Something that is so often overlooked in terms of travel is something that can actually be pretty integral: humble carry-on luggage. It’s an afterthought for many people, with often opting to use an old backpack or small handbag, or even a tote bag, for their carry-on bag.

However, there are actually a whole lot of different carry-on bags out there. From business trips to hiking expeditions – the options are endless. The trouble is… Just how are you going to choose the best one for your personal travel needs?

To find out what is the best carry-on luggage for you, read on! Meet the carry ons!

best wheeled luggage

Don’t worry. We’ve made this list of the best carry-on luggage of 2021 to make sure you find the best bag for your travels. Getting your carry ons on shouldn’t be an afterthought and can be a super useful part of your travel repertoire. It could even be the only bag you use!

So whether you are looking for swish carry-on luggage for a job that will take you around the world, or you travel a lot and you’re looking for weekend bags to make airports much less of a time-sink, you’ve come to the right place; here are the best ones you can find on the market right now.

Quick Answer – The Best Carry-on Luggage on the market right now:

#1 – Nomatic Carry-on Pro – Best Carry-on for Modern-Day Travellers

#2 – Osprey Farpoint 36 Wheeled Travel Pack – Best Carry-on for Backpackers

#3 – Nomatic Carry-on Classic – A Cheaper Carry-on for Modern-Day Travellers

#4 – Aer Flight Pack – Best Underseat Carry-on

#5 – Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack – Best Recycled Carry on Duffel/Backpack

#6 – Kodiak Leather 30L Weekender Duffel – Best Leather Carry-on

#7 – Nomatic 30L Travel Bag – Best Carry-on Backpack

#8 – Aer Travel Pack 2 – Best Runner-Up Carry-on Backpack

Quick Guide To Choosing Carry on Luggage

Choosing the right carry on piece of luggage for your next trip isn’t quite as simple as choosing the most reputable luggage brand or seeking out the pack that has the best reviews. Firstly, you need to make sure that whatever pack you take is going to be acceptable as carry on luggage – requirements do tend to vary a bit domestically and internationally and even (frustratingly) between major airlines.

As a good rule of thumb, make that your carry on does not exceed 21″ x 14″ x 9″ – if you go for 22 x 14, you may occasionally fall foul.

The next dilemma’s to address are whether you want a soft shell or a hard shell, and whether you want it to have multi directional wheels or be not (FYI -in the case of duffel bags and backpacks, don’t expect wheels!).

This largely depends on what kind of trip you are taking and where you will be taking your carry ons. If it is simply a case of carrying it out around the airport, then wheels will be fine but if you are then spin to be dragging it across the cobbled streets of Granada, then you won’t be able to use this wheels and will wish you had something carry-able.

Our final top tip, is to test your bag BEFORE your trip. Try packing and unpacking it and carrying around your home and garden to see how it feels. If it doesn’t quite feel right, then you can always change it.

We have included a bigger choosing a carry-on guide towards the end of this article.

Nomatic Carry On Pro

Nomatic Carry-on Pro

  • Price > $$$$
  • > Removable tech case
  • > Incredibly fuctional design
Best Overall Carry-on for Backpackers
Osprey Farpoint 36 Wheeled Travel Pack
Best Overall Carry-on for Backpackers

Osprey Farpoint 36 Wheeled Travel Pack

  • Price > $$
  • > Extendable handle
  • > Stowable straps
Nomatic Carry on Classic

Nomatic Carry-on Classic

  • Price > $$$
  • > Cheaper than the pro
  • > With nearly all the same features
Best Underseat Carry-on
aer flight pack
Best Underseat Carry-on

AER Flight Pack

  • Price > $
  • > Innovative strap system
  • > RFID-safe pocket
Best Recycled Carry on Duffel/Backpack
Best Recycled Carry on Duffel/Backpack

Monarc Setra Duffel Backpack

  • Price > $$
  • > Carry on Compliant
  • > Made from recycled bottles
Gregory Quadro Hardcase Roller Luggage

Gregory Quadro Hardcase Roller Luggage

  • Price > $
  • > Thermal resistance and low temperature toughness
  • > Activeshield compartment
Kodiak Weekender Duffel 60L

Kodiak 30L Duffel

  • Price > $$
  • > Made with fine leather leather
  • > Detachable shoulder straps
Nomatic 30L Travel Bag

Nomatic 30L Travel Bag

  • Price > $$$
  • > Amazing interior organization
  • > Converts into a duffel bag
aer travel pack 2

AER Travel Pack 2

  • Price > $$
  • > Water resistant materials
  • > RFID-safe storage
Thule Revolve Carry on Spinner

Thule Revolve Carry-on Spinner

  • Price > $$
  • > European-made virgin polycarbonate
  • > Additional internal corner protection
Travelers Choice Pagosa Spinner Luggage

Traveler’s Choice Pagosa Spinner Luggage

  • Price > $
  • > Unremovable lithium battery
  • > Internal organisation and expansion capacity

Best Carry-on Luggage of 2021

Let’s now take a closer look at some of our top picks…

Best Overall Carry-on Luggage for Modern-Day Travelers

Nomatic Carry-on Pro

Nomatic Carry on Pro
Nomatic Carry-on Pro is our top pick for the overall best carry-on luggage

This, by far and large, takes the cake as the most premium option for carry-on luggage. It is a beast of a bag and loaded with features you simply won’t find anywhere else on the market.

First of all, it is super stylish. Sleek, sophisticated, and tough as nails, you definitely won’t look like any old traveller strutting through the airport, with this divine creature. This is the carry-on luggage for the traveler of the 21st-century.

But it’s not all style: next up, let’s take a look at the SUBSTANCE going on here.

Designed by the luggage pros at Nomatic, the interior has been created for the maximum organisation of your belongings. There are genius packing compartments going on everywhere, zip pockets up the wazoo, and in-built compression systems to maximise your storage. The golden feature is the removable tech case on the front which makes zipping through airport security an absolute breeze!

Every little detail has been considered and reconsidered, from the super hardy exterior shell right down to the magnetic compression straps. Due to the Nomatic brand ecosystem, pairing it with other Nomatic products is a snap too!

They say it’s a “game changer” and… well… maybe we disagreee. This thing is a game revolutionizer.

Check out th full-length Nomatic Carry On Pro review for more spicy deetz!

Best Overall Carry-on for Backpackers

Osprey Farpoint 36 Wheeled Travel Pack

Osprey Farpoint 36 Wheeled Travel Pack
Osprey Farpoint 36 Wheeled Travel Pack is our top pick for the best softside carry-on

Osprey is well known in the world of travel for their high quality products, but it’s not just plain 0l’ backpacks that they make, as evidenced by the Osprey Farpoint 36 Wheeled Travel Pack.

Certainly the best softside carry-on you’re likely to find, this baby is like a backpack on wheels. It comes with an extendable telescopic handle, so that you can pull it along like a rollaboard suitcase.

Thankfully there are also stowable straps, which means you can sling this versatile backpack right onto your back when the adventure business starts. Basically it is a very good choice if you feel like going on a short backpacking journey!

Osprey’s comfortable suspension system, with mesh back and padding, make it super easy to wear for longer periods of time; we think it also looks smart enough to use for urban locations, too.

The size – 36 litres – surprisingly meets carry-on size restrictions for most major airlines, which means you can save yourself money from the all-important backpacking budget. A clear winner.

A More Comfortably Priced Premium Carry-on Luggage

Nomatic Carry-on Classic

Nomatic Carry on Classic
Nomatic Carry-on Classic is our top pick for the best two-wheel rollaboard carry-on

Much like the Carry-On Pro, this next offering from the dons at Nomatic is all about substance and style. It just does it at a more digestible price!

It’s got a hard outer shell made of durable polycarbonate, TSA-ready locking YKK zippers, silent Japanese-made Hinomoto wheels (nice!), and all the organisation you need for a short trip away.

While practically the same as the Nomatic Carry-on Classic, with all the same interior organisation, the only difference is that it lacks the electronics compartment and removable tech case. But if having tech with you doesn’t matter, then you’ll love this top rollaboard carry-on.

This product is most certainly built to last and you’re really unlikely to have any broken wheels or stuck extendable handles. It’s slim, it’s smooth, and will fit into any luggage compartment that you need it to. We love the convenience of this one.

Best Underseat Carry-on

AER Flight Pack

aer flight pack
AER Flight Pack is our top pick for the best under seat carry-on

The experts at AER have been at it again and have designed this travel pack that is easily the best underseat carry-on on the market.

That’s right, the AER Flight Pack has all the perks that you would by now expect from the innovating company. There’s a ton of organizational space, hidden pockets galore, an innovative strap system (they stow away for easy storage), an RFID-safe pocket, and even a shoe compartment in this case! Pretty cool.

There’s enough room in here for a day trip and to carry everything you might need for a day out working at a cafe too.

It’s sleek, it’s cool, it’s organisation-lover’s dream, and yes: it will slide right underneath the seat in front of you on any plane, so you can easily get to your stuff when you need it.

What else can we say? This pack is truly one of the best carry-on backpacks out there right now. If you travel a lot and you’re thinking of investing in luggage to fit your lifestyle, you may want to consider this one. We highly rate it!

Best Recycled Carry on Duffel/Backpack

Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack

Monarc Backpack
Monarc Backpack

The realities of travel can really take their toll on the planet. It’s no surprise that Ecological and Sustainable travel initiatives are now really gaining momentum. The Monarc 2-in-1 Duffle-Backpack is the world’s first backpack made from 100% recycled bottles and the producers have been awarded a highly coveted “plastic negative” rating.

But here this, not only is this backpack totally eco-friendly but it’s also a bloody great pack. Firstly, its 2-1 concept design means it can be worn as a backpack or carried as a duffel using the comfortable handle. If you do wear it on your bag, there are adjustable straps to help carry the weight.

Then there are the organizational possibilities. Its’ 40L of storage can go pretty far and the pack offers a shoe compartment and a 17” laptop sleeve. Coming in at $149.00, it’s well worth the bucks although if you have the budget we also recommend picking up the full set including camera cube, compression cubes and laundry bags.

Anything else? Oh yeah, it’s also water-resistant, TSA Carry-on compliant and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Great Cheap Hardside Carry-on

Gregory Quadro Hardcase Roller Luggage

Gregory Quadro Hardcase Roller Luggage
Gregory Quadro Hardcase Roller Luggage is our top pick for the great cheap hardside carry-on

Even though the Gregory Quadro Hardcase Roller Luggage boasts an impressive 45 liters of room, it still miraculously meets the carry-on standards for most airlines. And much cheaper than other hardside cases, such as Nomatic’s offerings, it’s our pick for a great cheap hardside carry-on!

Offering a lot of protection for your precious belongings, the outer shell of this one is made from reinforced polycarbonate, which should withstand heavy impacts; it also boasts “thermal resistance and low temperature toughness.”

Inside, obviously, there’s a whole lot of storage space. It works very well for frequent travellers, with lots of organisational pockets and straps to keep things in place.

There are also expansion zippers to give you an extra 15 percent packing volume, if you need it. One of our most favourite things about this is the separate Activeshield compartment, which is specially made for dirty clothes, ski boots or any other used gear out of the way of your clean stuff. No bad smells!

The telescopic handle is durable and rubber coated for comfort and grip, while down below the wheel system is caster-like and allows for multidirectional rolling. Don’t you just hate it when your suitcase falls over itself because the wheels don’t move intuitively? Not with this great hardside carry-on luggage! If you are looking for a cheaper carry, then this may be the one.

Best Leather Carry-on

Kodiak Leather 30L Weekender Duffel

KomalC Leather Travel Duffel Bag
Kodiak Leather Travel Duffel Bag is our top pick for the best leather carry-on

For those of you who like a bit of classic style with your carry on, and who want to look a little chic on your travel trips, then the Kodiak Leather Travel Duffel Bag is a great choice.

Made with full-grain finest buffalo leather, and handcrafted with a vintage-inspired design, this top leather carry-on has a timeless, classy look to it. It’s defintiely a high-end look.

Another thing about leather is the way it ages – it doesn’t get the same scuffs as hardside suitcases or polyester backpacks, and in fact, the wear and tear, and general age, adds to the personality of the bag. This means it’s something that looks better with the longer you keep it!

Made by a Chicago-based family business – Kodiak – it’s designed specifically for overnight and weekend trips and is, of course, carry-on approved.

It comes with detachable shoulder straps (convenient for slinging over your shoulder when you’re in an airport), as well as duffel handles so you can grab the bag when you need to. On the bottom of the bag, there are pure brass rivets to protect the base of the bag from unnecessary wear and tear, or wet or dirty surfaces.

Other perks include YKK zippers and a water-resistant lining. Definitely our choice for the best leather carry-on you’ll find right now.

Be sure to look into our comprehensive review of Kodiak’s best leather bags if this one piqued your interest!

Best Carry-on Backpack

Nomatic 30L Travel Bag

Nomatic 30L Travel Bag

Nomatic’s 30L Travel Bag, like all of this company’s other offerings, is a top luggage solution. The perfect carry-on companion, this bag has a place for quite literally everything.

There will be no more losing any of your precious belongings on a trip or in transit; you’ll be able to find everything tucked away in its own compartment.

The 30 liter size is compatible for carry-on standard for most airlines, which means no more headaches with checking in. It also means that it’s not too bulky, and is just as good as a day pack as it is for an expert packer’s weekend bag.

Trust us: you’re going to fall in love with this pack.

Both a rucksack and a duffel, we also love the versatility of this bag. Simply sling it over your shoulder as a backpack, or carry it as a duffel using the two handles. That, and the additional grab handle, makes it easy to grab for a quick exit from the plane.

Best Runner-Up Carry-on Backpack

AER Travel Pack 2

aer travel pack 2
The Aer Travel Pack 2 is our top pick for the best carry-on backpack

Unfortunately, not all regions are able to buy Nomatic products currently (namely Europeans). That’s where the AER Travel Pack 2 comes in! It has all the incredible design of any AER product.

However, there is a lot more going on inside this awesome carry-on backpack than meets the eye. In fact, there are more than 20 innovative features! So let’s take a look at some of them…

It’s made from water repellant materials (extra durability); it’s got YKK zippers’; it’s got magnetic water bottle pockets that fit flat to the pack when not in use; it’s got RFID-safe storage (no e-thievery!); a sunglasses cases; and a whole world of organisation for your tech, clothes and accessories.

One particularly cool feature is that the AER front pocket opens up, clamshell-style. This means you will get easy access to your tech – or whatever you keep in the front pocket – while on the go.

The interior organisation makes it super easy to get through airport security… Trust us, we know just what a pain that is when your backpack just isn’t built specifically for ease like this one!

It can change from a rucksack to a duffel in an instant, which is cool, and – if you want to use this as a carry-on with, it has a luggage sleeve to slip it over the extendable suitcase handle.

Check out my full-length Aer Travel Pack 2 review

Most Luxurious Carry-on

Thule Revolve Carry-on Spinner

Thule Revolve Carry on Spinner
Thule Revolve Carry-on Spinner is our top pick for the most luxurious carry-on

Sometimes you just want a little bit of luxury in your luggage… And this is where the Thule Revolve Carry-on Spinner comes in.

Easily our top pick for the most luxurious carry-on out there at the moment, this Thule offering comes with a tick-list of high-end features which will leave others lusting after your luggage as you pass them by.

With a capacity of 33 liters, it’s carry-on approved by most airlines, and is – thankfully – super lightweight. It’s constructed with European-made virgin polycarbonate, which also means that it is designed to last.

Its tough, rigid frame is also bolstered with additional internal corner protection; there’s also a reinforced front panel, so anything in the front pocket should stay nice and secure.

Inside, the luxurious feeling felt-lined interiors offer ample space for packing. The felt doesn’t just look – and feel – nice; it also reduces vibrations and protects any fragile or electronic gear, too.

Designed to easily take you from your doorstep to your destination, the four wheels glide over any rough terrain with ease thanks to their different sizes and high performance spec.

Want a high-end, luxurious carry-on suitcase? This is it.

Best Carry-on with a Removable Battery

Traveler’s Choice Pagosa Spinner Luggage

Travelers Choice Pagosa Spinner Luggage
Traveler’s Choice Pagosa Spinner Luggage is our top pick for the best carry-on with a removable battery

Today there are a lot more considerations that luggage solutions have to put into play – one of them being an actual way to charge your phone or laptop. Yes, in case you didn’t know, that is a thing: a rechargeable battery unit within the actual suitcase itself.

And this one, the Traveler’s Choice Pagosa Spinner Luggage, has got to be the best carry-on with a removable battery. Why removable? Because going through security with an unremovable lithium battery (such as you find in your laptop) is not allowed. Simple!

Plug your phone in with a USB type C port straight into that interior power bank to get your battery up to 100% in no time. And then you need to go through airport security, simply remove the power bank to comply with security standards.

There’s also a lot of internal organisation going on here, so you can make sure that your stuff arrives as organised as you made it in the first place. There is also some expansion capacity, too, if you happen to fill up on souvenirs on your trip.

This carry-on suitcase is also built to last: the hard shell is abrasion, scratch and water resistance.

More of the Best Carry-on Luggage

Those were the best of the best in terms of top carry-on luggage solutions you can get right now. But if that wasn’t enough for you, fear not! There is a whole TON of other options out there, just waiting for you to consider them and see them in all their durable, versatile, stylish glory. Cast your eyes below for even more of the best carry-on luggage you’re likely to see in one place!

Fjallraven Splitpack

Fjallraven Splitpack

Designed by the ever-cool Fjallraven, if you like looking like you’ve definitely thought about how you’re going to look when you carry your luggage, you’ll want this top carry-on option.

The Fjallraven Splitpack, as its name implies, is versatile: is it a backpack? Is it a duffel bag? Who knows – not even Fjallraven themselves are sure. But we think that works supremely in this awesome bag’s favour.

The backpack unzips and opens up fully, like a suitcase, meaning that you will have no packing woes. There’s enough room on either side of the opening to pack in at least a weekend’s worth of clothes into the 35 liter capacity of the bag. All whilst still being carry-on ready.

Made from G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco fabric, this bag is robust and built to last. Sort of like the modern version of those old canvas duffels – but much cooler (and comfortable). The straps are padded with mesh fabric for extra ventilation.

This unisex offering also comes in two different colours: olive khaki green and a smart navy. Definitely suitable if you’re into a skate style or street aesthetics. There are even some eco credentials thrown in there, too!

Nomatic Messenger Bag

Nomatic Messenger Bag

If what you want out of a carry-on is for it to just be for a laptop and a few other essentials, then the amazing Nomatic Messenger Bag could easily be the choice for you.

Even though it’s small, and lacks a lot of the room that other Nomatic products boast, being part of the Nomatic family you can bet that there’s a whole lot of functionality going on with this carry-on bag.

There’s space inside for chargers, cords, external hard drives, notebooks, pens, pencils, laptops – all sorts of tech and accessories that you may need while you’re on a plane, or if you want easy access while you’re on the go.

There are two customisable panels, which means you can decide for yourself just how you want to pack your stuff. You can easily sling it over your shoulder with the shoulder strap, which has 360 degree movement; the magnetic buckles here allow you to take the strap off when you’re not carrying it.

It’s a great carry-on, especially if you’re pairing it with the Nomatic Check-in Pro, and being small, sleek and not too bulky means that it’s perfect for business trips and business travellers in general.

Check out our in-depth Nomatic Messenger Bag review

Kuhl Karryall 25L Duffel

Kuhl Karryall 25L Duffel

The Kuhl Karryall 25L Duffel is an easygoing bag that’s perfect for use as a carry-on. Designed for last-minute excursions, this pretty awesome bag has enough room for a couple of outfits, a fresh pair of shoes and your washbag (maybe electronics, too), before you head out on your journey.

Aside from the spacious main pocket, there are four external pockets, which add a decent amount of organisation to this bag, too. Inside there is even an interior padded laptop sleeve for

The bag looks like it’s tough – and, you know what? It is. Constructed from tear-resistant 10 oz waxed cotton/nylon ENDURAWAX material, this duffel is super resistant to wear and tear and should last you for years of travel and trips.

It’s the sort of thing that’s a simple go-to bag that can be stowed away easily when you’re not using it – it’s soft, so it can be folded up and stashed under your bed or something, unlike a carry-on suitcase, which takes up room. We’re definitely into this one: it comes in a couple of smart colours too (dark khaki and ink black).

Topo Designs 30L Travel Bag

Topo Designs 30L Travel Bag

If all the other khakis and blacks of the other carry-on luggage out there is too dull for you, then the colourful and quirky design of the Topo Designs Travel Bag will suit you. However, it is more serious and robust than it looks!

This awesome carry-on backpack boasts a 30 liter capacity, meaning you can fit in anything from an overnight stash of clothes to enough stuff for a long weekend away. There’s even room for a laptop, as well as a whole load of integrated design inside which means that your stuff can be nicely organised as you go.

The clamshell opening means you can easily access your stuff on the go, but this isn’t the only perk of the bag that we like.

The Topo Designs Travel Bag also has stowable straps, so you can put it in overhead lockers or under seats easily; there’s a suitcase sleeve so you can pair it with a check-in suitcase; there’s a secondary organisation compartment and even a funky detachable hip belt, and there are load-lifting sternum straps to help when it’s heavy.

While the colourful version, with its yellow interiors, blue exterior and red detailing, is cute (we love it!) there is also an all-black version for all you budding professionals out there.

Sherpani Flite 22 Wheeled Luggage

Sherpani Flite 22 Wheeled Luggage

In contrast to our last pick, this top carry-on suitcase is a sleek and serious affair. A wheeled suitcase, the Sherpani Flite 22 meets most carry-on size restrictions and boasts a whopping 44 liters of space to pack all your stuff.

Needless to say, this spacious bag allows for not just overnight and weekend travel, but for longer trips too. Made from durable, weather resistant fabric to keep all your important stuff dry, this suitcase from Sherpani boasts large, sturdy wheels which hold their own on unsteady surfaces.

Inside there are two interior zippered pockets, as well as a mesh pocket and compression straps just to make sure everything is kept in place nice and secure. In addition, the integrated TSA approved locking system on this carry-on suitcase is built to deter any potential thieves.

Coming in three colours (midnight blue, black and “merlot”) this smart suitcase also boasts RFID-blocking material to stop skimmers, as well as a side water bottle pocket and shoe storage in a separate pocket.

It’s the kind of suitcase that’ll last you for a while – you won’t want to replace it!

Pacsafe Dry Lite 40L Anti-Theft Duffel

Pacsafe Dry Lite 40L Anti Theft Duffel

This fantastic carry-on bag is a super budget option – an easygoing duffel that packs a lot of space into it. Because it’s soft it can be squashed into tight spaces or packed away easily when it’s not in use.

The Pacsafe Dry Lite 40L duffel also doubles up as a dry bag, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any of your gear getting damaged by water. There’s yet more safety added with the RFID-blocking pockets and material throughout the bag, so you won’t be at risk from any credit card or chip data getting swiped. Its as safe as your belongings can get short of packing a portable travel safe.

Added security is found in the PopNLock security clip, which means you can attach your bag to a table leg or a chair to stop it getting taken when you’re at a table, sitting on a chair or waiting at a bus station.

The bag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap, so you can grab it from the handles or wear it over your shoulder depending on how heavy it is.

Add a bit of internal organisation – so you can keep electronics away from your underwear – and this bag is a definite option for a great piece of carry-on luggage.

Eagle Creek Tarmac Carry-on Wheeled Luggage

Eagle Creek Tarmac Carry on Wheeled Luggage

A hybrid of a bag, the Eagle Creek Tarmac Carry-on is basically a convertible briefcase that also opens up as a suitcase and can be carried as a backpack. We think that’s pretty cool.

So this top carry-on bag is suitable for everything from a business trip to a being used as an overnight bag.

The capacity of this offering is 26.5 liters, and there is enough room inside to fit up to a 17″ laptop; however, the internal organisation doesn’t stop there. There is also a padded electronics pocket, cord winder, key fob, pen slot, and zipper pocket. Anybody who likes things in their place will like this.

You can also use this bag in conjunction with a suitcase (we recommend the very cool Nomatic Check-in Pro for those purposes). And to make this transformation complete, note that the straps can be tucked away easily and the comfortable shoulder strap can be removed.

Millican Oli The Zip 25L Pack

Millican Oli The Zip

We really like the aesthetics of this bag. It’s slimline and smart and comes in three colours – moss, slate and graphite. The Millican Oli The Zip 25L Pack is a cool option, we reckon, and is a go-to backpack for everything from a commute to a hop on a plane for a weekend in Paris (or wherever!).

Weighing in at just 2 lbs 5 oz, this backpack is lightweight and has a capacity of 25 liters (obviously); there’s enough room in here for daily essentials, including a 15″ laptop in its easy access padded laptop sleeve.

As for organisation, there are two external zip pockets on the sides of the bag – where you can keep things like tickets and the like – as well as some internal organisation to make sure you’re not just rummaging around in one big expanse.

It is constructed from bionic canvas fabric, which has been itself made from paraffin wax that’s been mixed with recycled polyester and cotton; it’s also been treated with DWR (durable water repellent) so you can shed moisture should you be caught in a shower.

Our verdict is that this cool carry-on luggage solution doesn’t just look the part, it’s also got some pretty great specifications too, meaning that it’s up there in our estimation in terms of everything from durability to functionality.

Tepui Tents Expedition Series Tool Case

Tepui Tents Expedition Series Tool Case

If you were looking for an eye-catching sort of bag, then you really are going to want to consider this one. That’s right: if run of the mill backpacks and duffels just aren’t your thing, then the rugged Tepui Tents Expedition Series Tool Case is going to be the bag for you.

With a capacity of 19.5 liters, this bag easily meets carry-on bag restrictions and, weighing in at 3 lbs, isn’t too heavy either.

Designed for outdoors activities, the Tepui Tents Expedition Series Tool Case is for all your outdoors-y gear: we’re talking maps, torches, walkie-talkies, everything that you’ll need for a back country adventure.

It’s seriously strong, too.

Heat resistant up to approximately 158 degrees F, the high stretch polyester canvas that makes up this bag is designed to take a beating; it is also coated with synthetic resin, which makes this bag both water and abrasion resistant, while also making it easy to clean (a godsend after a muddy trip in the wilderness).

The exterior webbing means you can attach additional tools and accessories, while inside – after opening up like a suitcase – there are plenty of compartments for everything from dry clothes to dried food.

It comes in two colours (expedition orange, and black), this bag may not be for everybody, but for those who love the great outdoors, it’s a sure winner in terms of a carry-on bag.

Osprey Arcane Duffel Pack

Osprey Arcane Duffel Pack

The high-end outdoor brand that is Osprey is always reliable, and verging away slightly from what you may expect of the company is this offering: the streamlined and urban friendly Osprey Arcane Duffel Pack.

As you may be able to tell from its name, this awesome carry-on bag acts both as a duffel – coming with a shoulder strap, too – and as a backpack. With a capacity of 30 liters, it is also lightweight and made from durable materials (recycled fabrics).

Opening up clamshell style, you can really maximise your packing with additional packing cubes – if you want – plus there is also an easy access laptop or tablet compartment in the front.

There is also a breathable NeoSpacer-covered foam back panel, which means more comfort and less sweat when you are wearing this Osprey offering on your back in a hot destination.

There are also some pretty good safety credentials on the Osprey Arcane Duffel Pack that protects your belongings. Specifically, we are talking about the self-locking aluminium security hook, built into the harness and shoulder strap, so that people won’t be snatching the bag off your back easily.

It also means you can easily stow away both straps for comfortably sliding the pack under the seat in front of you, or in an overhead bins (not TSA approved ;), without dangling straps getting in the way.

Ideal for a quick getaway, we love how “non-Osprey” this bag is; coming in stonewash black and aqua blue, there’s a lot of reasons why this is one of our favourite carry-on bags out there right now.

best carry on luggage
Nomatic Carry-on Pro29 L8.86 lbs$549.99
Osprey Farpoint 36 Wheeled Travel Pack36 L5.29 lbs$240
Nomatic Carry-on Classic30 L7.46 lbs$399.99
AER Flight Pack19 L2.8 lbs$160
Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack40 L4.5 lbs$149.95
Gregory Quadro Hardcase Roller Luggage45 L9 lbs 1.9 oz$189.95
Kodiak Leather 30L Weekender Duffel30 LUnavailable$299
Nomatic 30L Travel Bag30 L3.3 lbs$279.99
AER Travel Pack 233 L3.7 lbs$230
Thule Revolve Carry-on Spinner33 L7 lbs 14.9 oz$399.95
Traveler’s Choice Pagosa Spinner Luggage23 L6. 3 lbs$89.70
Fjallraven Splitpack35 L2 lbs 8.6 oz$175
Nomatic Messenger Bag15 L3.8 lbs$259.99
Kuhl Karryall 25L Duffel25 L2 lbs 13 oz$160
Topo Designs 30L Travel Bag30 L2 lbs 10.4 oz$189
Sherpani Flite 22 Wheeled Luggage44 L5 lbs 14.9 oz$179.95
Pacsafe Dry Lite 40L Anti-Theft Duffel40 L1 lb 3 oz$59.73
Eagle Creek Tarmac Carry-on Wheeled Luggage26.5 L3 lbs 1 oz$199
Millican Oli The Zip 25L Pack25 L2 lbs 5 oz$175
Tepui Tents Expedition Series Tool Case19.5 L3 lbs$99
Osprey Arcane Duffel Pack30 L1.89 lbs$130

Buyer Guide – How to Choose the Best Carry-on Luggage

There you have it – those were our selections for the best carry-on luggage out there right now. There is a whole lot to choose from, sure, but how do you choose the best one for you? Worry not: we’re about to run you through the things you should be looking for when it comes to choosing a carry-on luggage solution that’s fit for purpose and will be a welcome addition to your travel wardrobe.

1. Style

The term “carry-on” doesn’t mean just one style of bag. There are actually a lot of different types that can be put into this category.

From purpose designed suitcases that fit the measurements required for hand luggage, to easygoing duffels, there is a lot to think about here.

It is all about what suits you. If what you want is the dream of one-bag travel, then you may want something like a suitcase that can fit a lot into it; or maybe you would be interested in a high capacity backpack – like one of Nomatic’s offerings – that will allow you to simply pack everything you need into one piece of carry-on luggage.

Then again, if all you are looking to do is to supplement your check-in luggage, then you won’t mind having something smaller. Perhaps something like the Nomatic Messenger Bag would suit you, or if you are going far away from the office and heading into the woods, the Tepui Tents Expedition Series would be more suitable for you.

best carry on luggage
The Nomatic luggage has that classic, clean look.

2. Materials

Carry-on luggage can obviously be made out of a wide range of materials. This ranges from the simple leather – of, say, a classic duffel bag – to the high performance reinforced polycarbonate of some of the hardside suitcases out there.

For business trips, it’s not likely that you’re going to need something that’s super durable and weather resistant; airport to taxi to hotel to office isn’t likely to take much of a physical strain on your luggage.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of getting a piece of carry-on luggage that you will be using for a weekend getaway, or even as a supplement to checked-in luggage (maybe you’ll end up using it as a day pack), then you may want something a little more durable and weather resistant… For obvious reasons!

Other materials that are more solutions for the modern day include RFID-blocking materials that stop important information (and money) being stolen from you electronically by skimmers. Those with luggage that falls into this category, and especially in an urban environment, will want to bear this in mind.

best carry on luggage
We like carry on luggage of the tough and durable variety.

3. Capacity

Those pesky fees for check-in luggage may mean you want to pack everything into a weekend bag. We all want to save money when we travel, right?

Having carry-on luggage that boasts a high capacity (think 30L +) of packing space means that the dream of one-bag travel can be a reality. However, with the increased capacity is the increased weight – which isn’t always comfy – and also the increased chance of the bag not being carry-on sized.

While many airlines around the world take many of the bags we’ve listed, some are not carry-on standard for all airlines (ie international carry). No matter what the size, it’s always a good idea to check with airport staff about what size of bag is acceptable. Most airports will have somewhere you can check to make sure your bag complies with size standards, anyway.

best carry on luggage
How long is your tip? An important question.

4. Organisation

Carry-on luggage definitely boasts different levels of organisation in their various compartments. Some carry-on luggage may just have one main compartment, where you can just stash clothes and a few accessories in side pockets.

Others – like many in the Nomatic series – have a whole ton of organisational space, complete with different compartments, zipper pockets and sometimes even the option to buy additional packing cubes to make the whole process even more organised and streamlined.

When it comes to making sure your stuff stays in place, you should see if the carry-on luggage you want comes complete with its own compression straps or tie down straps; this can really help you be organised, as keeping your clothes in place in one part of the bag will allow for a laundry bag or something else to take up the saved space.

Take note that some bags will also come with separate compartments where dirty clothes and shoes can be kept – this is something to bear in mind if you’re heading on a hiking trip or somewhere your clothes will get mucky.

best carry on luggage
An impulsive organizer’s dream.

5. Purpose

What do you want your carry-on luggage for? That is possibly the biggest question to consider when you are thinking of purchasing a new bag.

That is not only because of what the bag will look like, but also its functionality, too. What you buy will very much depend on what you intend to use it for.

An example would be a business trip. This sort of thing may not require a huge bag, and may only need a messenger bag or small suitcase. Chances are a trip like this will be to a city, where you won’t exactly want to turn up with a scruffy looking duffel bag; you’ll want to look as streamlined as everyone else around you.

Again, if you are heading for a city break, chances are you won’t need some hiking quality carry-on luggage. You may want to opt for something that means you blend in more to the backdrop of the city; this not only means that you feel comfortable in your surroundings, but will also make you stick out less as a tourist, and less of a potential target for pickpockets.

When it comes to a backpacking trip, we would say that a suitcase is basically out of the question. A backpack, or a versatile carry-on bag that can transform from a duffel to a backpack, would be much more suited to a backpacking trip around Southeast Asia than a hardside suitcase designed more for city trips.

So ensure that you consider what types of trip you will be making, and how often you will be making them, before you make a final decision on what brand new carry-on luggage you decide to purchase.

Another thing to consider is the versatility of the bag you are looking at. Is it too bulky to be used as a daypack, or is it streamlined enough that it can be used day-to-day as well as for weekend trips? If a good all-rounder is what you are looking for in a carry-on bag, then the ability for it to be used for many different functions is probably something that your bag of choice should have.

best carry on luggage
You want to go with something that will serve a variety fo different travel scenarios.

6. Price

This is something that obviously will affect what you want to buy, but there is more to it than you think.

Not all bags that are cheap are necessarily ‘not as good’ as other bags; some may be on sale, others may simply be older versions of products that have since been built upon.

Another thing to consider is just how often you will be travelling. Frequent travellers will probably want something that is more of an investment; it is only natural that more wear and tear is likely to have an inferior quality bag falling apart at the seams after years of use. An investment piece, however, is something that will last trip after trip.

If you don’t travel all that much, but instead only take a few trips a year, then you probably don’t need to spend a whole chunk of money on getting the best, most top of the range product for you.

However, paying more money does usually mean that you get one of the best products going at the moment. This instantly makes us think of the Nomatic series which is, though pricey, is top quality stuff that has been thoroughly designed.

FAQ about the Best Carry On Luggage

Still have some questions? No problem! We’ve listed and answered the most commonly asked questions below. Here’s what people usually want to know:

Final Thoughts on the Best Carry-on Luggage

There are so many different choices for carry-on luggage out there that it really can be a difficult choice to make. But with our extensive list of the winning bags out there, and our handy guide on how to choose the best carry-on luggage for you, we hope you’ll be able to make a choice now.

There’s a whole lot of cool bags out there. From durable duffels and hardside suitcases, to versatile backpacks and sleek looking bags that work just as well in a city as they would do on a backpacking adventure, you’re spoilt for choice!

Our number one choice for the overall best carry-on luggage is the Osprey Farpoint 36 Wheeled Travel Pack. So if you’re stuck and want our top recommendation, this is the one to choose; it’s just about the best choice you can make.

Another of our favourites is the Topo Designs 30L Travel Bag – it’s colourful, it’s durable, it’s just as good for backpacking as it is for a daypack or a city adventure. It’s a great alternative to the professional-looking Nomatic series.

Are you the proud owner of an awesome carry-on bag that’s not on this list? Tell us about it in the comments below!

best carry on luggage
Happy travels guys…

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