Planning an epic Eastern European jaunt or just checking out Macedonia? If either of those things are true, then you will certainly find yourself in the Macedonian capital Skopje.

Now don’t get me wrong, Macedonia is more or less a very safe country to travel in. There are, however, parts of Skopje that I would certainly avoid.

So where are all of the safest and best hostels in Skopje located?

That is exactly why I wrote this guide to the best hostels in Skopje for 2020!

Crush your travels with all of the insider information regarding backpacker accommodation in Skopje you’ll ever need.

By the end of this hostel guide you will be able to book your hostel quickly and easily so you can get back to preparing for you trip to this epic Balkan city!

Be sure, there is a hostel for every backpacker on my list.

Let’s get you sorted…

Quick Answer: The Best Hostels in Skopje

Best Hostel in Skopje
Welcome to my no-stress guide to the best hostels in Skopje.

The 10 Best Hostels in Skopje

Overall Best Hostel in Skopje – Shanti Hostel 2

Shanti Hostel 2 Best Hostel in Skopje
Shanti Hostel 2 ticks all the boxes: perfect location, comfortable, and a friendly atmosphere… this is the best hostel in Skopje.
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Common Room
  • Luggage Storage

Some sort of sequel to another top hostel in Skopje called Shanti Hostel, this second iteration is easily the overall best hostel in Skopje. The location is ace, the place is comfy, and both the staff and guests combine together to form a friendly atmosphere – it’s great. There’s a chill garden area, the opportunity for free wine tasting (whaaat), discounts on traditional Macedonian restaurants around town, a free welcome drink… See? It’s also clean and tidy with a nice bit of colourful but minimalist decor and it’s always nice to stay somewhere stylish.

Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Skopje – Hi Skopje Hostel

Hi Skopje Hostel Best Hostel for Solo Traveller in Skopje
Want to get free advice on the best things to do in Skopje? Hi Skopje has got you covered, making it the best hostel in Skopje for solo travelers.
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Common Room
  • Self Catering Facilities

This hostel is very cosy and it’s got a very friendly atmosphere – that’s a great start for any hostel, right? We say it’s the best hostel for solo travellers in Skopje mainly because of the vibe here, which the awesome staff deffo help create – they’re super helpful, and go out of their way to make sure you’re comfortable and give you tips about what to see in Skopje. This is the ideal sorta place for any solo backpacker; feeling welcome and meeting new people is the cherry on the cake when you’re gallivanting around the world seeing amazing stuff, so… yeah, Hi Skopje Hostel – it’s a good’un.

Best Cheap Hostel in Skopje #1 – Hostel Valentin

Hostel Valentin Best Cheap Hostel in Skopje
For all around positive vibes and budget value, choose Hostel Valentin: the best cheap hostel in Skopje.
  • $
  • Free Towels
  • No Curfew
  • Cafe

The best cheap hostel in Skopje has gotta be Hostel Valentin – and that’s not JUST because it has pretty much the cheapest price of any Skopje backpackers hostel going. Though that does help. Nah, it’s also for various other reasons, like the location being really convenient (right next to a bus stop), the friendly sociable atmosphere, the spacious dorms with V comfy beds, the general homely feel of it… You get the idea. It’s not the cleanest or coolest hostel going, but meh – for a budget hostel in Skopje this one really does take first place.

Best Cheap Hostel in Skopje #2 – UNITY Hostel Skopje

UNITY Hostel Skopje Best Hostels in Skopje
Looks pretty nice right? UNITY Hostel is the NICEST cheap hostel in Skopje…
  • $
  • 24-Hour Reception
  • Free City Tour
  • Free Tea & Coffee

Just love us a parquet floor and here’s where you’ll find some (in the private rooms anyway) – which is, um, great if you like parquet floors. Sorry. Moving on, UNITY has a lot more going for it than just wooden flooring. The location is pretty good: you can be in central Skopje in under 10 mins. It’s generally pretty clean. The WiFi however only works in the main common area making it a bit of a silent, swiping and staring (at your phone) sort of vibe. The kitchen is pretty nice though, the staff are friendly, it’s clean, it’s cheap. A decent, solid choice.

Best Cheap Hostel in Skopje #3 – City Hostel

City Hostel Best Hostels in Skopje
City Hostel is another solid bet and rounds off my list of the best cheap hostels in Skopje.
  • $
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Self Catering Facilities
  • Car & Bicycle Rental

ULTRA-CHEAP. You thought other places in Skopje were cheap? Well, think again, because the very simply named City Hostel is definitely a good option for a budget hostel in Skopje. So, yeah, ok, it’s basic, but that’s fine if you’re getting some good value for money elsewhere – like in the location, for example, or in the free tea and coffee all day, the rental services, the super nice and helpful staff. It’s all there. Just don’t be expecting this to be very useful for travelling photo fodder on Facebook or Insta because we don’t think people would really envy you. Still a recommended hostel in Skopje – if only for the price.

Best Hostel for Couples in Skopje – Lounge Hostel Skopje

Lounge Hostel Skopje Best Hostel for Couples in Skopje
Looking for a nice place to share with your partner without breaking the bank? Lounge Hostel is the best hostel for couples in Skopje.
  • $$
  • Free Morning Coffee
  • Towels Included
  • Outdoor Terrace

We get the feeling couples would love it here, so we’ve given it the accolade of best hostel for couples in Skopje. Why? Well, it’s pretty cool, maybe the coolest hostel in Skopje, maybe not. The decor is like, cute, minimalist kitsch, if such a thing exists – there is, inexplicably, a typewriter on a table, for instance, and there’s a mix of modern and cutesy-traditional. That sorta thing. But overall it’s clean, cool, and the sort of place that you can imagine yourself remembering in a yeah-that-place-was-really-nice kinda way, and that’s a nice thing to share with a partner. Big common areas, decent kitchen, very very nice staff.

Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Skopje – Urban Hostel and Apartments

Urban Hostel and Apartments Best Hostels for Digital Nomads in Skopje
Free coffee and a whole apartment? You might see me there one of these days…Urban Hostel and Apartments is the best hostel for digital-nomads in Skopje.
  • $$$
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • No Curfew
  • 24-Hour Reception

Free coffee whenever you like, a chill vibe, a great location (10 min walk from central) with loads of cool little cafes and traditional bits and bobs to check out, yep this is the best hostel for digital nomads in Skopje. Not only can you stay in a dorm but you can also hole up in your very own apartment (it’s in the name), some of which have jacuzzis – now we’re talking. But yeah, there’s plenty of space for laptop work here, and each room has an individual WiFi connection so people don’t slow it up all the time. Certainly not the cheapest in terms of a Skopje backpackers hostel, but otherwise a bargain.

Best Hostel with a Private Room in Skopje – Nordic Hostel N-Box

Nordic Hostel N-Box Best Hostel With Private Room in Skopje
Looking for a unique, elegant, and quiet place to get some rest? Nordic Hostel N-Box is the best hostel with a private room in Skopje.
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Common Room
  • Self Catering Facilities

Nordic Hostel N-What? Dunno what that name is about, but apparently this top hostel in Skopje is attempting to combine Scandinavian and Macedonian design. We aren’t sure if cubicle-style accommodation is an overly Scandinavian thing, but, hey, let’s go with it. To be fair, this place is pretty cool, possibly could be but maybe isn’t the coolest hostel in Skopje. It is, however, due to its boutique-iness, the general style, the cosiness of it all, the best hostel with a private room in Skopje. Ok, so it is actually pretty cool. Location-wise it’s also good: city centre’s about a 10-15 min walk.

Things DO go missing sometimes…

lock iconPsst! Heading to a hostel? Don’t forget to pack a padlock! It’s well worth having one so you can secure your locker and protect your stuff!

More Best Hostels in Skopje


Shanti-Hostel Best Hostels in Skopje
Like my overall top pick for best hostel in Skopje, this Shanti Hostel is just as good as its sister hostel.
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Common Room

Ah, look who it is – it’s Shanti-Hostel, the first and original Shanti. It’s bright and colourful in this Skopje backpackers hostel, which makes for a… happy? Environment? Yeah, let’s say that: happy environment. It’s cheerful, that’s a better way to put it. There’s also a free breakfast, free coffee and tea, a free laundry service if you stay for 3 or more nights, and a general charm about it that’s mainly down to the people that run this place. It’s easy to meet and mingle with other backpackers here. With that and the decent location close to all of the best things to do in Skopje, it’s difficult to fault this place. Maybe on the colour schemes but we’ve already decided that it’s cheerful, so there.

Get Inn Skopje

Get Inn Skopje Best Hostels in Skopje
Get Inn Skopje is one of the best hostels in Skopje because there always seems to be something FREE (and useful) on offer. Details below…
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Common Room
  • Lots Of Free Stuff

Modern, minimalist (ish), clean, generally pretty cool, and with a nice atmosphere – even though Get Inn has a really, really silly name, we can forgive it for the decent decor and general vibe of the place. It’s a youth hostel in Skopje that has a mildly boutique-y feeling, which is good, but what’s better is their weekly itinerary of free stuff… Monday: free dinner. Tuesday: free haircut. Wednesday: free walking tour. Thursday: free rent-a-bike. Friday: free rakija. Saturday: free wine. Sunday: free popcorn. In terms of both value for money AND social stuff, this place is a winner. The staff can always advise you on where to catch the best nightlife in Skopje.

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What to Pack for your Skopje Hostel

We don’t often travel without these essentials.

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Noise Cancelling Earbuds

6. Noise-Cancelling Earbuds: Noise in hostels… is a thing. Your bunkmate coming in late, motorbike traffic just below your window, construction on the property or the round-the-clock rooster that seems to follow you to every f*cking hostel. Having a way to escape the noise while you sleep makes for a well-rested morning. Noise canceling ear-buds are a great solution, just put on your favorite artist or load a quick Netflix episode to fall asleep too.

Why you should travel to Skopje

Well guys, that’s all I got: we have arrived at the final act of my best hostels in Skopje list.

Backpacking the big cities in Eastern Europe is not without its risks. That said, you are now armed with the most up to date information regarding the best (and safest) hostels in Skopje.

You can rest easy knowing we did all the research to ensure that you have the best possible experience backpacking in Skopje.

The purpose of this hostel guide was to put all of the best hostels in Skopje on the table, so that you could choose the one that best suits your travel style. Hopefully now booking is easy and uncomplicated.

Where you stay certainly matters. A trip to Skopje is of course no different. Be sure to book early if you have an eye on a specific hostel as the best ones do book out fast, especially in the summer months.

Still having trouble arriving at a conclusion? Feeling on the fence about which hostel is the best hostel in Skopje?

No worries…

When folks are in doubt, I typically recommend that you just book my top overall pick for best hostel in Skopje: Shanti Hostel 2.

Shanti Hostel 2 Best Hostel in Skopje
Shanti Hostel 2 is a pretty rad place in an excellent location. It is your best bet if you’re undecided. Good luck!

Travel Safety Tips for Skopje

And don’t forget Travel Insurance! We’ve put together a roundup of Travel Insurance for backpackers – check it out here, or if you’re low on time, get a quote from World Nomads, our favorite travel insurance provider.

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Over to you

By now I hope our epic guide to the best hostels in Skopje has helped you choose the perfect hostel for your adventure!

If you think we’ve missed anything or have any further thoughts, hit us up in the comments!

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