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Sebastian Garcia Vivas

Sebastian Garcia Vivas

Seb joined the team late 2023. Today, he's our sexy South America expert, bringing in the Latino spice we didn’t know we were craving. When not sprucing up the site, Seb is nurturing his passion for art as a senior designer in branding and UX/UI.

His Argentinian charm has carried him for 10+ years, Couchsurfing, volunteering, and part-time jobbing his way across the globe. You can talk to him in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and a little Italian too: he’s a socially skilled backpacker with a way to everyone’s heart.

After Argentina (which he knows like the back of his hand), Mexico is his second home, yet his heart still beats for Brazil, where he lived for 3 years.
Knows About: Hitchhiking, Backpacking South America, Finding other Argentinians, Picking up random jobs, Connecting with people
Currently Based In: Amsterdam
Favourite Destination: Brazil


- Travelling for 10 years (and still counting!)
- Hitchhiking 4 Latin American countries in 4 weeks
- Getting stuck in Morocco during COVID-19 for 5 months
- Hiking Roque de los Muchachos volcano in the Canary Islands
- Surviving hypothermia while hiking Machu Picchu with a rubbish bag as a rainproof jacket
- Driving through Patagonia
- Camping in the Brazilian jungle for 3 months

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