A true backpacking great, the reliably entertaining city of Prague is a labyrinthian sprawl of soviet architecture, fairy-tale vistas and attractively inexpensive bars.

Time to grow those love handles cupcake.

Known for having a pretty outrageous beer consumption per capita (amongst other things), Czechia is an awesome place, and it’s capital is too. Where else would you find a 5 course medieval meal, a giant baby, and a bunch of neon yellow penguins?

So Prague is cool. But how will you slow down and relax after a long and extremely exhausting day at the pub?!?

In my DUBIOUSLY CLICHE guide to where to stay in Prague, I will be covering a range of accommodations so wide and varied that even the LGBTQ+ community would be proud. I might even tell the backpackers which corners they can curl up in.

Doth thy want to scroll southwards?

Excellent stories often originate from Prague.

Where To Stay In Prague

Have you been meandering around Prague like a lost Brazilian llama inexplicably transported to Czechia? Do you need a stable filled with A-class hay and a long, thorough shampoo? Did you go to the bar far too early?

If any of your answers to these questions is a yes, you are surely in the right place! If no, you’re probably in the right place too!

Here is the grand unveiling of my top 3 places to stay in Prague.

Best Hotel in Prague – THE MANES Boutique Hotel

THE MANES Boutique Hotel

If for some bizarre reason you had to rescue a damsel from an evil lair as comfortable as this hotel, your main issue would be persuading her to leave. Boasting flawlessly moody and decadent décor, this boutique hotel will have you unreservedly raving about your Prague visit. Within easy walking distance of both Wenceslas square and the Old Town, you will be well-placed for exploring the highlights of the city.

Breakfast is disgustingly fancy.

Best Airbnb in Prague – Prague View Apartment

Prague View Apartment

Making you wish you were Czech is this truly unbelievable apartment. Everything is new. The views are spectacular. You can spit on the city centre.

Boasting a comfortable and modern décor, there is a stunning roof terrace and fantastic floor-to-ceiling windows, which even give the indoor spaces excellent views. With such a bright and vivacious place to stay, you shouldn’t be troubled with any holiday disappointment whatsoever…

Full marks.

Best Hostel in Prague – The Roadhouse Prague

The Roadhouse Prague

There are few hostels as sexy, communal, and generally enjoyable as the Roadhouse Prague. Topping the list of the best hostels in Prague, it relies on a strong line-up of daily activities to make sure you can easily chat to your fellow backpackers, and consolidates this with communal dinners! There are super cosy hangout areas, board games, a Wii, and Netflix.

If you are unsure where to stay in Prague, this is an excellent choice for joining in, socialising and creating some excellent Praguian moments. This is the kind of hostel we adore at the Broke Backpacker.

Prague Neighbourhood Guide – Places to Stay in Prague

Olt Town, Prague

Old Town

Old Town is the most centrally located neighbourhood in Prague. This is where most tourists stay for their first time in Prague, as the area concentrates many historical sights and restaurants, making it the best area to stay in Prague for first-time visitors.

New Town, Prague_2

New Town

New Town is located right next to Old Town. Although it is called New Town, most of the neighbourhood actually is around 700 years of age! It’s one of the best areas to stay in Prague for those on a budget.

Zizkov, Prague_2


Zizkov is a mainly residential neighbourhood but is also vibrant and alive. As it is located a bit further away from Prague’s historical centre, is also offers more budget-friendly options when it comes to accommodation.

Vinohrady, Prague_2


What used to be a big vineyard in the 14th century has now become Prague’s coolest neighbourhood. It is well located a few tram stops away from the New Town and Old Town, and staying in Vinohrady will allow you to have a bit more peace and quiet.

Mala Strana, Prague

Mala Strana

Mala Strana, or Lesser Town, is located on the other side of the river from the Old Town. It provides a quieter environment than Old Town while remaining in the heart of Prague and close to all the main sights of the city, making it one the best areas in Prague for families.

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is relatively small for a European capital. However, it has been a destination loved by many travellers thanks to its cheap prices, great atmosphere and wonderful architecture. There are heaps of amazing places to visit in Prague for such a compact city.

You will be a short walk or tram ride away from all the main attractions regardless of which neighbourhood you decide to stay in.

First-time visitors to the city will love the charm and central location of Old Town Prague, where a lot of tourist action happens on the daily. This is where you will find Prague’s most famous sights, such as the old town square, Wenceslas Square, Charles Bridge and the astronomical clock. If you fancy doing some of the great day trips in Prague, you’ll have great train connections here.

Prague city landscape with the Vltava river
Enjoy this suitably romantic stock image

On the other side of the Vltava River, the Mala Strana, also known as Little Quarter, offers a quieter atmosphere. It is great for families looking for a more peaceful environment.

Despite being more than 700 years old, the area surrounding the Old Town is the Prague New Town. Being located a bit further away from the main attractions, it offers cheaper, hostel accommodation and is a perfect choice for backpackers visiting Prague.

Zizkov is a pretty wild choice, but it offers some top nightlife, so is fantastic for the partiers amongst us. There is also a TV tower which was used to block western TV signals. Classic.

Finally, Vinohrady has lately become Prague’s coolest neighbourhood. It has a relaxed atmosphere and a lot of dining options including restaurants, cafés and bars that will please the hippest crowd among us.

In the summer, Havlickovy park is a great place to enjoy some greenery away from the bustle of the city centre.

5 Best Areas to Stay in Prague

Cities are too big. Here are some slightly more edible chunks of land you can decide to stay on, with descriptions, pretty pictures, and things to do. Exactly what you’re after…

Here are the top neighbourhoods of Prague.

#1. Old Town – Where to stay in Prague your first time

Old Town is the most centrally located neighbourhood in Prague and is a great location to stay if you’re planning your first trip there. This is where most tourists stay for their first time in Prague, as the area concentrates many historical sights and restaurants. The city centre is where you’ll see the Charles Bridge and is where most of the luxury hotels are located.

One of the highlights and most famous things to do in Prague is the astronomical clock that dominates Old Town Square. This medieval clock is located in the Town Hall Tower. Make sure to be there when the clock strikes the hour, as the Apostles come out in a procession and offer a little show.

Olt Town, Prague
You could probably live here and it would ok.

The  Square itself is a lovely place to sit for a drink, a snack or a warming hot chocolate during the winter. The Old Town Hall building can also be visited, and the top of the tower offers a unique bird’s eye view over the city.

Take a walk around this beautiful area to admire some of Prague’s finest architecture, some of which date back to the 8th century.

Best Budget Hotel in Old Town – Old Prague Hotel

Old Prague Hotel

The Old Prague Hotel is centrally located and offers comfortable rooms fitted with air conditioning, a private bathroom and a flat-screen TV. A tea and coffee maker are also provided, as well as a free Wifi connection. A very good buffet breakfast is served in the breakfast room every morning. It’s one of the best located Prague hotels for the money.

Best Hotel in Old Town – Hotel Melantrich

Hotel Melantrich

The boutique Hotel Melantrich has been recently renovated and is located in a pedestrian area near Old Town Square. Every room is fitted with air conditioning, a private bathroom, a flat-screen TV and a hairdryer. Free wifi is available everywhere in the hotel and pets are allowed.

Best Airbnb in Prague – Grand Apartment

Massive Old Town Apartment

Prague has some truly awesome accommodation options, but this Airbnb definitely counts as one of the best. The amazing apartment is located in a top area in Old Town. Unlike most homes in the city centre, it’s got super spacious rooms, with two bedrooms and enough space for up to 6 guests at a time. You’ll be living on a higher level, with stunning views of the city and the river. It is also just a few steps away from Old Town Square and Charles Bridge, with all the major sights and attractions. If you’re looking for some real bang for your buck, this Airbnb should be your go-to!

Best Hostel in Old Town – Dream Hostel Prague

Dream Hostel Prague

As the name might’ve told you already, this hostel is a dream come true for every backpacker in Prague. Dream Hostel Prague easily counts as the best hostel in the city at the moment. Not just because it’s super stylish and its amazing staff, but also because it’s one of the cheapest hostels in Prague.

Whether you need advice on what to visit or just simply help, you’ll always be greeted with open arms and some kind words. For such a low price, you can really enjoy a lot of value when staying at this accommodation. Check out the pictures and reviews yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

Things to Do in Old Town

  1. Look at the city from above on the rooftop of the Old Town Hall
  2. Do the right thing and attend a 5 course medieval dining experience. Why not?
  3. Watch the show at every hour on the astronomical clock
  4. Pub your way through Prague in the way it was meant to be done by joining a massive Prague pub crawl. Excellent stuff.
  5. Walk the Royal Route like ancient Czech Kings on their way to Prague’s castle
  6. Sit in a café on Old Town Square
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#2. New Town – Where to stay in Prague on a budget

New Town is located right next to Old Town. Although it is called New Town, most of the neighbourhood actually is around 700 years of age! Though not quite as stacked with as many of Prague’s tourist attractions and major things to see, there are still some pretty cool highlights in New Town.

This neighbourhood is home to Prague’s quirkiest building, the Dancing House. Designed by Frank Gehry, it was inspired by dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and presents a modern architecture that is not to be missed.

New Town, Prague_2
Photo: a.canvas.of.light (flickr)

New Town’s main square is Wenceslas Square, where you will be able to taste some of the best food the Czech Republic has to offer. This is also where the National Museum is located and the square boasts some beautiful buildings worth looking at.

Finally, if you have time to stop and indulge in a cultural treat, stop at the National Theatre and attend one of the shows on the programme.

Best Budget Hotel in New Town – Wenceslas Square Hotel

Wenceslas Square Hotel

The Wenceslas Square Hotel offers clean and comfortable rooms for an affordable price. Each room is fitted with a private bathroom, a flat-screen TV, a fan and a free Wifi connection. During the summer, guests can relax in the garden. The hotel also has a bar and a restaurant serving a good breakfast in the morning.

Best Hotel in New Town – Hotel Majestic Plaza

Hotel Majestic Plaza

The Hotel Majestic Plaza is an elegant boutique hotel located walking distance from Wenceslas Square and is hosted in two different historical buildings. Each room in the hotel is fitted with air conditioning, a private bathroom, a flat-screen TV and a tea and coffee maker.



If you like white, you’re going to leave this super chic apartment in the New Town. With a spacious (and definitely royal-feeling) bedroom, a great living room, and fully equipped kitchen, your stay in Prague will be a walk in the park. These kinds of apartments are a rare find in Prague, so don’t hesitate to snap this gem up! Excellent Wi-Fi too…

Get yo keys on delivery!

Best Hostel in New Town – Hostel One Home

Hostel One Home

Hostel One Home will be your home away from home in New Town. This hostel is especially adapted to backpackers who love being social, making it one of the best party hostels in Prague and ideal if you want to meet new people. Every evening, the staff cooks a free meal and will show you a good time around the town’s bars and pubs. The rooms offer dorm beds along with a free Wifi connection.

Things to Do in New Town

  1. Try some local Czech food on Wenceslas Square
  2. Catch a show at the National Theatre
  3. Enjoy a little refined dining whilst you listen to some of the top orchestral musicians around with a Mozart concert and dinner.
  4. Look at the unique architecture of the Dancing House
  5. Take it upon yourself to discover the magic of the traditional Czech pub.
  6. Appreciate the bizarreness of the Cerny statues in Lucerna Passage and Narodni

#3. Zizkov – Where to Stay in Prague for nightlife

Zizkov is a mainly residential neighbourhood but is also a vibrant and alive Prague nightlife district. As it is located a bit further away from the historical city centre, it also offers more budget-friendly accommodation for travellers visiting Prague on a budget. Don’t worry though, there are great public transportation options around here, just pop to a metro station to get into the city centre.

Zizkov, Prague_2
Photo: David Sedlecký (WikiCommons)

Back in the day, it used to be one of the most important Communist strongholds in the country. Today, it is said to be the neighbourhood with the most bars per capita in Europe, making it the best location to stay in Prague for nightlife.

Zizkov’s most iconic landmark is certainly the TV Tower, which funnily enough used to be used not to broadcast, but to block signals coming from the West. There is now a restaurant at the bottom of the tower, and visitors can get to the top to appreciate the view over Prague.

Best Budget Hotel in Zizkov – Hotel Amadeus Prague

Hotel Amadeus Prague

The hotel Amadeus offers spacious and comfortable rooms in Zizkov. Each room is fitted with a private bathroom, a patio and a seating area at this cute boutique hotel. It is located in a quiet area of the neighbourhood and a good breakfast is served in the morning. An airport shuttle service is available and it’s less than half a mile from the nearest metro station.

Best Hotel in Zizkov – Carlton Hotel Prague

Carlton Hotel Prague

The Carlton Hotel has been recently refurbished and offers modernly decorated rooms featuring a private bathroom, air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. All the rooms are non-smoking and offer a free Wifi connection. A very good buffet breakfast is served every morning. The front desk is open around the clock and there’s public transportation nearby.

Best Airbnb in Zizkov – Cozy and Chic Studio

Cozy and Chic Studio

Yeah, it might not be the biggest home in Prague, but this stunning studio really offers everything you might need! You’ll have a TV, a fully equipped kitchen, an amazing location close to loads of nightlife options, and one of the comfiest beds you’ve ever slept in! If you’re a nightlife enthusiast, this place is the ideal home to cure your hangover the next morning. With a mix of hip, green, authenticity and beauty, it’ll feel like a true home away from home!

Best Hostel in Zizkov – Clown and Bard

Clown and Bard

The Clown and Bard Hostel offers private rooms for up to 5 people as well as single beds in dormitory rooms. Some of the private rooms have an ensuite bathroom, while others provide a shared bathroom. Each guest can use a free Wifi connection and will be given a personal locker to use.

Things to Do in Zizkov

  1. Catch a sunset on the Prague castle from Riegrovy Sady, one of the best parks in the city
  2. Sign up for a fastest way to know Prague well with a Prague private tour, custom-built for your fancies!
  3. Get a bird’s eye over Prague from the top of the Zizkov TV Tower
  4. Admire the largest clock in the country at the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord
  5. Head out on a cheery day trip to the Terezin Concentration Camp. Lot of history in these parts.
  6. Party the night away in Zizkov’s numerous bars and beer gardens
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#4. Vinohrady – The coolest place to stay in Prague

What used to be a big vineyard in the 14th century has now become Prague’s coolest neighbourhood. It is well located a few tram stops away from the New Town and Old Town, and staying in Vinohrady will allow you to have a bit more peace and quiet.

Vinohrady, Prague_2
Photo: Donald Judge (Flickr)

Vinohrady is home to Havlickovy Sady, Prague’s second largest park. Walk around to look at the beautiful Italian Renaissance-inspired villa and the vineyard reminding visitors of Vinohrady’s past. During the Nazi occupation, the park was used as a training centre for the Hitler Youths.

Peace Square is also a must-see place in Prague. It is quite small and is home to a cute little market during the time around Christmas and Easter. While you are there, take a look at the Cathedral of St Ludmila, built in Gothic style during the 19th century.

Best Budget Hotel in Vinohrady – Arkada Hotel Praha

Arkada Hotel Praha

The Arkada Hotel Praha is located in a restored Art Nouveau building, typical of the Vinohrady area. It offers comfortable rooms with a private bathroom and a view over the city. There is also a fan and heating at this boutique hotel. A good breakfast is served in the morning and a free Wifi connection is available.

Best Hotel in Vinohrady – Elizabeth Suites

Elizabeth Suites

Elizabeth Suites offers modernly decorated rooms fitted with a seating area, a kitchenette, a private bathroom and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Some of the rooms also have a terrace. It’s one of the most kitted-out Prague hotels! A free Wifi connection is available and the hotel provides an airport shuttle service. All rooms at the hotel are non-smoking.

Best Airbnb in Vinohrady – Stylish Vinohrady Apartment

Stylish Vinohrady Apartment

Leading the way in stylish accommodation with some saucy wooden floors, this comfy apartment comes perfectly equipped to deal with your stay in Prague. It is completely new, can host up to 4 guests, and is located in a top-tier area; not too noisy, and not too far from nightlife!

If you fancy making your stay easy but comfortable, this Prague Airbnb is the best!

Best Hostel in Vinohrady – Luma Terra Prague

Luma Terra Prague

A seriously nice new Praguian hostel, this backpacker abode has an excellent bar, a dedicated team of international staff, and brilliant facilities. If you want a hostel that is straightforward where everything works and life is easy, this one is for you!

It’s also a large hostel, with a capacity of up to 150 people. This way, it is pretty certain that you will make friends with someone from far across the globe!

Things to Do in Vinohrady

  1. Spend some relaxing time in Havlickovy Sady, Prague’s second-largest park
  2. Discover the best of the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Parks on a top day trip!
  3. Wander around the streets to look at the beautiful Art Deco houses of the area
  4. Check out a Cesky Krumlov Day Trip
  5. Try one of the only street foods in Prague, a hot dog from the Peace Square

#5. Mala Strana – The best neighbourhood in Prague for families

Mala Strana, or Lesser Town, is located on the other side of the river from the Old Town. It provides a quieter environment than Old Town while remaining in the heart of Prague and close to all the main sights of the city. It’s the perfect neighbourhood for a family enjoying a short weekend trip to Prague.

Mala Strana, Prague
Hey, that looks alright

From Old Town, you will access Mala Strana by crossing the Charles Bridge, which was built in the 14th century. Two iconic towers are located at each end of the bridge. From the bridge, you can enjoy beautiful views over the Vltava River while surrounded by street musicians and performers.

In Mala Strana, visitors have access to Prague Castle, which is actually the largest coherent castle complex in the world. The castle was founded in 880 and remains the most important monument in the Czech Republic. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Best Budget Hotel in Mala Strana – Hotel U Schnellu

Hotel U Schnellu

Hotel U Schnellu is located a 5-minute walk away from Prague Castle and is a family-run establishment. It offers comfortable rooms featuring a private bathroom with a bathtub, air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. Each room also has a view of the city’s beautiful architecture.

Best Hotel in Mala Strana – Hotel Pod Vezi

Hotel Pod Vezi

The Hotel Pod Vezi is located in a historical building right next to the iconic Charles Bridge. It offers rooms featuring an ensuite bathroom, air conditioning, soundproofing and a flat-screen TV. The hotel has a restaurant, a bar and a very good breakfast is served in the morning.

Best Airbnb in Mala Strana – Stylish Old town Apt near Charles Bridge

Quite Stylish Old town Apt near Charles Bridge

Across the river from the Bonvivants and Hemingway bar, is where this lovely living space is nestled. There’s enough room for 4 people to lay their heads and a fully renovated kitchen to cook your meals. The huge windows in this home create an incredible space full of natural light. The apartment is also in one of the best locations, with the tram is just minutes away on foot, taking you to the many destinations you and the fam will be stopping at during this holiday. Yet it’s located in a neighbourhood peaceful enough to get a well-rested night of sleep.

Another Great Airbnb in Mala Strana – Charming Family Apartment

Charming Family Apartment

With a total of three bedrooms and enough space for up to 7 guests at a time, this Airbnb is the ideal home for you and your family. You’ll be in one of Prague’s hottest locations, close to many attractions and public transport options. The colourful and bright apartment offers a fully equipped kitchen, sound-proof windows, high-quality mattresses for a comfortable sleep and a modern interior combined with beautifully preserved old wooden floors. The host also provides a personalised guidebook for their local recommendations so that guests can enjoy their stay to the fullest.

Things to Do in Mala Strana

  1. Visit the largest coherent castle complex in the world at the Prague Castle
  2. See a different side of the city by embarking upon a live jazz evening cruise
  3. Take in the views over the Vltava River from the 14th-century Charles Bridge
  4. Learn more about Czech writer Franz Kafka at the Franz Kafka Museum
  5. Pay tribute at the John Lennon Wall
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FAQs on the Best Places to Stay in Prague

Here’s what people usually ask us about the areas of Prague and where to stay.

What To Pack For Prague

Pants, socks, underwear, soap?! Take it from me, packing for a hostel stay is not always quite as straightforward as it seems. Working out what to bring and what to leave at home is an art I have perfected over many years.

Don’t Let Snorers Keep You Awake!
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Don’t Forget Travel Insurance for Prague

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Final Thoughts On Where To Stay In Prague…

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with lots of historical architecture and sights to offer. It is also one of the cheapest places in Europe to stay and eat. When visiting the continent, Prague should most definitely be on your bucket list.

Prague is sensationally fun, inexpensive, and full of amazing architecture. If it is not on your list of cities to visit, it should be! It’s also pretty safe. And on that note, I will leave you… 🙁

How many fingers am I holding up?

Looking for more info on travelling to Prague and Czech Republic?
The Charles Bridge in Prague
Nashledanou people…

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