The sprawling city of Sao Paulo is a treasure trove of art, museums, parks, food, architecture, and a buzzing atmosphere. It’s the largest city in Brazil and one of the most populous cities in the world. With such a vast size, it’s expected that there are experiences to suit just about every traveler.

Visiting this enormous metropolis can seem a bit intimidating at first, but once you’re on the ground, getting around and exploring comes easier. Just as there are loads of experiences and sights to enjoy in the city, there’s a variety of unique accommodation options in Sao Paulo to cater to every type of traveler.

Within the large variety of places to stay, you’ll also find a growing number of eco-resorts in Sao Paulo. These are perfect for travelers who strive towards a sustainable life, no matter where they are.

We’ve gathered this list of some of the best eco-resorts in Sao Paulo to get you started in finding a place to stay. Not only will they offer you a memorable and comfortable experience, but they’ll also match your desire to minimize the impact of your visit on the environment.

In a Hurry? Here’s Where to Stay in Sao Paulo for One Night



This unique prefabricated wooden cabin is located on a former coffee plantation just outside the Serra do Mar State Park. Here, you can enjoy a comfortable stay in a peaceful location surrounded by nature.

Places to visit:
  • Go swimming at the nearby lake
  • Explore the village of Catuçaba
  • Visit Serra do Mar State Park

Is this amazing Sao Paulo Eco Resort booked for your dates? We’ve got your back with our other favorite properties below!

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    Why Stay in an Eco-Resort in Sao Paulo?

    Sao Paulo Brazil Waterfall
    Eco-resorts help to preserve places like this

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    The best eco-resorts in Sao Paulo will offer you a unique stay in this thriving metropolis and its surroundings. Whether you settle on a high-rise resort or a quaint cabin, you can live comfortably without harming the area.

    Not only can you minimize your impact on the planet, but you could also be positively contributing to local communities. Many eco-resorts endeavor to support local businesses and promote local culture. 

    What is an Eco-Resort?

    An eco-resort is any accommodation that is committed to protecting the environment and uplifting local communities and heritage. Not all resorts will employ the same initiatives, but the intent to minimize the footprint of each traveler is shared. Using solar power, minimizing single-use plastics, harvesting and treating rainwater, and recycling are just a few ways that an eco-resort can show its commitment to sustainability. 

    Supporting local artisans and businesses is also part of being an eco-resort. Ensuring communities have a stake in tourism and inviting travelers to discover local heritage is also part of promoting sustainability. 

    Melia Paulista Sao Paulo


    • > $
    • > 2 Guests
    • > Unique cabin featuring an eco-design
    • > Located on a former coffee plantation
    Le Premier Condominium Sao Paulo

    Le Premier Condominium

    • > $
    • > 2 Guests
    • > Eco-resort that preserves forests
    • > Sports and leisure amenities
    Melia Paulista Sao Paulo

    Melia Paulista

    • > $
    • > 2 Guests
    • > World-class service in the heart of the city
    • > Minimal plastic usage, lowered food waste
    Eco Pousada Silcol Sao Paulo

    Eco Pousada Silcol

    • > $
    • > 2 Guests
    • > Eco-resort in a peaceful location
    • > Various outdoor pursuits on offer
    Itamambuca Eco Resort Sao Paulo

    Itamambuca Eco Resort

    • > $
    • > 4 Guests
    • > Luxury eco-resort in the rainforest
    • > Indoor and outdoor play areas for children
    Eco House Cantareira Sao Paulo

    Eco House Cantareira

    • > $
    • > 8 Guests
    • > Private room in bed and breakfast
    • > Located in an environmental protection area
    Hotel Transamerica Sao Paulo

    Hotel Transamerica Sao Paulo

    • > $
    • > 2 Guests
    • > Stylish city hotel with all the extras
    • > Perfect base from which to explore the city

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    The Top 10 Eco-Resorts in Sao Paulo

    Now, let’s check out some of the best eco-resort in Sao Paulo. We’ve included ones to suit any lifestyle, budget, and requirements. Each eco-resort featured here will offer you a sustainable and comfortable stay in this incredible city. 

    Overall Best Value Eco-lodge in Sao Paulo – Minimod

    This stunning cabin offers great value for money!

    Minimod sits on a former coffee plantation that dates to 1840, bordering the Serra do Mar State Park. The house is a prefabricated unit equipped with the essentials for a comfortable stay. It’s also the first of its kind in Brazil!

    The entire house runs on solar power, while heating and cooking make use of gas. Large windows provide great views as well as plenty of natural light, saving the need for additional lighting. Wooden finishings add to the feeling of being closer to nature. 

    Guests at Minimod can explore the 5-hectare property on walks along the many forest trails. There’s also a private lake where guests can swim, and a floating deck to relax on. Back onshore, there’s a deck with chairs, a hammock, and a fire pit where guests can enjoy the peaceful setting. 

    Best Value Eco-Resort in Sao Paulo – Le Premier Condominium

    Le Premier Condominium Sao Paulo
    Not bad for a small budget!

    Lê Premier Condominium features a modern and cozy apartment fully equipped to provide a relaxing stay. From the spacious living area to the balcony, there’s plenty of space to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

    The condominium is set on leafy grounds that also house a protected forest of Araucaria conifers. The various sports fields and outdoor areas are built consciously around these towering trees. 

    There are various amenities on the property, from pools and a spa to soccer fields and volleyball courts. Numerous top restaurants and shops are right nearby.

    Budget Tip: Dorms in Sao Paulo start from $10USD per bed. They’re the cheapest accommodation in the city. Search for hostels in the area!

    Best Eco-Resort for Couples – Melia Paulista

    Melia Paulista
    The perfect place for a romantic getaway

    Meliá Paulista is a high-rise eco-hotel in the heart of Sao Paulo. Visitors have access to a range of amenities as well as stylish modern rooms. The hotel offers a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for guests to return to after a day of exploring. 

    Single-use plastics aren’t used in this hotel, including straws, stirrers, amenity bottles, water bottles, and cups. In addition to this, the hotel makes an effort to reduce food waste and recycle wherever possible. 

    When guests aren’t relaxing at the pool, they can enjoy a range of wellness treatments at the spa or visit the fitness center. The surrounding area offers a wealth of things to do see and do, all within easy walking distance.

    Most Ecological Eco-Resort in Sao Paulo – Eco Pousada Silcol

    Eco Pousada Silcol
    The best place to stay right amongst nature

    This resort sits in an ecotourism center within an environmental preservation area. However, Eco Pousada Silcol still enjoys a peaceful natural setting far from the bustle of the city. The rooms are simple, yet comfortable and very affordable. 

    The resort aims to reduce energy consumption by using LED bulbs throughout. Showers are water-efficient, and guests can reuse towels and opt-out of daily room cleaning to save water. They avoid single-use plastic and wherever possible, waste is recycled. The resort supports the community by purchasing local produce, as well as making use of local guides and businesses.

    Guests can take part in a number of outdoor activities. These include archery, bike and walking tours, snorkeling, horse riding, and fishing. There’s also a swimming pool where guests can relax and enjoy the sun.  

    Best Eco-Resort for Families Visiting Sao Paulo – Itamambuca Eco Resort

    Treat the family to this luxurious eco-resort

    Located in a lush setting, Itamambuca Eco Resort is the perfect family retreat. Comfortable rooms and a variety of activities will ensure that every family member is taken care of. These include babysitting services, child-play areas, and a long list of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. 

    The resort features a strong traditional design influence with local art and artifacts used throughout. The gardens feature koi ponds, and feeders attract the brightly colored birds from the surrounding forest.

    There are two swimming pools on offer, as well as a wellness center and fitness facilities. Activities at the resort include walking tours, water sports, cycling, hiking, and fishing.

    Best Eco-Resort for Backpackers – Eco House Cantareira

    Eco House Cantareira

    Located just 15km from Sao Paulo, Eco House Cantareira is located within an environmentally protected area. It offers private bedrooms with all the essentials needed for a comfortable stay. If you’re backpacking Brazil on a budget, then this is for you.

    Because it’s in a protected region, wildlife and bird species can be seen frequently. Vegetables for meals are obtained from the organic garden on the premises. 

    Guests can head out to explore the nearby area where they’ll find various restaurants, bars, and eateries to visit. Head off on a walking trail through the preserve and other nearby parks, and relax poolside when you get back.

    Best Eco-Resort for a Weekend in Sao Paulo – Hotel Transamerica Sao Paulo

    Hotel Transamerica Sao Paulo

    The Hotel Transamerica Sao Paulo is perfect for those wanting to explore the city in a short amount of time. The location offers easy access to all the top sights and experiences in Sao Paulo.

    The hotel makes use of motion sensors and card-activated electricity to minimize energy usage. They also use energy-efficient LED lightbulbs throughout. Single-use plastic is used sparingly, so no straws are provided to guests. To minimize water usage, guests can reuse towels and opt-out of daily cleaning. 

    The hotel offers a swimming pool, wellness center, and fitness center, as well as a tennis court and cooking classes. The surrounding area is alive with things to see and do, including galleries, shopping, bars, and restaurants. 

    Another Great Eco-Resort for a Weekend in Sao Paulo – Mercure Sao Paulo Paulista

    Mercure Sao Paulo

    Situated in downtown Sao Paulo, this hotel is perfectly located for those wanting to maximise their time in the city. It’s close to top attractions and offers luxurious accommodation to relax in at the end of the day.

    The use of single-use plastics is minimal in the hotel and avoided wherever possible. The hotel uses water-efficient toilets, as well as energy-efficient light bulbs throughout. 

    The hotel’s downtown location makes it a great base from which to explore the surrounding areas. It’s also well-connected to the rest of the city, so you can make the most of everything it has to offer.

    Eco-Resort with an Epic Location – Casa paradisiaca em Praia do Forte

    Casa paradisiaca em Praia do Forte

    Situated within the scenic Praia do Forte environmental preserve, the Casa paradisíaca is an eco-conscious retreat surrounded by pristine nature. The two-story house offers a peaceful escape, a private swimming pool, and a spacious patio. 

    The house features plenty of local natural materials and an authentic thatched roof. The nearby eco-resort offers a wide range of outdoor activities and an environmental center. 

    The Tivoli Resort offers a wide range of watersports, including stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing, sailing, ocean fishing, diving, and whale watching. There’s also a fitness center, spa, and a kids’ club. 

    Best Eco-Resort for Long-term Travellers – Slo.Haus Bertioga

    Slo.Haus Bertioga Sao Paulo

    This newly renovated house overlooks the beach in a scenic nature reserve outside of Sao Paulo. The spacious house features three floors and an eco garden and has a distinct focus on sustainability.

    The restoration of the house provided a new sewage treatment, rainwater harvesting, and garbage disposal. There’s a herb and vegetable garden as well as a compost heap outside. Guests are supplied with biodegradable cleaning products and amenities. 

    Visitors can enjoy easy access to the beach and ocean, as well as the river mouth nearby. Relax with a book on the patio, or grab your beach bag and spend days on the sand.

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    Final Thoughts on Eco-Resorts in Sao Paulo

    The thriving metropolis of Sao Paulo is a treasure trove of sights and attractions. From galleries and shopping to sandy beaches and national parks, there’s plenty to explore around here. Whether you’re flying solo, planning a family vacation, or anything in between – there’s something for you.

    This list features the best eco-resorts in Sao Paulo to help you choose one that suits your tastes and budget. The options available will only increase as more people are committing to sustainable travel.