When you think of Florida, you probably think of gorgeous sandy beaches and a sunny, humid climate – with a sprinkle of Disney magic.

It is the most southeastern US state, bordered by both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, making it a beachy dream lined with beautiful white sand and crashing waves.

With its tropical vibes, Florida is an incredibly popular spot to host intensive and educational yoga retreats. Hosted in a beachfront haven or in the heart of town, it is an amazing setting to be able to learn more about yoga while enjoying some really great weather!

Grab your bikini or trunks and let’s head to the beach for one of these super cool yoga retreats in Florida – check them out!

Dry Tortugas Park Florida

Why Should You Consider a Yoga Retreat in Florida?

I mean, yoga on the beach at sunrise.. What more is there to say?

If you’re not as easily persuaded as me, you should know that yoga retreats in Florida are more than just beach days. On a retreat, you will be able to delve into the core of yoga, learning about the history and specifics of the movements, while also finding a soul tribe of like-minded people.

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If you’re even slightly curious about the benefits of yoga, you will have so much fun on a yoga retreat. Not only will you learn different styles, you will be able to use it as a tool to reduce stress, reconnect with your body, and calm your overthinking mind.

The experiences you have at a yoga retreat in Florida will be some of the best of your life. Whether you are a yoga fanatic or totally new to the practice, you will have easy access to experts and gurus. Ask questions, learn something new and pass on your new knowledge to the next yogi generation.

What Can You Expect From a Yoga Retreat in Florida?

Super different from your regular ol’ trip around Florida, a yoga retreat in Florida is the perfect opportunity to get away from your daily routine, escape from screens, and learn something new.  

Although the name encompasses the main theme, yoga retreats are more than just learning about yoga. They provide community, healing, and valuable skills that you can intertwine into your daily life once you return home.

All of the different retreats have a varied schedule, and each have different specifications of what is required from the attendees. Mostly, you’ll find yourself practicing yoga throughout the day. In the afternoons, you might get the chance to try some different kinds of mindful practices.

As well as that, you can enjoy beach walks, hikes, or water sports, and lots of free time to do whatever takes your fancy.

America may have an unsavory reputation for fast food, luckily these retreats are catered with organic, locally sourced dishes. Oftentimes, the food is vegetarian or vegan, and they are usually accommodating to any dietary preferences.

Be sure you ask lots of questions before signing up to a retreat in Florida to make sure it’s the right match for you.

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    How to Choose the Right Yoga Retreat in Florida for You?

    There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right yoga retreat in Florida for you.

    First, you need to think about your skill level. The last thing you want to do is end up on a retreat where you have only just managed to perfect downward dog and you look over to find your classmates balancing on their head. If you’re a beginner, look for a retreat that teaches foundational yoga. For those with more experience, you can choose a retreat that teaches lots of styles of yoga. 

    Florida County at Hillsborough

    You will want to keep in mind the kind of experience you are looking for. It’s completely okay if you want to take this time to indulge in spa treatments and spend most of your day at the resort, and it’s also great if you want to ignite your adventure spirit through excursions. Just make sure to figure out which one you prefer before booking. 

    After you have determined your skill level and preferred type of experience, you’ll need to consider the below factors;


    Many of the best yoga retreats in Florida will have you on the coastline. With beautiful sand, crashing waves and beaming sun, it’s easy to see why so many retreats on hosted right on the shores. You can have that mix off “off-grid” atmosphere while being close by to amenities for your days off.

    Public transport is super easy in Florida, making it easy to get around when you want to adventure the area and explore all the best bits.


    There are so many different kinds of yoga practices, with different teaching techniques, theories and theologies. Oftentimes, the yoga retreat teacher will ‘go with the flow’ and switch up the day based on what the students are capable of. 

    Beginner retreats may involve a lot of meditation, connecting with your body, and learning the basics of yoga. Whereas, more advanced retreats will dive into the complex yoga practices such as Sivananda yoga, dynamic yoga, and power yoga.

    Yoga Woman in Florida USA


    You can find a bunch of affordable yoga retreats in Florida! Many of the more reasonably priced retreats give you much more free time, whereas the luxury retreat options have a full day-to-day schedule.

    Where you stay is the biggest impact on the price tag. A more expensive retreat will provide private luxury rooms with ocean views, while a smaller retreat will have a simpler, more intimate atmosphere.

    You will want to have a budget in mind when you are picking your retreat to make sure everything you need is included.


    The best retreats will always offer some extra perks for your time. It could be anything from one-on-one coaching sessions to excursions around the town. You may even find some luxury retreats that add on spa treatments and surf trips!

    Remember, retreats are an investment in your health, so there really couldn’t be a better time to relax, unwind and bask in the beauty of the setting.


    Many of the yoga retreats on offer in Florida last around three to five days.

    Depending on your personal schedule, you will have to have a think about how much time you can get away for! No matter the retreat length, there will be transformative benefits, though shorter retreats may leave you wanting more.

    They are usually fixed in length, and you have to commit to the whole period to join. However, if you enquire to the retreat, they may be flexible and allow you to show up when you can.

    The Top 10 Yoga Retreats in Florida

    That’s a few of the ins and outs out the way, now for the good bit. Here are some of the best yoga retreats in Florida!

    Best Overall Yoga Retreat in Florida – 5-Day Soul Awakening Retreat

    5-Day Soul Awakening Retreat
    • $2000
    • Fort Pierce

    Everything about this retreat speaks to my soul. Yoga classes, healthy meals, breath work journeys, and sound bath healing ceremonies are all aspects that will help you to discover your true purpose.

    This retreat, set in Fort Pierce, aims to make you feel strong through movement, and break free from negative thought patterns. Get yourself ready for an amazing healing journey to embrace your authentic self and reach new levels of consciousness. 

    While here, you can drop out of ‘normal life’ for five full days, and fully immerse yourself in the refreshing energy that comes with this retreat. 

    Affordable Yoga Retreat in Florida – 4 Day Yoga & Wine Retreat

    4 Day Yoga & Wine Retreat
    • $699
    • Destin

    Wake up to the sound of the ocean and soak in glorious sunshine.

    Located in Destin, Okaloosa County, at this retreat you’ll find yourself in a luxury waterfront home, spending your days by the emerald green ocean, and practicing Vinyasa and Hatha yoga.

    The main aspect of this retreat is the friends that you will meet. Your days will be spent connecting through stories, with a glass of wine in hand looking up at the unobstructed starry sky (sounds like bliss to me).

    During your time, you can learn to love every aspect of yourself and get rid of limiting beliefs, fears, and stresses for good. It is the downtime you have been craving.

    Best Yoga Retreat in Florida for Couples – 4-Day Couples Heart Opening Retreat

    4-Day Couples Heart Opening Retreat
    • $3194
    • Punta Gorda 

    Dive head first into a healing journey with your partner by your side. At this yoga retreat in Florida, you can commit to four entire days of renewing your connection. 

    While here, you’ll rekindle that spark and learn healthy relationship techniques to communicate better. Then, spend time together in nourishing yoga classes and find harmony in mediation sessions. 

    Located in Punta Gorda, you’ll be taking date night to the next level. Grab a selection of your favorite treats and head to the beach to watch the sunset. Spend time reminiscing on the past, and making plans for your future together.

    You may just find yourself planning to join another couples retreat!

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    Best Yoga Retreat in Florida for Solo Travelers –  5 Day Yoga, Adventure & Reflection Retreat

    5 Day Yoga, Adventure & Reflection Retreat
    • $1600
    • Punta Gorda 

    Hit the refresh button and take your solo traveling to the next level by spending some time at one of the best yoga retreats in Florida. Hosted in the peaceful city of Punta Gorda, this five day retreat is created with balance in mind.

    Alongside various styles of yoga classes, an expert will guide you through the process of cultivating contentment, and how to find out what true satisfaction and happiness means to you.

    The retreat includes a number of different day trips including paddle boarding, kayaking, campfires, and a visit to a delicious restaurant in town. You’ll be glad to know that your solo traveler instinct will be satisfied with a free day where you can explore the surrounding area.

    Best Yoga & Wellness Retreat in Florida  – 3-Day Reset & Detox Yoga Retreat

    3-Day Reset & Detox Yoga Retreat
    • $1400
    • Miami 

    This retreat in Florida is for the girlies. During your time, you can boost your energy and recharge your body while taking part in detox practices. 

    Located in Miami, you’ll be moments away from some of Florida’s best beaches where you can embrace the slow life.

    Your days will be spent sipping on detoxifying juices, joining empowering yoga classes, and being surrounded by a supportive group of women.

    The entire retreat is aimed at those who want to create a healthy lifestyle (that lasts). Once you uncover the significance of restoring your mind, body, and soul, you’ll find yourself wanting to maintain that deep connection in your daily life.

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    Best Luxury Yoga Retreat in Florida – 3-Day ‘Renew You’ Custom Yoga Retreat 

    3-Day ‘Renew You’ Custom Yoga Retreat
    • $4910
    • Miami

    Secure your spot at this luxury retreat, and have an experience curated for you.

    This retreat utilizes holistic healing modalities and techniques such as Hatha yoga, breathing exercises, and hypnotherapy to bring alignment into your body.  All you have to do is show up and be open minded to the journey. 

    Hosted in Miami, the ocean is right on your doorstep and the place you stay is top-tier!

    There is loads to do nearby like surfing the waves and having a peaceful massage beside the ocean.

    Best Unique Yoga Retreat in Florida  – 3 Day Silent Ayurvedic Breath Centric Yoga Retreat

    3 Day Silent Ayurvedic Breath Centric Yoga Retreat
    • $525
    • Merritt Island

    Craving total peace and quiet? This silent yoga retreat is just what you’re looking for. 

    It’s so easy to get drowned out by the noise, clutter, and busyness that comes with modern life. Connecting with your mind and body through silent breathing, and gentle movement can be food for the soul. 

    During the retreat, you can indulge in outdoor yoga, silent meals, silent nature walks along the coast, and immerse in plenty of opportunities for personal reflection. As for the sleeping arrangements, you’ll find yourself in a tranquil waterfront property.

    Why not go ahead and treat yourself by adding on additional spa treatments to your retreat package.

    Best Weekend Yoga Retreat in Florida – 3-Day Sacred Medicine & Yoga Retreat 

    3-Day Sacred Medicine & Yoga Retreat
    • $1198
    • Fort Myers

    Take a long weekend and spend your time at a yoga retreat in the gorgeous Fort Myers.

    Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by the expert teachers ready to take you on a journey of self discovery. 

    Your days will be spent getting to know one another, taking part in guided plant medicine ceremonies, personalized yoga classes, and sound healing sessions. Everybody’s journey looks different, as this retreat focuses on providing tailored care for you. 

    Tuck into delicious locally sourced meals, crack open a coconut, and spend your evenings reflecting at the beach.

    Best Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Florida – 7-Day Quantum Healing Yoga Retreat

    7-Day Quantum Healing Yoga Retreat
    • $1700
    • Palm Bay 

    Embody the many traditions of yoga and meditation at this beautiful retreat in Palm Bay.

    This option prioritizes the yoga and meditation aspect much more than other retreats. That being said, you can tailor it to you, and show up only to the activities you feel called too.

    Your days will be spent delving into quantum healing, crystals, essential oil purposes, and meditation. Various styles of yoga are taught, where you can learn to heal and take care of your body through intentional movement. 

    Stay in a gorgeous home and take this time to indulge in your own wellness.

    Best Beautiful Yoga Retreat in Florida  – 3 Day Women’s Luxury Private Yoga Retreat

    3 Day Women’s Luxury Private Yoga Retreat
    • $900
    • Apopka 

    Channel your female energy at one of the best yoga retreats in Florida.

    Apopka in Florida is a nature lover’s paradise. Surrounded by country roads, and with whimsical teepees as your place to rest, this retreat serves delicious meals and teaches various yoga styles. This entire retreat brings luxury to life.

    After morning yoga classes, visit the stunning natural springs, where you can catch otters playing in the rivers. As the evening rolls in, you can cuddle up with a blanket by the campfire.

    There are plenty of opportunities for general yoga, nidra yoga, horseback riding, and forest hikes.

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    Final Thoughts on Yoga Retreats in Florida

    The sunny, beachside setting makes Florida a dream for hosting retreats. With dependable weather, great activities and stunning nature, it is a perfect spot to spend time focusing on you while you delve deeper into your yoga practice.

    Yoga retreats in Florida are super diverse in everything from length, focus and offerings.

    If you’re still undecided on which one to join, I would pick the Five Day Soul Awakening Retreat. This retreat creates a space for you to take control of your future and be empowered to to lead your own way on your healing path.

    And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!