To keep your clothes fresh as your look, you can’t do much better than the right leather weekender bag. Leather helps keep everything wrinkle clean and effortlessly boosts any style. 

The duffel style of these bags will feel different than a backpack and reflect a more reformed palette. So look away from backpacks for your next weekend getaway, and let the proper duffel empowered by leather get the job done. 

Loads of weekend bags promise the world only to snap before you even make it through security. 

To guarantee your next pack will be durable and classy, choose leather. Synthetic materials have gone a long way, but there is nothing that lasts longer than genuine leather.

This durability means that the next leather bag you buy could be your last, so it’s essential to choose wisely. Leather has loads of quirky qualities, and no two styles will feel the same. Your bag will shift and mold with use, so you should buy with the next five years in mind instead of the following five weekends. 

To steer you in the right direction, we’ve compiled a list of the best leather weekend bags on the market. We thought about various travel styles, budgets, and looks to rank the bags below. 

All the bags on this list store enough to get you through a three-day weekend in style yet are still small enough to carry on.  

Our favorite bags will put you well on your way to finding the leather that best suits you and best protects your suit. 

Psst, if you decide a duffel isn’t quite right, then we have also reviewed loads of amazing leather backpacks.

Quick Answers – What Are The Best Leather Weekender Bags?

Best Overall Leather Bag
Best Overall Leather Bag

The Weekender Duffle

  • > $299
  • > Durable straps
  • > Lightweight and stylish leather bag
Best Expensive Bag
Best Expensive Bag

Weekend Bag by Harber London

  • > $1249
  • > Made with quality materials and handcrafted functionality
  • > Large exterior pockets
Best Women’s Weekend Bag
Best Women’s Weekend Bag

Women’s 45l Weekender

  • > $299
  • > Lightweight
  • > Included leather shoulder straps
Best Full Grain Leather Bag
Best Full Grain Leather Bag

Vegan Cork Duffel by Mahi

  • > $199
  • > Full-grain cow leather
  • > Can work as an everyday pack
Most Affordable Leather Bag
Most Affordable Leather Bag

Aramada Duffle Bag

  • > $199
  • > Lightweight and affordable leather bag
  • > Six separate pockets
Best For City Breaks
Best For City Breaks

Jackson Wayne Cabin Weekender

  • > $49
  • > Three separate large pockets
  • > Goat leather
Most Stylish Leather Bag
Most Stylish Leather Bag

Atlas Executive Athletic Holdall

  • > $429
  • > Slim and lightweight package
  • > Full-grain leather

#1 – Best Overall Leather Bag – Kodiak Leather 30l Weekender

Kodiak Weekender Duffel 30L

The Weekender by Kodiak is our top pick

  •  W77cm (top) x H37cm x D30cm
  • 30 Liters
  • $299

Mahi Leather is the company to beat in the leather bag market. Until someone steps up big time, their bags offer up unbeatable craftsmanship, durability, and quality in materials across the board. 

This lovely travel leather bag is the flagship duffel for a proven company, and its clean appearance and durable straps have earned it the highest place on our list. The bag can be carried with handles or a shoulder strap, and brass hardware ensures you can walk with confidence no matter how you hold it. 

You won’t lose anything inside the bag, thanks to the zip and phone pocket. You can pack everything you need this weekend in this lightweight and stylish leather bag that checks off all the boxes. 

#2 – Best Expensive Leather Bag – Leather Weekend Bag by Harber London

Harber London Weekender

Our pick for best large leather bag is the Weekender Duffel

  • 24 x 22 x 50 cm / 9.4 x 8.6 x 19.6
  • 60 Liters
  • $1300

Made with quality materials and handcrafted functionality, this bag has several large exterior pockets that let you better organize your luggage.  

The bag isn’t cheap, but its large size and efficient carrying options allow you to do more. If you’re only going to have one bag for all your adventures, this leather bag could be the one. 

#3 – Best Women’s Weekend Bag – Womens 45l Weekender by Kodiak

Kodiak Weekender Duffel 60L

Meet the best women’s weekend bag: Women’s 60l Weekender Duffel

  • W54cm x H33cm x D22cm
  • 45 Liters
  • $449

This tried and tested weekend bag takes on a weight-friendly reverse triangle shape to take some of the pressure off your shoulders.  In addition, the lightweight bag can be held by hand or with included leather shoulder straps. Each option has reinforced protection to ensure nothing snaps while you’re on the go. 

Security checkpoints are more accessible thanks to a sidewall pocket that fits a phone and passport. The light brown shading of the exterior includes reinforced shoulder straps that make the bag shine. 

Whilst you could say its a unisex bag, Kodiak do market this as a womens leather bag.

#4 – Best Vegan Leather Bag – The Classic Cork Duffel

The Classic Duffel in Vegan Cork
  • 20” X 10” X 11”
  • 30 Liters
  • $329

The vegan friendly cork brings a unique feel to this one-of-a-kind bag. The all natural cork means that no two bags will take on the exact same texture and color, so you can saddle up in style. 

Since it fits every look, this bag can go beyond the weekends. You may buy it for a trip or two, but you’ll find yourself using the Yukon any chance you can get. 

This bag’s artistry guarantees it can work as an everyday pack, a commuter bag or a weekender bag for years to come. 

#5 – Best Limited Edition Bag – LIMITED EDITION – Yukon 60L Weekender Duffel

Yukon 60L Weekender Duffel

LIMITED EDITION – Yukon 60L Weekender Duffel is our pick for best expensive bag

  • 23.5” X 12” X 12”
  • 60 Liters
  • $449

Big and full-grain, you won’t leave anything behind if you’re packing this heat. Of course, the full-grain cow leather makes the bag stand out in the crowd, but that’s okay – the exterior buckle pockets use magnetic latches to help against pickpockets. 

Shades range from dark grey to caramel brown. The leather is natural, all the way down to the coloring, so the exact shade of each bag is slightly different. 

This bag has enough extra pockets and zippers that make it perfect for travelers who need to haul around a lot of equipment. The bag proves that staying organized starts with looking good. 

#6 – Best Storage Capacity – 80L Iliamna Canvas Duffel

Kodiak Iliamna Canvas Duffel 80L

Our pick for best storage capacity is 80L Iliamna Canvas Duffel

  • 24” X 15” X 14”
  • 80 Liters
  • $249

The granddaddy of them all, this big bag looks, feels, and lifts more like a traditional duffel bag. The wide cylindrical capacity allows for unparalleled storage in such a small package, and there’s even an exterior zipper pocket for the valuables. 

This bag will let you roll straight to the gym from work or from the plane, as the look is complemented by top-grain leather in the side handles. 

Canvas material works with buffalo leather to create the bag’s primary material. Filled up, 80 liters of anything starts to get heavy. Kodiak used canvas to ensure that a bag this large is still lightweight. 

#7 – Most Affordable Leather Bag – The Mahi Leather Armada Duffel

Armada Duffel

Meet the most affordable leather bag: Armada Leather by Mahi

  • 23” X 12” X 12”
  • 35 Liters
  • $199

Neil Young’s favorite crazy horse leather teams up with canvas to create a lightweight and affordable leather bag ready to roll by the weekend. Six separate pockets across the inside and outside linings of the bag keep your valuables close by, and magnetic buttons keep everything closed. 

While not top-notch leather, this bag looks the part and has enough flashy additions to be worth a second thought. 

Not everyone needs full-grain cow leather. If you want a simple bag that will fit gym clothes, a laptop, and enough entertainment for the weekend, you don’t need anything more than this. 

#8 – Best For City Breaks – Jackson Wayne Cabin Weekender

Jackson Wayne Cabin Weekender

Jackson Wayne Cabin Weekender is one of the best for city breaks

  • 16” X 9” X 12”
  • N/A Liters
  • $49

With a bag, this iconic, all that your next weekend in the woods will be missing is the horse. Jackson Wayne brings a real urban cowboy feel to the duffel while tacking on modern conveniences behind every nook and cranny. 

If you can get past the goat leather, the bag will be a valuable companion. Three separate large pockets keep the dirty laundry out of the way, and a combination of straps allows you to carry the bag any way you see fit. 

Goat leather isn’t as tough as the real deal, but if you don’t have too much to ask of your bag, you won’t feel the difference. 

#9 – Most Stylish Leather Bag – Atlas Executive Athletic Holdall

Atlas Executive Athletic Holdall

Atlas Executive Athletic Holdall is our pick for most stylish leather bag

  • 16” X 8” X 10”
  • 24 Liters
  • $429

Take a seat at the head of the table with the Atlas Executive, an all-performance hybrid leather bag. Holdall functions as a briefcase, gym bag, and weekender in one slim and lightweight package, and full-grain leather accents give it a stylish flourish. 

If you plan on going away on business frequently, it’s worth investing in the best luggage. To ensure everything you deem necessary enough to carry with you gets there safely, the bag has two separate padded compartments.

The entire bag was hand-sewn in the USA. Pair up your next trip with this stylish leather bag to make a statement before you ever open your mouth. 

Final Thoughts

Bringing a rough, sophisticated look into play, all of these bags feel as old as time. Technology has had hundreds of years to develop better options, and there is still no more iconic material than old-fashioned full-grain leather.

As a day bag or for a weekend trip, you’ll find your next piece of luggage somewhere on this list. These bags can do anything you’d need out of your accessories – they’re tough, stylish, and efficient. 

You can’t go wrong picking the all-rounder package of the 30L Weekender Duffel, but if you want to take it up a notch, the LImited Edition Yukon 60L will give you a bag that has no equal.

If you don’t want to invest a significant chunk of change in your weekender, the Jackson Wayne is a nice compromise. 

The best bag for your needs comes down to personal choice. There are bags for every budget and every purpose because there are no two paths that are the same. Have an idea of where you want to take your bag before you decide which leather weekender is right for you, and let us know which bags we missed in the comments. 

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