Until someone figures out how to make one pair of shoes stylish at the office and functional on the run, it’s a great idea to pack back up. Spending your days in one pair of sneakers is inherently limiting. I’ll take any opportunity I can get to accomplish more between trips home to change, but I don’t want my shoe funk infecting my favourite button-down.

We all love backpacks, and we all love shoes, so what if we put two and two together? Whether you fancy a more pedestrian commute than your loafers can handle, plan on clipping into the office, or want to travel further with a backup pair out back, check out these bonafide backpacks with built-in shoe compartments to keep it all organised this year.

Backpacks with shoe compartments are great for more than just a pair of dirty Nikes. Blocked off openings allow storage for wet bathing suits, dirty underwear, or anything you’re hoping to keep separated. You can confidently pack soup for lunch with minimal damage if things go topsy turvy.

No matter where you’re heading, it’s a great idea to bring along a pair of shoes that aren’t afraid to get dirty, but equally important is having a place to store mud-covered sneakers. That’s where there backpacks with a shoe compartment come in!

These backpacks take shoe compartments and stuff them into already technically advanced storage solutions to provide a one-stop shop for lifestyles that require a change of clothes.

Every one of the bags on our list has separate shoe storage and loads of other great features that make them a worthy companion on your next daily commute or long term mission. Read on and find the perfect backpack for shoes to get you there.

Quick Answers – The Best Backpacks With Shoe Compartments

#1 Best Backpack With Shoe Compartment – 40L Travel Bag
#2 Runner Up – AER Travel Pack 2
#3 Hybrid Backpack With Shoe Compartment – Monarc Settra
#4 Best Backpack With a Built-In Wardrobe – TropicFeel Shell
#5 Day Backpack For Shoes – Peak Design Everyday Backpack
#6 Best Backpack That Can Fit Shoes – Osprey Aether
#7 Great Daypack With Shoe Compartment – Under Armour Hustle
#8 Best Duffel Bag With Shoe Compartment – Mahi Leather Overnighter

These Are The Best Backpacks For Shoes

Best Backpack With Shoe Compartment
Best Backpack With Shoe Compartment

40L Travel Bag

  • > $289
  • > Ten different pockets and compartments
  • > Fits in overhead containers
Runner Up
Runner Up

AER Travel Pack 2

  • > $230
  • > Compression clips and handy side grips
  • > RFID blocking outer pocket
Hybrid Backpack With Shoe Compartment
Hybrid Backpack With Shoe Compartment

Monarc Settra

  • > $149
  • > Space for a laptop sleeve
  • > Made from over 50 recycled bottles
Best Backpack With a Built-In Wardrobe
Best Backpack With a Built-In Wardrobe

TropicFeel Shell

  • > $249
  • > Contain-It-all shoe compartment
  • > Weatherproof
Day Backpack For Shoes
Day Backpack For Shoes

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

  • > $150
  • > Several different size options
  • > Removable dividers
Best Backpack That Can Fit Shoes
Best Backpack That Can Fit Shoes

Osprey Aether

  • > $290
  • > Heavy-duty hip belts and shoulder straps
  • > Breathable Airscape backing
Great Daypack With Shoe Compartment
Great Daypack With Shoe Compartment

Under Armour Hustle

  • > $55
  • > Affordable
  • > Zippered bottom compartment
Best Duffel Bag With Shoe Compartment
Best Duffel Bag With Shoe Compartment

Mahi Leather Overnighter

  • > $172
  • > 100% full-grain leather
  • > Handmade by expert Spanish leather lovers

Stow it all away in a convenient stowaway pouch that makes the most out of limited space. Whether you’re planning on living out of your bag for an afternoon or a few moon cycles, every cubic inch counts. 

Let these extra pockets and dividers store your shoes in style. 

Right, let’s get into the backpack with a separate shoe compartment!

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#1 Best Backpack With Shoe Compartment – 40L Travel Bag

nomatic 40l travel pack

40L Travel Bag is our top pick for the best backpack with shoe compartment

  • Volume (L) – 40
  • Weight (KG) – 1.8
  • Price ($) – 289

Whether you’re looking to store shoes, camera gear, or an entire set in your bag, this travel bag has the organisation options to get the job done right. You can easily keep your dirty clothes away from your fresh looks thanks to multiple mesh pockets that open in the back. 

Down below the shoe holder slips in everything from Blundstone’s to Birkenstocks. 40 Litres isn’t always 40 litres…I’ll explain later. Fully optimised for shoes and packed full of plenty of other cheeky storage tricks, this is our favourite backpack for one-week travel, shoe compartment or not! 

Our team love the features on this pack and it’s not just the shoe compartment that stands out, but all the other compartments this thing is hiding, it’s like a Mary Poppin’s bag yo! It’s got a front opening zip for the main section, a zippered tech area, a water bottle pocket as well as a laptop and tablet compartment. Our team loves that they can keep all their gear easily organised in what is quite a large bag.

  • Ten different pockets and compartments make the bag feel like a mobile closet
  • Fits in overhead containers as well as underneath the seats
  • Doesn’t include the weight distribution and strap reinforcements necessary for long hikes
  • Anyone who needs to travel heavy will find this bag filling up fast

#2 Runner Up – AER Travel Pack 2

Aer Travel Pack 2

Our top pick for runner up is AER Travel Pack 2

  • Volume (L) – 33
  • Weight (KG) – 1.67
  • Price ($) – 230

Anyone picking between these two backpacks with shoe compartments has a fun task ahead of them. Our decision came down to one critical detail; at 33 litres, even some one-bag aficionados will struggle to use only the travel pack for longer trips. 

If you don’t need the full 40 or are shopping for a backpack to use as part of a balanced packing system, this sleek unit can easily pack everything you need for a day at work with a stop at the gym, or overnight flights with long layovers. 

You’ll find comfortable amenities and customizable storage throughout the ballistic nylon outer layer. 

Our team just love this bag and they can’t get enough of how well it maximises its space to facilitate easy packing and organisation. The standout features have to be the lockable zips on all the main compartments, including the large back laptop pocket as well as the super tough material.

  • Compression clips and handy side grips can make this lightweight bag feel even emptier
  • RFID blocking outer pocket has enough space for everything you need to get through security
  • 33 Litres won’t provide enough storage for longer trips alone
  • A few pockets and compartment feel a bit awkward to fully stuff

#3 Hybrid Backpack With Shoe Compartment – Monarc Settra

Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack

For hybrid backpack with shoe compartment, checkout Monarc Settra

  • Volume (L) – 40
  • Weight (KG) – 2
  • Price ($) – 149

Right on the edge of a duffel bag and backpack, this heavyweight piece of luggage comes with its own compression packing cubes to pack more stuff in less space. Fully packed, 40 litres can quickly become a burden. The Settra gives reinforcements in all the right places to let you carry this bag however you see fit. 

Throw it over your shoulder, sling it on the scales with one hand, or take it on your back and march off the plane directly to the pick-up zone. This bag is one of the largest options we’ll cover today that still fits most carry-on compartments.

 All this high-tech performance won’t be too costly, either, as the pack is made entirely of plastic bottles taken off of beaches and given a second life.  The Monarc Settra fast established itself as my go-to backpack for Europe.

If you’re looking for a multi-functional laptop backpack with a shoe compartment, then our team felt this was a top choice. They just loved how the bag could be easily and comfortably used as a backpack or a duffel. Extra features on top of the super useful shoe compartment they loved were the laptop pocket on the back and tech pocket on the side.

  • One of the only duffel style bags on the market that still found space for a laptop sleeve
  • Made from over 50 recycled bottles
  • The backpack style carrying option won’t be as comfortable as dedicated back panels
  • Because the bag is trying to do a little bit of everything, it sometimes doesn’t excel anywhere

#4 Best Backpack With a Built-In Wardrobe – TropicFeel Shell

Shell Backpack By Tropicfeel with open organization bag inside wardrobe

TropicFeel Shell is one of the best backpack with a built in wardrobe

  • Volume (L) – 22-40
  • Weight (KG) – 1.5
  • Price ($) – 249

It’s been a long, long time since a backpack has tried to shake up the industry as much as this malleable shell is promising. The bag can be off-loaded or bulked up to three different sizes to create all sorts of different packing options. At its lightest, it’s a day pack, carry-on extraordinaire. 

Add on the additional shell wardrobe system, and the bag tacks on a few sizes but saves you space in the long run. Once you’ve hit your final destination, the bag unfurls into a day pack and a separate wardrobe system that hangs anywhere. You can easily keep the luggage at home and take this bag out for a day trip. It’s for this reason we love the TropicFeel brand.

The team just loved the nifty features of this bag and feel the wardrobe system is a complete winner. But when it comes to shoe compartments, they just love that here the backpack’s bottom compartment is a removable/ attachable extra pouch. This means that firstly, it take away no room from any other pocket, and secondly, when folded away it makes the bag more compact. Genious!

Alternatively, the TropicFeel Nest backpack is a smaller bag great for single-day use.

  • Contain-It-all shoe compartment folds inside itself to take up zero space when not in use
  • Every piece of the bag is completely weatherproof
  • You won’t find any organisational features inside the main compartment
  • At full size, this bag can hang a bit low compared to other 40 litre backpacks

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    #5 Day Backpack For Shoes – Peak Design Everyday Backpack

    tbbteam peak design everyday backpack

    Meet the best day backpack for shoes, Peak Design Everyday Pack

    • Volume (L) – 15 or 20l
    • Weight (KG) – With Dividers: 1.34kg
    • Price ($) – 150

    The Peak Design Everyday Zip Backpack is designed with travelers in mind, offering adjustable compartments that can be customized to fit everything they need. This unique pack comes with 2 removable dividers that can be used to break the pack up into different sections. While some travelers use the Peak Design Everyday Backpack for their DSLR camera, it also turns into a great shoe compartment for those who want to keep their treads separate from their threads.

    This pack comes in 2 versions, the 15 liter and 20 litre version so is designed for day to day use rather than for longer trips although of course, the pack does have the advantage of being carry on approved even for airlines like Ryanair.

    The Everyday Backpack brings together a minimalist yet attractive design with ergonomic features like padded straps and a breathable back panel. This makes it not only a stylish accessory but also a comfortable carry, especially during those long airport waits or brisk walks to the terminal. The bag’s aesthetic appeal combined with practicality makes it a preferred choice for the design-conscious traveler who doesn’t want to compromise on functionality

    • Several different size options allow you to perfectly fit small and large laptops alongside everything else you need for the day
    • Removable dividers can be used as compartments
    • Not to my aethestic preference
    • Less than 20 litres isn’t enough for a week’s trip

    #6 Best Backpack That Can Fit Shoes – Osprey Aether

    audy on top of a mountain in japan with the osprey aether

    Our top pick for best backpack that can fit shoes is Osprey Aether

    • Volume (L) – 65
    • Weight (KG) – 2.2
    • Price ($) – 290

    At 65 litres, you can carry an entire closet full of sneakies or everything you need for a month on the road and a week in the woods. This is one of the standout packs from the best company in backpacks thanks to its incredibly low weight and high-quality weight distribution. 

    Heavy-duty hip belts and shoulder straps will help lighten your load, as well as the comfort of the breathable Airscape backing. There are few bags on the market better suited to carry while stuffed full, and you can always clip a pair of muddy shoes to the outside straps to keep it separated.

    Our team loved this bag and felt for those looking for a more traditional travel backpack with a shoe compartment, it was the one! They felt it offered all the features you would expect from a backpacking bag of this style like having a back frame, super comfortable straps and back panel as well as compression straps. The addition of the shoe compartment really pushed it apart from anything else in this category on the market and they felt it could even be used for things like dirty laundry too.

    • The bag sits well on your hips and packs the strap adjustment options to stay comfortable on long hikes
    • You can access the main compartment under a floating lid or through the panel-loading front zipper
    • While there is plenty of room for shoes in this pack, there is no dedicated shoe compartment
    • 65 litres is too large to take in almost any carry-on situation

    #7 Great Daypack With Shoe Compartment – Under Armour Hustle

    Under Armour Hustle

    Under Armour Hustle is our top pick for the great daypack with shoe compartment

    • Volume (L) – 29
    • Weight (KG) – 1
    • Price ($) – 55

    Low-key ready for work, this slim backpack is the most affordable backpack option on our list, but the impressive lists of specs certainly don’t scream budget bag. While not quite as versatile as some other bags on our list, you’ll be surprised at the extreme storage 29 litres offers, especially with the zippered shoe compartment. 

    Your laptop fits snugly in the included compartment, and the casual daypack perks take care of the rest. Two water bottle pockets, an ergonomic fit, and plenty of exterior straps fill out the edges. This day bag is just as capable on a twenty-minute walk as it is on an all-day adventure. 

    Our team felt this was the perfect work/ gym bag for those wanting something low key that they could use everyday. They loved that it offered great storage space for their needs without feeling bulky or cumbersome, especially on public transport.

    • One of the best bags on the market that costs less than $100
    • A casual day bag look meets supersized performance thanks to the zippered bottom compartment
    • Unlike many bags on our list, the Hustle stays traditional and doesn’t feature much innovation
    • Under Armour didn’t worry much about style when designing this affordable bag

    #8 Best Duffel Bag With Shoe Compartment – Mahi Leather Overnighter

    The Overnighter Mahi

    For best duffel bag with shoe compartment, checkout Mahi Leather Overnighter

    • Volume (L) – N/A
    • Weight (KG) – N/A
    • Price ($) – 172

    The leather kingpins are ready to dismount and take off. Shifting away from their traditional leather duffel style, this overnighter brings loads of easy reach pockets and fun carrying options suitable for a modern traveller. All this innovation is protected by hand-stitched premium leather, which still outlasts any synthetic materials. 

    Two brass fittings protect a large exterior pocket and the entire base of the duffel bag is reinforced to survive decades of bad baggage handlers. The external shoe compartment shifts this bag from a black hole duffel into a modern organisational marvel, with all the attention to detail we expect from any Mahi leather bag. 

    Our team felt this was the perfect solution for those classier folks amongst us who want to head off to the gym after work or pack some extra shoes for their trip without looking like they’re carrying around sweaty footwear if you get their drift! This thing just oozes style and sophistication and beyond that the team felt the construction and materials used were top notch and mega durable too.

    • 100% full-grain leather meets modern innovation to provide the best of both worlds
    • Every Mahi leather bag is handmade by expert Spanish leather lovers
    • The bag lacks the straps to be worn as a backpack if needed
    • When in use, the shoe compartment greatly subtracts from the main storage area
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    Backpacks With Shoe Compartments
    NameVolume (Litres)Weight (KG)Price (USD)
    Nomatic 40L Travel Bag401.8289
    AER Travel Pack 2331.67230
    Monarc Settra402149
    TropicFeel Shell22-401.5249
    Peak Design Everyday Backpack15 or 201.34150
    Osprey Aether652.2290
    Under Armour Hustle29155
    Mahi Leather Overnighter172

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      How and Where We Tested To Find The Backpack With A Shoe Compartment

      To test these packs, we took each one and gave them a proper test ride. We gave them to a few different team members taking several trips to various places around the world to really get a good overall picture.

      When it came to testing the best backpack with a shoe compartment, of course, one of the extra concerns was how each bag facilitated this specific need.


      A backpack is designed to carry stuff and as such, top points are awarded for how packable one is. But in this case, we were interested in now only how well each pack maximises the space it has, but how accommodating to the shoe compartment it also was. So, did the compartment make packing the rest of the bag awkward or compromise the size?

      Equally, we also paid attention to how easy the pack was to unpack – being able to retrieve items quickly was something we were keen to see.

      Weight and Comfort of Carrying

      If a pack is heavy or awkward to carry then it gets tiresome to carry, especially on longer trips. We know these bags are designed to carry shoes too which are often one of the heavier items to bring travelling, so we awarded max points for packs that minimise weight and maximum carry-comfort.


      In order to test out how well a pack fulfilled its primary purpose we used it for this purpose.

      So in this case, as we were looking for the best backpack with a shoe compartment, we really wanted to know how well the pack facilitated this function. Whether the compartment ate into the space of the main pack or added weird weight distribution to the pack for example.

      You get the idea right? 


      Some people say that travel gear doesn’t need to look good as long as it functions. Well, those people are probably Nickelback fans! Here at TBB we believe style and function can go hand in hand, so we also awarded points for how sexy a pack looks. 

      Durability and Weatherproofing

      Ideally, in order to really test out how durable a backpack is we would drop it from a plane or at least take it for a casual hike up Everest or some shiz. Unfortunately, our budget doesn’t quite accommodate those shenanigans, so we had to go more old school!

      Here we inspected the build and construction quality of each bag including the materials used, the smoothness and strength of the zippers, as well as keeping an eye on certain pressure points more likely to break over time.

      Similarly, when it came to testing how waterproof a pack was we went back to basics and poured a couple of pints over them (water, not beer, we’re not heathens!) Any leaky mofos were banished to the depths of rucksack obscurity never to be seen again!

      Final Thoughts on Backpacks With Shoe Compartments

      Monarc backpack duffel hybrid

      The Broke Backpacker is supported by you. Clicking through our links may earn us a small affiliate commission, and that's what allows us to keep producing free content 🙂 Learn more.

      There you have it. From new-age Kickstarter models to traditional leather looks, these are our favourite backpacks with included shoe storage. Keep your stinky feet away from the jewellery and travel with one extra pair using these organisational companions. 

       We’ll let you in on a bit of a secret…you don’t have to fill up the compartment with just shoes! These external pockets can also be used to store laundry, wet clothes, souvenirs, and anything else you want to provide with some personal space. 

      These pockets allow you to make the most out of existing volume instead of throwing everything in one central location and hoping for the best. We showed you some bags with dividers, separate zippered pockets, and kangaroo pouches perfect for a few pairs. 

      Unfortunately, even shoe compartments can’t create more volume with the same space magically. If you stuff up your shoe compartment, you’ll lose some storage in the main room and vice versa. 

      Still, the separate compartment makes these bags stand out in a crowd and help completely optimise every inch of storage affordably. Day-trippers and international wanderers will find a thousand different benefits to the compartmentalized space, and these bags still fulfil the same promises as any more traditional backpacks. 

      Let us know the weirdest thing you’ve ever stuffed in a shoe compartment in the comments below!

      We hope you’ve enjoyed our post and you’ve found the perfect backpack with a sneaker compartment for your next trip.

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