco-Lodge with an Epic Location – Gwada Natura Ecolodge & Spa

    Gwada Natura Ecolodge and Spa

    Hidden in the heart of the rainforests, Gwada Nature Ecolodge and Spa offers a tranquil and comfortable stay. From its position on the hill, the lodge offers exceptional sea views, even from the heated swimming pool. 

    Made from natural materials, the cabins blend with their natural surroundings and provide a secluded space to retreat to. Hot water for the cabins is supplied by a solar heater to reduce electricity consumption. 

    The wild beaches of the Leeward Coast of the island are within easy reach, and the restaurants of Sainte Rose are a short drive away. Explore the forests on hikes, or have a hot spring bath or massage at the spa. 

    Another Eco-Lodge with an Epic Location – La Villa du Morne La Perle

    La Villa du Morne La Perle Eco Lodge Guadeloupe

    From its perch on the hillside, La Villa du Morne La Perle overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe. The traditional-style house recalls Creole style with modern additions for a comfortable stay. 

    Along the beach, you’ll find many bars and restaurants to visit. The quaint harbor and fishing village of Deshaies also make for an interesting day out. Club Fort Royal is close by, where you can enjoy water sports including kayaking, windsurfing, and jet skiing.

    Best Eco-Lodge for Long Terms Travellers – Eco-lodge with sea view near waterfalls rivers beaches

    Eco-lodge with sea view near waterfalls rivers beaches
    A cheerful cottage to call home for a while

    If you’re looking to stay long-term, this fully equipped cottage with sea and mountain views should do the trick. It’s located within easy reach of Guadeloupe National Park, Carbet Falls, surfing spots, beaches, and numerous hiking trails. 

    The bioclimatic design of the cottage allows the refreshing breeze through the cottage, eliminating the need for air conditioning. Hot water is provided through solar heating, and sanitary waste passes through a unique zero-impact coconut filtration system. 

    When you’re chilling in the hammock or enjoying a barbeque on the terrace, there’s plenty to explore. The village of Capesterre is a short drive away, with its shops, supermarkets, and bakery. 

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    Final Thoughts on Eco-Lodges in Guadeloupe

    The butterfly-shaped island of Guadeloupe and its surrounding islands are a bountiful location to enjoy an escape among nature. With lush forests, volcanos, sandy beaches, and quaint villages, there’s heaps to explore. 

    With eco-tourism on the rise globally, the variety of unique accommodation in Guadeloupe is growing. From simple beach bungalows to luxurious villas, there’s now an eco-friendly option to suit all tastes.