Galway is often referred to as the ‘cultural capital of Ireland’. This beautiful city sits on the coast of the North Atlantic Ocean, with a river, an estuary, and a lake! It’s loved among locals and tourists alike for its art, literature, music and dance traditions, as well as the verdant nature that surrounds it.

If you’re looking for rentals in Galway, look no further! Airbnbs are the best way to experience the city for anyone looking for an authentic visit. Need a one-person apartment, a family home, a castle room (yes, seriously), or a contemporary loft? There’s an Airbnb in Galway, Ireland for you.

I’ve found the 15 absolute best Airbnbs in Galway for every different type of traveler. Along with the top Airbnb experiences, and lots of reasons why you should consider Airbnb over a hotel. So grab your coffee and let’s get into it!

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Quick Answer: These are the Top 5 Airbnbs in Galway

Urban Retreat Appartment Airbnb

Stylish One Room Apartment

  • > $
  • > 2 Guests
  • > Lovely terrace
  • > Amazing value for money
Loft in Galway City Center

Loft in Galway City Center

  • > $
  • > 2 Guests
  • > Balcony
  • > Dedicated workspace
Cozy and Bright Cottage

Cozy and Bright Cottage

  • > $
  • > 4 Guests
  • > Fireplace
  • > Bright and airy
family room galway

Family Home in Galway

  • > $$
  • > 6 Guests
  • > Baby room
  • > Homey with plenty of toys
luxury airbnb galway

Historic Galway City House

  • > $$$$
  • > 6 Guests
  • > 1-Acre of landscaped gardens
  • > Magnificent private lodge

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    What to Expect from Airbnbs in Galway

    Booking an Airbnb in Galway is a brilliant way to stay in the city. You’ll get a far more authentic and local experience than you would from a hotel – and at a very affordable price!

    Stay with a Galwegian family and experience the Irish traditions and culture of Galway. Or rent out an apartment of your own and enjoy the sense of calm that pervades much of the city and its surroundings.

    You can also find a Galway Airbnb within the city center, or on the outskirts of the city, where you can explore the Irish countryside. It all depends on the kind of vacation you’re looking for! If you have a week or more, why not go for both the city and the countryside?

    The vacation rentals in Ireland have a homely local feeling, and very few are professionally done.

    Here are some of the most common types of Airbnb available in Galway.

    airbnb galway

    Private Room in a Galway Homestay

    Many of the Airbnbs in Galway are homestays. This is because it’s a relatively small city, and quite unknown among tourists. The best reason to go to Galway is to get away from the tourist crowds, and enjoy the local culture, history, and nature in the peaceful atmosphere.

    At a homestay, you’ll be staying with locals while enjoying your private space, and get lots of tips and recommendations on what to do to live like a local. A homestay will usually provide you with access to a kitchen, which always makes things easy on the budget. Often you may even get a home-cooked Irish meal!

    A room in a homestay is best for solo travelers and couples looking to keep the spending minimal and the experience as authentic as possible.

    Fully-Furnished Private Flat

    If you’re heading to Galway to get away from the busyness of other cities, or you just like your personal space while you travel, a private flat is your best bet. You’ll get all the privacy you want, along with everything else you need! Galway Airbnbs tend to be totally kitted out.

    And by kitted out, I mean fully-equipped kitchens with spices, tea and coffee, laundry rooms with powder provided, and bathrooms with the necessities prettily set out. You can even easily find a place with private parking!

    Private flats are the kind of accommodation that suits everyone. You can find a flat for the whole family, your friend group, a couple or even just a solo traveler looking for a small space of their own. In other words, they come in all shapes and sizes.

    ireland galway

    Room in a Castle

    Now, this type of Galway Airbnb really doesn’t need to be talked up. If you’ve never wanted to stay in a castle, and feel like absolute royalty, did you even have a childhood?

    Galway has a number of beautiful castles to visit. If you’re spending even a weekend here, one or two castles should definitely be on the itinerary. But even better – so much better – is the opportunity to stay in one.

    You’ll stay on the grounds, walk up the towers, and picture yourself back in the 15th century, with the dope getup and everything. I mean, it’s kind of a necessity when you’re in a castle without a crowd.

    This kind of Galway accommodation is perfect for a couple on a romantic getaway, looking for something different, and a little privacy. If you just want to treat yourself to a solo paradise and practice a little social distancing, it’s also ideal.

    You won’t find a castle in Galway city center, but they are within easy walking distance of a bus stop. Along with – and this is important – some Irish pubs. So really, you have everything you need right there.

    Why Stay in an Airbnb

    There are so many reasons to stay in an Airbnb while you’re in Galway! I’ll go into the top reasons below, for those needing a little convincing.

    • Local Experience: Galway has such a unique and vibrant culture. I’ve discovered that the best way to experience this culture in your accommodation is to stay in a local home. Either staying with a Galwegian family, or even on your own. And you’ll be in the residential areas with locals.
    • Privacy: You may find that backpacking in Ireland means giving up the comforts and privacy of home. But it doesn’t have to. While staying in a hotel means that you’re never 100% alone, you can easily find an Airbnb that’s totally private. You can even filter for self check-in.
    • Affordability: You can find Galway hostel beds for a lower price than an Airbnb. However, a private hostel room will quickly bump up the price. An Airbnb in Galway City is a lot more affordable than any hotel you’ll find with the same amenities and comfort.
    • Staying Long-Term: If you want to stay in Galway for a few weeks or more, there’s no better way to do it than with Airbnb. There are a number of Airbnbs specifically offering long-term stays, with all the conveniences you’d want from a home.
    • Safety: Airbnb hosts are vetted to ensure that they’re safe – and real. You won’t land in Galway and find yourself staring at an empty lot. It’s safe even for solo travelers, and if you ever feel unsafe, customer support can quickly resolve things and find you new accommodation.

    The 15 Top Airbnbs in Galway

    So, now you know what to expect, it’s time to look at y top 15 Airbnbs in Galway! From affordable central apartments to homestays and houses, there’s something for everyone – and every group size.

    Overall Best Value Airbnb in Galway | Stylish One Room Apartment

    Urban Retreat Appartment Airbnb
    • $
    • Lovely terrace
    • 2 Guests
    • Amazing value for money

    The overall best Airbnb in Galway is this stylish little apartment vacation rental. You’ll have the whole place to yourself – relax on the couch with a cuppa and put your feet up. And try your hand at cooking Irish fare in the kitchen. Walk out the door and find yourself right on the famous Long Walk! It can’t get much better than this.

    This Airbnb is perfect for couples, but solo travelers and groups will also find it idyllic. You’ll be right in the heart of Galway, popping over to the Spanish Arch, Quay Street, and the docks.

    Best Budget Airbnb in Galway | Loft in Galway City Center

    Loft in Galway City Center
    • $
    • Balcony
    • 2 Guests
    • Dedicated workspace

    Not only is this loft super affordable – it’s incredibly well located. You’ll be within five minutes of Galway city centre, which means an easy walk to all of Galway’s top attractions, and a pleasant sea breeze.

    The loft is totally private, with a private entrance, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and living space. Its location makes it a really great option for anyone with little time or money to spend on transport.

    Stroll over to the docks, and visit the Spanish Arch and Galway Cathedral – all in an afternoon. For drinks, the nearby O’Connell’s Bar and Tigh Neachtain are brilliant local options.

    Budget Tip: Dorms in Galway start from $10USD per bed. They’re the cheapest accommodation in the city. Search for hostels in the area!

    Perfect Airbnb for Solo Travellers | Victorian-Style Single Room

    solo traveler victorian Galway
    • $
    • Free parking
    • 1 Guest
    • Cozy room in a family home

    Simple and pretty, this stylish little room is about as cheap as it gets. It’s a one-minute walk from the bus station, and a pleasant 10-minute walk to the nearest beach. You’ll have free access to the kitchen and a shared bathroom.

    This single room is the best Airbnb in Galway for solo travelers working with a tight budget. If you’re also interested in staying a bit out of town, closer to nature, then it’s a golden opportunity! You’ll be right by Merlin Woods and Ballyloughane Beach, so you can explore Ireland’s wilder side with ease.

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    Best Short Term Rental for Couples | Cozy and Bright Cottage

    Cozy and Bright Cottage
    • $
    • Fireplace
    • 4 Guests
    • Bright and airy

    If you’re spending a little longer in Galway, you’ll want a comfortable self-catering vacation rental. It makes it so much easier to stick to a budget, along with any dietary requirements.

    This small and cozy cottage has its own kitchen, bathroom, and living space with plenty of reading material. It’s bright and airy, with lots of windows and pops of color.

    It’s a short walk to the city center, and an easy stroll from The Crane Bar, P.J. Flaherty’s, and the beautiful Spanish Arch.

    Best Airbnb in Galway for Families | Family Home in Galway

    family room galway
    • $$
    • Baby room
    • 6 Guests
    • Homey with plenty of toys

    This family vacation rental is the perfect getaway for families who want a change of scenery, without compromising comfort. It has everything you need to keep the kids entertained. Along with three rooms and a baby room!

    Only 20-minutes walk to the center of Galway, it couldn’t be more ideal. There’s so much outdoor space for the kids to play while you relax or cook up a storm in the lovely kitchen. It’s a family home, so don’t expect perfection. But do expect little touches that will make you sigh with relief!

    Over-the-Top Luxury Airbnb | Historic Galway City House

    luxury airbnb galway
    • $$$$
    • 1-Acre of landscaped gardens
    • 6 Guests
    • Magnificent private lodge

    If you’re looking for absolute luxury in Galway, you can go for contemporary lux vacation rentals. But the city’s best charms lie in its history. This historic residence is phenomenal, with dining parlors – one in a glass conservatory – as well as large gardens, and antique furniture. It’s accommodation unlike any other you’ll find.

    It’s secluded enough to be peaceful and quiet, but still an easy walk from Galway’s city center. Stroll over to the Salthill promenade, and O’Connor’s Famous Pub.

    Keep in mind the house has a minimum stay of 3 nights – although you may find you want to stay a lot longer!

    Best Room in a Homestay in Airbnb in Galway | The Fairy Forest Room

    homestay airbnb galway
    • $
    • Roof terrace
    • 2 Guests
    • Incredible location

    Looking for something quirky and bright in the city’s most vibrant neighborhood in Galway? This Galway Airbnb is located right in the hub of the Spanish Quarter, surrounded by hip pubs and restaurants. Two Spanish favorites are Cava Bodega and The Dáil Bar.

    The private room is in a comfortable and friendly home, with a soft leather couch and lots of chill space. Plenty of plants liven the space, and your room is covered in painted foliage.

    Ideal for young couples and adventurers who want to experience a very different part of Galway, first-hand!

    Best Private Flat on Airbnb in Galway | Warm City Centre Apartment

    private flat room galway
    • $$
    • A fireplace warms the apartment
    • 2 Guests
    • Free secure car space

    If you’re touring Ireland by car or renting one while you’re in the city, you’ll want a vacation rental with secure parking as part of the deal. This lovely little apartment is fantastically central and secure.

    It’s bright and spacious, with a fireside couch you’ll want to melt into and an open mezzanine bedroom. Stocked with interesting books and equipped with Netflix, you’ll have to force yourself to get in the car!

    Find yourself right by the harbor, as well as the City Market, Spanish Arch, and St Nicholas’ Church.

    Best Room in a Castle on Airbnb in Galway | Room in Claregalway Castle

    castle airbnb galway
    • $$$
    • Beautiful spacious room
    • 2 Guests
    • Stay on historic grounds

    One of the top reasons people visit Galway is its history. So the opportunity to stay right on castle grounds is iconic! The room is simple but gorgeous, with a welcome bottle of wine and tea-making facilities.

    It’s located adjacent to the 15th-century castle tower, which you have access to. Picture watching the sunset from a castle tower, after spending the afternoon exploring the grounds!

    It’s an absolute dream for honeymooners. And you’ll be a short walk from the beautiful Claregalway Abbey, as well as Claregalway Museum & Forge and the bus stop.

    Best Airbnb in Galway for Nightlife | Fabulous Penthouse w/ Terrace

    Fabulous Penthouse w/ Terrace
    • $$
    • Private balcony
    • 15 Guests
    • In the center of everything

    Want to be in the heart of all the action but want the privacy and laid-back feel of a Galway Airbnb? You can get it!

    The best Airbnb in Galway for nightlife is this stunning penthouse in the city center, with a bright and open floor plan, floor to ceiling windows, a private balcony with views over the harbor, and space for up to fifteen people.

    Some of the top bars are within walking distance, such as Tigh Chóilí, Sally Longs Rock Bar, and Garavan’s Bar. You’ll also be a short walk from Galway Cathedral, The Galway City Museum and Eyre Square, so you don’t need to drag yourself up early in the morning to get your exploring done.

    Best Airbnb in Terryland | Beautiful Double Suite

    terryland airbnb galway
    • $
    • En-suite bathroom
    • 2 Guests
    • Comfortable working desk

    This cozy room in a Terryland home is ideal for solo travelers and couples alike. It’s just a 15-minute walk from the center of Galway. It’s an even closer walk to Deacy Park and Terryland Castle, if you just want to head out for a short look around.

    The room is airy and comfortable, with an en-suite bathroom and a desk that’s good enough for a gamer. Basically, you could spend the whole night on the chair without feeling immobile the next day. It’s in a family home, so you’ll have access to a full kitchen, a terrace, and the living room.

    Best Short-Term Rental Apartment | Log Cabin with Hot Tub and Sauna

    renting apartment airbnb galway
    • $
    • Barbeque and barrel sauna
    • 4 Guests
    • Wonderfully secluded

    For those looking to spend a while in the city, this log cabin is the best Airbnb in Galway. Since you’ll have so much time to explore you don’t need to be in the city center. Rather, this cabin is set on the edge of a verdant nature reserve, Cregganna Marsh.

    It’s incredibly relaxing, with a shared hot tub and a barrel sauna! Spend lazy days sitting on your deck, luxuriating in the sauna, and exploring the Irish woodlands. It can comfortably fit up to 4 people – but if you’re going solo and just want some time to yourself, I can’t picture anything better.

    Best Townhouse Airbnb in Galway | Bright City Centre Townhouse

    Bright City Centre Townhouse
    • $$
    • Free parking
    • 5 Guests
    • Quiet neighborhood

    For those looking for more space and privacy, you can’t go wrong with a townhouse. This beautiful townhouse is located in a quiet neighborhood within walking distance of Galway city center.

    It comes with everything you need for a comfortable stay, including a well stocked kitchen, a good-sized private bathroom and a cozy living area with a fire place. If you’re traveling with kids, a baby crib can be provided on request.

    Best Airbnb in Galway for a Group of Friends | Exquisite Galway City Penthouse

    penthouse airbnb galway
    • $$$
    • Expansive terrace & perfect views
    • 7 Guests
    • Contemporary style

    Drooling… this penthouse is so absurdly perfect for a friends’ trip, I just can’t picture anything more exciting. It has a huge deck space with loungers and a table where you can drink wine and chat long into the night.

    It’s a lot more modern than most Airbnbs in Galway, with elegant decor, contemporary art and floor-to-ceiling windows. Each of the two large rooms leads onto their own private patios, just in case the shared roof deck wasn’t enough.

    Also great for a friends trip – you’ll be just steps from Quay Street, and the famously vibrant Latin Quarter.

    Most Unique Airbnb in Galway | Spacious Houseboat

    Spacious Houseboat
    • $$$
    • Historical Dutch barge
    • 2 Guests
    • Unique and fun

    Looking for something a little different? This historical Dutch barge vacation rental is an adventure within the city! It’s moored in a private space on the banks of Lough Atalia, a quiet area outside of Galway city center, but still within walking distance of the top attractions.

    The boat itself is cozy and well-equipped, with pretty little touches and a huge living area to curl up in during the evenings.

    Although there’s plenty of space, it has only been designed for two people. It’s not for everyone, but couples who love looking for adventure over luxury will absolutely love it.

    Top 5 Airbnb Experiences in Galway

    Airbnb experiences are a brilliant way to experience the area. They’re carefully picked and vetted so that you know that they’re high quality. Basically, it’s the local experience of Airbnbs expanded from your accommodation to your activities!

    Galway is an unusually unique city. The whole of Ireland is truly beautiful, but with its peaceful atmosphere, coastal position, and rich history, Galway is really special. There is also a good deal of very unique things to do here. All hosted by locals trying to show you a different side to their beloved city, and give you experiences you won’t soon forget!

    Take to the countryside of County Galway on a guided e-bike tour. Learn traditional Irish dances. Explore a seaweed and abalone farm, with fresh tastings and fascinating information. Or take a traditional walking tour or pub crawl with a twist! Nothing boring here.

    Irish Dance Experience

    Irish Dance Experience
    • $31/person
    • 1.5 hours
    • Up to 10 guests

    No trip to Ireland is complete without experiencing the traditional Irish dance. And the opportunity not only to watch it, but to learn some of the moves and experience the strong sense of community around it, is a rare chance.

    This experience includes a dance class, opportunities for questions, and at the end, a dance performance from your professional dance teacher.

    You can also find out which pubs play traditional music in Galway, so you can check out more Irish step dancing, and put your practice to use.

    Electric Off-Road Bike and Hike Tour

    off road bike galway
    • $51/person
    • 4 hours
    • Up to 6 guests

    If you’re keen on escaping the coastal city of Galway for the green countryside, this tour is for you. It’s active, and will take you through the woods up Ireland’s highest inland mountain range! The electric bikes make uphills easy, and downhills heart-pumping fun.

    This tour is perfect for adventure-seekers and relatively in-shape travelers. You’ll cruise the Galtee Mountain trails, hike the mountain, and enjoy a tasty, healthy picnic.

    You can even spend the night in a wooden yurt or a converted horse truck, if you’re not ready to leave the rural paradise just yet.

    Galway’s Legendary Walking Tour

    walking tour galway
    • $14/person
    • 1.5 hours
    • Up to 10 guests

    Explore Galway with new eyes, learning about some of the city’s most fascinating legends and historic moments. Hint: it includes pirates, murder, the Claddagh ring, and the tragic love story surrounding the Lynch family. The tale of this family is the focus of this tour, but it’s interwoven with so many others.

    If you want to explore Galway and learn its history at the same time, you won’t find a more fun and exciting tour than this. You’ll stroll at a gentle pace, and stop at many attractions that tie into the stories.

    Seaweed & Abalone Farm Tasting Tour

    farm tour galway
    • $52/person
    • 2 hours
    • Up to 10 guests

    Now, this may not be an experience you ever thought of wanting. But it is so ridiculously cool. It’s a totally unique experience, allowing you to forage for seaweed while learning about local seaweed harvesting and everything that goes into it.

    Spend a few hours on the seaside experiencing life as an abalone farmer, and end it with a phenomenal fresh seafood tasting.

    This is a fully ethical small-scale farm. So while it’s not the experience for vegans, it’s a great option for any seafood lovers and anyone interested in normal, self-dependent life in Ireland.

    Surfing the Cliffs of Mohar

    Surfing the Cliffs of Mohar
    • $62
    • 2 hours
    • Up to 8 people

    Have you ever wanted to learn to surf? Galway Bay might not be the first place you think of as a surfing destination, but you can’t deny it’s an incredible place to try it for the first time!

    With the stunning cliffs of moher in County Clare as your backdrop, you’ll be able to ride the waves with one of the best views in Ireland.

    The surf school is based in lahinch, and they provide a 5mm warm wetsuit, boots and hoods as well as beginner board. Just show up with a can-do attitude and good vibes!

    FAQs About Galway Airbnbs

    Here’s what people usually ask me about vacation rentals in Galway…

    Don’t Forget Your Galway Travel Insurance

    ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing.

    They offer month-to-month payments, no lock-in contracts, and require absolutely no itineraries: that’s the exact kind of insurance long-term travellers and digital nomads need.

    SafetyWing is cheap, easy, and admin-free: just sign up lickety-split so you can get back to it!

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    Final Thoughts on Galway Airbnbs

    This incredible city has such beautiful and varied Airbnbs, I’m sure you’re more than ready to pack your bags and leave right away! Truly, there’s something for everyone.

    Galway is such an amazing city. Whether you’re visiting to learn the art of Irish dancing, or the art of Irish drinking… Or to experience the historic attractions and vibrant culture. You’ll stroll through the city streets with wonder, and find something exciting around every turn. The only thing that’s problematic in Galway is the idea of leaving again.

    These brilliant Airbnbs in Galway will immerse you in the authenticity of Galway, and give you an idea of what life is like for Galwegians.

    If you’re visiting Galway from overseas, be sure to get Travel Insurance! So you can rest assured that you’re covered while you explore.

    And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!