Thailand could easily be ranked as every backpacker’s #1 bucket list destination. Gorgeous islands, pristine beaches, clear water, exotic temples, scrumptious food, an unbeatable party scene, loads of budget-friendly accommodations, and public transportation aplenty to get around – what’s not to love?

The best way to enjoy your Thailand backpacking adventure to the fullest is to pack smart. The riskiest – and the most exciting – part of third world travel is its unpredictability and sometimes not-so-cushy conditions. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide that includes a top 24-item packing list, what to wear in Thailand, special items for ladies and gents, and what not to pack – to make sure you’re prepared for any situation.

Once you’ve checked off all of your pre-travel packing essentials, you can rest assured you’re in for the trip of a lifetime!


The Ultimate Thailand Packing List

Ultimate Packing List – Best Backpack
Ultimate Packing List – Best Backpack

Nomatic Travel Bag

  • Capacity > 30L
  • Price > $299
Ultimate Packing List – Best Suitcase
Ultimate Packing List – Best Suitcase

Nomatic Navigator Carry On

  • Capacity > 37L
  • Price > $400
Ultimate Packing List – Best Camera
Ultimate Packing List – Best Camera

GoPro Hero 11

  • Resolution > 5k
  • Price > $400
Ultimate Packing List – Best Rain Jacket
Ultimate Packing List – Best Rain Jacket

Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket

  • Price > $600
Ultimate Packing List – Travel Insurance
Ultimate Packing List – Travel Insurance

Insurance From World Nomads

  • Price > Click For a Quote

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    So what to pack for Thailand? In this guide we will run you through the essentials ranging from the best luggage for Thailand to what to wear in Thailand.

    Nomatic Travel Bag

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    #1 – Nomatic Travel Bag

    If you are packing for Thailand then you’re gonna need a bag! This is at the top of our Thailand packing list for a reason – you NEED a great travel backpack. That’s why we personally love the Nomatic Travel Bag. It’s made of durable waterproof material, equipped with compartments you never knew you needed (until now!), has a 40-liter capacity for a ton of space, yet is small enough to use as a carry-on. This bag has it all! Check out our in-depth review.

    Nomatic Carry On Pro

    Nomatic Carry-On Pro

    Backpacks not your thing? Probs no! Our friends at Nomatic are back again with a great alternative to their badass Travel Bag; the Nomatic Carry-On Pro – the best carry on luggage we have ever used.

    This suitcase is ultra-durable, sleek, and comes with a handy tech compartment for transporting your laptop and other electronic bits. Nomatic has been an industry leader when it comes to travel gear and that reputation is reflected in the quality build design and functionality of the Carry-On Pro suitcase. 

    Whilst Thailand is a “backpacking” destination, there are no rules against bringing a suitcase!

    Check out our Nomatic Carry-On Pro review to learn more about this epic suitcase. 

    HolaFly eSim

    The good news about Thailand is that there is decent 4g and 5g Internet coverage, taxi apps and food delivery apps. The bad news is that your native SIM card will not work and so you will not be able to access any of this online goodness until you rectify that particular situation.

    You can waste time hanging around phone shops queuing to get a plastic sim or you can simply install a eSim onto your phone before you leave home. You just access the HolaFly site, choose the Bali/Indonesia package, download it and off you go – you are online the moment you land at the airport.

    eSims are easier to set up and better than the environment than plastic sims. The downside is that not all phones are eSim ready.

    go pro hero 9 black

    GoPro Hero9 Black Camera

    For most of us, our smartphones now feature cameras with stunning photo capabilities.

    But… if you are an aspiring photographer who wants to take next-level photos and video beyond iPhone selfies, I recommend going with an action camera like the GoPro Hero9 Black.

    It does deliver pro-quality video and gives you a bunch of a different angle options and shooting speeds to work with for photos (including a selfie-mode).

    Think of a camera purchase like this as a long term investment that will have you capturing epic shots well beyond your time exploring here.

    If you are looking for something cheaper for video specifically, check out these epic GoPro Alternatives.

    Wandrd Packing Cubes
    Wandrd Packing Cubes

    Wandrd Packing Cubes

    In case you have never used them, packing cubes are little compression cubes that allow you to neatly pack clothes in in order to help facilitate better packing. They allow you to pack more stuff, and to keep it all better organised.

    For the longest time, I thought that packing cubes were a superfluous indulgence, but boy was I wrong. Now I never travel without a few.

    These ones from WANDRD are great quality and excellent value for money.

    Travel Insurance From World Nomads

    ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing.

    They offer month-to-month payments, no lock-in contracts, and require absolutely no itineraries: that’s the exact kind of insurance long-term travellers and digital nomads need.

    SafetyWing is cheap, easy, and admin-free: just sign up lickety-split so you can get back to it!

    Click the button below to learn more about SafetyWing’s setup or read our insider review for the full tasty scoop.

    Kodiak Journal

    Planner/Travel Journal

    Keeping a journal is one of the best things to do when traveling. The Drifter Leather Journal by Kodiak is our favorite, it works great for digital nomads and organized backpackers and can be used as planner or a dream diary – whatever you want! 

    Keep on track with your goals, travels and save those precious memories, especially the ones you do not want to share online. This one is bound in beautiful leather so it looks beautiful and will withstand life on the road.

    Nomatic Toiletry Bag 2

    Nomatic Hanging Toiletry Bag

    These are GODSEND for those of us who move around hostels a lot. Ye, another Thailand backpacker/traveler favorite for staying organized is a hanging toiletry bag. It’s extremely helpful to have all of your accessories neatly gathered in one bag that you can hang for easy accessibility, especially when counter space isn’t plentiful or even available.

    A well-organized bag is worth having whether you’re tree whilst camping or a hook in the wall – it helps to have quick access to all your stuff.

    Historically, I have been the guy who has my stuff all over the bathroom, so getting one of these things really changed the toiletry game for me. Plus they are not too expensive either. A no-brainer essential. 

    What To Pack For Thailand Checklist: Personal Gear

    Whatever time of year you visit Thailand, it is a hot country. Like most of Southeast Asia, You can expect warm to hot days and lovely nights pretty much whichever part you visit and whenever you go. However note that there is a monsoon rainy season which will require some thinking about.

    Whilst beach and backpacker gear is perfectly suitable attire for much of Thailand, remember that you will need to dress respectfully in and around temples.

    The aim of this guide isn’t to micro manage your packing for you. I mean, you probably know that you’ll need underwear right? Instead, we are going to suggest some awesome products as well as recommended some things to bring to Thailand that you may not have thought about.

    Salomon X Ultra 3 Low Aero

    Salomon X Ultra 3 Low Aero

    Yes, Thailand is a beach backpacker destination and you may be tempted to spend your whole trip wearing only flip flips or even going around barefoot (believe us, people do it). However, do not underestimate the case for wearing decent, comfortable dependable shoes – they are great for the sometimes uneven payments and ideal for driving around in mopeds.

    I admit that most shoes that are also good for hiking are not the most attractive pieces of footwear. But they are some of the most comfortable and deliver good ankle support for a long day of walking about

    Plus, there are some damned awesome hiking trails in Thailand that you would be silly to miss out on. So packing a pair of hiking shoes gives you the option (and eliminates excuses) to go head for the hills when the city becomes too much.

    Check out the women’s Salomon X Ultra 3 Low Aero

    Patagonia Down Sweater Hoodie

    Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody

    Granted, Thailand is warm. However, in the north the evenings can get cool so it is wise to bring some kind of light jacket.

    It weighs just under a pound and provides an excellent weight to warmth ratio. If you don’t go for one of the super bright colors, it is pretty stylish and city-worthy also. 

    If visiting Thailand in the winter, this jacket is an absolute must. If you are visiting during monsoon season, then maybe check out one of Patagonia’s rain jackets instead. 

    Check out our best travel jackets article for more inspiration. 



    This one is probably a no-brainer. Thailand offers some of the most amazing, beautiful, bountiful beaches in the world and backpacking Thailand offers ample opportunities to get into your swimming kit. You will get some serious use out of your swimwear, so don’t forget to pack it!

    We are not going to tell you what to wear in Thailand, but swimwear is good call. In fact, it may even be worth investing in a few sets in case you ever decide to wash one. Of course, don’t wear your swimwear for visiting temples though.

    packable travel medical kit

    Travel First Aid Kit

    You don’t need to tote around half a pharmacy, but a well-stocked first aid kit should be in all our backpacks. Inconvenient and embarrassing stuff happens on the road and dealing with small situations like a cut finger or hangover migraine is a lifesaver away.

    Tuck it away in a forgotten pocket – it’ll be there when you need it.

    Tip: Add a few bits and pieces to the first aid kit after you purchase it, like extra headache medicine, any personal meds you need (like allergy pills), whatever you take to calm your stomach and a few more plasters.

    Abaco Polarized Sunglasses

    Abaco Sunglasses

    A reliable pair of sunglasses is undoubtedly one of your Thailand packing essentials. Our favorites are Abaco Polarized Sunglasses because they deliver on quality and style. 

    They’re built tough with triple-layer scratch-resistant lenses and trademarked Adventure-proof Frame Material. You can also customize them with your choice of lens and frame colors to reflect your own style. 

    Thinksport Sunscreen

    Suncream: Thinksport Safe SPF 50+

    By now, all of us are as pasty as the driven snow from sheltering in place for the last six months. Am I right? This means we are even more vulnerable than usual to the sun’s fierce rays. Packing sunscreen for Thailand may seem like a no brainer, but you would be amazed how many sun-burned beer belching backpackers you see wandering around. 

    The sun can do serious, long term damage to our skin. Protect it adequately by packing the right sunscreen for your Thailand trip.

    Thinksport Safe SPF 50+ sunscreen gives folks strong sun protection in a non-oily formula that’s free of gluten, paraben, phthalates and biologically harmful chemicals.

    Pacsafe belt

    Money Belt By Pacsafe

    Whilst Thailand is not particularly dangerous, crime can still happen and tourists are sometimes targeted.

    Therefore it is always a good idea to use a money belt to hide your cash just in case something does go wrong.

    When it comes to money belts, there are loads of cheap ones available but they will fall to pieces more or less as soon as you fasten them up. Therefore the one from Pacsafe is a sound bet.

    OluKai Upena Sandals

    Sandals: OluKai ‘Ohana Flip-Flops

    We already mentioned flip flop/sandals earlier on. It is true that they come in very useful for Thailand and are popular amongst many visitors. However, if you invest in cheap ones, you can expect them to fall apart pretty quickly.

    Do yourself a favor and pack some high quality sandals and give your feet some well-deserved cushion and fresh air. These Olukai flip flops are ultra-comfortable, well-made, and come in a variety of colors. 

    Check out the women’s OluKai ‘Ohana Flip-Flops.

    patagonia trucker hat

    Patagonia Fitz Roy Trucker

    As you should know by now, the sun in Thailand can be very strong and you will undoubtedly be spending a lot of time outside. Having a hat on your Thailand packing list is a good way to ensure your face is protected from the sun throughout the day. They are also good for hiding that messy beach hair!

    Patagonia makes great hats. I have probably bought three or four of these over the last five years. Simple. Practical. Comfortable. That is what you are after. 

    Osprey Daylite Plus

    Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack

    If you intend on doing any hiking, or bussing around the country then you will need a daypack. They are great for carrying water, hat’s and gloves and for packing sandwiches for lunch. We love Osprey products and this daypack is our personal pick. They are also great for day trips to the beach and can hold your towels, speakers, and a few beers (drink them fast or they will get warm though!)

    The Osprey Daylite Plus has a mesh-covered panel to keep your back cool and fresh by minimizing contact with the back of the pack itself and allowing air to get between you and the pack.

    Check out our full review of the Osprey Daylite plus for more details.

    The Basic Stuff To Pack For Thailand

    On top of the essential items listed above, here is an additional suggested checklist of what to pack for a trip to Thailand.

    cost of a trip to Thailand
    • 1-2 pairs of comfortable pants/jeans
    • 1-2 pairs of shorts (summer/late spring)
    • A few pairs of socks
    • (Sexy) underwear x 2/3
    • Ladies: a few dresses, pants, outfits, or desired lady apparel for a night on the town. Whatever makes you comfy! 
    • Dudes: A few collard shirts or something half-way decent for a night on the town. You can’t ALWAYS wear vests can you now?!
    • Smartphone with a good camera for photos if you are not bringing an actual camera
    • Portable power bank for charging your phone on the go
    • Phone charger
    • Amazon Kindle for reading by the pool
    • Copy of your passport just in case
    • Cash (not too much, there are ATM machines in all tourist areas)
    • Packable Towel

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      Final Thoughts on What to Pack for Thailand

      Well, that’s it, folks! Now you know what to bring to Thailand. Your ultimate packing guide complete with the top-24 needs for Thailand: what to wear that’s practical and culturally appropriate, a breakdown of the weather in Thailand by season with wardrobe suggestions, what not to pack that you won’t need and will just weigh you down, and our all-time favorite travel bag.

      As with all minimalist budget travel, just remember to adhere to the backpacker’s cardinal rule – less is more. Stick to the essentials that will keep your travels safe and as comfortable as possible, and you can’t go wrong. Now get out there – your Thailand backpacking adventure awaits!