A teardrop-shaped island rising majestically from the azure swells of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a jewel for peace seekers. It may be a small island, but it is certainly mighty in beautifully peaceful energy.

Natural wildlife is part of every day life, an abundance of forests, lively towns, and amazing beaches. Sri Lanka provides the ideal backdrop for travelers looking to unwind and relax. In fact, Sri Lanka is easily one of the most popular destinations in the Indian Subcontinent for yoga retreats.

I’ve picked out some of the best retreats to join on this magical land. They offer travelers the opportunity to learn more about yourself.

There has never been a better time to improve your fitness, connect with your mind, reduce stress, or have a major life epiphany. And you’ve got plenty of the best yoga retreats in Sri Lanka to choose from. 

I’ve done the hard work. Let me show you the 10 best yoga retreats in Sri Lanka!

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Why Should You Consider a Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka

Okay, first things first: choosing a yoga retreat is quite a personal decision and certainly not one you should take lightly! I would recommend that you take a moment to browse through and compare different packages before finalizing your plans.

The good news is that you’ll be greeted by more than your fair share of yoga retreats in Sri Lanka. There’s so much to explore in Sri Lanka that you can very easily combine a holiday with a short yoga retreat to recharge your batteries!

Ella Sri Lanka

Because the island has such a varied landscape, there literally is something for everyone – including lively towns, lush rainforests, mountain peaks, and of course, surfing galore.

What Can You Expect from a Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka

The great thing about Sri Lankan retreats is that they rarely limit themselves to just yoga. It won’t take you long to realize that these retreats are often accompanied by plenty of other wellness-related activities. In fact, some retreats even include sightseeing expeditions to nearby attractions.

Several programs (especially the longer ones) also feature free days so you can go exploring!

Almost every yoga retreat offers both meals and accommodation. More affordable programs usually provide breakfast while others may boast three full meals a day, complete with snacks and drinks.

Most retreats feature at least one yoga per day although twice a day seems to be the norm in Sri Lanka.

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    How to Choose the Right Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka for You?

    When narrowing down your choices, remember to ask yourself what is it that you’re hoping to gain from your Sri Lanka wedding retreat.

    Are you looking to improve your fitness or are you looking for a mental and emotional break? Are you a yogi who wants to learn new practices or a complete beginner who’s just venturing into the world of yoga?

    Coconut Tree Hill in Mirissa Sri Lanka

    Once you’ve established your aims, it’ll be far easier for you to find a yoga retreat that matches both your budget and expectations.

    Next, you may wish to consider a few practical factors like the ones listed below.


    Sri Lanka isn’t a huge island, but it does pack a lot. Most of the retreats are located in rural or coastal areas so you’ll have several opportunities to enjoy those famously clear lagoons! Owing to the sheer abundance of beautiful sights, you’ll be able to easily connect with the great outdoors during your retreat.

    When browsing through retreats, I would suggest that you consider the distance between your accommodation and the attractions that you want to visit. After all, what’s the point of winding down with a relaxing yoga session if you’re just going to spend endless hours on the road afterward?


    Did you know that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of yoga practices out there? That’s right: while some styles of yoga offer a more gentle workout, others deliver a series of more energetic movements synched to your breathing.

    I noticed that Ayurvedic yoga is extremely popular in Sri Lanka, with virtually all retreats offering both Ayurveda-style yoga and massages.

    If you’re just venturing out, you can also check out retreats offering Hatha Yoga, another popular practice in Sri Lanka. Ideal for beginners, Hatha Yoga is quite easy and doesn’t demand a lot of flexibility.

    More experienced yogis should feel right at home in retreats featuring Ashtanga or Nidra Yoga practices. These tend to be more complex and involve a lot of breathwork.

    Knuckles Matale Sri Lanka


    Ah, here’s the big question! How much is your retreat going to cost you?

    Well, I come bearing excellent news: Sri Lanka uses rupees, which is significantly weaker than the dollar. As such, it’s easier to get the best bang for your buck.

    Having said that, I do need to point out that, rupee or not, some Sri Lanka retreats can be quite expensive. This is because most programs feature breakfast (at the very least) as well as on-site accommodation and other perks like Ayurvedic cooking classes.

    The location definitely drives up the price. For instance, beachfront retreats will undeniably cost more than, say, somewhere that’s further inland. Boutique hotels also tend to be more expensive since you’ll have access to various resort facilities, including spas and swimming pools.


    Nearly all Sri Lanka yoga retreats offer added perks to enhance your experience. Since yoga and meditation often go hand in hand, it’s not uncommon for instructors to guide you through various meditation techniques before or after the class.

    Sri Lanka’s cuisine is legendary – which is probably why you’ll see several retreats offering live cooking demonstrations as well. Excursions to nearby towns and hiking trips are other perks that you can expect.

    Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Sri Lankan experience without surfing – another perk that’s super popular on the island. Most places are willing to arrange for classes if you’ve never surfed before so don’t hesitate to grab a board and hit those waves!


    While the sweet spot in Sri Lanka tends to be around three to four days, it’s entirely possible to find longer retreats if you really want to disconnect from the daily grind.

    Longer retreats can vary from 15 days to a whole month. These retreats tend to offer more in terms of perks like sightseeing expeditions to nearby towns and points of interest.

    It’s important to know that some retreats aren’t flexible, so you do need to be committed to the program. If you’re short on time, you can always consider a short weekend program that still delivers plenty in terms of well-being.

    The Top 10 Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka

    Whether you’re backpacking through Sri Lanka or simply want a break from the daily grind, you’ll definitely find more than your fair share of retreats on this sun-soaked island!

    Here are 10 of the best ones.

    Best Overall Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka – 5-Day Cookery, Yoga & Meditation Retreat

    5 Day Cookery, Yoga & Meditation Retreat
    • Price: From $480
    • Location: Western Province

    Commanding a gorgeous location in the countryside, this retreat combines yoga with cookery classes. If, like me, you fell in love with the local cuisine, well here’s a great opportunity to learn a few Sri Lankan recipes before flying back home!

    This Sri Lanka yoga retreat is located in Plantation Villa, a lovely property offering colonial-style rooms.

    Various yoga practices are held daily, giving you the chance to sample different styles. With daily vegetarian meals, this retreat also boasts meditation sessions and talks by Ayurvedic doctors. And if the mood strikes, you can even join the locals as they harvest rice and fresh produce!

    Most Affordable Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka – 4-Day Yoga Holiday in Weligama

    4 Day Yoga Holiday in Weligama
    • Price: From $119
    • Location: Weligama, Southern Province

    Okay, here’s the great news: contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be absolutely loaded to join a yoga retreat! In fact, this four-day program is one of the most affordable in Sri Lanka and you can rest assured that you won’t need to skimp on quality either.

    With a yoga shala (studio) overlooking Weligama Bay, this retreat focuses mostly on Vinyasa and Yin yoga for all levels.  

    You’ll be housed in the villa’s private double or twin rooms, both beautifully appointed to ensure a good night’s rest. Breakfast and yoga mats are provided.

    Best Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka for Couples – 4-Day Yoga Retreat with Hiking & Paddleboarding

    4 Day Yoga Hiking Cooking Tree Planting Retreat Sri Lanka
    • Price: From $500
    • Location: Kandy

    Whether you’re looking for a romantic break in Sri Lanka or want to reconnect with your partner, this is one retreat that won’t disappoint!

    Located in a boutique hotel with cozy cottages, this retreat is ideal for those interested in General, Vinyasa, Dynamic, and Yin yoga. Best of all, the sessions are suited to all levels.

    And it’s not just about yoga either: you can also take advantage of the beautiful lakeside setting to indulge in various watersports like paddleboarding. Massages and hiking expeditions can also be arranged.

    Don’t worry about traipsing around the countryside to find a place to eat since vegetarian and vegan meals are provided.

    Best Surf and Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka – 5-Day Yoga and Surf Camp in Mirissa

    8 Day Yoga and Surf Camp in Mirissa
    • Price: From $800
    • Location: Sri Lanka

    It won’t take you long to realize that surfing’s super popular in Sri Lanka– something that should come as no surprise given the magnificent waves that surround the island. If you’re looking to combine the best yoga retreats in Sri Lanka with a hefty dose of surfing, this really is the ideal program for you!

    In addition to the Power Yoga sessions and a relaxing massage, you’ll be treated to surfing lessons to help you develop endurance, flexibility, and upper body strength.

    Breakfast and dinner are both provided every day. Accommodation can be shared or private, depending on your budget and preferences.

    Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka near the Beach – 5-Day Connect with Yourself, Beachfront Yoga Retreat

    5 Day Connect with Yourself, Beachfront Yoga Retreat
    • Price: From $849
    • Location: Mirissa, Southern Province

    Is there anything better than being lulled to sleep by the soft sloshing of the waves against the shoreline? I think not!

    Well, this is exactly what you can experience with this five-day retreat aimed at all skill levels. Various styles of yoga are included, such as Vinyasa, General, Restorative, Kundalini, and Hatha.

    Along with the classes, you’ll experience other traditional practices, including Reiki and Chakra. As the evening settles in, treat yourself to a rooftop Ayurvedic massage before retiring to the villa’s shared or private room. Scrumptious yet wholesome meals are provided.

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    Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka for Backpackers – 4-Day Yoga, Trekking, Cooking, and Reforestation Retreat

    4 Day Yoga, Trekking, Cooking, and Reforestation Retreat
    • Price: From $185
    • Location: Central Province

    Not only is this retreat affordable, but your stay will directly contribute to the local Forest Healing Foundation- perfect for travelers who would like to reduce their carbon footprint!

    Because the yoga shala is found in the jungle, it’s not uncommon to see the occasional deer or monkey pass by while you indulge in Yin, Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga. There’s plenty to do around, whether it’s swimming in a waterfall or trekking through the scenic surroundings. Accommodation includes 15 eco-friendly lodges in the jungle.

    Participants will be treated to unlimited tea and coffee, as well as delicious meals cooked, Sri Lankan style, in clay pots on a hearth.

    Luxury Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka – 14-Day Ayurveda Healing Retreat

    14 Day Ayurveda Healing Retreat
    • Price: From $2,015
    • Location: Thudugala, Western Province

    If you can afford to loosen those purse strings a little, I would absolutely recommend this 14-day Sri Lanka yoga retreat.

    Nestled within the luxurious quarters of a Wellness Nature Retreat, this place specializes in different yoga styles for all levels. If you’re a complete novice, this is the chance to sample various practices like Nidra, Ashtanga, Ayurveda, and Hatha yoga – among others!

    On-site perks include a swimming pool, library, and various ayurvedic treatments. At the end of the day, wind down in standard or deluxe rooms, both fitted with jungle-facing patios.

    Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka in the Mountains – 6-Day Yoga and Nature Retreat

    6 Day Yoga and Nature Retreat
    • Price: From $600
    • Location: Ella

    Perfect for travelers looking for a Sri Lanka yoga retreat closer to the city, this retreat offers the best of both worlds: an immersive experience in nature -with a cottage or glamping tent – and proximity to Ella, one of Sri Lanka’s most scenic towns.

    With daily vegetarian meals, this program offers multiple yoga practices for all levels.

    To help you relax further, you’ll even be treated to a complimentary 60-minute Ayurvedic massage and a 30-minute Thai massage. Talk about a pampering experience, right?

    When you feel like exploring, you can always check out the nearby Kithal Ella Waterfall and the Insta-Famous Nine Arch Bridge.

    Most Beautiful Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka – 6-Day Exclusive Yoga Retreat in a Luxury and Organic Tea Estate

    6 Day Exclusive Yoga Retreat in a Luxury and Organic Tea Estate
    • Price:
    • Location: Rakwana

    Nestled in a picturesque tea estate, this yoga and meditation retreat specializes in various practices, including Yin, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Ayurvedic, Hatha, and Restorative yoga.

    Designed to offer an immersive experience in nature, this retreat offers far more than mere yoga sessions: daily meals, a live cooking demonstration, and gloriously comfortable accommodation in a suite with mountain views!

    The retreat also offers sightseeing trips such as a bird-watching expedition alongside a naturalist, a tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sinharaja, and even a tour of the nearby Sri Lanka national park where you’ll see wild elephants in their natural habitat.

    Whew! There’ll be plenty to keep you entertained for sure!

    Long Stay Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka – One Month Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

    One Month Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat
    • Price: From $1,633
    • Location: Balapitiya

    Now, if it’s something truly transformative that you’re after, you may wish to check out this four-week-long retreat.

    With airport pickup and drop-off, this retreat features daily Hatha yoga for all levels. You’ll also be treated to excursions to both Galle and Kandy- perfect for squeezing in some sightseeing in between yoga sessions!

    The program additionally provides a wide range of extra perks, including Ayurveda treatments and a consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor. Because the retreat is found in a boutique hotel, you’ll have access to facilities like an outdoor swimming pool and spa.

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    Final Thoughts on Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka

    With its thick forests, warm climate, striking natural landscape, and silky soft beaches, Sri Lanka has everything you need for a yoga retreat!

    In fact, a yoga retreat will not only teach you various practices and breathing techniques, but you’ll also enjoy extra perks like meditation sessions and massages. Since most retreats are found near the beach or the forest, you can always indulge in hikes or watersports.

    If you’re still on the fence about which Sri Lanka yoga retreat to opt for, I can recommend the 8-Day Yoga and Surf Camp in Mirissa. Located smack bang by the ocean, this retreat offers a super cool experience with both yoga and surfing lessons alike!

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