The capital of Austria’s Tyrol region, Innsbruck is famed as a major ski destination within the alps! It has hosted the Winter Olympics Twice, and is now surrounded by some of the most popular resorts in the world.

Scratching beneath the surface, you will also find a historically significant city that is packed with Austrian culture, vibrant cuisine and excellent urban scenery to match the gorgeous landscapes surrounding Innsbruck.

Innsbruck is quite a narrow, sprawling city due to its location in a valley within a major mountain range! This can make it quite difficult to navigate – especially for those more used to modern urban planning.

It is important to get a good sense of the city’s different neighborhoods before you arrive, as well as the most popular resort towns across the region.

Luckily, we’ve created this guide to help you! We’ve figured out the five best neighborhoods in and around Innsbruck, and categorised them based on what kind of traveller they are best for.

From clubbing to family skiing holidays, we have you sorted with a great selection of the best neighborhoods on offer in the city.

So let’s just jump right into it!

Where to Stay in Innsbruck

Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Innsbruck.

Best Airbnb in Innsbruck: Modern and Cosy Apartment

Located between the airport and the city centre, this apartment is the perfect choice for those visiting Innsbruck for a short stay! It comes with superhost status, ensuring you will receive the highest standards of service.

It is also well equipped and comes with great views of the surrounding mountain range.

Best Hostel in Innsbruck: Marmota Hostel

As the best-rated hostel in Innsbruck, it’s no wonder that Marmota Hostel takes our top spot for backpacker accommodation in the city! Only a short walk away from the train station, it occupies a surprisingly quiet part of the city – guaranteeing you a peaceful night’s sleep before heading out to explore.

Best Hotel in Innsbruck: STAGE 12

Though a relatively new hotel, STAGE 12 has already garnered a reputation as one of the most luxurious accommodation choices in the city! This four-star hotel nevertheless offers some good rates on rooms – perfect for those that are willing to splash out a little on comfort without going overboard.

Innsbruck Neighborhood Guide

innsbruck - wilten


Just south of the city centre, we’ve chosen Wilten as the best neighborhood for first time visitors thanks to the large train station within the area.

wikicommons - innsbruck - hotting


Just across the river from the city centre, Hötting is a great pick for those that want to stay close to the main attractions without breaking the bank!

innsbruck - Innenstadt


Innenstadt is the city centre of Innsbruck, and where you will find many of the city’s most well known attractions! Whilst Innsbruck isn’t a major destination for party goers, for those that nevertheless want to sample the local nightlife Innenstadt is the place to be.

shutterstock - innsbruck - pradl


Once one of the more run down neighborhoods in the city, Pradl has experienced a revival in recent years – creating one of the coolest and most vibrant neighborhoods in Innsbruck!

shutterstock - innsbruck - patsch


Innsbruck is surrounded by some excellent ski resort villages – some of which receive more visitors per year than the city itself! These are perfect for families year round as they come with the best facilities and are geared for visitors of all ages.

Though only the fifth largest city in Austria, Innsbruck is a sprawling city with a number of distinct neighborhoods each offering something a bit different.

Whether you want a delectable introduction to Austrian cuisine, a vibrant display of local culture or some of the best winter sports destinations in the world, Innsbruck has a diverse array of attractions waiting to be explored by all kinds of travellers.

Innenstadt is the city’s historic centre and a great starting point for those wanting to gather their bearings! All of the city’s nightlife is based in this area, but there are plenty of excellent day time activities waiting to be explored.

Although Innenstadt would make a great option for first-time travellers, we have instead opted for Wilten for a number of reasons. Not only is it right next to the city centre, but it is also well connected with other resorts in the region by the train station!

This makes it a perfect option for those wanting to sample everything the city has to offer.

Meanwhile, Hötting is just across the river and offers a completely different atmosphere. This is where you can enjoy a more authentic side to life in Innsbruck!

It is also one of the most budget-friendly areas of the city – perfect for those wanting to avoid Austria’s notoriously expensive cost of living. If you can afford to spend a little more, Pradl has a similar atmosphere to Hötting but definitely caters more to the hipster crowd.

This is where you will discover modern restaurants and interesting creative attractions.

Finally, we believe no visit to Innsbruck is complete without visiting one of the surrounding resort villages! This is where you can try out some skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports with Olympic quality facilities.

In particular, we recommend Patsch – especially for families. There are plenty of fantastic facilities in this region, and it is often regarded as one of the most family-friendly resorts in the alps. It is also well connected with the city centre by train.

Still undecided? No worries – we have even more info about every neighborhood below!

5 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Innsbruck

Let’s take a look, in more detail, at the five best neighbourhoods in Innsbruck. Each caters to different interests, so be sure to pick the neighbourhood that’s right for you.

#1 Wilten – Where to Stay in Innsbruck for Your First Time

Just south of the city centre, we’ve chosen Wilten as the best neighborhood for first-time visitors thanks to the large train station within the area. This station gives you fast connections with all the major skiing resort villages in the area – perfect for trying out the best that Tyrol has to offer!

It is also within walking distance of the main attractions and has great links to other areas mentioned within this guide.

innsbruck - wilten

Great transport connections aside, Wilten has plenty of other attractions to offer visitors! More modern than the neighbouring city centre, this is the main business district in Innsbruck.

As such you will find some more reserved nightlife options, as well as great dining locations offering a variety of local and international cuisines.

Things to See and Do in Wilten:

  • Grassmayr Glockenmuseum is an intriguing attraction dedicated to the history of bells, as well as their cultural impact on the region
  • If you’re visiting during the summer, Crazy Bikez is an excellent alternative to skiing, giving you a fun way to explore the city and surrounding towns
  • For those more interested in learning about local history and culture, Tiroler MuseumsBahnen focuses on the impact of transport to the area
  • Basilica Wilten is one of the largest churches in the city – not only is it a hub for religion in Innsbruck, it also boasts some gorgeous architecture inside and out
  • Stadtgasthaus Haymon is a fairly basic restaurant – but it is one of the most budget-friendly ways to sample local cuisine
  • Wilten is one of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods in the city – take a walk along Stafflerstrasse to try out some international cuisine

Best Airbnb in Wilten: Attic Apartment

This two-bedroom attic apartment has a traditional atmosphere thanks to the exposed beams throughout and airy décor! The kitchen comes well equipped with modern appliances – including a large dishwasher to save you time during your stay.

The apartment can house up to four people, making it a good choice for groups.

Best Hostel Wilten: Marmota Hostel

Though technically outside Wilten, Marmota Hostel is the closest backpacker accommodation to the neighborhood – only a ten-minute walk from the train station! They offer parking facilities for those wanting to explore the region by car, and also have fantastic social events throughout the week – perfect for mingling with other guests.

Best Hotel in Wilten: Hotel Zillertal

Though only a three-star hotel, this accommodation comes with fantastic reviews thanks to its location right next to the train station! They offer free high-speed WiFi throughout, as well as complimentary continental breakfast every morning.

Rooms are basic but equipped with modern conveniences to ensure you have a comfortable stay.

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#2 Hötting – Where to Stay in Innsbruck on a Budget

Just across the river from the city centre, Hötting is a great pick for those that want to stay close to the main attractions without breaking the bank! There are plenty of excellent restaurants and bars in the neighborhood – many of them with a more authentic spin than those in the touristy city centre.

Hötting is also a popular neighborhood with tour operates, making it a natural choice for those wanting guided trips to the surrounding region.

wikicommons - innsbruck - hotting
Photo: Hafelekar (WikiCommons)

Hötting is sandwiched between the airport and the city centre, giving you easy access to both! This makes it a fantastic choice for those flying into the city that are only staying for a short trip.

Things to See and Do in Hötting:

  • Innsbruck Botanic Garden is a gorgeous, and free, natural attraction with plantlife from across Austria and the rest of the world
  • Selles Wohnzimmer is a popular nightclub with Hötting locals with excellent prices on drinks and a great music selection
  • Up Stream Surfing is an interesting alternative tour option where you can try your hand at surfing up the river whilst learning about the city’s history and culture
  • If you’re willing to splash out a little, Mountain Soaring are one of the most popular helicopter tour agencies in the alps with excellent packages
  • Cafe Namsa offer budget-friendly casual dining – perfect if you need to take a break from all the sightseeing and enjoy a delectable brunch
  • Buren Wirt has a family kitchen atmosphere – and offers some great, authentic Austrian cuisine at budget-friendly prices

Best Airbnb in Hötting: Modern and Cosy Apartment

This marvellous apartment comes with a well-equipped kitchen – perfect for those opting to self cater to save money! With two beds, it is perfect for groups and families wanting to stay within easy distance of both the airport and the city centre.

Modern conveniences are provided including WiFi and Apple TV.

Best Hotel Hötting: Montagu Hostel

Another well-rated hostel, Montagu is only just across the river from the city centre – giving you easy access to the main attractions at a budget-friendly rate! It also comes with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, and excellent levels of service.

Entertainment is provided every evening for guests.

Best Hotel in Hötting: Cityhotel Schwarzer Bär

Another great pick just across the river from the city centre, Cityhotel Schwarzer Bär balances comfort with simplicity, creating a budget-friendly space that has some great additional extras! Private parking is available for guest use, and rooms come with high-speed WiFi access.

Bike and ski hire facilities are also provided.

#3 Innenstadt – Best Area to Stay in Innsbruck for Nightlife

Innenstadt is the city centre of Innsbruck, and where you will find many of the city’s most well-known attractions! Whilst Innsbruck isn’t a major destination for partygoers, for those that nevertheless want to sample the local nightlife Innenstadt is the place to be.

There is a good selection of bars and clubs to cater to all tastes.

innsbruck - Innenstadt

Throughout the day, Innenstadt offers plenty of historic and cultural attractions where you can learn more about the city! There are also some great viewpoints offering vistas across the city centre and towards the surrounding mountain range.

Innenstadt truly offers a little taste of everything the city has to offer.

Things to See and Do in Innenstadt:

  • Start your night off right with a trip to M+M Bar, a hugely popular cocktail bar right in the heart of the city with a large menu on offer
  • Bacchus Club is a great venue for those that want to dance, with a great mix of popular and clubland music entertaining visitors and locals alike
  • The Town Square should be your starting point of your city exploration – it is lined with major architectural sites as well as quaint cafes
  • Climb to the top of the Town Tower where you can enjoy spectacular views across the city and even as far as the alpine mountains surrounding the region
  • Tyrolean Folk Art Museum is a fantastic cultural attraction for those that want to learn about the region’s creative history and how it impacts modern culture
  • Gasthof Weisses Rossl offers the best of both worlds for Austrian cuisine and beers – they’re a little pricey, but their selection is simply unbeatable

Best Airbnb in Innenstadt: Inner City Mountain Views

This central apartment has gorgeous views of the mountains, and is ideally placed right in the heart of the city centre! There is a lift within the building, meaning you won’t have to climb a bunch of stairs just to get to the apartment.

Though small, it comes in at a budget friendly rate.

Best Hotel for Backpackers Innenstadt: Pension Stoi

Whilst there aren’t any hostels in the city centre, this guesthouse is perfect for backpackers sticking to a tight budget! Rooms are basic but well furnished to ensure you have a comfortable stay.

There are also some communal spaces where you can mingle with other guests and plan your itinerary.

Best Hotel in Innenstadt: STAGE 12

Despite being a four-star accommodation, STAGE 12 is one of the best-priced hotels in the city centre – perfect if you want to enjoy some extra comforts that won’t break the bank! A complimentary breakfast buffet is provided every morning, and there is free private parking on-site.

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#4 Pradl – Coolest Place to Stay in Innsbruck

Once one of the more run-down neighborhoods in the city, Pradl has experienced a revival in recent years – creating one of the coolest and most vibrant neighborhoods in Innsbruck! Not only is it packed with great cultural attractions, the cafe scene here is one of the best in the country, attracting visitors from all over Austria.

shutterstock - innsbruck - pradl

It also neighbours Tivoli – home to some of the city’s Olympic attractions! Innsbruck’s sporting legacy can be easily seen here, and you can learn all about the impact the games had on the city, as well as their contribution to the regeneration of the two neighborhoods.

Things to See and Do in Pradl:

  • Radiomuseum Innsbruck offer modern and interactive exhibits detailing the local media landscape and its history from analogue radio to the internet
  • Parque Rapoldi is a small green space located along the waterfront – perfect for getting away from the bustling city and enjoying the local nature
  • Innsbruck Archaeological Museum not only details exhibits discovered from the surrounding area but also some unique finds from across the world
  • Olympiaworld is the former home of the Olympic Games in Innsbruck, and nowadays offers a good series of tours as well as sports activities during the winter
  • Talking Life Experiences are the premier tour company in the city for hearing about local stories – they offer cycling and walking tours
  • Cafe Martin has some excellent Austrian classics – including the best-rated schnitzel in the entire city!

Best Airbnb in Pradl: Altbauflair Apartment

Designed in the typical Altbauflair style, this apartment nevertheless has an ultra modern feel whilst occupying a historic part of the city! It sleeps up to six people, making it the ideal choice for large groups taking a trip to Innsbruck.

There is also a large balcony with a small dining table for use throughout the summer.

Best Hostel Pradl: Youth Hostel Innsbruck

Run by Hostelling International, Youth Hostel Innsbruck offers discount to members – and for non-members, still offers the same great standards that you would expect at any other HI location! They have regular social activities, as well as a conference room – perfect for digital nomads visiting on business.

Best Hotel in Pradl: Leipziger Hof Innsbruck

This family-run hotel is on the boundary between Pradl and Innenstadt – perfect for easily getting around both areas! It has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and years of experience mean the owners are packed with local knowledge which you can use to plan your itinerary.

Free WiFi and air con are provided.

#5 Patsch – Best Neighborhood in Innsbruck for Families

Innsbruck is surrounded by some excellent ski resort villages – some of which receive more visitors per year than the city itself! These are perfect for families year-round as they come with the best facilities and are geared for visitors of all ages.

We believe Patsch is one of the best in the region.

shutterstock - innsbruck - patsch

The town has great links with a major ski resort, as well as some interesting local attractions. Alongside neighboring Igls, Patsch allows families to discover a more authentic side to life in Tyrol, all whilst still enjoying world-class tourism facilities.

It also comes with fast links to Innsbruck city centre, allowing you to easily take day trips into the city.

Things to See and Do in Patsch:

  • Patscherkofelbahnen was one of the main ski facilities during the Olympics, and nowadays hosts a world-class facility attracting visitors from across the world
  • Austria is ripe for hiking. Take a trek out to the Europe Bridge, which traverses along two mountainsides and symbolises modern European unity
  • Pfarrkirche Igls is the main church in neighbouring Igls, and offers a unique insight into rural religious practices in the country
  • Goldbichl in Igls might be a small attraction, but it’s nevertheless interesting for learning about the ancient history of the region
  • Looking to enjoy some apres-ski dining? Head straight to Das Hausberg for unbeatable views and an equally fantastic menu
  • For something a bit closer to central Patsch, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Barenwirth – we recommend booking a table in advance during the peak season!

Best Airbnb in Patsch: Apartment Recheis

Located right on the edge of Patsch, this small apartment is a truly unique rural getaway! With four beds, it is the perfect option for families staying in the area. The host also has superhost status, ensuring you enjoy a quality stay.

Best Hotel for Backpackers Patsch: Hotel Sonnenhof

There aren’t any hostels in this area either, however, this bed and breakfast in neighboring Igls offer budget-friendly comfort and great communal spaces for backpackers wanting to stay outside of the city! It is also great for families that want to mingle with others – especially during the ski season.

Best Hotel in Patsch: Bärenwirth

Housed within a 16th Century building, Bärenwirth is an attraction in itself – serving as a small piece of Patsch history! Rooms maintain this traditional atmosphere, whilst still benefiting from modern conveniences.

They also provide a large complimentary breakfast featuring classic Tyrolean cuisine.

FAQ about Finding a Place to Stay in Innsbruck

Here’s what people usually ask us about the areas of Innsbruck and where to stay.

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Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Innsbruck

Innsbruck is an eclectic destination that has plenty to offer guests year-round! Whether you want stunning alpine scenery and unique cultural attractions in the summer, or adrenaline-inducing winter sports activities in the winter, there’s something for everyone in this small Austrian city.

For the best area, we are going to go with Pradl! Though fairly well connected to the city centre, it has its own unique atmosphere – perfect for backpackers in particular. It is also reasonably well priced allowing your euros to go further.

Nevertheless, everywhere mentioned in this guide has its own charms and we hope we have helped you plan your itinerary for your upcoming trip to Innsbruck.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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