Why would anyone want to wear armless sunglasses? I didn’t even know they were called arms. That sounds like the most nerd-friendly piece of modern technology I’ve ever heard of.

These were my thoughts before trying a pair of Ombraz armless sunglasses so stick around, I can convince you otherwise.

In this Ombraz sunglasses review, we will examine just what is so special about these armless specs and why they actually ARE worth the $150 price tag.

The Ombraz armless sunglasses

Full Ombraz Sunglasses Review 

These sunglasses are an impressive feat or engineering with functional implications for athletes on the move, helmet-wearers and kids. They won’t fall off as easily as they are securely held in place by an adjustable Japanese-woven nylon cord that fits comfortably under any head-gear you may possess. In fact, the cord around your ears is hardly noticeable meaning those with sensory issues may also benefit from Ombraz Armless Sunglasses. 

There is also a difference in the weight of these sunglasses. They are feather-light at only 20 oz. The absence of a folding hinge makes them easier to store in a back pocket, or around your neck when not in use. They hang nicely there, meaning the odds of you losing them are also less. You won’t accidentally snap an arm off … because there aren’t any. If you do happen to break them, there’s a lifetime warranty.

Ombraz Sunglasses

Nerds and hipsters will like them as they don’t scream “I lack social skills” like I thought they would. The new unisex Viale and Teton styles have a classic vintage flavour to them, designs to flatter all face-shapes and come in multiple colours and sizes (I own the brown AND the dusk-grey). You’ll also feel sophisticated, and superior as you now know the benefits of armless sunglasses. 

Are they cheap? No, but there are good reasons why. Ombraz armless sunglasses lenses come with oleophobic optics – meaning that pesky peripheral light is blocked with some amazing built-in mini side visors. These sunglasses are resilient with scratch-proof technology and TR-90 Aerospace-grade Nylon frames. What does that mean? I don’t know; just that these frames are better than the previous model made of acetate. Those ones were already good. 

Need more good reasons? Ombraz use recycled materials and plant 20 mangrove trees for EVERY pair sold. They’ve done their research here – as Mangrove trees are essential to helping fight climate change with soils that lock in carbon (so less of it re-enters the atmosphere). 

One Potential Issue….

Ombraz armless sunglasses are made to sit closer on your face than regular sunglasses. If you tend to slather your eyelashes in mascara, this could be an issue, depending on how long your eyelashes are. Armless sunglasses may also not be compatible with certain hairstyles, yet I doubt any athletes wearing these glasses will have those hairstyles. They weren’t meant for the MET Gala. 

Ombraz Sunglasses

The Ombraz armless sunglasses have won multiple awards since coming onto the scene in 2018. It’s a safe bet to say they are a seriously great investment from a smaller company wanting to make a big impact. Next time I take a jaunt into the mountains, I’ll be wearing them.

Bye for now, but not forever!

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