EPIC SIARGAO Itinerary! (August 2019)

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Siargao is one of the most charming and secluded island paradises that the Philippines provides! The tear-drop shaped island is surrounded by turquoise waters, abundant marine life, astounding waves, as well as a relaxed atmosphere that rejuvenates the spirit of anyone who explores its splendor.

 If you’re looking for plenty of adventure and ocean, with lagoons and white sands thrown in, then this is the place for you! Siargao is all about fun experiences, water sports and celebrating the unique gift of the island lifestyle.

Our complete travel guide provides a Siargao itinerary and expenses to ensure that your time spent on this mystifying island is full of excitement, new tastes, exploration, epic landscapes and so much more! Create memories that will last a lifetime as we share with you the best way to experience Siargao, so you can let the stress of planning simply melt away.

Get ready for your island dream to become a reality!


Best Time To Visit Siargao

when to visit Siargao

These are the best times to visit Siargao!

Siargao is one of those special places that is always waiting to greet you with warm ocean waters and glorious Mediterranean sun rays! All year round, the temperatures are tropical and hot, making this a very easy place to visit, and perfect for when you feel like trading in the cold weather for sunbathing and cocktails.

The overall peak season for tourists is between March and October, as this is when the rains are at bay and you can enjoy more days on the beach.

If you’re seeking a more secluded getaway without the crowds, then November to February is when you will find quiet sanctity on this marvelous island.

Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines, so for those who are planning to catch some awesome waves and go surfing, then the best months would between August to November!

 Average TemperaturesChance of RainCrowdsOverall Grade
June29°C/84°F LowBusy🙂


Where To Stay In Siargao

where to stay in Siargao

These are the best places to stay in Siargao!

If you are exploring the island of Siargao or passing through as you backpack through the Philippines, we share the best spots for you to stay in!

Have you ever wanted to feel as if you’re on cloud 9? Well, Siargao offers you just that in an area dubbed Cloud 9, a quaint surfing hub. Whilst this magnificent island offers much more than surfing and is popular for a variety of sports and scenic places, surfing is still pretty high up on the reasons for visiting the island! Connect with fellow sea lovers and wave riders in this community, and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

General Luna is the best place to be if you’re wanting to experience the social scene, let your freak flag fly and experiment with local cuisine. Luna offers some of the best tourists spots, such as the Namacpacan Church in La Union. Experience a vibrant nightlife, and enjoy an easy base for island hopping and day trips.

If you are wanting to avoid the limelight cast on the island and escape to a tranquil environment, then look no further than Pacifico. Not only is it less dense with crowds, but you will have the opportunity to venture through the island’s cultural villages and mingle more closely with the famously effervescent locals!


Best Hostel in Siargao – Footprints Homestay

Footprints Homestay Siargao itinerary

Footprints Homestay is our pick for the best hostel in Siargao!

If you’re looking for a place for yourself or your group to stay that will provide you with warmth and laughter, then Footprints Homestay is the place to be. This lively hostel has made it to the top of our list for most amazing hostels in Siargao! Originally built by a British and Filipino couple, their love for the island shines in every crevice of this awesome establishment.

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Best Budget Hotel in Siargao – Viento Del Mar

Viento Del Mar Siargao itinerary

Viento Del Mar is our pick for the best budget hotel in Siargao

Just off the beach, the Viento Del Mar provides classy accommodation in General Luna.  Dine at the on-site restaurant and enjoy the life-saving effects of air conditioning on those very humid days! Mingle with other guests and fellow travelers in the hotel lounge, entertain yourself in the game room or wind down with a good book from the library – Viento Del Mar is value for money and our first pick for the best Siargao budget hotel.

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Best Luxury Hotel in Siargao – Kalinaw Resort

Kalinaw Resort Siargao itinerary

Kalinaw Resort is our pick for the best luxury hotel in Siargao

Siargao is one of the most laid back places in the world, and so most of the accommodation is pretty lax. That being said, there is one high class gem waiting to be discovered! The Kalinaw Resort boasts a private beach, an outdoor infinity pool, and an on-site restaurant. Each of the lavishly decorated private bathrooms comes with its own rain shower and some even have a private pool overlooking the sea!

You can even book a room with its own minibar. Find everything you could ever dream of and with such incredible service, this is what we call luxury!

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Siargao Itinerary

Siargao itinerary

Welcome to our EPIC Siargao itinerary

Traveling within this island haven is simple, as Siargao has better infrastructure than the other islands on the archipelago and the roads are all in good condition. Walking is a must-do if your spot is close by, as the natural vistas and vegetation seen along your meander will surely captivate you.

If you haven’t learned how to ride a bike yet, this is a great place to start, and will be a valuable asset to you if you are considering to travel more of the Philippines! Hiring a bike to get around would be one of the most scenic and fun-filled ways to get yourself from place to place.

Riding on a habal-habal is the most popular and quirky way to venture the island, and you can find them everywhere! The professionals who run these motorized rickshaws will know the best routes, and can get you to where you want to be in a jiffy!

There is also the option of vans and buses, and of course, ferries. Each of these services are efficient and wonderful ways to get around whilst you are exploring the lands (and seas) of Siargao!

If you ever need to fly to one of the surrounding islands, then the Siargao airport is a trustworthy and professional service with quality flights and can be found in Barangay Sayak.


Day 1 Itinerary in Siargao

Taktak Falls | Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools | Scuba Lagoon | The Naked Island | Cloud 9 Surfing Area


Day 1/Stop 1 – Taktak Falls

  • Why it’s awesome: It is the only waterfall known to Siargao island!
  • Cost: Entrance is ?25 (48c)
  • Food Recommendation: The Baile Restobar is a laid back restaurant with wonderful upbeat vibes and an exciting breakfast menu! We suggest you enjoy a full breakfast with some coffee to start the morning.

Enjoy the lavish, tropical vegetation along the route to the scenic breath of fresh air that is the Taktak Falls! The waterfall itself is about 15 meters in height complete with a handful of small ledges, which we don’t advise you to try and climb.

The pool of this magnificent waterfall is only a few meters deep, but a lot of the spots are shallow and perfect for lazing in as you soak up the peaceful and organic atmosphere. You will be surrounded by exotic tree life that will provide shade and marvelous birds as they sweep the sky, parading their sweet tunes and adding even more magic to your experience.

Taktak Falls, Siargao

Taktak Falls, Siargao (photo credits: journeyera.com)

There is a small pathway to the left of the Taktak waterfall that will lead you up to the top so you can sit down and simply gaze out at the beauty surrounding you!

Insider Tip: Do not jump off from the cliff, or from high points surrounding the waterfall’s base. There are only a few parts of the pool that are actually deep enough for you to dive in, so it’s better not to chance it and wind up spending your vacation with a broken ankle.


Day 1/Stop 2 – Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools

  • Why it’s awesome: The Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools provide rich turquoise ocean water and rock pools just waiting to be enjoyed by you!
  • Cost: Entrance fee is ?50 (96c)
  • Food Recommendation: Head on to Aventino’s Pizza, Pasta and Vino for fresh meals served with a creative touch! Everything is jam-packed with flavor. We suggest trying one of the delicious pizzas!

The Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools are a must-visit and highly raved about adventure that is a favorite of every traveler who graces the island of Siargao! Pictures taken here will be magical and you will feel as if you’ve jumped straight into a Siargao travel brochure, and are living the dream as you dive in the crystal clear waters.

Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools, Siargao

Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools, Siargao (photo credits: siargao-island-philippines.com)

As a popular Siargao tourist spot, you can imagine that you will bump into a few friends during your time at the pool and have a few laughs with some other interesting characters who share your spark for life and travel!

Swim amongst coral fringed rocks and multi-colored fish as they glide along the rock pool floors! The beach is also worth strolling on and offers a vista of coconut palm trees swaying to the vibrant undertone of your Siargao trip’s vibrancy!


Day 1/Stop 3 – Scuba Lagoon

  • Why it’s awesome: The lagoon is a world-class diving spot for all ocean lovers!
  • Cost: The boat from Del Carmen pier to Scuba Lagoon is ?1500 ($28,71), but it fits 6 people so you can split the cost.
  • Food Recommendation: Hit The Waffle House for some unforgettable sweet waffles and a dose of dessert heaven!

Enjoying the Scuba lagoon is one of the best and most beautiful Siargao travel adventures, and once you visit this phenomenal space you will no longer have to imagine why! This 4000 hectares of sanctuary is not as overcrowded as most tourists spots are, and finding your own part of this private paradise is quite easy!

There is also the main lagoon where the island misfits gather together to bask in the sun and enjoy cliff jumping, snorkeling, diving and floating serenely on the relaxed blue lagoon waves. Even the land-lubbers will find the enthralling nature surrounding them to be breathtaking and refreshing!

Scuba Lagoon, Siargao

Scuba Lagoon, Siargao (photo credits: mindanaotours.com)

You will encounter a large pontoon house where you can hire out a table and set up for your visit, and keep your belongings safe as there are plenty of locals to keep a steady eye out. You can also hire out equipment for whatever watersport suits your fancy, such as paddle boards and snorkeling gear.

If you’re feeling brave, take a leap from the diving board!

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Day 1/Stop 4 – The Naked Island

  • Why it’s awesome: Unlike the name might suggest, it is not a nude beach, but more of a bare island getaway!
  • Cost: Entrance onto the island is free.
  • Food Recommendation: The Kermit Cafe is not only an awesome spot to chill out with friends, it is also a wonderful restaurant with fresh food and cold drinks!

Welcome to a quirky and fun escape to a small sandbar! This stretch of white sand has earned its name by literally being completely made of just sand.

This may sound uneventful, but there is quite a thrill about standing on a bare island of sand where you can turn on your heel and see everything around you, while surrounded by turquoise waters! Dip your toes or submerge yourself in the ocean around the island, and enjoy a bevy of multi-colored marine life and soft ocean waves.

The Naked Island, Siargao

The Naked Island, Siargao (photo credits: vigattintourism.com)

There are a few bits of grass that are growing on it now, and it makes for a wonderful spot to relax and hang out with your travel companions! This is a must-see and by far one of the most popular of the Siargao islands.

Insider Tip: If you are into snorkeling, then don’t forget to check out the shallow waters surrounding this quirky island!


Day 1/Stop 5 – Cloud 9 Surfing Area

  • Why it’s awesome: This is the best area for surfers, and the beaches have perfect waves.
  • Cost: Entrance is free
  • Food Recommendation: The legendary Shaka Cafe serves some of the most amazing dishes and their signature smoothie bowls are absolutely worth a try, you will love them!

This legendary area is known for hosting the most famous Cloud 9 wave, something that has put Siargao on the map of every pro surfer in the world! The waves provide hollow tubes and an epic swell that lifts you above the otherwise perilous coral reefs.

Connect with other sea lovers and swoon over the massive raises of clear blue ocean waves as they break the shores! You can do all of this from a comfortable hut situated along the Cloud 9 beachfront, and admire the bright yellow, orange and sometimes pink sun as it sets a backdrop to the ocean.

Cloud 9 Surfing Area, Siargao

Cloud 9 Surfing Area, Siargao (photo credits: surfertoday.com)

Watch as countless surfers try their luck to catch the iconic Cloud 9 wave, and feel as if you have indeed found yourself elated and floating on the real Cloud 9.

Insider Tip: If you are a beginner at surfing, we just want to remind you that it is unwise to attempt surfing the Cloud 9, as although it is relatively short, it is remarkably challenging!


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Footprints Homestay
If you’re looking for a place for yourself or your group to stay that will provide you with warmth and laughter, then Footprints Homestay is the place to be.
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  • Free WiFi
  • Free Parking


Day 2 Itinerary Siargao

Corregidor Island | Dapa Town| Tayangban Cave Pool | Santa Monica Pier | Alegria Beach


Day 2/Stop 1 –  Corregidor Island

  • Why it’s awesome: Experience jaw-dropping landscapes and coral reefs!
  • Cost: Entrance onto the island is free!
  • Food Recommendation: The Corregidor Inn serves lazy breakfasts and all around wonderful food!

This rocky island is the hub of scenic escapades and historical landmarks and is also known as Casolian Island by the locals. Find this gem nestled at the entrance of Manila Bay in the southwestern part of Luzon Island.

Corregidor Island, Siargao

Corregidor Island, Siargao (photo credits: jonnymelon.com)

This dreamy tropical island is filled to the brim with awesome sights and wonderful things to do, and visiting the island is something that must be done when traveling Siargao! Admire the old architecture, the natural atmosphere laden with wilderness and untouched landscapes, as well as the historical landmarks dating back to the 18th century.

If you would like to pay homage to the past soldiers who fought during World War II, then be sure to visit the Pacific War Memorial. The entire island is only 2 square miles, but there is so much to enjoy as you saunter through in the morning.


Day 2/Stop 2 – Dapa Town

  • Why it’s awesome: Experience authentic local life without the tourists!
  • Cost: Entrance into the town is free.
  • Food Recommendation: The Siomai Dapa serves fresh food with a comfortable environment to relax and enjoy! We suggest going for nothing other than their famous siomai dish (a delicacy), as it is the best on the island.

Dapa is a super laid back beach town within Siargao, and is a hidden gem that most tourists don’t think of exploring. The town itself may not offer any big-time attractions, but while walking the lively streets, you will have the chance to have authentic interactions with the locals.

Siargao’s locals are notably friendly and love sharing the history and culture of their homeland with all those who are seeking to genuinely understand it. Connect and learn from the lifestyle you get to experience whilst you adventure through Dapa, and make sure to have a look at the way the businesses and shops are run, as it is done with a special Filipino flair!

Dapa Town, Siargao

Dapa Town, Siargao (photo credits: youtube.com)

Each store is colorful and inviting, and you will find everything in this town from fresh organic produce and fish straight from the sea to stylish clothing and jewelry.

Insider Tip: Don’t forget to snap a shot of you at the Dapa town welcoming post for Instagram!


Day 2/Stop 3 – Tayangban Cave Pool

  • Why it’s awesome: In order to reach the cave, you have to go through caves set in thick black lighting!
  • Cost: Entrance to the pool with a guide is ?100 ($1,92)
  • Food Recommendation: Enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at Bravo Restaurant, where the food is fresh and so are your surroundings. We suggest trying one of their tasty kinds of pasta, but everything served here is one in a million and delicious!

The Tayangban Cave Pool is a mysterious and wonderful adventure found deep within the organized structure of Siargao’s famous cave systems. Once you make your arrival at Tayangban Cave Pool through the pitch black tunnels, you will need to sign in and pay an entrance fee which includes a professional guide.

You will experience quite a short little cave that provides a winding experience that is absolutely thrilling! It is pitch black, and all you can hear is the movement of the water and drops falling from the cave’s ceiling. This is a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Tayangban Cave Pool, Siargao

Tayangban Cave Pool, Siargao (photo credits: allworld.com)

Once you come out of the cave you will emerge to the stunningly beautiful blue pools that are also filled with cute little tadpoles swimming about and doing their thing. If you’re looking for a place to cliff jump, then there are two spots, with the tallest being only 5 meters, and the other around 2 meters!

You will fall in love with the exotic paradise that is the Tayangban Cave Pool, and the way the sunlight peeks through the trees to light up the cove!


Day 2/Stop 4 – Santa Monica Pier

  • Why it’s awesome: This is a special structure that doesn’t attract massive crowds as it is quite an ‘under the radar’ spot!
  • Cost: Entrance is fee onto the pier!
  • Food Recommendation: Enjoy a snack from one of the local shops! This is an opportunity to try some authentic Filipino chow.

The Santa Monica Pier provides a relaxed spot that is unknown to most tourists, allowing you a private walk along the pier with your loved ones and travel companions! As you stroll the pier, you will get a one-of-a-kind view of the ocean waters and surrounding towns.

Watch with amazement as the ocean wafts graceful waves onto the golden sand of the beach, and splashes you as it hits against the pillars of the pier. Enjoy the sound of the sea and the rays from the sun as you continue on to the end of the pier.

Santa Monica Pier, Siargao

Santa Monica Pier, Siargao (photo credits: carrentalsiargao.com)

From here, the view of the wide and never-ending stretch of the ocean can be seen and enjoyed!

Insider Tip: Even if you’re feeling extra courageous, do not jump off the pier! The currents will pull you and it can be very dangerous.


Day 2/Stop 5 – Alegria Beach

  • Why it’s awesome: There are sections within the ocean where you can fully submerge yourself without the worry of sharp rocks!
  • Cost: Entrance to the beach is free!
  • Food Recommendation: 3B-Restobar is a lowkey restaurant that offers excellent local cuisine. If you aren’t feeling frisky with your taste buds, then you can also order a burger and enjoy a cold beer!

Laze about and sunbathe surrounded by pristine white sand and crystal clear blue sea! This beach is the best beach on the whole of Siargao for swimming, as it is less dense with rocks and coral reefs.

Alegria Beach, Siargao

Alegria Beach, Siargao (photo credits: gamintraveler.com)

It is not usually very populated with tourists, and you’ll probably find only a few locals hanging around and chilling behind the grass of the beach. This adds a sense of peace and privacy to your afternoon, and you can find a bar along the coastline to order some refreshingly delicious sundowners!

There is still quite a bit of reef at this beach, but you will find lovely dips where you can have a blast and dive completely under the fresh salt water!

Gardens Neighborhood, Cape Town

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Day 3 And Beyond

The Blue Cathedral | Pacifico Beach | Coconut Palm Forest | Daku Island | Guyam Island 

Whether you plan on spending 3 days in Siargao or more, we have your back and will provide a guide on what to do in Siargao including the must-see attractions and the best activities on the island! Sit back, relax, and let us show you the way.


Scuba Dive in The Blue Cathedral

  • You do not need to be a seasoned scuba diver to enjoy this extraordinary experience, but it is not for the faint-hearted!
  • The site has been dubbed as ‘holy’ and is outstandingly beautiful, it has gained its name by being the size of a large church, and it does look like a cathedral because of sun rays entering the holes and the three entrances.
  • Spot eels, lobsters and all sorts of other marine life as you explore this mystical section of the ocean!

Found within Siargao, there is an unforgettable majestic wonder called the Blue Cathedral, which is a sophisticated underwater rock formation with a vertical hole. You will find at the top of The Blue Cathedral cave that there is a 20-meter diameter hole, and then as you descend into this hole there is a sliding slope that will lead you on to its two scenic caverns – the North and East caverns.

In the North cavern, you will have the chance to admire a jagged rock that has split off from the top ceiling, known as The Sword of Gabriel. Going into this hole will lead you to the 10-meter high and 30-meter long cavern, with an average depth of 30 meters. You will then spill into the Pacific Ocean.

Scuba Dive in The Blue Cathedral, Siargao

Scuba Dive in The Blue Cathedral, Siargao (photo credits: siargaobleu.com.ph)

In the East cavern is the other opening known as The Devil’s Pipeline, which is a tunnel that is 15 meters high and 40 meters long. The tunnel is shaped more like a Cloud 9 pipeline than an actual cavern! You will need a proper underwater light here so you can truly appreciate the tunnel’s grand design.

Once you have reached the end of Devil’s Pipeline, get ready for The Arm of God, a 30-meter long rock perched on three columns that reach out ast to the Pacific. There are spaces between the columns so you will get to see blue-lit water between the gaps, which is known as The Eyes of God.

When you see this spectacular miracle of the ocean, you will definitely find yourself saying, “Oh my God!”


Pacifico Beach

  • A scenic and awesome part of Siargao that doesn’t get explored enough by tourists!
  • Find a treasure trove of culture and see for yourself the unfiltered life of the locals who live in the local villages.
  • There is no entrance fee into this section of Siargao!

Pacifico Beach in Siargao is a relaxed old school surf town with long stretches of white sand beaches, tropical rows of palm trees and world-class surf breaks on the north-eastern tip of the beautiful Siargao Island.

You can take a nice break from the more populated areas on General Luna, and escape into the tropical forests and serene beaches of Pacifico! The peace and quiet will invigorate your senses as you breathe in the cool salty air and laze on the sandy bays.

Pacifico Beach, Siargao

Pacifico Beach, Siargao (photo credits: pacificobeachresort.com)

There is a wonderful and authentic Siargao village found within Pacifico Beach’s sleepy surf town, and it is nestled beneath a coconut palm tree rainforest. Pacifico Beach also happens to be one of the best Siargao surfing spots on the island! Many surfers from around the globe flock here to surf the A-class reef breaks that are only a short paddle out from the shoreline.

There is a decent handful of surf breaks found at Pacifico Beach, and all of them are within a couple of minutes walk from each other! Take your pick of left-hand or right-hand waves, and remember that they are best surfed at mid to low tide.

This superb and yet small coastal town within Siargao’s northern side and is the perfect place for one to surf, eat, sleep and repeat! Spending time enjoying the delights of this area is a must-do for travelers in Siargao, even if you don’t surf!


Coconut Palm Forest

  • The forest is found halfway to Magpupungko Rock Pool in General Luna.
  • This is a secret spot that not many know about.
  • Viewing of the forest plantation is free!

After you have found yourself at the halfway point to Magpupungko Rock Pool, you will then want to veer around a sharp corner after plus minus 30 minutes of driving from General Luna, and then all of a sudden, you will be looking out over thousands of coconut palm trees!

Bending and flowing in the breeze, the largest coconut palm forest known to Siargao is a sight to behold! Yes, there are plenty of these idyllic palms adored all over Siargao, and especially on the coastline, but never before will you have seen thousands of them planted in organized rows!

Coconut Palm Forest, Siargao

Coconut Palm Forest, Siargao (photo credits: saltinourhair.com)

As the sunlight spills through the forest, you will be awestruck at the elegant beauty of profound stillness experienced within the coconut palm forest! The palms are growing neatly together, and over the top, you will just see the rich dark green leaves coating the long stretch of landscape for as far as the eye can see.

Bring your camera and don’t be shy to explore the forest depths, you will be surprised by the creatures and critters that you may meet! Keep your eyes peeled for crabs and exotic bird life.


Daku Island

  • The Daku Island was so because it is the largest out of the three most popular island-hopping destinations (Naked Island, Dako Island and Guyam Island)!
  • Explore white sand bays and meet plenty of other island lovers!
  • There is no entrance fee to enter Daku Island.

This beautiful and modest island is a tiny stretch of sand that is absolutely covered in lazy coconut palm trees. You can practically walk from one side of this island to the other in about 50 steps. But you know what they say about dynamite coming in small packages? Well, this is a plethora of gorgeous wildlife and it is a beautiful little oasis that showcases the brilliance of nature! So, we can definitely apply that metaphor here.

Daku Island has incredibly fine, bone-white sand shorelines, shimmering emerald ocean waters, and soothing coconut trees that sway and keep you protected from the sun. All of these magnificent features and qualities make Daku Island the perfect tropical destination!

Daku Island, Siargao

Daku Island, Siargao (photo credits: vientodelmar.com)

You will even find a small barangay with extremely friendly locals apart from the village. The island beach is luckily wide enough for fun in the sun and activities such as beach volleyball and frisbee! You can also just relax with a book and a refreshing drink as you melt into one of the hammocks under a coconut palm tree.

You can even rent a hut and stay on the island for a day and night with your friends, escaping the crowds and enjoying a beachside fire with a picnic under the starlit sky.


Guyam Island

  • This magnificent island is shaped like a teardrop!
  • It may be small but it provides big fun.
  • There is no entrance fee onto Guyam Island.

Although Guyam Island may be a bit small, it is exquisite and well worth taking the time out to experience! The picturesque beachscape, placid shallow waters, and amazing tropical paradise will appeal to everyone and will more than make up for the modest size of the island.

Guyam Island, Siargao

Guyam Island, Siargao (photo credits: trover.com)

You can enjoy the hours slipping away as you laze with a book and read to the sound of the ocean in the background, or sprawl out on the beach and catch a killer tan. You can also bring your travel companions together for a relaxed picnic and gaze out over the horizon!

Once you step foot on this little piece of heaven, you will understand immediately how it has become so popular for people enjoying island hopping adventures through the Philippines! Experience some of the most stunning and untouched natural plantations, and sink into the peaceful environment with joy as you contemplate the unending amount of flawless vegetation.

Don’t forget to pack a good book!

Marajaw Siargao: The Siargao Islands Surf & Travel Guide: This is our top recommendation for an awesome and inspiring read on this magical city.


Staying Safe in Siargao

Siargao is one of the safest places to travel to in the Philippines and provides you with a sanctuary. Safety tips are good to keep in mind wherever you travel through, even if it is a particularly safe part of the world.

In terms of getting around by foot, you will be safe walking at night, but with women, we do caution that you walk with a group or at least another friend just to be extra cautious. During the day, it is very safe and locals will watch your back.

Remember to refuse beggars, even if it breaks your heart (which we know it can), but it is better and you won’t be bothered throughout the rest of your trip if you continue to say no. There aren’t many, but typically if you give once, you will be expected to give again.

There are not a lot of instances where people get their belongings stolen from them or find themselves in an unfortunate circumstance, but it is always good to keep in mind your common sense and general safety tips that any foreigner should know.

You will find that places are relaxed and Siargao’s locals are more than welcoming, so you will easily make friends as you embark on your journey! However, do not get too drunk and proud, as this is never tasteful and might earn you some sour treatment.

Be aware of scammers, and ask all of your guides and drivers for their license before accepting their service. Another type of scammer is the sales shark, be sure not to get too caught up in the island fever and sign yourself up for dodgy timeshares!

We are certain you will not come across any unforeseen hiccups along your travels if you keep your head on your shoulders and enjoy your nights out responsibly. That being said, you will also be in a very safe space were people rarely come across crime, so let your hair down and breathe in that salty air!

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Day Trips From Siargao

If you’re willing to take a leap and enjoy a short distance trip to Siargao’s surrounding islands, you will find a treasure trove of unforgettable fun and remarkable activities to curb your curiosity and feed your soul during your weekend in Siargao. Here is our complete Siargao tour itinerary


Mactan and Cebu Twin City Tour with Lunch

Mactan and Cebu Twin City Tour with Lunch

Cebu is a stunning island found nearby to Siargao, and on this exciting day trip you will have the chance to discover Cebu City, which is the oldest city in all of the Philippines!

Full to the brim with history, heritage and culture, the city is bound to surprise you. During this tour, your expert guide will take you on a journey through Cebu’s highlights.

Admire Magellan’s Cross, the Basilica of the Holy Child, and so many other fascinating historical sites that date back to the 16th century. The buildings are masterpieces and the culture is unique, all of this and more is just waiting to be found by you!

Check Tour Price


Pescador Island Turtle Safari and Kawasan Falls

Pescador Island Turtle Safari and Kawasan Falls

If you’re seeking a truly thrilling and once-in-a-lifetime island experience, then this tour is just for you!

Experience a marvelous and safe snorkeling excursion just off the shoreline of Cebu (not far from Siargao) to swim and enjoy the magnificent multicolored fish, bright corals, and other majestic marine life of Pescador Island. Of course, you can expect to meet a handful of exotic sea turtles!

Afterward, go for a refreshing hike to the Kawasan Falls and breathe in the fresh air as you connect to the lush surrounding nature! There is so much on offer with this fun day trip that will blow your mind and invigorate your soul.

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Half-Day Panglao Island Tour

Half-Day Panglao Island Tour

If you have time during your stay in Siargao, then taking a detour to Bohol will be very worthwhile and will add even more unbelievable island magic to your trip!  On this fun half day tour, you will have the opportunity to scope and adventure around the largest of the 73 islands that together compose the province of Bohol!

The world-famous Panglao Island is reputed to have the most stunning white-sand beaches, mysterious underground caves, as well as an old Spanish church set with an incredible storied past and a local watchtower.

You will have an amazing guide to show you all of the best features contained at each unforgettable site!

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Bohol Island: Full-Day Countryside Tour with Buffet Lunch

Bohol Island Full-Day Countryside Tour with Buffet Lunch

Bohol Island is quite a distance away from Siargao, but well worth the time spent getting there. Before leaping onboard for this astounding day trip, make sure that you have packed your camera for some epic shots! This remarkable tour will take you on a scenic journey of the tropical region known for exquisite landscapes.

As you travel, your expert guide will show you the creme del la creme of the island!

You will have the chance to see Bohol’s famous Chocolate Hills, have fun finding the tiny Tarsier, visit a magnificent man-made forest, and dine like you never have before on a floating restaurant!

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Day Tour Island Hopping Adventure With Picnic Lunch

Day Tour Island Hopping Adventure With Picnic Lunch

Tour the tropical islands within the Mactan Channel in a Phillipinian banca (also known as a motorized canoe) and skim the crystal clear ocean waves. On this wild day full of fun in the sun, you will be spoilt with all of the wonderful places you get to see and enjoy, with the added excitement of riding a banca!

At each of these islands, you will get the chance to indulge in all of the most amazing watersports! Jump on into the welcoming waters and go snorkeling, swimming or diving off the coastline of the small islands within the channel.

After you’ve worked up an appetite, dig into a flavorsome grilled lunch complete with a picnic setting, and served on a white sand bay as you soak up the sun!

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Siargao is one of those precious places that has preserved its rich heritage, culture, and lifestyle, whilst still remaining a popular tourist destination and merging with modern society. The foreign and local culture coexist and draw from each other’s strengths in an effortless way that feels organic.

Our Siargao travel guide shows you all of the best parts of this unforgettable island!

People come together to create a distinct chilled island vibe and celebrate the opportunity to live carefreely! Catch up on your much-needed R&R whilst also learning and opening your mind to a new way of life.

Siargao is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the Philippines as a whole, and a once in a lifetime island adventure filled with an infectious rhythm that will linger with you long after you leave!

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