The sunny state of Florida is the ultimate place to charter a yacht.

It’s got sunshine, subtropical water, stunning beaches and a reputation for the best party scenes and sunsets around. What more could you want from a boating destination?

The iconic city of Miami is the best-known spot in the area for boating, and one of the top yachting destinations in the world. That doesn’t mean it’s the only area you can charter a yacht in Florida. In fact, the whole state is a paradise for boating of any kind.

Our tip is to get out of the big smoke of Miami and check out the awesome yacht charters in other spots in Florida, such as Aventura, Key Biscayne and the Sunny Isles.

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    Top 3 Yacht Charter in Florida

    Most Affordable Rental
    Prout Event Catamaran Florida
    Most Affordable Rental

    Prout Event Catamaran

    • > $
    • > 8 Passengers
    • > Captained
    • > Catamaran
    Over-the-Top Luxurious Rental
    Sunseeker Predator 82 feet Florida
    Over-the-Top Luxurious Rental

    Sunseeker Predator 82 feet

    • > $$$$
    • > 13 Passengers
    • > Captained
    • > Jacuzzi, kayak and inflatable
    Best Family Rental
    Searay Sundancer 55 Florida
    Best Family Rental

    Searay Sundancer 55’

    • > $$$
    • > 12 guests
    • > Captained
    • > Kayak and inflatable water toys included

    How to Charter a Yacht in Florida

    East Naples, Florida

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    It’s all well and good to say you SHOULD charter a yacht in Florida, but HOW does one do that?

    That’s where Sailo comes in. 

    Sailo is a platform where verified boat owners and representatives can list their boats for rent and charter. So basically, it’s like Airbnb for boats, but with the option to rent a captain too, which is ideal for those who can’t drive a boat. And the good news is, there are a tonne of rentals in the waters of Florida. Click on the website, select your date, browse the available boats and book.

    You can also hire a chartered boat from one of the many yacht rental companies that line the coastal towns of Miami, but this will require some searching around to find a reputable company. Sailo has user reviews, so it makes finding a decent boat much easier. 

    Something to consider – if you rent a boat in Florida and intend on driving the boat yourself, you don’t need a boat license, but if you are born after Jan 1st, 1988 (very specific) you do need a Boating Safety Education Identification Card.


    Why Charter a Yacht in Florida

    beach boardwalk in florida

    Did we not already convince you when we mentioned the tempting tropical water, sunshine and gorgeous beaches?

    There’s no better way to experience Florida than by boat. Let me tell you why…

    When you charter a boat, it means that a captain and crew are included in your experience, so you can just sit back and enjoy. While it is more expensive than renting a bareboat charter in Florida where you are responsible for driving and navigation, etc), you do benefit from having an experienced driver. It is a sort of all-inclusive experience that means you can focus on having fun and connecting with your fellow vacationers.

    From a boat, you can experience the best of Florida’s subtropical waters. You can enjoy a romantic sunset, snorkel and admire the biodiversity of marine life, or spend a day at a secluded beach, for example.

    There are also many options for bareboat boat rental in Florida, but in this article, we will focus on yacht charters. You’re on vacation, darling, you deserve a hands-off and relaxing experience.

    So, let us help you pick out the best Yacht charters in Florida’s must-visit destinations of Aventura, Key Biscayne and Sunny Isles Beach.

    Best Yacht Charters in Florida


    Best Yacht Charter for Families in Aventura – Searay Sundancer 55’

    Searay Sundancer 55 Florida
    • $$$
    • Kayak and inflatable water toys included
    • 12 guests
    • Captained

    The whole family will have a blast on this sleek 55-foot Searay Sundancer. This Florida yacht charter comes with a kayak and other water inflatable toys to splash around in the water with, including an inflatable pool that can be attached to the back once you’ve dropped anchor.

    The captain has a book of suggested itineraries and possible outings to make it easy for you to curate your perfect family day out. Whether you want a peaceful day on the water or an adrenaline-packed adventure, this Searay Sundancer guarantees hours of fun.

    A total of twelve guests can spend the day on this yacht, though if you’re keen to make it a family sleepover, there is room for six people to sleep on board. 

    Over-the-Top Luxury Yacht Charter – Sunseeker Predator 82 feet

    Sunseeker Predator 82 feet Florida
    • $$$$
    • Jacuzzi, kayak and inflatable
    • 13 Passengers
    • Captained

    If you’re looking for the most luxurious yacht rental in Aventura, we found it. 

    This Sunseeker Predator is 82 feet of pure class. But that’s not all it is. Included in this charter is a jacuzzi, jet ski, tender boat, Bluetooth stereo, water raft, and best of all, noodles.

    Round up a crew of up to 13 mates and get ready for the sweetest day of your damn lives. Just imagine cruising around the tropical waters of Aventura in this bad boy. I can picture it, and honestly darling, you’ve never looked better. 

    If you’re worried you’ll miss some of the comforts of land while on this luxurious adventure, fear not. No corners were cut on the inside of this yacht either. There are multiple living spaces with plush sofas, a full kitchen and a generous dining table that can comfortably fit eight guests and a banquet of food. This place would be impressive even on land, can we stress how impressive that is?

    If you’re keen to really level up your experience, overnight stays for eight people can be accommodated. 

    The captain requests that you bring your own bathers, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. Other than that, the rest will be taken care of for you.

    You’ll have to dig deep for the experience, but if you can, you totally should.

    Best Booze Cruise Yacht Charter in Aventura – Sporty Monterey 340

    Sporty Monterey 340 Florida
    • $$
    • Perfect for booze cruise
    • 12 passengers
    • Captained

    Get boozy on this epic yacht charter in Aventura. 

    This Monterey 340 is a sporty 36-foot vessel that has the ideal setup for you to get a little silly and celebrate something special, Florida style. It’s a great choice for bachelor(ette) dos or birthday parties. 

    Cruise around the iconic islands and sandbars in Aventura and Miami. The yacht has a floating island raft for 12 people and a whole lotta sand bar accessories. You and your crew have everything you need to enjoy. 

    The weather in Florida is hot, but the drinks won’t be. There’s a big cooler and fridge aboard, plus a sweet sound system to blast your favourite tunes. 

    Of course, the yacht comes chartered with a captain, so no one needs to argue about who will stay sober to drive.

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    Key Biscayne

    Best Boat Charter for Sightseeing – 34 Pearson Sailboat

    34 Pearson Sailboat Florida
    • $
    • Sailing Boat
    • 4 passengers
    • Captained

    The list of things to do on the water in Florida is long. If you’re keen to do some sightseeing while you’re in Key Biscayne, look no further than this 34 Pearson Sailboat. 

    With a whole bunch of local knowledge t, the captain of this sailboat has a great reputation for showing guests the ultimate experience. 

    This four-hour yacht charter will show off the top spots for swimming, dolphin spotting and checking out the best of Key Biscayne.

    Like all boats in this article, this one comes captained. But, if you’re interested in learning how to sail, you can have a master captain show you the ropes and help navigate the sailboat on your own. 

    Not only would this be an awesome experience, but it also comes at a very reasonable price. You’ll even get bottled water, ice, towels and a light refreshment thrown in for good measure. 

    It may not be the most luxurious of yacht charters in Florida, but it’s definitely a wholesome option for those wanting to explore the area like a local and see the best of Key Biscayne.

    The Most Affordable Yacht Charter – Prout Event Catamaran

    Prout Event Catamaran Florida
    • $
    • Catamaran
    • 8 Passengers
    • Captained

    With this Prout Event 34-foot catamaran charter, you have a whole lotta options on how you want your day to go. You can make it a day for swimming, diving, snorkelling, a sailing lesson, a BBQ or even a booze cruise. From fishing rods to snorkelling gear and local knowledge, the yacht and the crew have all you need to make those things happen. 

    If you’re keen on watching the spectacle that is sunset over the Miami skyline from Biscayne Bay, just coordinate it with the captain when you book. The owners even offer a jetski for rent if you wanna level up the experience.

    There’s a lot of flexibility and possibility to create your ideal day out with this catamaran charter. An added bonus is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can invite up to eight passengers aboard and split the cost between you, too. We know how much you folk love a good deal, and this is a great one if you’re keen to charter a yacht in Florida without selling your soul for the experience.

    Just make sure to check the tide status in Florida before booking so you don’t head out into stormy waters!

    Best Boat Tour in Key Biscayne for Sunsets – Three-Hour Private Sunset Sailboat on Biscayne Bay

    Three-Hour Private Sunset Sailboat Tour on Biscayne Bay Florida
    • $$
    • Great sunset views
    • Up to 6 Passengers
    • Captained

    What could be better than watching the sunset in Florida? How about watching the sunset from your own private yacht?

    This epic private boat tour gets you out onto Biscayne Bay to watch the sunset. As Key Biscayne is super close to the iconic city of Miami, you’ll get to admire the sunset over the city skyline from the water. You’ll see the famous Cape Florida Lighthouse and other unmissable spots by the water like the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

    There are also plenty of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins who call Biscayne Bay home. If you’re lucky you might catch a glimpse of them in their natural habitat!

    Be sure to bring your camera along to capture the incredible views.

    Sunny Isles 

    Epic Party Yacht Charter in Sunny Isles Beach – Sea Ray Sundancer

    Sea Ray Sundancer Florida
    • $$$
    • Awesome party boat
    • 13 Passengers
    • Captained

    Whether you’re planning an unforgettable bachelor(ette) party, a birthday surprise or a boozy day on your Florida vacation, this sexy motor yacht is an excellent choice for you to throw a boat party. 

    This Florida Yacht charter is a 58-foot Sea Ray Sundancer. That’s the kinda name I want to throw a boat party to under the Floridian sun!

    It’s not just all in the name either. The Sundancer has an open layout that is perfect for a party of up to 13 people. The deck (think ‘dancefloor’) has the perfect set-up with a high definition TV where you can stream your favourite tunes. There’s also a wet bar, ice machine and fridge keeping the cocktails cold.

    The captain and crew know all the hot party spots in the area, from Haulover Sandbar to Beer Can Island (we swear that’s a real place) and all the other top local attractions.

    The Most Affordable Yacht Charter in Sunny Isles Beach – Beneteau Antares

    Beneteau Antares Florida
    • $
    • 2020 model
    • 6 passengers
    • Captained

    This gorgeous 30-foot Beneteau Antares comes in as the most affordable yacht charter in Sunny Isles Beach. But mark my words, that doesn’t mean you’re in for a less than fabulous experience. 

    In fact, this is a brand spanking new 2020 model. 

    It’s not as big as some of the other Yacht rentals in Florida, but it’s got everything you need and more for an ultimate day on the water. Let us run you through. 

    Does it have a sunbed on the bow for you to catch some rays and snap your pics to prove you were on a boat? It does indeed.

    Is there a floating mat on board so you can challenge your mate to a water wrestling match? Why, of course!

    Does it have a cabin with AC for when you need a moment out of the heat? Tick.

    Is there enough table space for a food platter and a bottle of champagne? Abso-bloody-lutely. 

    The biggest plus? Compared to the other more enticing options, this one won’t break the bank either. Why should those with deep pockets have all the fun?

    The Biggest Yacht Charter in Sunny Isles Beach – 70′Azimut + Jet Ski Adventure

    Azimut Florida
    • $$$$
    • 70 foot yacht
    • 13 Passengers
    • Captained

    This 70 foot Azimut is the biggest yacht charter in Sunny Isles. Not only is it big, it’s also super cool.

    It’s got ample deck space for spreading out and catching some rays, a sweet sound system and an outdoor shower. If you need a break from the sunshine, the indoor and shaded areas have plush lounges to kick back on. There’s even AC inside and multiple bedrooms if you’re partial to a siesta.

    In case a giant luxury yacht isn’t all you’ve ever dreamed of, they will chuck in a brand new SeaDoo jetski for good measure. There are water toys and inflatables aboard, so you’ve got all the ingredients to create an absolutely epic day on the water. 

    With this Floria yacht charter, you’ve got the flexibility to create the perfect day for you and your crew of up to 13. Maybe you wanna drop the anchor and have a party at the Nixon Sandbar. Perhaps a day swimming and snorkelling in the clear waters is calling you. Or maybe docking at a waterfront restaurant is more up your alley.

    You can do it all, too! It’s your day, you choose what goes. There are plenty of options for how you spend your day on this huge Florida yacht charter.

    Things to Do on a Yacht Charter in Florida

    Key Largo, Florida Keys 1
    • Watch the sunset. No matter where you are in Florida, there’s something extra special about watching the sunset from your own private yacht. Whether you enjoy it from Biscayne Bay with a view over the Miami city skyline or from the water by a secluded island, catching a sunset is one of the best things to do in Florida, so don’t miss out on a sunset.
    • Celebrity Sightseeing along Millionaires Row. Cruise along the waters of Biscayne Bay with a cocktail in one hand and a pair of binoculars in the other as you sail past the equisite mansions of Millionaire’s Row, where you may just spot a celebrity outside on their lawns. Whether you see a celeb or not, you can still marvel at the stunning architecture of those richest Floridian residents. Good times guarenteed, celebrities not guaranteed.
    • Go snorkelling. The tropical waters of Florida are known for an abundance of tropical fish, interesting sea life and colourful coral. Make the most of the biodiversity and explore below the surface with a snorkel. 
    • Drinks on deck. We are in Florida, it’s not the time to skip the party. The drinks are cold and the weather is hot. Pour yourself a drink and sit back and relax on the deck of your yacht charter. I can almost guarantee you’ve never looked this good before. If you feel like getting a little more rowdy, a booze cruise is certainly not out of the question in Florida. Enjoy yourself, responsibly of course. 
    • Jetski. Imagine zooming around the bay on a jetski with a tropical breeze on your face. Jetskis are damn fun, and Florida is an awesome place to try them out. Many of the more luxurious yacht charters in Florida include a jetski as a part of the package to sweeten the deal that little bit more. If not, chat with your captain, they might be able to arrange one for you!
    • Dolphin watching. Atlantic bottlenose dolphins can be found frolicking about in the waters of Florida. Be sure to watch out for them while you cruise around the water! 
    • Get some sun. What better place to catch some rays than under the hot Floridian sun? Make sure you remember your hat and reef-safe sunscreen. You can protect your skin and get some vitamin D at the same time.
    • Watersports. One of the best ways to enjoy a day on the water is to get into some watersports. Florida is a great spot to try out water skiing, wakeboarding and a wet ‘n’ wild tube ride. 
    • Floating mat and water inflatables. Drifting on the water under the sun or splashing and playing around with your mates on water inflatables is bound to be an epic time. Many yacht charters in Florida include water equipment like floating mats and water inflatables.
    • Enjoy a secluded beach. Maybe you want to enjoy a naturist spot and get your gear off or escape the hustle and bustle of busy places. There are plenty of stunning and secluded beaches and islands around Florida just waiting to be explored.

    Final Thoughts on Yacht Charters in Florida

    If we haven’t convinced you to charter a yacht in Florida by now, I don’t know what will.

    Whether you’re planning a day on the water to celebrate something special, spend quality time with family or friends, or just keen for a unique day on your travels, chartering a yacht is an easy way to have some fun. 

    We do think the best way to experience the best of Florida’s tropical waters is by yacht charter. Those bottlenose dolphins won’t admire themselves! 

    Our top recommendation would be to check out renting a bareboat in Florida, even just for a day. This could be your chance to tick a DIY sailing trip off your bucket list!

    But for now, we will leave you here dreaming of a day on a luxury yacht under the Floridian sun. And if you need more inspiration, check out our guides to the best boat rentals in Tampa, and best boat rentals in Fort Lauderdale, too!

    Thinking about chartering a boat? Let us know in the comments! Happy boating.

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