Embarking on a journey with just a backpack, a spirit for adventure and maybe a bit of water (always bring water guy) is THE dream for many travellers. Well if you ask me, there’s really no better way to do that than with a trusty travel hammock.

Just imagine yourself finding that perfect little spot in the woods, setting up your hammock, and swinging gently back and forth as you take in the views. It’s a vibe for sure. When you think of it like this you realise that a travel hammock is not just a piece of gear, it’s a ticket to freedom and an utterly unique way to connect with the outdoors.

However, finding the right travel hammock can sometimes be as daunting as a challenging trail. The market is flooded with all kind of options varying in size, material, weight, and price. Some are designed for ultralight backpackers whereas others focus on durability and comfort.

In this post, we delve into the world of travel hammocks, uncovering the best options available on the market.

a girl sleeping in a hammock on a tropical beach in thailand
Be a bum in style!
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The Top 5 Travel Hammocks


Traverse Double Hammock

  • Weight > 1 lb. 14 oz.
  • Size > 110 x 74 inches
  • Price > $55.62

Layback Cotton Canvas Hammock

  • Weight > 3 lbs. 5 oz.
  • Size > 96 x 48 inches
  • Price >

Sea to Summit Pro Single Hammock Set

  • Weight > 1.2 lbs.
  • Size > 108 x 60 inches
  • Price > $39.98

ENO SuperSub Hammock

  • Weight > 9.8 oz.
  • Size > 9 ft. 4 in. x 6 ft. 2 in.
  • Price > $84.95

ENO DoubleNest

  • Weight > 1 lb. 3 oz.
  • Size > 114 x 76 inches
  • Price > $74.95

The Best Hammocks For Travelling

Traverse Double Hammock

Traverse Double Hammock
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Comes with aluminium carabiners and tree straps.
  • Made from 75-denier polyester.

The Traverse Double Hammock is the quintessential companion for any duo embarking on an outdoor adventure. It’s designed with a spacious layout, comfortably accommodating two people, making it a perfect choice for couples or friends who want to share the experience of swaying under the stars.

The hammock’s robust construction ensures durability, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor settings, from tranquil beaches to secluded forest campsites. Despite its generous size, it maintains a balance between weight and strength, making it a hammock portable enough for hiking and backpacking without being a burden.

Beyond its practical features, the Traverse Double Hammock shines in enhancing the outdoor experience. Whether it’s watching sunsets from a cliff edge or waking up to gentle jungle sounds, this hammock turns these moments into cherished memories. Its ease of setup means you can spend more time enjoying your surroundings and less time fussing with gear.

Ideal for anyone from the casual camper to the avid explorer, the Traverse Double Hammock invites you to relax in comfort, share stories, and create unforgettable moments in the great outdoors.

Layback Cotton Canvas Hammock

Layback Cotton Canvas Hammock
  • Features fun patterns
  • Made from recycled cotton canvas
  • Heavier but comes with a backpack-style bag

The Layback Cotton Canvas Hammock is one of the absolute best hammocks for travelling. It’s a true embodiment of leisure and style, perfect for those who appreciate a blend of comfort and aesthetic appeal in their outdoor gear.

Crafted from high-quality recycled cotton canvas, this hammock is not only environmentally friendly but also stands out with its unique and fun patterns. It’s a bit heavier compared to other travel hammocks, but this added weight contributes to its durability and cosiness, making it ideal for more relaxed settings like backyard lounging, beach trips, or leisurely camping. Despite that, it still makes our backpacking packing list every time.

What sets the Layback Cotton Canvas Hammock apart is its commitment to a sustainable and stylish outdoor experience. The use of recycled materials speaks to a growing trend of eco-consciousness in travel gear, while the fun patterns add a personal touch, allowing users to express their style.

This hammock is more than just a place to rest; it’s a statement piece that invites relaxation and contemplation. Whether you’re reading a book, taking a nap, or just enjoying the tranquillity of nature, the Layback Cotton Canvas Hammock offers a comfortable and visually pleasing haven.

Sea to Summit Pro Single Hammock Set

Sea to Summit Pro Single Hammock Set
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made from 70D Ripstop Nylon
  • Unique interlocking strap system

The Sea to Summit Pro Single Hammock Set is a top-tier choice for the solo adventurer seeking a lightweight, durable, and comfortable backpacking sleep solution. Tailored specifically for individuals who prioritise efficiency and minimalism in their travel gear, this hammock set shines in its ultra-lightweight design.

Constructed from high-strength 70D Ripstop Nylon, it offers a resilient yet featherlight resting space, ideal for long-distance hikers, bikepackers, or anyone who needs to keep their pack as light as possible.

What sets the Sea to Summit Pro Single Hammock Set apart is its commitment to combining practicality with comfort. Despite its compact and ultralight nature, it doesn’t compromise on the comfort needed for a good night’s sleep under the stars. The 70D Ripstop Nylon is not only durable but also soft to the touch, ensuring a cosy experience.

Whether it’s hanging between two alpine trees or swaying gently on a breezy beach, this hammock provides a reliable sanctuary. It’s perfect for the solo traveller who values simplicity, reliability, and the freedom to explore without being weighed down.

ENO SuperSub Hammock

ENO SuperSub Hammock
  • Ultralight
  • Made from 30D ripstop nylon
  • Packs down into an included stuff sack

The ENO SuperSub Hammock is a dream come true for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts who are serious about reducing their pack weight without sacrificing comfort. Crafted from innovative 30D ripstop nylon, this hammock is the epitome of ultralight design, providing a durable and comfortable resting place with an impressively minimal weight.

Its lightweight nature makes it an ideal choice for long-distance hikers, climbers, and travellers who are constantly on the move and mindful of every ounce they carry. In fact it is one of our favourite pieces of travel gear.

What truly sets the ENO SuperSub Hammock apart is how it manages to blend extreme lightness with practical functionality. This hammock is not just about reducing pack weight; it’s also about enhancing the outdoor experience with its ease of use and comfort. It comes with an included stuff sack, making it a breeze to pack and unpack, and its simple setup means you can spend less time fiddling with gear and more time enjoying the beauty of nature.

Whether you’re perched in a secluded forest or resting by a mountain stream, the ENO SuperSub Hammock offers a comfortable and hassle-free way to enjoy the great outdoors, making it a top pick for lightweight adventurers

ENO DoubleNest

ENO DoubleNest Hammock
  • Roomy and durable
  • Suitable for two people
  • Comes in various colours/patterns

The ENO DoubleNest Hammock is a popular choice for both solo adventurers and couples, offering a spacious and sturdy retreat whilst in the great outdoors. Its generous size comfortably fits two people, making it perfect for sharing those serene moments in nature or simply enjoying extra room to relax.

Crafted from high-strength, breathable fabric, the DoubleNest doesn’t just promise space; it also ensures durability and comfort, making it ideal for everything from casual backyard lounging to camping in the wilderness. It’s the kinda hammock that is engrained in backpacking history and culture.

What truly sets the ENO DoubleNest Hammock apart is its versatility and user-friendliness. It’s an all-around hammock that suits a wide range of activities and environments. Whether you’re on a road trip, attending a festival, hiking in the mountains, or just taking a break in your local park, the DoubleNest offers a quick and easy setup, allowing you more time to relax and enjoy your surroundings. It’s available in various colours and patterns, providing an option for every style and preference.

Hummingbird Single Hammock

Hummingbird Single Hammock
  • Ultralight and portable
  • Weight limit of 300 lbs
  • Made for solo travellers

The Hummingbird Single Hammock is a hallmark of simplicity and efficiency, designed for the solo traveller who seeks a blend of ultra-lightweight design and comfort. Weighing in at an impressively minimal scale, this hammock is a frontrunner in the lightweight category, making it a favourite among thru-hikers, cycle tourists, and minimalist adventurers.

Despite its featherlight nature, the Hummingbird Single boasts a robust construction, capable of supporting up to 300 lbs. What really sets the Hummingbird Single apart is its unparalleled focus on portability without compromising strength and comfort.

This hammock is incredibly easy to pack, taking up minimal space in a backpack, yet unfolds into a spacious and comfortable sleeping area. It’s an ideal choice for those who venture into the backcountry, where every ounce counts and convenience is key. The simplicity of its setup and takedown adds to its appeal, allowing more time to immerse in the natural surroundings.

a girl sitting in a hammock in the common area of a hostel in costa rica
Life is much better when you’re pretending not to be almost falling out of a hammock!
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Lost Valley Outdoor Expedition Hammock

Lost Valley Outdoor Expedition Hammock
  • Comes with an integrated mosquito net
  • Rainfly for protection against weather and insects
  • Hard-wearing, rugged and designed for wilderness travel

The Lost Valley Outdoor Expedition Hammock is a robust and versatile choice for the adventurous traveller seeking a reliable outdoor sleep system. Designed with the ruggedness of the wilderness in mind, this hammock comes fully equipped to handle diverse camping environments.

Its standout feature is the integrated mosquito net, offering essential protection against insects, a crucial aspect for comfortable sleep in many natural settings. Additionally, the hammock includes a rainfly, providing shelter and keeping you dry during unexpected rain, making it an all-weather, all-terrain suitable option.

What sets the Lost Valley Outdoor Expedition Hammock apart is its dedication to providing a complete outdoor living solution. It’s not just a hammock; it’s a compact, portable shelter.

The thoughtful design extends to its construction; despite its robust feature set, it remains surprisingly lightweight and compact, ensuring that it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your pack. This balance of features and portability makes it ideal for long hikes, multi-day treks, and remote camping trips.

If you’re looking for a more bivvy style, then check out the new Tentsile UNA 1 Hammock Tent.

Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock Tent

Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock Tent
  • A hybrid hammock tent that provides a flat sleeping surface
  • Includes mosquito net and rainfly
  • Suitable for a variety of different camping areas

The Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock Tent is an innovative fusion of a hammock and a tent, providing a unique and versatile outdoor sleeping solution. This hybrid design offers the best of both worlds: the suspended comfort of a hammock and the protective enclosure of a tent.

The Blue Ridge stands out for its ability to provide a flat sleeping surface, a notable feature that sets it apart from traditional hammocks. This design not only enhances comfort but also expands the range of suitable camping terrains, making it a great option for areas where flat, clear ground may not be available.

What truly sets the Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock Tent apart is its adaptability and comfort. The hammock tent design is a breakthrough for campers who love the idea of hammock camping but prefer the flat-lay and shelter features of a tent.

This versatility makes it suitable for diverse environments, from dense forests and mountainous areas to beachside camping. It’s designed for those who seek a comfortable night’s sleep in the outdoors without the limitations of a traditional tent or hammock.

Hennessy Expedition Hammock

Hennessy Expedition Hammock
  • Features an integrated mosquito net
  • Suitable for someone up to 6 feet tall
  • Unique entry through the bottom

The Hennessy Expedition Hammock is an exceptional choice for outdoor enthusiasts who prioritise both comfort and innovation in their camping gear. Renowned for its unique design, the Hennessy Expedition Hammock integrates a mosquito net and a cleverly designed weatherproof canopy, providing a comprehensive shelter solution for a variety of outdoor settings.

This hammock is particularly noteworthy for its distinctive entry system: a bottom entry with a Velcro closure, which simplifies getting in and out while ensuring the hammock remains bug-proof and secure. It’s one of the best camping hammocks on the market as a result.

What sets the Hennessy Expedition Hammock apart is its commitment to a user-friendly and secure outdoor experience. The design incorporates thoughtful elements like strong webbing straps and a symmetrical hang, ensuring stability and ease of setup. This hammock is a testament to the brand’s focus on creating innovative solutions for outdoor sleeping, blending practicality with comfort.

If you’re looking for something more suited to lightweight travel, then check out the Hennessy Ultralight Hammock instead, we’ve done a comprehensive review just for you.

Best Travel Hammock – Comparison Table

Best Travel Hammock
Traverse Double Hammock110 x 74 inches1 lb. 14 oz.$55.62
Layback Cotton Canvas Hammock96 x 48 inches3 lbs. 5 oz.
Sea to Summit Pro Single Hammock Set108 x 60 inches1.2 lbs.$39.98
ENO SuperSub Hammock9 ft. 4 in. x 6 ft. 2 in.9.8 oz.$84.95
ENO DoubleNest114 x 76 inches1 lb. 3 oz.$74.95
Hummingbird Single Hammock20 x 14 inches215 g$83.95
Lost Valley Outdoor Expedition Hammock107.87 x 48.03 inches3.5 lbs.$64.95
Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock Tent22 x 6 inches4.3 lbs.$209.95
Hennessy Expedition Hammock7 x 10 inches2 lbs. 13 oz.$169.95
Warbonnet Blackbird XLC


person swinging in a bright blue hammock on a sunny rooftop in barcelona spain
Yes mate! Living the dream.
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Final Thoughts On The Best Hammocks For Travelling

The world of travel hammocks offers an incredible array of options to suit every kind of adventurer, from the ultralight backpacker to the leisurely camper. Whether you seek the simplicity of a single hammock swaying in a gentle breeze or the shared comfort of a double hammock under the stars, there is a hammock out there to meet your needs.

I’ve spent many a night swaying to the rythmic sounds of the ocean in places like the Gili Islands in Indonesia. The experience has connected me in infinitely stronger ways to the environment around me and left me with lasting memories of the ultimate chill session.

The key is to find the right balance between weight, durability, comfort, and functionality. Remember, a good travel hammock can elevate your outdoor experience, providing not just a place to sleep, but a new way to connect with nature. It’s about embracing the simplicity and freedom of outdoor living, and there’s no better way to do that than suspended between two trees, enveloped by the natural world.