10 Best Camping Hammocks for 2017

What are the 10 Best Camping Hammocks for 2017?

Camping hammocks are a backpacker’s best friend when travelling. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. They’re super comfortable, easy to set up & they’re lightweight. Most camping hammock set ups include a mosquito net, rainfly, hammock and straps and will weigh & cost far less than most tents. All in – camping hammocks mean you can camp out in more comfort and for less cost than buying a tent.

Nowadays, camping hammocks are all the rage among travellers who are on a broke backpacker’s budget. My camping hammock saved my backpacking funds big time. Where ever you can find two trees or poles with a backpacking hammock you will always find a comfortable night’s sleep and most of the time you can sleep for free or at least next to nothing!

Not only are camping hammocks inexpensive, portable & comfortable, they also take up hardly any room in your backpack. Camping hammocks are versatile & can be used to sleep, as a rain cover, relax, hang out in or even open as a picnic blanket.

Not a bad place to relax… Mountains, sunshine, blue sky & lush green fields. What more could you want?  Answer: A joint.

Is there anything better than sleeping under the stars? Stargazing whilst falling asleep on beaches, in the mountains or even just for a cheaper rate at the hostel is always a beautiful experience!

Sleeping above the ground in a camping hammock prevents most creepy crawly insects from jumping into bed with you, especially with a mosquito net. There’s been that many times that I’ve been totally shredded whilst sleeping in a tent that had unwittingly caught a dozen mosquitos.

A valuable tip when sleeping in your camping hammock- Know how to tie a good knot & set up your hammock before consuming alcohol. After a big night out, I attempted to hang up my hammock whilst drunk…. Needless to say I woke up on the ground with a sore and ant bitten ass the next morning. Apparently I’m not as good as I thought at tying knots under the influence.

It can be hard to find the right camping hammock when the market is flooded with different brands & styles. I’ve done the hard work for you assessing the best backpacking hammocks around to determine the 10 best camping hammocks for 2017!

Who wants to sleep & gaze at the stars with me?

What to Consider when Buying Camping Hammocks?

  • Type of camping hammock
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Strength or weight capacity
  • Suspension system
  • Fabric
  • Price

Type of Camping Hammocks:

There are many types of camping hammocks, utilising various blends of different materials & styles to create the perfect hammock that’s suitable for your use!

Open Camping Hammocks

These type of camping hammocks, also referred to as parachute hammocks, are shaped like a boat & can can accommodate either one or two people. Although some parachute hammocks claim that they can fit two people, I personally wouldn’t recommend it. I’ve tried it & it was one of the most uncomfortable sleeps of my life, every time the other person moved, the whole hammock shakes. You’re supposed to sleep diagonal in your camping hammock, which makes it kinda difficult with two people. The double hammocks are longer & wider, so it’s an awesome option for those campers who like a little extra space or comfort.

Open camping hammocks tend to be quite inexpensive, durable & quite lightweight. However, they tend to not include a mosquito net or any other useful accessories. So keep in mind the potential extra costs associated with purchasing an open camping hammock.

Ultra Lightweight Camping Hammocks

Lightweight camping hammocks are great for backpacking, hiking, climbing & trekking as they add hardly any weight to your travel pack. If you forego weight on your camping hammock, you might also forego comfort. Although these camping hammocks are lightweight they are typically less durable & less comfortable than parachute & expedition camping hammocks. If you only need it for a couple nights sleep here & there, or emergencies, then an ultra lightweight camping hammock is an ideal choice.

Expedition Camping Hammocks

Home is where you hang your hammock

Expedition camping hammocks are without a doubt the most durable camping hammocks, regardless of the weather. They’re designed for long term use, so they’re super comfortable & durable. Expedition camping hammocks can withstand a variety of conditions & have an asymmetrical design.

The best part about choosing an expedition camping hammock is the included extras, like guy-lines, rainfly’s and bug nets. Expedition camping hammocks are made from high quality materials & provide maximum protection.  They’re typically much heavier & pricier than the other camping hammock designs, but if you want quality & extra’s included, it will always come with a price tag.


The weight of your camping hammock will vary slightly depending on the fabric & accessories. Usually the expedition hammocks weigh a little extra as they include a rainfly & mosquito net & are made for long term use.

If you’re trekking, climbing or hiking, you’ll want to keep your pack weight down, so be sure to invest in a lightweight hammock. A few hundred grams may not seem like a lot, but every little bit adds up.


I slept as I’ve never slept before. In the forest, among the branches of the perfect trees in my hammock

Typically the longer & wider your camping hammock is, the comfier it’ll be. When choosing the length of your camping hammock, take into consideration how tall you are & be sure to leave a little excess room at either end.

The width of your camping hammock is more of a person preference. I love having excess room either side of my hammock so I can wrap myself up like a cocoon. However you may want to invest in a backpacking hammock that isn’t too wide if you get a little claustrophobic like me.

Suspension system:

The suspension system for camping hammocks generally consists of straps & carabiners. Some camping hammocks include the suspension system, however some do not. Just be sure to double check before heading off on your next adventure.

If you want the flexibility to set up your camping hammock wherever you want, be sure to invest in longer straps. That way you have more choice & variety with your attachment points and can stretch to reach that perfect spot between those two generously spaced trees.


When determining the desired strength of your camping hammock, you must take into consideration your own weight & the maximum weight capacity of your backpacking hammock.

Overloading your backpacking hammock can significantly reduce the products lifespan. Be sure to take note of it’s maximum weight capacity before inviting someone back for hammock snuggles.

If you want a strong, long lasting camping hammock, make sure it consists of high quality materials & it’s a reputable brand. A surprise fall is the last thing you want when you’re sleeping, especially if you’ve suspended your camping hammock high off the ground.


The ultimate portable hammock setup, jungle style!

If you want an all round weather resistant camping hammock, then a mosquito net & rain fly accessories are essential. Some backpacking hammock designs, like the expedition camping hammocks come with these accessories included. However expedition hammocks do come with a price tag, so take into consideration the added costs of extras if you opt to purchase these accessories separately from your camping hammock.

A mosquito net is essential when camping in jungles, beaches & low lying areas with still air or near water. I regretted not having one at a random beach in Vietnam and constantly being woken by that horrifying sound of the mosquito’s buzzing past your ears or the sand flies, once again, biting at my ass whilst trying to sleep after an 8 hour day on the motorbike. Many camping hammocks include an integrated mosquito net, which take up far less room in your pack if you decide to purchase separately.

If you’re sleeping in your camping hammock in an area expecting rain, then a rainfly is a necessity. You’re better off investing in a rainfly that’s much bigger, to protect you from the wind & rain. This way you can attach it to the ground, keeping you dry if the rain comes with a gust of side winds. It’s definitely not fun waking up in a pool of water because you thought it wouldn’t rain during the night.

Comparison of the 10 Best Camping Hammocks for 2017

Product:Bear ButtLegit CampingEdge OutfittersSportneerMonobeach
Style:Ultra lightweight DoubleParachute DoubleParachute DoubleParachute DoubleExpedition
Dimensions:3m x 1.8m3m x 2m3m x 2m2.8m x 1.5m2.9m x 1.45m
Weight Capacity:227kg180kg230kg230kg180kg
Accessories:Attached Stuff Sack
Attached Stuff Sack
Stuff Sack1 x Mosquito Netting
2 x Carabiners
1 x Mosquito Net
1 x Hammock
1 x Rainfly 2.9m x 2.9m
1 x Storage Bag
2 x Stainless Steel Spring
2 x Ropes
Suspension System:2 x Carabiners
2 x Straps
2 x Carabiners
2 x Straps
2 x Ropes
2 x Straps
2 x Carabiners
2 x Hammock Tree Straps
2 x Strings
2 x Carabiners
4 x Ropes
4 x Aluminum Pegs
2 x Spring Snap Hooks
Fabric:NylonNylonNylonNylon ParachuteNylon Taffeta
Price: $35.97$39.97$32.86$24.99$59.99

How to sleep comfortably in a backpacking hammock

Product: Winner OutfittersOat Creek Outdoor SupplyHennessy HammockVinqliqXblack
Style:Ultra Lightweight Parachute DoubleExpeditionExpeditionExpeditionUltra Lightweight Parachute Double
Dimensions:3m x 2m2.8 x 1.2m2.55m x 1.35m2.8m x 1.5m270cm x 140cm
Weight Capacity:230kg160kg115kg115kg250kg
Accessories:Stuff SackStuff Sack
Mosquito Net
Rainfly 2.9m x 2.9m
Stuff Sack
Mosquito Net
Rainfly 2m x 1.2m
Stuff Sack
Mosquito Net
2 x Spring Snap Hooks
Stuff Sack
Mosquito Net
Suspension System:2 x Ropes
2 x Straps
2 x Carabiners
2 x Tree Straps
2 x Carabiners
6 x Guy Lines
2 x Stakes
2 x Rope
2 x Webbing Straps
2 x Suspending Ropes
2 x Carabiners
2 x Carabiners
2 x Pegs
2 x Tree Straps
2 x Carabiners
2 x Tree Straps
Fabric:Nylon ParachuteNylon ParachuteOxford NylonNylonOxford Nylon

Best Value for Money Camping Hammock

Sportneer Backpacking Hammock

Sportneer Camping Hammock

The best value for money camping hammock is undeniably the Sportneer backpacking hammock. It’s only $24.99, making it the perfect choice for a traveller on a broke backpacker’s budget.

This camping hammock is fully equipped with a mosquito net, preventing bugs & insects from pouncing on you in your sleep. It has added ventilation, allowing air to flow inside preventing it from getting hot & stuffy.

This camping hammock is made from lightweight parachute fabric, so it’s super durable & strong, perfect for long term use. The Sportneer backpacking hammock has a maximum weight capacity of 230kg, so it can handle two peoples weight. However it’s only 1.5m wide, so it’ll be a super close, snugly sleep for two people. It also includes an interior storage pocket to keep your valuables safe & close by at night time.

It’s super easy to set up this camping hammock & it comes with all the necessary equipment you need, like tree straps, ropes, carabiners & hook holders. This hammock is ideal for backpackers, as the whole set up only weighs 1.9kgs & includes a stuff sack for portable use.

When you take into consideration purchasing a hammock & a mosquito net separately, it’s for sure going to be more expensive than the Sportneer camping hammock. It’s great value for money making it our best, budget camping hammock.



Best Overall Camping Hammock of 2017

Monobeach expedition hammock

Monobeach Expedition Camping Hammock

I couldn’t go past the Monobeach Camping hammock as the best overall camping hammock of 2017. This camping hammock includes everything you need to sleep comfortably in the rain, hail or shine when backpacking.

You can chill in the hammock during the day, then zip your mosquito net & hang your rainfly to sleep at night. The rain tarp is obviously waterproof, made from PU-coated polyester. It provides generous protection from the wind & rain, and can also be used with all camping hammock makes or for shelter. 

The Monobeach camping hammock is made from sturdy & durable Nylon Taffeta. Its quite generous in size & can accommodate two people if need be. If you’ll be hanging solo, you’ll have extra room to stretch out comfortably when sleeping. The maximum weight capacity 180kg, which is all you really need.

I love that this make of camping hammock includes everything you need; from the hammock to the tarp, a built in mosquito net, storage sack, ropes, pegs, hooks & a service card if there’s any dramas.

Monobeach is also a really reputable brand, producing a large range of environmentally friendly & high quality outdoor products. It’s also suprisingly cheap, costing you only $59.99 for the whole camping hammock setup.

It’s got everything you’re looking for in a camping hammock & at a really reasonable price, which is why i think the Monobeach backpacking hammock is the best overall camping hammock of 2017.



Best Lightweight Parachute Hammock

Winner Outfitters lightweight double hammock

Winner Outfitters Expedition Hammock

Winner Outfitters camping hammock is the best & most affordable lightweight parachute hammock. It’s got plenty of room for two people, so you can lay down with your travel companion. This camping hammock model can withstand up to 230kg of weight & is made from durable, breathable, nylon parachute fabric.

The Winner Outfitters camping hammock includes all the ropes, straps & carabiners. Plus it’s super quick & easy to set up, only taking about 3 minuets.

The only downfall with the parachute hammock, is that it doesn’t include a mosquito net or rainfly. This is fairly normal amongst most of the lightweight parachute camping hammocks.

Winner Outfitters is a well established camping hammock producer, who’s factory produces for many international hammock brands. It’s a quality brand yet also surprisingly cheap, setting you back only $26.99.


Best Expedition Camping Hammock

Oat Creek Outdoor Expedition Hammock

Oat Creek Outdoor Expedition Hammock

The Oak Creek Outdoor expedition camping hammock is referred to as “the ultimate, all-in-one hammock”. You don’t need to purchase any extra parts because it comes with everything you need for any environment.

Included in the package is a rainfly, mosquito net, tree straps, guy lines, steel carabiners & a stuff sack with the Oak Outdoor expedition camping hammock. It’s $69.95 to purchase this make & it includes free delivery.

The Oak Creek camping hammock allows for breathability whilst protecting you from bugs with it’s mosquito net. It includes a waterproof rainfly that can also be used as a sun shade. This backpacking hammock is made from tear resistant parachute nylon & can hold up to 160kg of weight.

Not only is it sturdy, but it’s also lightweight, the whole pack will only add 1.65kg to your backpack, which is lighter than most sleeping bags. Plus it takes less than 3 minutes to set up.


Camping hammocks are a backpacker’s best friend when travelling. A hammock will come in handy in so many situations & they really can be used in so many different ways…

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what hammock is best for you, especially when there’s so many to choose from.

Make sure you consider the style, weight, dimensions, strength, suspension system, fabric, price & accessories when determining what is the best camping hammock set up for you!

It’s ideal to pick a reputable brand, that way you know the quality is good & you’re investing in a product that’s long lasting.

You want me to just pick one for you? No worries amigo – The Sportneer Camping Hammock is a solid choice.


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