When you think of Japan, you probably don’t imagine tropical islands. However, that’s just because you haven’t been to Okinawa yet. These islands lie midway between Japan and Taiwan and are the historical seat of the Ryukyu Dynasty. The largest island, Okinawa, is home to the islands’ capital of Naha – kind of like a tropical Tokyo. There are 16 more which can be reached by plane or boat.

As well as history, a unique culture, and tasty cuisine, many travellers come here to explore the beaches in Okinawa. Unlike other beaches in Japan, these tropical stretches of white sand boast azure waters that make you feel like you’re in Hawaii. While a number of these beaches in Okinawa are resort-style and would suit families due to their large number of activities, some on the smaller islands offer a truly secluded paradise where you can spend days without being disturbed.

In this post, we’ll take a look at five of the best beaches in Okinawa. Not all are on the main island, but that just means you’ll get to see more of this lesser-visited part of Japan (at least by foreign tourists – Okinawa is a hugely popular summer holiday destination for the Japanese)!

Kouri Island
Kouri Island, Okinawa | source: San Hoyano (shutterstock)

The best thing about Okinawa is that it’s a year-round destination. However, if you’re visiting specifically for the beaches, make sure to come between March and October, when they’re officially open. If you’re planning on only visiting the main island, up to five days is enough time to see the main attractions in Okinawa and have some well-earned rest and recuperation on the beach too.

Some other things to note: March and April are a good time to visit if you want to avoid the crowds. Temperatures are pleasant, but the water can be a little cold! If you want to celebrate the festivities of Japan’s Golden Week, visit in May; this is one of the busiest times of the year. It can also be more expensive, so it’s not a good time for budget travellers.

Snorkellers or divers may not mind the rain of May and June, but sunbathers might miss out on beach time due to the rainy season. Visit from July to August for the hottest weather and high season, but do be aware that from July to October, Okinawa can be hit by typhoons. This often leads to flight and ferry cancellations.

You can fly to Okinawa from most major Japanese cities. There are also international flights from Taipei, Seoul, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Cape Manzamo
The coastline in Okinawa is gorgeous.
  • Who It’s For: Families and friends who are looking for adventure will love all that’s going on at Manza Beach in Okinawa.
  • Don’t Miss: The stunning nearby lookout point of Cape Manzamo. Seeing the waves crash into the rocks at sunset is quite the sight.

Although it’s part of the InterContinental Manza Beach Resort, anyone can visit this beach freely. There’s a 300 meter stretch of sand where you can lay your towel down before going for a dip in the calm blue waters.

Several activities are on offer here, including parasailing and diving, so it’s no surprise that people come from all across the island to get a taste of this fabulous beach.

Entire flat 10 minutes from the beachBest Airbnb: Entire flat 10 minutes from the beach

An entire house just 10 minutes from the beach, it would suit a family or group of friends. Check out the view of Manza from the roof terrace!

La’Gent Hotel Okinawa ChatanBest Hostel: La’Gent Hotel Okinawa Chatan/Hostel & Hostel

You’ll struggle to find a hostel near Manza Beach. It’s worth the half-hour drive from this modern hostel in Chatan though!

ANA InterContinental Manza Beach ResortBest Hotel: ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort

Happy to splash the cash? The Manza Beach Resort is a luxurious 5-star option right on the beach. Take advantage of a spa and tennis court, as well as views from floor to ceiling windows.

Login Okinawa - SoilBest Cabin: Login Okinawa – Soil

With room for nine guests, suddenly that price tag is looking more affordable. Experience the best of both the sea and the mountains at this gorgeous Okinawa cabin.

Okinawa Water Park, OkinawaOkinawa Water Park

If you’re travelling with kids, they’ll hardly let you miss this inflatable ocean park. There’s no age limit on one of the most fun attractions in Okinawa! [image credit]


Manza Cape

Cape Manzamo

A stunning sunset spot, this rock formation offers spectacular views of the East China Sea and Manza Beach. [source: Ghing (Shutterstock)]


Sublime RestaurantNabee Beach Seafood Restaurant

Try a spot of classic Okinawan cuisine at this sublime seafood restaurant! [image credit]

Okinawa Water Park, OkinawaOkinawa Water Park

If you’re travelling with kids, they’ll hardly let you miss this inflatable ocean park. There’s no age limit on one of the most fun attractions in Okinawa! [image credit]


Manza Cape

Cape Manzamo

A stunning sunset spot, this rock formation offers spectacular views of the East China Sea and Manza Beach. [source: Ghing (Shutterstock)]


Sublime RestaurantNabee Beach Seafood Restaurant

Try a spot of classic Okinawan cuisine at this sublime seafood restaurant! [image credit]

Best Beach For Swimming in Okinawa | Emerald Beach

Emerald Beach
source: RubyMayu (Shutterstock)
  • Who It’s For: This one ticks a lot of boxes since it’s divided into three parts. There are areas for playing, resting, and viewing. Families will enjoy the beach and nearby activities.
  • Don’t Miss: Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, one of the best aquariums in Asia.

If you can get past the fact that this place isn’t a natural beach, you’ll have a wonderful time in some of Okinawa’s clearest waters. You’ll also see why the beach gets its name, with the turquoise and emerald waves lapping against the shore.

Emerald Beach was created as part of the Ocean Expo Park on the tip of the Motobu Peninsula. There’s a direct shuttle from Naha Bus Terminal.

Entire Cottage near Emerald BeachBest Airbnb: Entire Cottage near Emerald Beach

You’ve seen boxy cars in Japan, well now get ready for a boxy house. This unique shipping container cottage has a small wooden deck where you can enjoy the sea breeze.


All Friends GuesthouseBest Hostel: All Friends Guesthouse

Have you even stayed in Japan if you haven’t slept on a futon atop a tatami mat? Hostels are scarce on the Motobu Peninsula, so it’s a half-hour drive if you stay here.


Centurion Hotel Okinawa ChuraumiBest Hotel: Centurion Hotel Okinawa Churaumi

Right next to the Ocean Expo Park and Emerald Beach is the three-star Centurion Hotel. Splash out extra for an ocean view room to admire the island of Iejima.

Private Cottage WaramiBest Hut: Private Cottage Warami

This beautiful private hut gives a taste of traditional Japan with its tatami mats and futon beds. It’s the perfect relaxation space, and it’s shockingly inexpensive!

Okinawa Churaumi AquariumOkinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Visit one of the most impressive aquariums in Japan, which boasts over 26,000 creatures. It’s one of a few aquariums in the world that has whale sharks. [image credit]


Oceanic Culture Museum and Planetarium, OkinawaOceanic Culture Museum and Planetarium

Be blown away by fascinating displays on the history and culture of Okinawa and the rest of the Pacific before admiring the night sky in the planetarium theatre. [image credit]


Nago Pineapple Park, OkinawaNago Pineapple Park

A small theme park which deals in all things pineapple. Yes, you heard that right. And now you want to go, don’t you? [image credit]

Paddle BoardPaddle Board

Try the world’s fastest-growing board sport with this beginners’ SUP class.


Cycling TourCycling Tour

Stop off for some time in the shade with locals on this cycling tour of Nakijin Village.



Snorkel at a coral reef before enjoying a traditional Okinawan meal on this kayaking adventure!

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Most Beautiful Beach in Okinawa | Furuzamami Beach

Furuzamami Beach
source: aindigo (Shutterstock)
  • Who It’s For: Day trippers to Zamami Island looking to try snorkelling, diving, and kayaking.
  • Don’t Miss: Panoramic views of the East China Sea from one of the islands many viewpoints and miradors.

For those who want to get off Okinawa’s main island, Furuzamami Beach is a great option and is one of our favourite beaches in Okinawa. This stunning stretch of sand is around an hour from Naha (which is one of the best places to stay in Okinawa) by a high-speed jetfoil.

On the southwest corner of Zamami Island, you’re able to snorkel, dive, and kayak. You can swim in some areas, but others are off-limits due to coral conservation. Want more than a day trip? You can camp here or stay in one of the accommodations listed below.

MyPlace Guesthouse best hostels in OkinawaBest Hostel: Myplace Guest House

If you’re planning a day trip to Furuzamami Beach, check out this awesome hostel in Naha. It’s near the ferry port so you can make an early start to Zamami-Son.


Guesthouse IyonchiBest Hotel: Guesthouse Iyonchi

There are some resorts on Zamami-Son, but if you’re looking for an affordable hotel, Guesthouse Iyonchi is your best bet.


Homestay in ZamamiBest Homestay: Homestay in Zamami

Want an authentic experience of Okinawa life without breaking the bank? This homestay offers an unforgettable experience that few of your mates will have had!

Takatsuki-Yama Observation Deck

Get a view across Zamami-Son and the surrounding islands from the Takatsuki-Yama Observation Deck.

Zamami Village Peace Monument

Explore the first landing site of the Battle of Okinawa.

Marilyn’s Statue

Take photos of the statue of Marilyn – a dog waiting for her lover to come back from Aka Island to play with her.

Snorkeling Kerama Tokashiki IslandSnorkeling

See Okinawa’s underwater residents with a swimming and snorkelling trip in Kerama National Park.


Underwater PhotographyUnderwater Photography

Want some really incredible memories of your diving trip? This underwater photography course should do the trick.


Whale WatchingWhale Watching

Have a whale of a time watching, err

Best Hidden Beach in Okinawa | Mibaru Beach

Mibaru Beach
source: gitin750809 (Shutterstock)
  • Who It’s For: Tourists who want to escape the crowds without straying too far from capital Naha.
  • Don’t Miss: Capital Naha. It may not boast the best beaches in Okinawa, but its historic attractions are a must for history buffs.

On the southeastern shore of Okinawa’s main island, this is one of the easiest beaches to get to from Naha and nearby Nanjo. While many of Okinawa’s beaches offer the same white sands and turquoise waters of Mibaru, they haven’t got the unusual rock formations that stand in the water.

Why not take a glass-bottomed boat to see the nearby reefs – they’re filled with bright coral and are a hive of activity.

Entire House with HammocksBest Airbnb: Entire House with Hammocks

The indoor camping set up of this lovely house means you’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors… even in rainy season!


Santiago Guesthouse NahaBest Hostel: Santiago Guesthouse Naha

In a convenient location by the bus terminal and station, Santiago Guesthouse is one of the best hostels in Naha. And it’s less than half an hour from Mibaru Beach.


Asahinoyado ShidakajiBest Hotel: Asahinoyado Shidakaji

A distinctive and modern building in Nanjo. Rooms have private balconies that overlook a garden.


Seaside House in ForestBest Tiny House: Seaside House in Forest

Make the most of the beach and the forest at this Japanese tiny house, also in Nanjo.

Okinawa World, OkinawaOkinawa World

Sample snake liquor in an underground cave packed with stalactites and stalagmites. [source: TayHamPhotography (Shutterstock)]


Shuri Castle Park, OkinawaShuri Castle Park

Admire traditional Okinawan gusuku architecture at Shuri Castle Park – restored in 1992. [source: Sean Pavone (Shutterstock)]


Makishi Public Market, OkinawaMakishi Public Market

The islands’ cuisine is legendary; where better to try it than the “Kitchen of Okinawa”.

Bar HoppingBar Hopping

You’ve spent the day at the beach, now see what Okinawa has to offer at night with this bar-hopping experience.


Sushi-Making ClassSushi-Making Class

Learn where to put the wasabi in a sushi-making class.

Quietest Beach in Okinawa | Yonahamaehama Beach

Yonahamaehama Beach
source: shikema (Shutterstock)
  • Who It’s For: Anyone looking to explore the Yaeyama Islands and has dreamed of having a tropical beach all to themselves.
  • Don’t Miss: Sunsets from Yonahamaehama Beach. They’re absolutely stunning!

Miyakojima is the most easterly of the Yaeyama Islands and it’s one of the best beaches in Japan. It’s here you’ll find Yonahamaehama Beach, one of the best beaches in Okinawa. This paradise beach stretches for 7km and is said to have the whitest sand in the Pacific. Well worth the flight to Miyako Airport from Naha!

Marine Lodge MareaBest Hotel: Marine Lodge Marea

One of the more affordable hotels on an island full of expensive resorts, Marine Lodge Marea is right by the Yonahamaehama Beach. Take your first diving lesson in their indoor pool!


Traditional Japanese House OkinawaBest House: Traditional Japanese House

Families with young children will love this house as pre-schoolers go free. The beach is around 10-15 minutes away by car.


Best Airbnb: Private room with airport pickup

Stay with a local who’ll pick you up from the airport to make your trip all the more comfortable. Bike and car rental available for exploring the island.

Kuruma Ohashi Bridge

Kuruma Ohashi Bridge

Get a view of the beach from the Kuruma Ohashi Bridge, which connects Miyakojima to neighbouring Kurumajima. [source: 7maru (Shutterstock)]


Miyako Soba

Miyako Soba

Taste Miyako Soba, the island’s signature dish, at one of many traditional restaurants. [source: YMZK-Photo (Shutterstock)]


Botanical Garden

Discover plants and trees at Miyako City’s Botanical Garden.

Coconut CrabsCoconut Crabs

Search for coconut crabs on this hike with a local.




Miyakojima Starry Sky TourMiyakojima Starry Sky Tour

Count the stars above Miyakojima on this night tour.



Fly Board SetFly Board

Get some air on a fly board!

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Cell phone Camera Lens Kit

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International Adapter

5. International Adapter: Okinawa outlets accommodate typical US two-pronged plugs, but for electronics that have three prongs or if your plugs are of a different variety, you’ll need an adapter. Save yourself the hassle of trying to track down an adapter at your destination and paying twice as much than planning ahead by buying one online.

Final Thoughts on the Best Beaches in Okinawa

Now that you know more about the best beaches in Okinawa, you can start to plan your trip. Though the islands might look small on a map, some of the beaches are quite far apart – even those on the main island! However, if you’ve got plenty of time, that shouldn’t be a problem – and it’s well worth fitting as many as you can into your trip.

Whether it’s the family-friendly atmosphere of Manza Beach with its scores of activities, the seclusion of Mibaru Beach, or having an enormous stretch of sand to yourself at Yonahamaehama Beach, you’re sure to find a place that you’ll love in Okinawa.

While you’re on the islands, make sure to enjoy the unique cuisine here and historical sites like Shuri-Jo Castle. This stunning archipelago is one of Japan’s must-visit destinations – especially while it’s still a bit of a secret. We hope you have a great trip!

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