No one knows Pura Vida like Costa Rica! 

The central american country of Costa Rica may be small, but it is MIGHTY… setting the tone of beauty and character! 

If you talk with anyone who’s ever visited this beautiful gem, you’ll hear an endless flood of good things. One of those good things is their utmost respect for nature. Perched high up among the treetops, you might get to spot toucans, all different variations of monkeys, and other exotic wildlife.

Staying at one of the best treehouses in Costa Rica gives you the opportunity to experience the the country in an unforgettable way. The best way to plan a trip to this tropical paradise is to find unique accommodation…You won’t want to be stuck in some standard, stuffy hotel room when there’s a whole world of costa rica tree house discovery awaiting you!

magical jungle treehouse
Jungle Treehouses here we come!

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Sacred Geome Tree House in costa rica

Sacred Geome Tree House

  • > $
  • > 2 Guests
  • > Equipped kitchen
  • > Full bathroom

Momotus Glamping

  • > $$$
  • > 2 Guests
  • > Fully-equipped kitchen
  • > Private bathroom

Nosara Treehouse

  • > $$$$$
  • > 4 Guests
  • > Hot tub
  • > Shared pool

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    Staying in a Treehouse in Costa Rica

    Treehouses are designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, but many properties still have great modern amenities like electricity and running water. In general, treehouses offer a place to stay in Costa Rica, and sometimes make use of solar power, composting toilets, and rainwater collection!

    Most Costa Rica Tree House Lodges are smaller properties but some are large enough to accommodate big groups of friends or families. If you’re traveling with young children or have physical limitations, it’s a good idea to check whether the treehouse is safe and accessible.

    Costa Rica is known for its magical cloud forests, stunning beaches, and amazing tropical wildlife. Staying at one of the best treehouses while backpacking Costa Rica is a way to get closer to the natural beauty.

    treehouse in costa rica
    I’m sure you’re planning on exploring all the incredible waterfalls in Costa Rica.

    Whether you find a Costa Rica treehouse with an ocean view or a secluded jungle treetop perch, staying in a treehouse allows you to experience the wonders of Costa Rica up close and in person. Hotels could never offer the same level of excitement and wonder!

    Depending on your own preferences, there are several things to look out for when selecting the right Costa Rica tree house lodge. They range from pricey luxurious spaces to small, camping-style properties.

    A lot depends on just how close to nature you want to be. If electricity, Wi-Fi, and running water are important to you, expect to pay a bit more for a higher-end tree house lodge option.

    On the other hand, if camp stoves, an eco-toilet, and battery-operated devices are all okay, there are plenty of awesome budget Costa Rica treehouse rentals! Many options fall somewhere between the two. 

    The Top 10 Treehouses in Costa Rica

    Now that you’re all geared up for your Costa Rica adventure, check out this list of the best treehouses in Costa Rica! Once you’re done reading, you’ll practically be ready to pack your bags for a once-in-a-lifetime jungle experience.

    The Overall Best Treehouse in Costa Rica – Topo’s Treehouse

    jungle treehouse

    Topo’s Treehouse has a reputation as one of the best Costa Rica treehouses. Right next to Playa Negra beach but in the middle of the forest floor, this unique home looks like it’s made by fairies. Maybe it was?

    The house is built around rubber tree roots in a way like we’ve never seen before – bring the incredible nature around you, inside your vacation rental. This treehouse offers a great way to experience more sustainable travel. It has two bedrooms, a stunning wooden dining room, and decks all around to spot wildlife. Keep your ears open for the howler monkeys.

    The Best Budget Treehouse in Costa Rica – Sacred Geome Tree House

    Sacred Geome Tree House in costa rica
    Seriously – how stunning is this treehouse in Costa Rica!

    Your saving grace for bringing your budget down are the amazing hostels in Costa Rica. But this super cool treehouse offers a one-of-a-kind experience that’s pretty damn affordable too! The treehouse consists of separate dome pods with a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom all equipped with running water, Wi-Fi, and a full kitchen.

    It’s only 15 minutes by car to the popular Montezuma beach, and not much farther to other famous beaches and resort towns. You can park a vehicle for free onsite, making it easy to escape the tourist crowds yet also convenient enough to visit top attractions.

    The Best Treehouse for Couples – Momotus Glamping

    glamping tree house Costa Rica

    Easily one of the best tree house hotels in Costa Rica for couples, these unique glamping pods are perfect for creating your own bubble in the surrounding rainforest. They have balconies overlooking the mountains, queen-sized beds to get cosy, and a hot tub to get steamy: a perfect recipe for… you know what. 😉

    Over-The-Top Luxury Treehouse – Nosara Treehouse

    Nosara treehouse costa rica

    If you’re looking for treehouse rentals in Costa Rica that send your vacation into orbit, you need to see this! This two bedroom Costa Rica treehouse is your dream home away from home. It accommodates 4 guests in one apartment, with apartments next door if you want to rent out for a bigger group. 

    The fully equipped kitchen is perfect for cooking up a storm in the tree house, before or after a trip to the beach nearby. You can choose your seating area inside or outside. Then you have 2 bathrooms to choose from, including a hot tub and an outdoor shower. Your garden terrace has stunning views and a pool.

    Santa Juana Lodge & Nature Reserve

    Lodge and Nature Reserve Costa Rica

    Located just a few kilometers from Manuel Antonio and San José, Santa Juana Lodge & Nature Reserve is one of Costa Rica’s gems. This is one of our favorite all-inclusive treehouse hotels and their menu will accommodate any kind of diet; even a picky child menu.

    Surrounding you are some of the most unique and beautiful hiking trails in the world. They’re committed to sustainable travel here, and we love to see it. They only hire local staff and are dedicated to supporting their local community: that’s how you do it!

    Magical Jungle Treehouse

    magical jungle treehouse
    This is the perfect place to come home to after exploring the natural hot springs nearby.

    This epic treehouse is the most perfect eco lodge in Costa Rica. Booking a stay at this jungle treehouse grants you 24-hour access to 12 natural springs nearby, all of which are surrounded by gorgeous jungle scenery.

    The Tree House Lodge is decorated in original artwork, and you’ll have your own private balcony to relax on and enjoy the view. It has a great blend of nature and modern comforts including an equipped kitchen, water heater, laundry service, and there are also several towns nearby with restaurants and shops.

    Casa Kupu-Kupu

    Casa Kupu-Kupu
    This Tree House Lodge is one of the best places to stay in the country.

    This large and modern treehouse can accommodate big groups of friends looking for a unique adventure in Costa Rica! The property is absolutely stunning with gorgeous open-plan spaces. The three bedrooms can sleep up to 7 guests, and there’s also a kitchenette, outdoor porch, and swimming pool onsite for you to enjoy.

    In terms of location, Casa Kupu-Kupu is hard to beat as the nearest town is less than 10 minutes away. It’s a great spot to enjoy beaches like Puerto Carrillo, go hiking in the jungle, bird watch from your own private balcony, or chill by the pool!

    Tree House Lodge

    Tree house lodge

    This awesome treehouse is like a family tourist attraction all by itself! Not only can you enjoy comforts like a kitchen and dining area, washer and dryer, as well as Wi-Fi, but there’s also a swimming pool, mini-golf on site, and a large balcony with great views.

    If you’re interested in tours around Costa Rica, this Costa Rica lodge hosts offer several discounts on various options to help you save money. The treehouse is located in the peaceful area of Puerto Viejo, and several of the tour agencies will even pick you up onsite!

    Escapadita al Bosque

    Escapadita al Bosque
    This Tree House looks like a dream!

    This treehouse is a great, budget-friendly option! Disconnect from the outside world and take in the mountain views, check out the hiking trails, swim under waterfalls, or walk through the nearby gardens.

    Even your wildest jungle dreams might not match the reality of this tree house lodge, a truly unique stay in Costa Rica! Depending on the season, you may also be treated to local and seasonal fruit right at the property!

    Pueblo Verde Treehouse

    Pueblo Verde treehouse in costa rica
    How awesome is this entrance?

    Perfectly situated among the jungle treetops of Costa Rica, this unique tree house is less than a kilometer from the ocean and is surrounded by tropical foliage. Spend the day at nearby private beaches, work out in the outdoor gym, hike through jungle trails, or jump in the pool!

    Over your hanging bridge, you’ll find this treehouse has excellent contemporary comforts including air conditioning in all the rooms and a modern kitchen. The space is ideal for a remote getaway where you can relax on the hammock and entrench yourself in nature.

    Jungle Living Tree House Aguacatillo

    Jungle Living Tree House Aguacatillo in costa rica
    Don’t you just love those huge windows?

    Known as the tourist capital of Costa Rica, Monteverde offers all the activities the country is famous for including hanging bridges, zip lines, coffee farms, and amazing tropical wildlife! At this treehouse, you’ll be right in the Monteverde cloud forest to experience the wonder first-hand.

    Enjoy the natural wildlife whilst staying in a comfortable and authentic treehouse in Costa Rica. Even though you’re surrounded by trees, it’s only a 15-minute walk to the city center where you can find markets, restaurants, and shops.

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    FAQs on the Best Costa Rica Treehouse for You

    Final Thoughts on Treehouses in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a dreamy, dreamy place. With tropical weather year-round, Costa Rica is always a year-round destination, and staying in a treehouse is a great way to take your vacation to the next level! 

    Since there are so many options for super unique accommodation in Costa Rica, you can totally be yourself and find that perfect place. Whether you like roughing it in the jungle or you want a little luxury (or a lot) Costa Rica offers just what you need. 

    Now that you’ve looked through my list of selections for the best treehouses in Costa Rica, get onto that adventure! From bright sunny beaches to jungle ziplines, you’re in for a spectacular and unforgettable vacation. Feel free to come back and tell me all about your amazing adventure! It’s certain to give me some jealousy. Pura Vida!

    palm tree sunset
    Pura Vida!

    Updated July 2023

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