Europe is hostel central. Even the lesser ventured areas of Europe still offer the intrepid explorer a whole range of accommodations (at cheaper prices) to rest their weary brain.

There is no shortage of dorm beds on this continent. Generally, they’re pretty high-quality when compared to other continents too – making the coolest places for backpackers to base their European travels. They are sure bets for newbies, solo females, party animals, digital nomads, and even families.

But with so many to choose from, let’s cut to the chase. The Broke Backpacker team have rounded up our list of our BEST hostels in Europe. Trust me, this team know a good hostel when we see one. So if you’re looking for adventures, get ready to shape your itineraries around these bad boys. 

From famous European hostels to special offerings to the cheapest, it’s really got something for everyone. With these, hostel adventures in Europe are as smooth as a German man’s shaved chest. It’s all about that smart-casual.

Let’s get into it!

Silhouette of a group of people stood on a container on the beach at sunset in The Netherlands
Time to make some backpacking memories.
Photo: @Lauramcblonde

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Quick Answer: The Best Hostels in Europe

Europe’s Top Hostels

It’s time to unearth that top pick of Europe’s hostel offerings for your adventure. I’ve broken these down into some of the most famous and frequented destinations to travel in Europe. All you’ll need to know after this is how to do those European cheek kisses.

Hostel Mostel (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Hostel Mostel Sofia, Bulgaria

There’s a certain kind of soft nervousness that takes over when I’m about to enter a new hostel by myself. I’ve done it so many times, but still, sometimes it’s stronger than me…

Will there be cool people around? Will I fit in?

But then there’s a certain kind of hostel that stops you from snowballing into this anxious firepit as soon as you step in. A place where you immediately feel at home. Hostel Mostel is one of those places.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Social vibes
  • Lots of FREE perks
  • Group activities galore

I spent Christmas here many, many moons ago, during one of my first trips in Europe. It was one of those times when the spirit of hostelling truly shined before my eyes.

We were an eclectic bunch, and all were eager to learn from each other and share tales of wisdom and adventure. I felt really lucky that I ended up there, as this was exactly what I needed in a time like that.

Hostel Mostel has two locations: one in Sofia and another one in Veliko Tarnovo. They both operate under the same principles and offer pretty much the same things: comfy beds, a pool table, and free, fast Wi-Fi.

People often jump around their locations, so you’re likely to run into the same people if you do the same. It’s a traveller’s classic in Europe, so make sure to book in advance.

Price: Dorms from €9, Private Rooms from €18

ClinkNOORD (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Best Hostel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - ClinkNOORD
Before backpacking Europe, it’s important to have culturally-appropriate headgear.

Oh, Amsterdam – you knew it’d be on here. Like, it’s Amsterdam.

This isn’t the most hedonistic place for what can only be described as the ‘essential Amsterdam experience’, but it is certainly one of Europe’s nicest boutique hostels. Comfortable beds and chillout areas and the space itself is pretty spectacular in its own right!

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Free friends-making events
  • Live music and DJ sets
  • Unique social areas

It’s close to downtown yet enjoys the vibe of the much more chill but vibrant places to stay in Amsterdam-Noord neighbourhood and ClinkNOORD is also close to some cultural hotspots to admire too (yes, Amsterdam does have culture as well). Other than that, it’s got all the amenities you would expect from one of Europe’s absolute best hostels.

Price: Dorms from €22.80, Private Rooms from €91.20

Greg & Tom Beer House Hostel (Krakow, Poland)

A fun party hostel in Europe - Greg & Tom’s Party Hostel
I’m beginning to get a conceptual understanding of what the hostel activities entail…

Greg and Tom’s is a hostel chain with a rich history of dominating the Polish hostelling scene. The one thing that sets these hostels apart from the rest and firmly places it as one of the best hostel chains in Europe is the FREE BREAKFAST AND DINNER provided by all three of these hostels. 

Whilst the OG Greg and Tom Hostel in Krakow is one of the most praised hostels online (and rightly so), and this Party Hostel ain’t too shabby either, there is only one real winner for me…

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing my favourite hostel in Europe *drum roll please*… Greg and Tom Beer House Hostel!!! I mean, free food is always great, but one thing that we Englishmen and the Polish can agree on is how fucking awesome free beer is.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Fantastic Atmosphere

Now, it’s not just the fact that the beer is free (during beer hour) that makes this hostel so good, it is the atmosphere this creates that is what’s really special. The booze gets the hostel so buzzing and lively and creates that idyllic, social and interactive backpacking atmosphere that we solo travellers crave. Add pub crawls into the mix and you quite literally have the perfect cocktail for a party hostel night.

Located in the heart of Krakow, this hostel is an elite choice for solo travellers in Europe who are looking to indulge in the nightlife, socialise, make memories (and then forget them) and just have a downright swell time. If you like the sound of all that, don’t hesitate as this place books up fast, there are nine differently-sized dorms here so there really is something for everyone.

Price: Dorms from €20.40

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Wombat’s City Hostel (London, UK)

Wombat’s The City Hostel

As you hostel around Europe like a pro, you’re going to quickly discover some repeat offenders… of the crime of offering fucking awesome hostels! Wombat’s Hostels is a chain of the most famous hostels in Europe and they’ve won a bunch of awards too, so they gotta be doing something right!

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Amazing London location
  • Lively atmosphere
  • Ensuite rooms

So, yeah, they offer good hostels in Europe, and Wombats in London is no exception. Super clean, modern amenities (the dorms and lockers even have smart card locks), and private showers in all the rooms. They even got a buffet breakfast (two of my four favourite words in the English language) for an extra charge.

Wombat’s City Hostel, London, is in a dope spot for backpackers exploring The Big Smoke and is an all-round just solidly awesome hostel. The only real downside I can think of is that you’re in London.

Price: Dorms from €29.20, Private Rooms from €145.80

JJ’s Yard (Lagos, Portugal)

JJ’s Yard, Lagos Portugal

If you’re looking for the best party hostel in Europe, the search is over. Hidden amongst the cobbled streets of the BEAUTIFUL party town of Lagos, Portugal, you’ll find JJ’s Yard.

JJ’s is run by none other than the man himself, JJ. The man is an absolute legend. He can funnel more beer than you’d think was humanly possible and is SO welcoming to every guest who arrives through his doors. 

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Nightly pre-drinks and pub crawls
  • Central location and close to the beach
  • Epic rooftop views

The hostel is spread across JJ’s Yard 1 and JJ’s Yard 2. JJ’s Yard 1 is slightly more chilled out and has an EPIC rooftop with a view across the town and the ocean. Whereas, JJ’s Yard 2 is where the action happens. The nightly pre-drinks for the pub crawls are hosted here, the turnout is usually solid and they can get pretty loose. 

These Lagos hostels are super close to one another and are smack bang in the heart of Lagos. Cure your hangover with a dive in the sea or some all-you-can-eat sushi. 

After working at this hostel for over a month and meeting the luuuurve of my life here, I can vouch for its EPICNESS. Solid memories will be made at this place (if you can remember them).

Price: Dorms from €17, Private Rooms from €38

Steel House (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The bunk beds in the dorm at Steel House, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Closed – like Danish society.
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

Hostel sceptics unite because I’m about to blow your little cotton socks off with this next hostel in Copenhagen. Here comes Steel House to completely change the game!

Where do I even start with this beauty?

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Free breakfast 
  • Gym, Pool, Massive kitchen and bar. 
  • Pod-style beds with super comfortable mattresses

Ok, I’m gonna dive right into the tasty details because, frankly, I’ve gotten myself so over-excited about a hostel I need a lie-down. So, the beds, ahh, the beds. No bog standard bunks here, everything is custom-made down to even having mattresses made by the Danish furniture brand Getama that fit the unique contours of the rounded pod-style beds. 

Inside each pod, you’ll get a light, plug sockets and a super comfortable pillow. Oh, and they also offer private single and double rooms with terraces looking out over the city as well. 

Once you’ve peeled yourself up from one of the world’s most comfortable hostel beds, it’s time to explore what the rest of this industrial chic former steelworks has to offer. I can guarantee you’ve never seen a hostel as stacked as this. 

I’m gonna start at my favourite bit, the gym! We’re talking about a fully stocked gym with proper weights, benches, TRX and cardio equipment.

Then there’s a swimming pool, a movie room, pool tables and shuffleboards, there’s even a bar and a massive fully equipped kitchen with proper stoves wait for it… ovens! A rarity in hostels I think we can all agree. 

Price: Dorms from €19.40 , Private Rooms from €89

City Backpackers Hostel (Stockholm, Sweden)

City Backpackers Hostel Stockholm Sweden

As a digital nomad, there’s nothing more frustrating than shitty WIFI connection. Fast, reliable WIFI is a blessing I took for granted before embarking on my digital nomad journey. Arriving at City Backpackers was a breath of fresh air. With fibre internet throughout the Hostel and plenty of spaces to work, it’s no surprise, that it’s crowned the best hostel for digital nomads in Europe. 

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Fast Fibre Internet 
  • FREE Sauna
  • FREE Ice skate rental 
  • FREE Pasta 

If you thought the fast WIFI was gets better. They even offer FREE Pasta and movie nights. Yes, you read that correctly FREE pasta. They have an onsite sauna, which is FREE to guests and in the winter they have FREE ice skate rental. Plenty of activities to keep you entertained and the wallet happy.

There are heaps of buzzing communal spaces to meet some fellow digital nomads and head into town to grab a beer. You’re in an ideal location within walking distance from the train station and public transport. Trust me, you’re in for a treat with this one. 

Price: Dorms from €21 , Private Rooms from €70

Sir Toby’s Hostel (Prague, Czechia)

Sir Tobys Hostel Prague Czech Republic_2

Tucked away in the art centre of Prague, Holesovice, Sir Toby’s Hostel is THE place to stay. It may not be smack bang in the middle of the city centre, but instead, you’ll find yourself quickly immersed in funky industrial cafes and quirky art galleries nearby. The hostel is also super close to the tram station that can take you right into the city in less than 15 minutes. 

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Vintage brick cellar pub on-site
  • Weekly BBQs
  • Homely vibes
  • Close to the tram station

Warm, cosy and homely are the words I’d used to describe Sir Toby’s. Whether you’re up for exchanging stories over a pint in the hostel’s brick cellar pub or showing off your competitive side in one of the hostel’s many board games… this is the perfect place to stay in Prague if you’re craving a taste of “home”. 

This is NOT a party hostel but instead, the perfect place to relax, recoup and recover. It’s social without the pressure of having to get shit-faced to make friends. Join the weekly BBQ, meet some new mates or just grab a book and chill out. Travelling in Prague is tiring and finding a hostel that feels like home can be just what you need. 

Price: Dorms from €13.50, Private Rooms from €34.40

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Plus Florence (Florence, Italy)

Plus Florence Italy

It’s not a secret that the birthplace of the Renaissance is one of the most visited places in the world. There are plenty of hostels in Florence, but among them, there is one that stands out, Plus Florence.
Not only a great and convenient location (10 min walk from the train station), but also the cool facilities that come with it including an onsite lively and colourful restaurant/bar, a garden area, a swimming pool in summer and an indoor pool and sauna in winter (I know it sounds insane buts it’s true), a gym, a terrace with great views, and heaps of places to mingle and chill.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Close to train station
  • Swimming Pool all year
  • Restaurant-Bar
  • Terrace and Garden area

The staff couldn’t be more helpful and attentive. The second you’ll step into the hostel, you’ll be well taken care of.

With a laundry room, luggage storage, free Wifi, round-the-clock security, an ATM, and a tour desk, what more could you wish for?!

In my opinion, this is, for sure, one of the top 3 hostels for solo travellers in Europe, with a great atmosphere to meet other backpackers and have fun, and also close to all main museums, churches, and main interest points in the city.

Do you need to work, have fun or just chill? This hostel has everything that you need. I can assure you that this place is one of the best hostels in Europe I ever visited. Don’t just take my word, check out the thousands of reviews they have and reach your own conclusions. 

Price: Dorms from €16 , Private Rooms from €52

Grand Hostel Berlin Classic (Berlin, Germany)

Best Hostel in Berlin, Germany - Grand Hostel Berlin Classic
“Why do bees hum? Because they don’t know the words.”

This is one of Europe’s cheaper hostels and not too shabby at all for budget travellers in Berlin! And there are no bunk beds… dude, I’m in love!

Honestly, the whole setup is really damn cool; the building is old – dating back to 1874 – which means some real classical architecture but, of course, the amenities have been updated for modern Euro-backpacker standards. And there are no bunk beds – single beds with a nightstand. Just like home.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Pub crawls with amazing staff
  • Old-ass building with modern amenities
  • Step-free access ground floor

The free breakfast buffet (there’s my beloved BB again) costs a bit extra but considering the price of the hostel, that’s admissible. Besides, there’s a library bar and this is Berlin so that means you can get piss-drunk on cheap-ass beer while you catch up on some of the classics. Legend has it that Einstein, Kant, Nietzsche, and Marx rather enjoyed their cheap-ass beer too!

Price: Dorms from €21 , Private Rooms from €85

Full Moon Backpackers (Bristol, UK)

Full Moon Backpackers Bristol UK

For those of you who don’t know, Bristol is the UK’s true counter-culture epicentre. It’s a graffiti-splashed triumph of urban revivalism that seems to perpetually throng to the angular 175 BPM rhythms of Drum ‘n’ Bass. And few places encapsulate the quintessence of this fine city as well as The Full Moon Backpackers.

The spectacular-looking hostel is located 5 minutes away from the Bristol Coach station (1.2 km from the Cathedral and 2 km from Gentricentric Clifton Village) and leads right onto the cool, hip and edgy Stokes Croft area so you can spot your first Banksy within minutes of leaving the hostel – if you leave the hostel that is…

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Banging Location
  • Great Vibes
  • Two Bars!

This is the thing with Full Moon Backpackers, it’s a hostel where the party comes to you. Every weekend (Thursday to Saturday) there are queues of Brisoltlians waiting to get in and mingle with the guests at the 2 fine bars located on the ground floor. This means it’s a great hostel for solo travellers in the UK who are up for getting merry with some randoms. 

In terms of rooms and amenities, the dorm rooms come in sizes of 6 people up to 12 people (I think) and yeah, the shared showers can get busy at peak shitting times during weekends. Alas, the last time I stayed there I booked out one of the private penthouse rooms as it was my birthday.

Price: Dorms from €28 , Private Rooms from €65.30

Onefam Paralelo (Barcelona, Spain)

Best Hostel in Barcelona, Spain - Hostel One Paralelo
“Are we flirting?”

Now we’re heading south to Mediterranean Europe. It’s still Europe down this way but the weather is better! Also, the people smile a bit more (I probably wouldn’t smile much either if I was from the country that spawned old Frieddy ‘Abyss’ Nietzsche).

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Free dinners
  • Pod-style beds
  • Cinema rooms with Netflix

Backpacking in Barcelona is a weird one – some people adore it, some loathe it – but it’s still a classic hit on the Europe itinerary tracklist and Onefam Paralelo is hella dope! Free dinners (I’m frothing), a cinema room with Netflix (for while you eat your free dinner), and free party-pub crawls. As a general rule, the more free stuff you’re getting, the better choice of a place to stay in Europe on a budget it is.

The dorms are good too – those semi-private semi-capsule style beds – and the real thing to write home about is the crazy friendly staff bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. It’s nothin’ but good vibes.

Price: Dorms from €20.40, Private Rooms from €73.40

YellowSquare (Rome, Italy)

Best Hostel in Rome, Italy - The Yellow
4 shots and your phone number, please.

So this is advertised pretty firmly as a party hostel and it honestly makes the cut as one of Europe’s best. It’s also the coolest hostel in Rome; the other honourable mentions just didn’t hold up. There’s a lot on offer here.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Nightclub and lively bar
  • Coworking space with comfy chairs
  • Onsite hair salon

To start, it is a party hostel so there’ll always be something vibing. The on-site bar and nightclub gets live music, DJ sets, and even goddamn burlesque shows! There are plenty of other low-key events too like gelato making and yoga but considering it’s a party hostel, I’m sure no one will mind if you’d like to pre-drink before the yoga to spice things up.

Breakfast is cheap, the dorms are simple yet effective, and the location is in the city centre which makes travelling around Rome and the major things to see a breeze. Overall, with or without the partying, The Yellow is still a kickass place to stay in Rome!

Price: Dorms from €31.90 , Private Rooms from €86.70

Sunset Destination Hostel (Lisbon, Portugal)

Best Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal - Sunset Destination Hostel
Peace out, capitalist life!

Though perhaps not quite as frequented as Spain, Portugal is excellent. It’s not strictly cheap but it ain’t gonna murder your budget either and it certainly helps that the drugs and festivals are top-notch! There are some dope-ass beaches too!

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Rooftop terrace and swimming pool
  • DJ nights
  • Free walking tours and pub crawls

Sunset Destination is a boutique hostel located inside a train station so which makes travelling around Lisbon mind-numbingly easy. It’s also super close to the party district and, again, Portugal brings the goods in that department (plus those delectable Mediterranean genetics – wink-wink). Expect free Sangria pre-drinks before you lose yourself on the pub crawl.

Dorm beds are semi-private pods, there’s a whole host of other awesome hostel events, and, overall, I just have a real soft spot for Portugal. So, yup, this is a damn cool hostel in Europe!

Price: Dorms from €12 , Private Rooms from €55

St Christopher’s Inn Gare Du Nord (Paris, France)

St Christophers Inn Gare du Nord best hostels in paris
Ready to boogie?

A hop across the channel and you’ll find yourself in Europe’s next most quintessential travel destination – The City of Lights. Right by the metro and in a dope spot of its own, St Christopher’s is one of the best places to stay both in Europe and Paris.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Happy hour drink offers
  • Direct transport to Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • Private pod dorm beds

The dorms are sweet. Though not quite a capsule, the beds are their own personal space with curtains, reading lamps, and charging ports right next to your head! You’ll also be nabbing a discount on food at Belushi’s downstairs plus that sweet, sweet happy hour

For all help on unpacking the Parisian wonderland, there’s a 24-hour reception, and they can get you set up with both attraction tickets for both backpacking around Paris and onward travel tickets for elsewhere in Europe. Not bad, all in all!

Price: Dorms from €27.80, Private Rooms from €68

Stay Swanky Hostel (Zagreb, Croatia)

Best Hostel in Zagreb, Croatia - Swanky Mint Hostel
Swanky is right!

That name sounds like something I’d come up with. Ridiculousness aside, my friend pitched this as a perfect first-time experience of staying in hostels in Europe and I totally agree! Everything is swanky mint!

Jokes aside, the facilities and the building itself are super yummy! You get sun terraces, a swimming pool, and window gardens for a splash of nature in the city: it’s actually super pretty!

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Pet friendly!
  • Cool staff of travellers
  • Swimming pool for the warmer months

The vibe is social and you’ll catch a bit of a party here but it ain’t nearly as bananas as somewhere like Budapest.

The added bonus is that you’re staying in a hostel in Eastern Europe. Backpacking in Croatia (and the Balkans as a whole) is gorgeous and a nice departure from the usual backpacker stops in Europe. You even get a welcome drink of Rakija. Hospitality shots are true classical European style.

Price: Dorms from €17 , Private Rooms from €50

Carpe Noctem (Budapest, Hungary)

A Top Party Hostel in Europe - Carpe Noctem

Yep, so it’s Budapest and it’s another friend’s recommendation but I’ll be straight: I received five accommodation recommendations for Budapest and they were all off-the-hook party hostels. This one my friend described as “Anarchy”. I’m seeing a recurring theme with Budapest.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Home-like vibe
  • Free tea and coffee
  • Set up for solo travellers

As well as a lively hostel, I’d say this is one of the best hostels in Europe for solo travellers purely for the atmosphere Carpe Noctem creates. It’s not just the sociability or the parties or the tight facilities (this hostel isn’t nearly as grungy): the owners cater themselves to travellers. They understand what it’s like to be a long way from home by yourself in a foreign land and their goal is to create a place that feels like home.

The added bonus on top of all that good stuff? Sweet Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, they know how to lay down. Get ready for the bananas, cause that shit’s coming in hot!

Price: Dorms from €32

Hostel Celica (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

A unique famous European hostel - Hostel Celica
Please leave your footwear outside

Wait… a prison? Yep, I’ve never slept in a cave nor have I slept in a prison! (I have slept in the back of a paddywagon though.)

So, it’s a unique prison hotel in Ljubljana – Slovenia’s capital. But it’s not just any accommodation… it’s a funky one! Yeah, so I’m a bit concerned there may be some mild haunting occurring, but I also once slept in a graveyard so it’s probably chill.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Cool and unique design
  • Probably haunted or some shit

Dark and foreboding locations aside, they’ve actually won a crapton of awards and they’ve done a really good job of jazzing up something so morbid. You still get all the hostel goodies – plus a special price on experiencing Ljubljana Castle – except you’re in a prison!

And, if you’re not comfortable sleeping in a prison cell, they have standard dorms too. Though I do highly question why you headed all the way out to Slovenia to NOT sleep in a prison cell.

Price: Dorms from €26.10 , Private Rooms from €67.90

Caveland (Santorini, Greece)

A unique hostel in Europe - Caveland
Sooo vintage!

I felt like Greece’s backpacking scene was being underrepresented and is oft forgotten by Europe travellers, so I wanted to show it some love.

So what’s unique about this European hostel? It’s just, like, an escape… plus it’s in a cave!

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Sleeping in a cave
  • Quiet village location
  • Pool and sea view

Located outside the capital of Santorini Island, the whole place has a quiet-retreat vibe going on. They still have all the hostel goodies (free breakfast, events, a swimming pool) but you have the added bonus of being tucked away in a Grecian village with the locals.

Oh yeah, and the cave thing? There are eight traditional cave dwellings inside the historic complex. I have slept in a lot of weird places and this is one of the weirdest!

Price: Dorms from €21.70 , Private Rooms from €36.40

Wiki Hostel & Green Village (Rome, Italy)

A hostel in Europe for families - Wiki Hostel & Green Village
Kitty! Also an insta-book.

I wanted to put this down as the city’s best hostel, but it’s a short distance outside all of Rome’s central tourist areas so I relented. It’s a super pretty hostel, however, as well as a great hostel in Europe for families so that is why Rome gets two mentions in this list.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Cool farm with doggies
  • No bunk beds!
  • Cool social kitchen vibe

It’s a sustainable hostel, plastic-free, and boasts its own farm and cute critter-life. Located in the Roman Hills, there’s a wealth of gorgeous nature around and you can organise to get involved in hiking or just help out on the farm.

The freebies are a nice touch too: free rides to the train station, free breakfast, free sauna (boom)… there’s even a slackline! All these goodies combined with the nature yumminess and the distance from the city centre of an admittedly hectic city means it’s a unique hostel in Europe not just for families but also couples seeking a getaway (on a budget).

Price: Dorms from €52 , Private Rooms from €75

The Best Sites for Booking Hostels in Europe

There are lots of these and they’re all the same but different:

  • Hostelworld The classical choice for backpackers worldwide and my number one choice.
  • These guys work in a lot more fields than just hostels so you’re going to need to filter out all that hotel/villa/”I have too much disposable income” nonsense.

Get Insured Before Hostelling in Europe

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Final Thoughts on Europe’s Best Hostels

What coverage! If you weren’t feeling the vibe of staying in hostels in Europe before, I bet you are now.

If all you’re seeking is the typical European backpacking hostel experience, that’s easy… Super easy. And you’ll have an awesome time too! Just because a lot of the classical capitals are tourist traps doesn’t mean they aren’t also filled with culture, history, and secrets to unearth from beneath the grime.

But, as I hope I’ve made clear, Europe is big and filled with countries I often even forget are countries. Just check out Eurovision! You wanna talk about bananas, there’re your goddamn bananas!

So go out there and get exploring: it’s a big continent. From the trance of Berlin to the trees of the Balkans, there is a lot to see. And since you’ll be exploring some of Europe’s finest hostel offerings, you’re going to meet a lot of fantastic humans too!

I’d even be so bold as to say that you’re probably going to make some friends. Just gotta head on down to Ye Olde Inn – the backpacker hostel.

Bring a towel.

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A Broke Backpacker in the wild.
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