The ULTIMATE Wilderness Survival Kit for 2019

Backpacking… the last frontier (well, one of them) for budding adventurers seeking to explore the wild places of the world and get off the beaten track. If you really want to push yourself, if you really want to kick some ass, you’re gonna need to head off into the wilds to escape civilisation, and embrace the raw ferocity and beauty of mother nature… Yeah, I’m getting all hippie on your asses, but it’s all good; everything is well in the world of backpacking!

If you want to head off into the wilds, you’re gonna need some gear. Some wilderness training helps as well, especially if you’re contending with wild animals and the odd snake bite – I kid, snake bites are pretty unlikely. So without further ado here is everything you need to throw in your pack when you head off into the unknown; here is the ultimate list of wilderness survival kit…

  • SAS Survival Guide – You can know a lot, but you can’t know it all. Throw this book in your backpack, and you’ll be covered for all sorts of situations.
  • Knife – You never know when you’re going to need a knife. From building a shelter to self-defense, this is an absolute necessity. I usually carry a couple.
  • Fire Starter – Because rubbing sticks together can be a tedious game to play, especially if it’s raining. 
  • 550 Rope – This is the best rope out there. Military grade rope that can support up to 500 lbs of weight. Use it to tie your food in a tree so that bears can’t reach it, to hook up your hammock, or for anything else you could possibly imagine.
  • Bear Spray – Because even the manliest of men can’t defeat a grizzly bear unarmed.

Wilderness Survival with The Broke Backpacker

  • Fishing Line – Don’t worry about hooks, you can make one using some wood or the top of a beer can. 
  • Head Torch – You’re lost in the woods and darkness is falling, you’ve got a bundle of wood under one arm and light is fading fast…. This is where having a head torch is an absolute necessity. 
  • LifeStraw – Drink from any water source safely, instead of hauling a ton of weight in water into the wild with you.
  • Sewing Kit – For when things fall apart, and hopefully not to give yourself stitches.
  • First Aid Kit – If you don’t at least scrape your knee, you’re not doing it right. 
  • Helly Hansen Base Layer – This will keep you warm and dry, even if the weather takes an unexpected turn.

The Broke Backpacker Bus Surfing

  • Compass – Just don’t forget to learn how to use it, and to bring maps to the area you’re venturing into.
  • Whistle – Whistle three times for a distress signal. You never know when this might come in handy.
  • Emergency Bivvy Bag – Whether you’re bush camping without a tent or sleeping bag, or a surprise snow storm comes your way, this is a lightweight essential you won’t even notice in your bag… until you need it.
  • Spot Satellite Beacon – Let friends and family know you’re okay despite having been out in the woods for ages, or send for emergency services to rescue you at the touch of a button.
  • Beer – Who doesn’t love beer? Plus, your empties can be made into a ton of different survival items.

The Broke Backpacker treks the Himalayas


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