Famous for its rich and beautiful beaches, delicious rum, amazing surfing spots, and of course, the pop diva Rhianna, the island of Barbados has everything that you need for an epic time in the sun (Rhianna not included on your vacation, sorry!).

However, you might be interested to know there is more to a Barbados vacation than sipping cocktails on the beach. For a taste of local culture and cuisine, the south and west coasts are the most popular locations for tourists.

The capital of Bridgetown, and other popular towns such as Saint Lawrence Gap and Holetown, are known for their world-class resorts and swanky hotels. St. Philip is the place to go for beach bums, as it hosts the most pristine beaches on the island.

Lovers of the wild outdoors and active adventures could skip the city altogether and head to the wild east coast.

Regardless of where you head, this island nation is sure to exceed your expectations in every way.

Though Barbados is known for having some top-luxury resorts, you can find just as much luxury, if not more, from a holiday home on this exquisite island. In fact, as more tourists opt for homely comforts on their travels, vacation rentals in Barbados are a booming trade and there are a plethora of options available to choose from.

Too many options in fact, and that can be overwhelming. So instead of stressing about it, leave it to us. We have listed the absolute best vacation rentals in Barbados for any type of traveler and budget.

So sit back, get a G&T, and as Queen Rhianna might say, “na na na come on!”

Quick Answer: These are the Top 5 Vacation Rentals in Barbados

Overall Best Value Vacation Rentals in Barbados
3 Bed Beach House with Deck
Overall Best Value Vacation Rentals in Barbados

3 Bed Beach House with Deck

  • > $$
  • > 6 Guests
  • > Beachy interiors and a garden deck
  • > On the beach in Reeds Bay
Best Budget Vacation Rentals in Barbados
Bright and Spacious 1 Bed Cottage
Best Budget Vacation Rentals in Barbados

Bright and Spacious 1 Bed Cottage

  • > $
  • > 2 Guests
  • > Indoor/outdoor living with lots of fresh air
  • > In the southeast corner of the island in St. Philip
Best Vacation Rentals for Couples in Barbados
Rustic 1 Bed Garden Cottage
Best Vacation Rentals for Couples in Barbados

Rustic 1 Bed Garden Cottage

  • > $
  • > 2 Guests
  • > Converted stable home with comfy furniture
  • > In the heart of Holetown, walking distance to the beach
Best Vacation Rentals for Families in Barbados
Cozy 3 Bed Family Home with Garden
Best Vacation Rentals for Families in Barbados

Cozy 3 Bed Family Home with Garden

  • > $
  • > 6 Guests
  • > Access to a shared pool and gym
  • > In a gated community in the hills above Speightstown
Over-the-Top Luxury Vacation Rentals in Barbados
Grand 4 Bed Villa on the Beach
Over-the-Top Luxury Vacation Rentals in Barbados

Grand 4 Bed Villa on the Beach

  • > $$$$
  • > 8 Guests
  • > Exquisite home with panoramic ocean views and pool
  • > On the beach in Lower Carlton, St. James

Looking for other types of accommodation? Check out our guide to Where to Stay in Barbados!

Types of Accommodation in Barbados

Before we dive into the best vacation rentals in Barbados, let’s quickly introduce to you the types of holiday homes you might find on the island. Depending on your budgets and requirements, you might find one type of home is better suited to others, which will help you to scale down your options massively.

Let’s take a look.

Top Safety Trips for Traveling to Barbados

Luxury Oceanside Villas

As one of the most sought-after tropical islands in the Caribbean for a beach holiday, it’s no surprise that you’ll find some extravagant villas and estates across the island’s most prestigious neighborhoods. 

Designed with symmetrical wings in a variety of styles (including Spanish and Mediterranean influences), villas are huge homes with all the bells and whistles. From swimming pools to rooftop decks to direct beach access to games rooms – you name it, there’s a villa rental in Barbados that has it.

These spacious homes are the best option for large families and groups of friends with enough cash to splash because these are the most luxurious and expensive properties in Barbados to rent. Sometimes, if you are staying with a large group, you can split the cost between you and it can work out to be quite affordable.

With so many bedrooms and abundant entertainment space, villas are also great for hosting gatherings or intimate events.

Beach Houses

In true Caribbean island style, there are tons of beach vacation rentals in Barbados. Whether you choose to stay on the bustling west side of the island or prefer the rugged and relaxed east coast, you’ll never struggle to find a beautiful beach house to rent.

Depending on their size and location, you could find a beautiful house on the beachfront for a reasonable price. Many of these homes have been remodeled using modern fittings and contemporary furniture, and include balconies or decks with ocean views. 

These rentals are most ideal for small families, groups of friends, and couples looking for a fun beach vacation in the sun. If you’re lucky, you could even lock in a beach house with a pool or Jacuzzi for a good price.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Condos, Apartments, and Penthouses

If culture, nightlife, and a city buzz are what you’re after, there are a range of condos, apartments, and penthouses across Barbados’s bustling cities and towns. This is also a great property type for first-time visitors of Barbados. Here, you’ll be close to the main attractions and beaches and will get a real taste of life on the island. 

Because the island is so small, you’re almost always guaranteed some sort of view from an apartment balcony. If you have the budget, some luxury penthouses in Barbados have panoramic ocean views.

Not only are condos, apartments, and penthouses a great shout for first-time visitors, but they’re also ideal for young families, couples, or solo travelers. Often with resort-like amenities and extra security, staying in a complex can give you peace of mind when it comes to safety in Barbados. As many condos are built with lifts, they’re also ideal for visitors with limited mobility. 

Speightstown, Barbados

Top 20 Vacation Rentals in Barbados

From the tasty cuisine to the friendly locals, Barbados has more to offer than meets the eye. The best way to experience the authenticity of the island is to stay in a Barbabos local’s home.

So, when you’re ready, let’s dive into some of the best vacation rentals in Barbados.

Best Overall Vacation Rental in Barbados | 3 BR Beach House

3 Bed Beach House with Deck
  • $$
  • Beachy interiors and a garden deck
  • 6 Guests
  • On the beach in Reeds Bay

It’s no surprise that the best overall place to rent in Barbados is on the beach. In fact, this spot has a private stairway from the deck to the sand, and couldn’t be closer to the beach if it tried.

The three-bedroom home is decorated simply, with inspiration from its coastal surroundings. The house sits on stilts above the beach and has a huge open-concept central living area that opens out onto an equally impressive deck. This room was made for entertaining, with tons of seating space and natural light.

What makes this home special, you ask? Well, for its pristine beachfront location and beautiful interiors, it’s on the rental market for an absolute steal of a price!

Best Budget Vacation Rental in Central Barbados | 1 BR Cottage

Bright and Spacious 1 Bed Cottage
  • $
  • Indoor/outdoor living with lots of fresh air
  • 2 Guests
  • In the southeast corner of the island in St. Philip

Calling all budget travelers! There are tons of affordable self-catering vacation rentals in Barbados, waiting to be added to your itinerary. This spot is no exception. Its unique architecture draws inspiration from Scandinavian design, using natural materials and rigid lines.

However, as you walk inside the home, you’ll be greeted with pops of color throughout the structure and the furniture that fills it. It reminds me of a fun treehouse, just designed for grownups. 

The best thing about this property is its indoor/outdoor living setup. With gaps in the wooden walls and tons of open windows, there’s a constant breeze flowing through this airy space. 

Budget Tip: Dorms in Barbados start from $10USD per bed. They’re the cheapest accommodation in the city. Search for hostels in the area!

Most Beautiful Villa Rental in Barbados | 7 BR Villa W/ Pool

Over the Top Luxury 7 Bed Villa with Pool
  • $$$$
  • Historic old building with updated European-inspired interiors
  • 14 Guests
  • In North Barbados near Mullins and Heywoods Beach

This is one of the most expensive properties I came across, but it’s not without good reason. This exquisite Tuscan-style villa would fit right into the beautiful hills of Italy, with its rough stone exterior and green shutters draped with creeper plants.

Every way you turn your head, this home looks like it could grace the pages of a prestigious home and garden magazine. However, it’s not just the building that impresses. It has a tropical garden that surrounds the grounds, with water features, ponds, lawns, and hidden picnic spots, all with an ocean view.

The home even has a games room, volleyball court, Boulle grounds, private gym, and grotto-style swimming pool. With five bedrooms sporting king-size double beds and a further two rooms with twin beds, this is the ideal vacation rental for a large family or extended family vacation. 

Most Luxurious Tropical Hideaway in Barbados | 4 BR Beach Villa

Grand 4 Bed Villa on the Beach
  • $$$$
  • Exquisite home with panoramic ocean views and pool
  • 8 Guests
  • On the beach in Lower Carlton, St. James

Have you ever wanted to spend a holiday in a tropical palace? Well, this luxury vacation rental in Barbados might be as close as you’ll get.

The home has four bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom and exquisite ocean views. The main event is definitely the central living space, which is appropriately decorated in a laid-back yet luxurious island-vibe theme.

This grand room opens onto a huge pool deck overlooking the ocean. You’ll no doubt spend most of your time splashing around in the turquoise water, dining in the moonlight or soaking in the Jacuzzi on this deck.

Best Vacation Rental in Barbados for Small Families | 3 BR Home

Cozy 3 Bed Family Home with Garden
  • $
  • Access to a shared pool and gym
  • 6 Guests
  • In a gated community in the hills above Speightstown

As one of the most common Caribbean destinations for families, there are many family-friendly homes in Barbados. This property sits in a gated community offering shared access to a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, tennis court, and gym. 

The home itself is beautiful and simple. It has three bedrooms and includes a baby-friendly bed and high chair. I would say it’s quite affordable for what it offers and would be a perfect space for a young family, with tons of room for activities across the home.

When staying here, you can spend some time under the covered deck surrounded by tropical plants. This is a great spot to have a family BBQ with your loved ones and dine in the fresh clean air.

Best Vacation Rental in Barbados for a Weekend | 1 BR Villa W/ Pool

Bright 1 Bed Villa with Pool
  • $$
  • Island-style plantation interiors with natural light
  • 2 Guests
  • Across the street from the beach in Porters

Make yourself at home in this small one-bedroom villa in the center of Barbados. Located in the perfect spot for a quick visit, close to major attractions and beautiful beaches, your only problem will be that you won’t want to leave. It’s also near a whole host of delicious restaurants such as Tides Barbados that serve up fresh local delicacies.

The home has timber vaulted ceilings with plantation fans and island-style bamboo furniture. It has a small but sufficient kitchen, which is fully equipped with everything you might need from a self-catering vacation rental in Barbados.

On top of this, it also includes access to a beautiful pool, which is shared between only two apartments. If this is what island living is like, I want in!

Best Vacation Rental in Barbados with a Pool | 3 BR Home

Colorful 3 Bed Home with Pool and Jacuzzi
  • $$
  • Remodeled home with high ceilings and luxury furniture
  • 6 Guests
  • In a quiet neighborhood near Crane Beach

If you love a modern home with some funky color in your life, we have you covered. This gorgeous property is one of my favorites because of its unique blend of minimalistic and quirky styles. 

The home has upscale finishes throughout, with high vaulted ceilings, plantation-style ceiling fans, and tons of open space and natural light. The open-concept living space opens onto a gorgeous pool and Jacuzzi deck. In my opinion, this is the perfect place to gather with family and friends.

Not only is it a gorgeous home to look at, but it’s also located only five minutes from the beach and has one of the most tempting pools we have ever laid eyes on. 

Super Accessible Vacation Rental in Barbados | 2 BR Beach Condo

Classy 2 Bed Beach Condo with Pool
  • $$
  • Top-of-the-range amenities with world-class views
  • 4 Guests
  • On the beachfront near Dover in Bridgetown

Accessibility on this rustic island can be unreliable. I advise always booking a property in an apartment block or a resort to make absolutely sure there are no small steps or narrow pathways. 

This beautiful condo is located overlooking one of the most exciting beaches in Barbados. It’s also around the corner from grocery stores and restaurants, making it one of the best vacation rentals in Barbados for its central location.

However, you might have to force yourself to leave this gorgeous condo, which is decorated to the highest standard with luxurious linens, contemporary furniture, and top-of-the-range kitchen appliances.

Most Central City Vacation Rental Barbados | 5 BR Villa W/ Pool

Relaxing 5 Bed Villa with Pool and Jacuzzi
  • $$$
  • Minimalistic home with beautiful pool area
  • 10 Guests
  • On the beach in Bridgetown, near restaurants and shops

Did you know that you could drive around the coast of Barbados in three hours? Well, this means that wherever you base yourself, you’ll never be too far from the sea. Especially for first-time visitors, the capital city of Bridgetown is a top spot to set yourself up in for a holiday filled with culture, cuisine, and beaches. 

This home is so peaceful, you’d never know it was in the middle of the city. In fact, it’s located right on the beach and has nothing between the balcony and the ocean but some lush palm trees. 

The home is built using white painted timber and neutral stone to keep it cool during the hot months. There is also lots of natural light and ocean air flowing throughout the space.

Best Vacation Rental in Barbados for a Large Family | 9 BR Villa

Island Style 9 Bed Villa with Gardens and Pool
  • $$$$
  • Quirky interiors with games, gym, and sport courts
  • 16 Guests
  • Steps from the beach and restaurants in Holetown

If you’re looking for a house suitable for a big group of people, this gorgeous estate is sure to impress all parties involved. It is also quite literally the perfect place to host a family gathering or party.

The luxury vacation rental in Barbados has many different living areas, some indoor, some outdoor. It includes a games room, private gym, and boasts a stunning central courtyard with a pool and Jacuzzi. Around the pool, you’ll find luxurious beach loungers and umbrellas, as well as a dining table that can seat 12 guests.

Each bedroom is designed to the highest standards, with abundant closet space, private seating areas, and even a personal office.

Best Vacation Rental in Barbados for Friends | 5 BR Villa W/ Pool

Exquisite 5 Bed Villa with Pool and Gazebo
  • $$$$
  • Mediterranean-inspired home with huge pool deck
  • 10 Guests
  • In the center of Holetown, near the beach and top restaurants

Suburban utopia comes to mind when you first lay eyes on this Mediterranean-style mansion in Barbados. However, once you step through the front doors, you’ll immediately notice the blend between island-inspired and Mediterranean interiors. 

You can expect luxurious linens, lush indoor plants, and a mix of wicker, bamboo, and antique furniture. 

The pool area is the main attraction, with a large Jacuzzi flowing into the pool, and comfortable outdoor seating, lounging, and dining furniture surrounding it. Not to mention, there is a gorgeous gazebo at the end of the pool with a dining table perfect for a family-style meal with friends.

Most Unique Vacation Rental in Barbados | 2BR Beach Cottage

Colorful and Eclectic Beach Cottage for 4
  • $$
  • Busy and colorful home with pool and deck
  • 4 Guests
  • By the beach in the quiet town of Ocean City

Whether you’re admiring the views from the balcony or from the pool, this small cottage has exquisite ocean views from every vantage point. It’s one of the remaining traditional Bajan chattel houses, which used to house plantation workers across the island.

These historic homes are actually ‘transportable’ and were designed to be moved from one plantation to another. Today, this property has been repainted in traditional bright colors and is surrounded by a well-maintained succulent garden. 

Without a doubt, it’s one of the best vacation rentals in Barbados for its historical significance and local charm. As you walk inside the home, take a moment to appreciate the authentic colorful furniture and painted window shutters. 

Best Vacation Rental in Barbados for First Timers | 2 BR Condo 

Stunning 2 Bed Condo with Lush Gardens
  • $$
  • Access to a shared pool and huge balcony
  • 4 Guests
  • In a residential street in Porters, near the beach

If you’ve never visited the island before, spending some time in the busy Porters area is a great option. It isn’t quite in the city center but is close enough for you to easily explore all the major attractions and beaches. 

This is also a beautiful option for couples who dream of the ‘villa life’, yet can’t afford to rent out a massive estate themselves. It’s pretty much a luxury villa that has been turned into different condos.

The condo includes two spacious bedrooms fitted with luxurious bedding and ensuite bathrooms, an open concept living space filtered with natural light, and a large covered balcony with garden views.  

Best Vacation Rental in Barbados for Nightlife | 1 BR Condo

Modern 1 Bed Condo with Ocean Views
  • $$$
  • Eclectic art and luxurious linen and furniture
  • 2 Guests
  • On the coast in the heart of Bridgetown

Located in the heart of the city center, surrounded by nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, this condo is the perfect rental for party goers with a decent budget.

Aside from its prime location, the best part of this luxury vacation rental in Barbados is the covered balcony/sunroom overlooking unobstructed ocean views. Perfect for any weather, this room can turn into part of the living room on rainy days and be opened up on warmer days.

The master bedroom sits on the corner of the building, giving it 180-degree ocean views. With nothing but the ocean surrounding the home, it actually looks like you’re sailing on a cruise ship from the comfort of your bed.

Best Vacation Rental in Barbados with a View | 3 BR Villa W/ Pool

Luxurious 3 Bed Villa with Pool Deck
  • $$$
  • Classy furniture and exquisite ocean views
  • 6 Guests
  • On the beachfront in Silver Sands, walking distance to shops

This isn’t just another luxury villa in Barbados. In fact, it’s architecturally designed to take advantage of its beachfront location and views from every corner of the property. 

The home follows a contemporary style, with modern fittings and stunning neutral furniture bringing a sense of calm into the space. Each of the three bedrooms come with king or queen-sized beds and have their own balcony with ocean views.

However, you’ll be spending most of your time by the huge swimming pool, which is surrounded by lounger chairs and lush tropical gardens.

Romantic Vacation Rental in Barbados for Couples | 1 BR Cottage

Rustic 1 Bed Garden Cottage
  • $
  • Converted stable home with comfy furniture
  • 2 Guests
  • In the heart of Holetown, walking distance to the beach

This home is so simple and gorgeous, it will lift your spirits from the second you step inside. As one of the best vacation rentals in Barbados for couples, it’s perfectly suited for a comfortable stay for two. 

Like many homes in this island nation, this cottage takes indoor/outdoor living seriously. With huge open windows inviting fresh air and natural light into every corner of the home, you’ll feel like you’re outside, even from the lounge. 

The spacious covered patio offers a separate lounge and a small bistro dining table, perfect for a romantic evening with your loved one.

Off-the-Beaten-Track Vacation Rental in Barbados | 2 BR Cottage

Secluded 2 Bed Beach Cottage
  • $
  • Homey beach-style interiors with ocean views
  • 4 Guests
  • On the rugged Saint Joseph coastline in Cattlewash

Located on the untouched east coast of the island, this is the perfect vacation rental in Barbados to enjoy the company of your closest family and friends, or even spend some time with yourself as a solo traveler. 

The home has a basic yet fully-equipped kitchen, ideal for those who wish to save money on eating out. The large balcony, which overlooks the wild coastline and surrounding jungle, is a wonderful spot to enjoy the sounds of nature.

In fact, this home used to be an authentic chattel house. It has been refurbished and placed on stilts to take advantage of the views. Best of all, you can enjoy both sunrises and sunsets from this private balcony.

Best Vacation Rental Near Sights in Barbados | 2 BR Condo W/ Views

Contemporary 2 Bed Condo with Sea Views
  • $$$
  • Modern open-concept space with floor-to-ceiling windows
  • 4 Guests
  • In Maxwell Beach, Christ Church, near major attractions

At first glance, you might think this stylish modern condo is a Miami penthouse. This is because it sits on the beachfront at Maxell Beach in Christ Church, and is surrounded by busy beaches, and exciting city life. 

It’s the best beach vacation rental in Barbados for anyone who has an interest in the culture and history of the island. You’ll pretty much be around the corner from all major attractions, while still having the peaceful beach to enjoy out front. 

The corner condo boasts floor-to-ceiling windows making sure guests can enjoy the beach views from every room in the condo.

Vacation Rental near the Best Beaches in Barbados | 2 BR Home

Gorgeous 2 Bed House with Ocean Views
  • $$$
  • Surrounded by plants. Access to a shared pool and gym
  • 4 Guests
  • In the Cassia Heights hills above Holetown

Barbados is all about tropical beaches and warm oceans, and if you’re not visiting with the sole aim of spending time on a beach, we advise adding it to your agenda immediately.

Although it isn’t directly on the beachfront, this home is the ultimate beach vacation rental in Barbados because of its proximity to many of the island’s best beaches. The home itself is clean and bright, with French-inspired doors and arched windows bringing a wealth of natural light into the home. 

Furnished with wicker furniture and neutral colors, you’ll feel like you are on the beach, even from the comfort of your own private home.

Best Small Town Vacation Rental in Barbados | 2 BR Cottage

Rural 2 Bed Chattel Cottage with Ocean Views
  • $
  • Close to the rugged eastern coastline beaches
  • 4 Guests
  • On the quiet east coast in Foster Hill

While the cities can be a great source of entertainment and exciting cuisine, I always like to spend some time in the lesser-known parts of a country. This helps one gain a more authentic feel for the location and how the locals live. 

This old chattel house has been refurbished and made into a forest treehouse. The home still showcases its traditional dark wooden interiors, complemented by local bamboo furniture and wooden plantation shutters. 

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage has a loft space upstairs which is perfect for kids. However, please note that the loft bathroom is completely open.

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Final Thoughts

Barbados may be a small Caribbean island but it is overflowing with adventure and beauty. From the turquoise sea to the tropical rainforests to the rolling hills inland, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful country.

When it comes to places to stay in Barbados, I think we can safely agree there are a ton of good choices to choose from. I am confident I’ve shown you the best of the best vacation rentals in Barbados.

My favourite has to be the unique beachfront cottage that’s full of quirky charm. Aside from the fact you get to stay right on the beach, it’s decorated with vibrant, fluorescent colours that I have always associated with the Caribbean. It’s also historically important, being one of the fewtraditional Bajan chattel houses left on the island. This would be my top pick for a truly authentic experience. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments.

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