Had enough of the dirty, dirty city and it’s hedonistic ways? Need some clean air, a cup of tea, and a Canadian man explaining how to protect yourself in the case of wild moose encounters?

Then CANMORE is right up your street!

Hosting a surprising wildlife population, a corner of Banff, and some of the finest log structures around, this snack size town is an excellent destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Oh, and there is some of the best skiing in Canada here somewhere…

But how are you to keep warm in those long cold nights?

You’re going to need somewhere to wash your dishes after a long day of carving up slopes, and in this CUNNINGLY AFFILIATED guide to cabins in Canmore, I will take you through the best woodwork around…

Let’s see what we can find!

Canmore mountainous landscape and lake at sunrise
If only I knew three sisters that looked like that…

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    What to Expect from Cabins in Canmore

    Have you been backpacking Canada in an abnormally bougie fashion? Are you looking for something wooden, wild, and run by mountain people? Did you brush your teeth this morning? (Ed: strip last)

    Then you have arrived at the correct article! I have collected a menagerie of the top structures available in Canmore, one of the best places to stay in Canada for outdoor lovers. You should have no trouble getting involved in any of the 4 nearby ski resorts, the Banff national park, or your supremely delicious breakfast…

    Welcome to Canmore sign
    Welcome to Cranmore. Let’s find you someone’s crumbling wood shack

    Most Canmore Cabins get booked up extremely quickly, so if you have been scouring the internet and found nada, that will be why. You can find cabins that are in the centre of the town, or a little bit more rural. If you want to go significantly deeper into the natural world, I’d consider grabbing a cabin in nearby Banff instead.

    You can get quite a luxurious and comfy stay out of many of the cabins out there today, and cabins have turned into luxury accommodations rather than wooden shacks. Hopefully, I can rustle up one or two relics for you today, however… 😉

    The Best Canmore Cabins

    Without further ado, here are the top cabins you’ll want to keep an eye on if you’re heading out to the rogue wilderness of Canmore (or you could opt for a hot tub-boasting hotel…).

    Cozy Banff Log Cabin

    Cozy Banff Log Cabin

    • > $$$
    • > 2 Guests
    • > Breakfast included
    • > Bicycles to borrow
    Birch Lodge Mountain Cabin

    Birch Lodge Mountain Cabin

    • > $$$
    • > 10 Guests
    • > Wood-Burning Fireplace
    • > Downtown Canmore is Walkable!
    Canmore Cabin Suite

    Canmore Cabin Suite

    • > $$$$
    • > 5 Guests
    • > Downtown Canmore
    • > Creek views

    The Top 8 Cabins in Canmore

    Are these some of the best cabins in all Canada? Let’s dive into the nit and grit of this awesome collection of relaxing mountain chalets, barbecue grills, and hot-tub mountain views…

    The Overall Best Canmore Cabin Rental | Eagles Nest Chalet

    Eagles Nest Chalet
    Hiding are we…?

    If you fancy taking yourself out of the daily grind and imposing yourself upon the Canadian Rockies, this cabin is a pretty stylish and confident choice. Located in the hamlet of Harvie Heights, you will be able to access no fewer than 4 ski resorts, many potentially scalable peaks, and a ton of gorgeous hikes.

    There is an open-concept living room with fantastic mountain views, an equipped kitchen, and pet-friendliness (up to 30lbs)! It’s a superb chalet to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle but will keep you cosy and warm when you want to be…

    The Best Budget Canmore Cabin Rental | Birch Lodge Mountain Cabin

    Birch Lodge Mountain Cabin
    This log cabin is a big one

    This large, family/friend-friendly cabin gets the prize for budget cabin rental due to the extraordinary price if you do break it down by 10 guests. Otherwise, it’s kind of mid (cabins are expensive, what do you mean?). Anyway, it provides a perfect space for large happy gatherings of people to charge around in the Canadian wilderness.

    You can walk to downtown Canmore in around 15 minutes, there are multiple parking spaces up for grabs, and there is a heated outdoor patio! Perfect for a home-grown happy hour after hitting the slopes or a long hike. There is a smart TV, and Wi-Fi is complimentary too.

    The Best Canmore Cabin Rental for Couples | Cozy Banff Log Cabin

    Cozy Banff Log Cabin
    A truly gorgeous log cabin…

    Looking for a romantic escape near Canmore? Check out this cozy little log cabin close to Banff National Park. Not only will you have a private cabin to yourselves, but a homemade breakfast is also provided each morning of your stay!

    From the cabin, you can easily walk to the downtown area of Banff, and it’s a short drive to Canmore, ski ranges, and beautiful glacial lakes. Back at the cabin, you’ll have a great view of the Rockies and a cozy indoor fireplace to keep you warm in the winter.

    The Best Canmore Cabin Rental for Family | Riverside Bragg Creek Cabin

    Riverside Bragg Creek Cabin
    Those lights are excellent

    Just outside the little town of Bragg Creek, this wood cabin has a remote atmosphere but is still within walking distance of stores and restaurants in town. Your friends can enjoy hiking, fishing, golfing, or just relax and enjoy the river.

    From the backyard of the cabin, you’ll have access to the Elbow River and a great fire pit and outdoor seating area to enjoy the views. And in the winter, there’s a cozy indoor fireplace and large windows so you can still appreciate the scenery.

    The Best Luxury Canmore Cabin Rental | Canmore Cabin Suite

    Canmore Cabin Suite
    This doesn’t show the great stream views, which are there

    Striving to snatch the title of ‘top luxury cabin around’, the Canmore cabin suite is an excellent base for engaging in the best that this Canadian town has to offer. Very central, very quiet, you will be good to go with your free parking space, kitchen, and space for skiing equipment.

    You may even be lucky enough to witness a herd of elk outside your window. Who knows? It is a cabin. This property features elegant and luxurious decor, and has two superb bedrooms. What it lacks in common space it makes up for in convenience and reliability…

    Mountain View Cabin

    Mountain View Cabin
    Is this not a pleasant living room

    Enjoy the luxury of a high-end hotel with a private hot tub and the cozy comfort of a mountainside cabin during your trip to Canmore. The huge living space comes with everything you need including a large kitchen, dining area, and even a hot tub to relax at the end of the day.

    It’s just a 10-minute walk to reach the main streets of Canmore, and for further trips, you can park your vehicle onsite. Banff National Park is only about 20 minutes away by car, along with numerous ski areas, glacial lakes, and famous hiking trails.

    Banff Beaver Cabins

    Banff Beaver Cabins

    Banff National Park is just outside of Canmore, and one of the top attractions of the area. The Banff Beaver Cabins is a perfect place for backpackers looking for some outdoor adventure. Conveniently located in the downtown area, you’ll be walking distance from shops and restaurants, as well as bus service options to the park in the summer.

    There are several cabins to choose from ranging in size from 2-person occupancy to 4-person occupancy, so even if you’re backpacking with friends you can still snag a spot. Plus, since you’ll be close to the center area of Banff, you can walk to a lot of shops and attractions!

    A Bear and Bison Country Inn

    A Bear and Bison Country Inn
    Stunning from the Bear and Bison

    Although technically I am counting this as a cabin, the A Bear and Bison Country Inn is very much an abode for comfort lovers. With a stunning and seasonal 3-course breakfast, massive spa tubs and every room outfitted with some kind of mountain view, it is a place that will make you want to come back year after year!

    There is a gorgeous and themed communal sitting room, an excellent outdoor space to enjoy, and is only 3.1 miles from the Banff national park. If you want to be treated like an honoured guest, this Inn is one of the best places you can stay in the entirety of Canmore.

    FAQ about Cabins in Canmore

    Here’s what people usually ask us when they look for vacation homes in Canmore.

    Don’t Forget Your Canmore Travel Insurance

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    Final Thoughts on Cabins in Canmore

    It’s no secret that the glacial landscape of the Canadian Rockies has captivated photographers, vacationers, and outdoor enthusiasts for years. Right in the heart of it all, Canmore has retained a small-town charm alongside ski resorts and modern vacation homes.

    To enjoy the best of the town and all the natural wonders, finding unique accommodation in Canmore is the way to go. Staying at a cosy cabin is the perfect retreat from the daily grind and a chance to reconnect with nature!

    Staying in a Cabin in Canmore
    Have an awesome cabin people!

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