Buzzy nightlife, great shopping scene, Cardiff is a fun city surrounded by valleys, castles and beaches, making it an extra fun place to visit in summer when the weather is poppin’ for outdoor activities.

They love rugby here, so if you can catch a game at the Millennium Stadium you should definitely go for it – it draws huge crowds!

But being a city, it’s difficult to know which area to stay in. But not only that, sometimes city hostels can be a bit… ropey. You know, old. Are the ones in Cardiff OK to stay in…?

Don’t worry! The Cardiff hostel scene is as strong as its drinking scene. And we’ve selected the best hostels in Cardiff (and put ’em into handy categories) to help you choose the right one for you.

So what are you waiting for? Have a look at the top hostels in Cardiff!

Quick answer: The Best Hostels in Cardiff

Best Hostels in Cardiff

Best Hostels in Cardiff

Backpacking the UK and looking for a Cardiff hostel? Then read on!

Best Overall Hostel in Cardiff – The River House Cardiff

The River House Cardiff best hostels in Cardiff
The River House Cardiff is our pick for best overall hostel in Cardiff
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Free Walking Tour
  • Cat

This is quite a small hostel, but one cute thing about this place is that it’s run by a brother-sister team, which is fun. They wanted to create somewhere that feels like home, and they thought one way to do that was to serve up an absolutely huge free breakfast every morning! Suits us just fine.

The owners work super hard to make this the best place in Cardiff to stay – that means everything from catering for everyone’s dietary requirements to keeping the place literally spotless. Plus there’s a hostel cat to have a cuddle with if you like cats.

Best Party Hostel in Cardiff –  NosDa Hostel & Bar

NosDa Hostel & Bar best hostels in Cardiff
NosDa Hostel & Bar is our pick for best party hostel in Cardiff
  • $$
  • Cafe & Bar
  • Art Gallery (?!)
  • Female-only Dorms

Clean, comfortable, but also a fun place to get a lil’ bit turned, this top hostel in Cardiff is the place for people who like listening to music and having a drink. I mean, who doesn’t like that?

It’s the best party hostel in Cardiff because it has it’s own bar slash live music venue, which is pretty dang cool. Here you can listen to local bands, eat some Welsh food, have a loada drinks, and then stumble to your decent dorm. They even put on a beer festival!

Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Cardiff – Mrs Potts in Cardiff

Mrs Potts in Cardiff best hostels in Cardiff
Mrs Potts in Cardiff is our pick for best hostel for solo travellers in Cardiff
  • $$
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Wheelchair Friendly

It sounds like some kinda children’s book – and actually, that makes sense. Mrs Potts is a super nice place to stay, it’s warm, welcoming, got colourful polka dot curtains and cosy beds. Staying at this best hostel for solo travellers is a little bit like staying in a children’s book.

This recommended hostel in Cardiff is set in a building actually designed by the same guy who designed the Natural History Museum in London. How about that? The staff here are super nice and are more than happy to help you with recommendations.

Best Cheap Hostel in Cardiff – Nomad

Nomad best hostels in Cardiff
Nomad is our pick for best cheap hostel in Cardiff
  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Free Coffee (And Tea)
  • Bar

If you’re looking to stay in Cardiff on a budget, this Cardiff backpackers hostel is the place. The value for money game here is on point: free tea and coffee all day, free breakfast, and all set in a comfy B&B style building. We love it.

Besides being the best cheap hostel in Cardiff (great if you’re backpacking, obviously), it’s also a fun place to hang out. There’s a ping pong table for all you pros and non-pros out there, plus there’s a bar. And that’s always welcome.

Best Hostel for Couples in Cardiff – Bunkhouse

Bunkhouse best hostels in Cardiff
Bunkhouse is our pick for best hostel for couples in Cardiff
  • $$
  • Bar & Cafe
  • Free Breakfast
  • Luggage Storage

Bunk up together with your partner at this best hostel for couples in Cardiff. Yep, it’s nice. Set in a Victorian building it’s got a load of period features (high ceilings and all that) mixed with stylish, modern decor for one of the coolest hostels in Cardiff.

The cafe/bar area is a pretty chill place to hang out in with your partner, but if you wanna hit the city for some romantic meals or some things to do in the daytime to put on Facebook (or however you share your life), then you’ll love the central location of this place.

If you’re traveling with your partner and would prefer somewhere with a bit more privacy, check out these epic bed and breakfasts in Cardiff!

Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Cardiff – YHA Cardiff Central

YHA Cardiff Central best hostels in Cardiff
YHA Cardiff Central is our pick for best hostel for digital nomads in Cardiff
  • $$
  • Wheelchair Friendly
  • Self Catering Facilities
  • Bar & Restaurant

Wowww, the lounge area of this place is NICE! It’s definitely one of the best aspects of this cool hostel in Cardiff – and also a super chill place to get some work done, which is why we’ve also chosen it as the best hostel for digital nomads in Cardiff.

And when you’ve had enough typing and scrolling? Just head to the hostel bar. Great for digital nomads who want to let off a bit of steam, this Cardiff backpackers hostel is a decent place for those who wanna meet people and party, too.

Things DO go missing sometimes…

lock iconPsst! Heading to a hostel? Don’t forget to pack a padlock! It’s well worth having one so you can secure your locker and protect your stuff!

Best Budget Hostels In Cardiff

But if the thought of a dorm room at a backpackers hostel in Cardiff just isn’t doing it for you, then don’t sweat it. We understand. And we got you! There are plenty of decent budget hotels to choose from in the capital of Wales, so we’ve done the legwork for you and found a few of the best cheap hostels in Cardiff for you to browse.

Ibis Budget Cardiff Centre

Ibis Budget Cardiff Centre best hostels in Cardiff
Ibis Budget Cardiff Centre
  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Luggage Storage
  • En-suite Bathrooms

It’s Ibis! Everyone knows Ibis. It’s a solid option for a budget hotel anywhere in the world, so that means it’s also a pretty decent option when you want a budget hotel in Cardiff. Great value for money, seriously.

There are a few combos of rooms that you can choose to suit your backpacking ways and keep to a budget even MORE. For instance, if you’re with a couple o’ mates, get a triple room and split the cost! Easy! And guess the F what? There’s a free breakfast too.

The Angel Hotel

The Angel Hotel best hostels in Cardiff
The Angel Hotel
  • $$$
  • Room Service
  • 24 Hour Reception
  • Bar

This budget hotel in Cardiff is in a Victorian building right next to Cardiff Castle. What?! We know right? Pretty cool. And of COURSE that means this place is gonna be pretty dang elegant – and it is!

Elegance means (for us) a decent restaurant and bar with all the trimmings of a period property. It’s not exactly the lowest end of the budget, but you can treat yourself here without splurging, as they say. Oh, and, hang on – did someone say ‘room service’?

Cardiff Sandringham Hotel

Cardiff Sandringham Hotel best hostels in Cardiff
Cardiff Sandringham Hotel
  • $$
  • Live Music
  • Bar
  • Baggage Storage

Cake game strong at this budget Cardiff hostel. (Yes they serve good looking cakes). And it’s actually pretty cheap for the most basic option. So you can stay here without feeling guilty that your backpacking budget is being frittered away on stylish stays. No sweat.

Plus you can actually save money here, sorta, ’cause it’s so central – in walking distance to a load of sights, bars, restaurants. All that city stuff. And if you thought this place was full budget, think again! The bar here has live jazz in the evenings. What?!

Sleeperz Hotel Cardiff

Sleeperz Hotel Cardiff best hostels in Cardiff
Sleeperz Hotel Cardiff
  • $$
  • Laundry Service
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Air Con

Sleeperz (with that all-important Z) is, like, a modern budget hotel. You can get yourself a basic little (very little) room with a bunk bed and en-suite bathroom for not much coin and that’s pretty good.

This budget hotel in Cardiff is right near the train station, which is a plus if you wanna get around – or in, or out, of Cardiff. Plus there’s a load of stuff within walking distance, it’s a great location to be honest.

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What to Pack for your Cardiff Hostel

Here’s some gear our editors take hostelling.

Universal Adapter

1. Universal Travel Adapter: This universal travel adapter charges your devices in (pretty much) every country – definitely a lifesaver when travelling around the world. The plug also regulates the power output depending on which device you’re charging. No more fried hair dryers or electric razors!

AR Towel

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Noise Cancelling Earbuds

3. Noise-Cancelling Earbuds: You’ll have some pretty sorry roommates – it happens from time to time. These noise-canceling earbuds help mitigate the damage. The comfortable and ergonomic design won’t hurt your ears while sleeping no matter how long you keep them in. Increase the quality of your sleep by listening to some relaxing music at night or just enjoy the silence.

Active Roots Water Bottle

4. Active Roots Water Bottle: Hostels are increasingly meeting backpackers’ demands for potable (drinkable) water. Now is better than ever to start traveling with a reusable water bottle! Aside from cutting down single-use plastic, The Active Roots stainless steel water bottle will also keep your favorite beverage hot or cold all day long and it’s sized perfectly to fit an entire bottle of wine. ‘Nuff said.

Travel Pocket Soaps

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Playing Cards

6. Playing Cards: These waterproof cards are essential kit for every backpacker. Play by the pool, beach or at your hostel after a long day with travel buds, without your cards breaking or getting soaked. And once you pull out those cards, the chance that you’ll be the hero of the night is pretty high (no promises though).

Why you should travel to Cardiff

Those were the best hostels in Cardiff. And some of them are really nice!

It’s surprising how many top hostels there are in the Welsh capital, from traditional B&B style places, to more cool hostels in Cardiff, there’s quite a bit to choose from!

And if you’re allergic to dorm rooms, and a budget hostel in Cardiff just isn’t your thing, we also included a few of the best budget hotels in Cardiff so that there really is something for everyone on our handy list.

Still can’t decide on a place to stay? No worries. Our top choice for bthe est overall hostel in Cardiff, The River House, is a solid option!

The River House Cardiff best hostels in Cardiff

Travel Safety Tips for Cardiff

Don’t forget to sort your travel insurance! We’ve put together a roundup of the best travel insurance for backpackers – check it out here, or if you’re low on time, get a quote from World Nomads now, our favourite travel insurance provider.

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Over to you

By now I hope our epic guide to the best hostels in Cardiff has helped you choose the perfect hostel for your adventure!

If you think we’ve missed anything or have any further thoughts, hit us up in the comments!

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