When you think of renting a boat, you are likely to think of Miami. While Miami is famous for its glitz, glam, and gorgeous waterways, it’s also known as the world’s yachting capital!

The tranquil seas and laid back beach culture are balanced by the glitz and glamour of a vibrant city. Just when you’ve had your fill of freediving and sandcastle building, you can head in for an epic night of dancing and drinking!

But being such an iconic place to rent a boat, there are countless of options available. It can be overwhelming to find a boat that suits you and your needs.

That’s where this guide to the best boat rentals in Miami steps in!

This guide is designed to help you wade through the countless options, and find a boat rental that suits YOU and your adventure.

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    Top 3 Boat Rentals in Miami

    Most Affordable Rental
    Miami Crest Pontoon
    Most Affordable Rental

    Crest Pontoon

    • > $
    • > 12 guests
    • > Captain included
    • > Barbeque grill
    Over-the-Top Luxurious Rental
    Over-the-Top Luxurious Rental


    • > $$$$
    • > 20 guests
    • > Classic 1920s yacht aesthetic
    • > Captain included
    Best Family Rental
    Custom Lagoon 52
    Best Family Rental

    Custom Lagoon 52

    • > $$$
    • > 6 – 14 guests
    • > Air conditioning
    • > Captain optional

    How to Rent a Boat in Miami

    miami beach ttd Miami
    Miami Waterway.. Adventures await!

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    Just like you wouldn’t borrow your shady neighbour’s jalopy car, you don’t want to rent just anyone’s boat. That’s a recipe for being up the proverbial creek with no paddle and, potentially, no engine. Yikes!

    No, you want to rent a boat from a trusted person or agency! However, you also don’t want the price tag to be inflated by the many hands of grubby middlemen. 

    Enter stage left, SAILO.

    They are a database of verified boat representatives with over 30,000 boats to choose from! Think of them like the Airbnb of boats. There is information about each and every boat rental as well as honest customer reviews about their experiences renting through the owner. 

    You can ask your questions directly to the representative to ensure the boat you choose is perfectly suited to your adventures. Your bespoke honeymoon, your day on the water with the family, or even your sinfully epic bachelor(ette) party just got that much easier to organise!

    Sailo is the ultimate way to rent the boat life – for a week or a day!

    Simply hop online, browse through the hundreds of options in your desired location, find one you like, and message the owner! It can be organised entirely online. Then, it’s just a matter of turning up at the dock and sailing off into the sunset. 

    There are no worries about getting stuck up the proverbial creek here.

    The Airbnb of Boats!

    Why Rent a Boat in Miami

    Solo Traveller Miami

    There are several reasons you might rent a boat in Miami! Maybe you want to be a baller and splash out on a romantic weekend away, maybe you want to do some game fishing, or maybe you want to improve your sailing skills. 

    Renting a luxury boat can be the ultimate way to commemorate an anniversary, or host an epic reunion of friends. Generally, when you charter a luxury boat, you also pay for a captain and crew. This means the vacation is truly hands-off, and you can get popping that champagne. What could be better?

    Fishing for those epic game fish like marlin and swordfish simply cannot be better than from the back of a strong powerboat. Not everyone has one of those bad boys tucked away in the garage at home, but that doesn’t need to stop you! Simply check out the boat rentals in Miami that are designed for fishing, and tick that fishing trip off your bucket list.

    Perhaps you’re thinking of taking an extended sailing trip or moving aboard your own boat. One way to get some confidence and experience is to rent a sailboat. 

    In Miami, you can rent a sailboat ‘bareboat’ style. This means there is no captain or crew and you are responsible for all food and fuel onboard. Talk about some kickass preparation for your own boat adventures!

    Best Boat Rentals in Miami

    Trawling through hundreds of boats can start to feel like unnecessary admin. Bleh! That’s why we’ve stepped up and found the best boat rentals in Miami! 

    We’ve made sure to find a little something for every kind of seafarer, and have split the top selections into specific adventure niches. So go forth and find your perfect vessel and get to swashbuckling!

    Best Boat Rental for Families in Miami – Custom Lagoon 52

    Custom Lagoon 52
    • $$$
    • Air conditioning
    • 6 – 14 guests
    • Captain optional

    This catamaran will be a favourite of families looking for a getaway on the water! It is a spacious boat with a comfortable cockpit and interior. There are swim ladders on both sides for easy access to the clear blue waters. 

    You can choose to rent this boat bareboat and test your sailing abilities and provisioning skills. This way, you can have the freedom to go where you choose by customising your itinerary yourself. Nothing says family bonding quite like a week-long charter together! If you opt for a bareboat rental, make sure you know all the boating regulations in Miami.

    Or instead, choose to charter the boat with a captain included. They can handle everything while you can kick back in the glorious Miami sun. 

    There’s plenty of room on board for the kids to spread out. Plus, the catamaran’s shallow draft means you can anchor nice and close to sure-to-please swimming spots!

    Epic Party Boat in Miami – Trident Pontoon PARTY BOAT

    Miami Trident Pontoon PARTY BOAT
    • $$$
    • High-end bluetooth sound system
    • 20 – 49 guests
    • Captain included

    Oh, here we go, you party animals! This pontoon is well set up to accommodate a large group of people who want to DANCE! There is great deck space, a bar, and a comfortable bathroom (a good place to hide once you’ve had a few too many methinks hehe). 

    You can rent this boat by the hour, for a day trip or a sunset cruise. The experienced captain and mate know all the best swimming spots so it will be all fun in the sun. 

    Chuck the floating mats out the back and pump the music! Or, light up the deck with LED lights, blast the beats and enjoy Miami’s waterway by night. There are endless possibilities… 

    But what’s certain, is a damn good time! 

    Over-the-Top Luxurious Boat Rental in Miami – VINTAGE 1926 MOTOR YACHT

    • $$$$
    • Classic 1920s yacht aesthetic
    • 20 guests
    • Captain included

    It’s probably best to save this beautiful boat for those truly special occasions, but hot damn if it isn’t worth the price of entry! It stands at 122 feet of pure luxury. The interiors are classic and stylish, and yet the polished wood helps it retain a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

    This is a hands-off, suit on, kind of deal. There is a dedicated chef who can cater for all guests and dietary requirements. If you want to cruise down the Miami waterway in the absolute lap of luxury, this is the boat for you. The deck is also spacious and set up for relaxing and sunbathing should you choose to take the boat during the day.

    All the set-up and preparation for a special occasion – like a wedding reception – is taken care of by the wonderful staff. There’s an option to have an open bar replete with a talented bartender too. You don’t only rent a boat; you rent a wine and dine experience!

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    The Biggest Boat Rental in Miami – Delta Marine Usher MEGA YACHT

    Delta Marine Usher MEGA YACHT
    • $$$$
    • Captain included
    • 12 guests
    • Jacuzzi onboard

    One day aboard this beauty costs the same as a deposit for a small house. Nonetheless, it is one of the biggest boat rentals in Miami and it is legendary. For the real ballers out there, it’s time to treat your twelve nearest and dearest to a day they will never forget.

    Start the morning off with breakfast prepared by a cordon bleu chef, and maybe a cheeky sampling at the margarita bar. There is something on board for even the fussiest of guests to do during the day.. 

    You get jet skis. You get a 30 foot tender for the watersports fans. You get a Jacuzzi and sun pads onboard for those looking to chill in style! You even get an elevator meaning the comforts of land are not compromised by heading out to sea! 

    Why ever go back to land? This megayacht is definitely something of dreams, but damn, how could you not indulge if you have the money?

    The Best Airboat Tour in Miami – Everglades Tour

    Everglades Tour Miami
    • $
    • Captain included
    • (Up to) 19 passengers
    • Multilingual guides

    This boat is going to put the wind in your sails! Only, there’s no sails here! Just the exhilarating open air of an airboat.
    You can spend an hour blasting through the Floridian Everglades on this iconic airboat! This is some Indian Jones style exploring right here. You will escape the crowds of Miami and go deep into the everglades.

    This is great for engaging kids (or curious adults!) in learning about the everglades. Plus, you get to zip about in the open air boat! Watch out for the sneaky alligators lurking about though – we’re told they are kept fed, but who really knows …

    Talk about a true adventure!

    The Most Affordable Boat Rental in Miami – Crest Pontoon

    Miami Crest Pontoon
    • $
    • Captain included
    • 12 guests
    • Barbeque grill

    Boat rentals in Miami don’t have to cost the Earth! You can still enjoy the sun on this pontoon. With plenty of deck space for guests to lounge about and a large floating mat, you’re sure to be able to make the most of your day.

    You can rent this boat by the hour which gives you a great deal of flexibility around your itinerary. It makes for an affordable day trip that will be remembered by you and your friends for years to come!

    It’s ideal for some drinks on deck as there is plenty of space and comfy cushions. You can also motor quite shallow as it doesn’t have a deep draft. Of course, the experienced captain won’t let that happen anyway! 

    You simply suggest where you want to go and dive on in. It’s just that easy!

    Most Beautiful Sailboat to Rent in Miami – 97 foot Gaff Rigged Lemsteraak Ketch

    97 foot Gaff Rigged Lemsteraak Ketch
    • $$$
    • Captain included
    • 8 guests
    • Sport fishing platform

    There is nothing more spectacular than a gaff rigged boat under full sail. An adventurous day out on the water is made complete by a trip on this wicked sail boat. The experienced captain is happy to show you the basics of gaff rigged sailing, as well as cater for your fishing or diving experience. 

    The boat has a hookah system onboard for diving and a sports fishing platform on the transform of the boat. For the adventurous water-babies, this boat is ideal. But for those that perhaps just came along for the ride, there’s ample room to kick back in the sun, and mahogany cabins to sneak away to for an afternoon nap too. 

    It’s time to live out your pirate dreams and sail away on this beautiful sailboat!

    Best Boat for Sightseeing – Chaparral Chaparral Boats 290 Signature

    Chaparral Chaparral Boats 290 Signature
    • $$
    • Captain included
    • 4 guests
    • Grill onboard

    This motorboat has the sightseer in mind. With an experienced captain, the Miami Islands and a day in the sun has never been more accessible. The pelicans, palm trees, and dolphins of Flagler Island await you!

    If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can opt to cruise along the waterway of downtown Miami, enjoying the iconic landmarks and celebrity’s houses from the water, checking out all the best boating spots in Miami. Either way, a day of sunbathing, beers, and relaxation is sure to be had. 

    There’s also snorkels and a water mat onboard. You get to dive into the warm Miami waters and enjoy the best that boat life has to offer. For a small fee, the captain will make a short drone video of your day out too.

    So pack your swimwear and hook up to their epic Bluetooth sound system… and don’t forget your camera!

    Things to Do on a Boat in Miami 

    Miami Boat

    There is a range of things to do while you jet about in Miami! Whether you’re here for a bespoke getaway or simply a day of family fun, you’re sure to have a damn good time!

    • Snorkelling and swimming. The best damn thing about Miami’s tropical waters? They’re warm! This means you’ve got endless hours of balmy swimming and spotting of tropical fish to do – you’ll never want to get out! Keep an eye out for those freaky barracudas.
    • Floating mat madness! Nothing spells fun like two best mates jostling on a floating mat. Whether you’re drifting under the blue skies or trying to push each other off, it’s a guaranteed good time.
    • Drinks on deck. Enjoy a beer or glass of champagne as you cruise the Miami waterways. There’s simply no better way to experience the iconic skyline than with a cold beer in hand. 
    • Sunbathing. Well, you came to the sun, so the sun you shall have! Remember to get some sunscreen on that wee nose, and then kick back and enjoy that Vitamin D.
    • Parasailing in Miami. You can book a parasailing trip through Viator! This one is for the thrill seekers who want to get their heart racing. Take to the skies and see Miami from above! This is not something to miss – but don’t worry! All the safety equipment necessary is included.
    • Fishing. There’s some truly epic game fishing to be done in Miami’s twinkling blues. Time to chat with the locals, and maybe hire yourself a guide. You’ll be sure to hook that trophy fish in no damn time!
    • Sunset cruise. Light up the boat deck with LEDs, blast the Bluetooth speakers, and enjoy a cold beer – this is Miami by sunset. Enjoy the silhouette of the city skyline as the sun dips below it. 
    • Dinner experience. For those chasing a luxurious yacht in Miami, you’ll want to make sure it includes a dinner experience. A full service while in the classy interior of a sailing vessel is an off-the-charts experience to be savoured. 

    Final Thoughts

    There you have it, folks! As promised, there is a little something for everyone in Miami – and it’s all best experienced on the water.

    Whether you and your family want to try their hand at sailing bareboat, or you and your nearest and dearest plan on sipping champagne with your feet up, you’re sure to find something that… floats your boat!

    Those blue skies, warm waters, and famous Miami skyline await – go rent that boat!

    Our top recommendation is to splash out and rent a beautiful sailboat for a few days. The ocean is best experienced under full sail! Of course, this is not for everyone and there are MANY boats to choose from, but the top pick is definitely the 97 foot Gaff Rigged Lemsteraak Ketch!

    If you’re undecided still, spend some time going through Sailo’s thousands of options! You’re sure to find something that suits YOU and your adventure style best. 

    Fair winds and happy sailing!