The Eden Garden Party in Koh Phangan

This is it. You have stumbled onto one of the greatest secrets of the Thai islands, the Eden Garden Party in Koh Phangan.

This is a party unlike any other, this is what I imagine the full moon parties were like when they first started. The atmosphere is awesome and there is always a really great crowd here. The Eden Garden Party is held every Saturday and Tuesday and is one of the best psychedelic-themed events I have ever been to. Eden Bar is a great place to chill out with a cheeky smoke and watch the sea below or dance the night away. The entire atmosphere is geared towards people wanting to have an incredible time. The music here is absolutely wonderful; great trance and electronica played by a very skilled bunch of DJs from all over the world.

eden garden party koh phangan

This isn’t it 😛

This is a party which attracts an amazing crowd; there is none of the fighting or alcohol vomiting that accompanies the Moon Parties. After heading to the Eden Garden Party, I will never again go to a Full Moon party. A small community of expats and hippies lives on Haad Yuan beach and I believe it is the same crowd that runs the bar. The party goes from about 9pm till 12pm the next day… We stayed and watched the sun come up above the ocean, it was a magical experience and one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. For the best view of the sunrise head back along the walkway and up a small hill.

How to get to the Eden Garden Party

You can only get to the Eden Garden Party by catching a boat from Haad Rin beach to Haad Yuan. If you have the time, I recommend spending a few days on Haad Yuan beach as it’s a very cool place to chill out indeed.

Be careful when heading up to the Eden Bar, the walkway is extremely dangerous and there’s been several bad accidents here in recent years. I helped one guy who had fallen right off the walkway onto the rocks below and he was really fucked up. Be careful, especially when you are drunk. If you’re tripping, do not leave the bar area to go exploring, the rocks surrounding the bar are slippery and home to snakes. I strongly recommend wearing decent sandals if you have them rather than flip-flops. It’s also well worth having a security belt where you can hide your money and weed. A lot of people at The Eden Party end up losing phones and wallets…

Where to stay on Haad Yuan

eden garden party koh phangan

Gorgeous sunrise at the beach

Haad Yuan is a chill beach with some pretty nice places to crash at. Assuming you will be partying hard at the Eden Garden party, it is best to book a place so you can sleep off the hangover peacefully. Or you can leave your bag at your friends hostel & hang your hammock on the beach for a free nights sleep. These are some properties on or near Haad Yuan that I would recommend:

Jungle Vibes Hostel – If you want to party at night & chill by the pool in the day then this is the place for you!  It’s a social hostel with good music playing & they take you around to some of the best bars/parties in town.

Slumber Party Hostel – This is the place to stay for the full moon & garden party! The crew here are crazy, they’ll help push your drinking habits to the limits & show you how to party.

Goodtime Beach Backpackers – This place is awesome for all you beach bums. You literally step out of the hostel & onto the beach. It’s the perfect place to recover from a wild night of drinking after the full moon or eden garden party.

You could also simply rock up with a camping hammock and find a place to sleep in the jungle. If you don’t want to base yourself on Haad Yuan, check out this post for the top party hostel recommendations in Koh Phangan instead!

For the love of all that is holy, if you’re partying in Koh Phangan, get travel insurance. I recommend World Nomads – they have gotten me out of three sticky situations, quickly, over my backpacking adventures. Check out my full review of World Nomads here. 

If you’re looking for other cool things to do around Koh Phangan, you won’t have to look very far… hire a motorbike for the day and get exploring!

Stay safe amigos and enjoy the Eden Garden Party! 🙂

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  • Avatar Richard Lionheart says:

    Next month I’m coming home, Thailand.
    Koh phangan for 6 days.. In which I’m going to have the STD full moon party (without any std’s hopfully), Eden garden party, Tinder+ pickups… Hard work ahead…

  • Avatar Xandra says:

    Hi there! Eden Parties are still going on strong. Also wanted to point out a more underground party, hoping they get a bit more, but not too much attention ? If on Koh Phangan, ask for Lost Paradise. Nice vibe, nice techno, directly at the beach and you should also go there by boat. Have fun!

  • Avatar Andy says:

    Peeps be careful with the substances…

    My best mate got caught with a tiny bud of weed, not even one joint’s worth (on Samui not at Eden). He was arrested, locked up, a court case on the mainland and then a week in prison… I had to fly back to UK and raise £2k to pay him out. His first night in mainland jail, he saw someone beaten to death. Plenty of safe places in the world to experiment with recreationals. Thailand is not one of them.

  • Avatar Adam says:

    Hey guys. This looks amazing!

    Don’t know if anyone has either/both answer(s) to my question(s):

    – Is this on a Sunday as opposed to Saturday now? I’m going in December and arriving on a Saturday.

    – Are there late night taxis back to Haad Rin? I wish I saw this sooner as i’d have booked accommodation.

  • Avatar Nat says:

    Hey guys… you can definitely find all the stuff you want just ask a few people. I don’t want to name any specific bars but believe me you’ll find it is you make some friends and just ask a few questions 🙂

  • Avatar Ash says:

    If there was a party tonight I would’ve done it!

  • Avatar Ash says:

    Where can you buy mdma from over there? Off the counter? Look for someone? Is there a code word?

  • Avatar Maik says:

    Does anybody know if the party is still going on during the first half of August? Its written that now they’d only do it on Saturdays during the high season, not sure if that time count as such:

    August 7th is Full Moon though… Any answer will be appreciated.

  • Avatar July says:

    WHAt about the entry?

  • Avatar Heyaon says:

    Is there Mdma?

  • Avatar Steve says:

    I will going today. Plus there 4wd taxis driving you to the party. Cheers

  • Avatar Gokul says:

    The best place on earth. It’s the closest to nature I’ve ever partied..
    Nice people, good vibes and the sunrise which I wanted to linger on for a while was breathtaking.

  • Avatar Arthur says:

    Do you know of any parties that are similar or close to similar in other countries?

  • Avatar Erin says:

    Don’t get fucked up before you traverse the rocks and temple of doom bridge to eden. I went a few months ago and it was scary. Wear shoes you can climb in. Seriously. Oh and 1 eden shake = 3 magic mountain shakes…. eden ones are way stronger. I learned the hard way after a lackluster magic mountain trip. I figured they were all weak. I was wrong. Also- get a fanny pack- it will save your life. This is so you don’t get messed up and lose all of your stuff. I may have looked like a crazy person- but I am the only one who ended the trip unscathed with an unbroken phone and my wallet. It is not a touristy experience- eden is more for people that want to have a spiritual/deep experience. Not the standard full moon neon shirt tourist shirt storm.

  • Avatar Jess says:

    Yes does anyone have any recent updates on if the partys are still going on throughout may?

  • Avatar Braden says:

    Landing in Thailand next Monday, my buddy came back from Eden and had nothing but incredible stories to tell- my understanding is this is a bar however, not a hostel- correct? If so, what’s the best /closest hostel to Eden that you would recommend on a shoestring budget

    • I can’t remember exactly where I stayed, best advice is to take a walk around and check out a few places. You should always ask to see a room first before you agree to take it, rooms can vary greatly even with in the same hostel. Have an amazing time.

    • Avatar Sarah says:

      Hey how was the Eden party?? We want to go but not sure it’s still happening on Saturday nights.

  • Avatar Jazz says:

    I’m going and I’m super excited! Can’t wait. Do you have any tips? Are the people nice? So many questions lol

  • Avatar vlad says:

    Hi Will. Do you know whether the eden garden parties are still going on? Were not all but FMP banned on the island? Thanks

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