Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, it’s known for its ornate buildings, proud beer culture, and affordable tourism industry.

Nicknamed “the City of One Hundred Spires,” Prague is a great choice for travellers interested in history, culture, and architecture. It is an extremely photogenic city, from its colorful baroque style buildings lined with red roofs, to its medieval gothic churches and monuments, this city has a fairytale-like enchantment that draws in visitors from around the world.

This modern metropolis still retains its old-world charm, and there are plenty of options for you to enjoy your two days in Prague. The people are friendly, the beer is cheap and plentiful, and the city has a welcoming atmosphere that makes it perfect for a weekend trip.

There’s so much to see and do, which is why we’ve come up with a helpful guide that’ll ensure you make the most of your weekend in Prague!

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    Insider Tips for an AMAZING Weekend in Prague

    A weekend trip to Prague gives you plenty of time to explore this historic city, but the key to spending your weekend wisely is staying in a central location!

    Insider Tips for an AMAZING Weekend in Prague
    Prague Bridge

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    Know Where to Stay in Prague

    Deciding where to stay in Prague is important. Whether you’re looking for a friendly hostel, a budget hotel, or a lavish 5-star room, you’ll want to make sure the location is near the main attractions. Prague has many accommodations to choose from, with prices to suit all budgets! Check out some of our favourites:

    Our Favourite Hostel – Hostel Downtown

    Cosmopole Hostel, Prague
    Cosmopole Hostel is our favourite hostel in Prague!
    • Free breakfast
    • Wide variety of room sizes (2,4,6,8,10,12 beds)
    • Top floor is a large game room with outdoor terrace attached

    This trendy Prague hostel is centrally located and within walking distance of Prague’s top attractions as well as bars, shops, clubs and restaurants. The whole top floor has been converted into a large social hangout area. Admire the city views from the outside terrace, play a social game of pool, or relax and have a drink.

    Our Favourite Airbnb – Newly Refurbished Studio

    Studio in the center of Old Town
    Studio in the centre of Old Town is our favourite Airbnb in Prague!

    Start exploring in the heart of Prague while still on your budget. This home is in the best location for solo and couple travellers looking to hit everything at once in the city.

    You will be facing the beautiful courtyard to enjoy a glass of wine that also has quick access to the Astronomical clock, which is a 5-minute walk. So like we said, if you’re into hitting all the sweet tourist spots, then this is the home for you.

    And if it’s summer, the owner may even offer to take you paddle boarding. On the nights you aren’t at the Dlouha, well known for its restaurants, bars, clubs, and nightlife, there’s a selection of books you can choose from to read while you are snuggling up in the loft bedroom overlooking the city.

    Check out the other Airbnb’s in Prague for more options.

    Our Favourite Budget Hotel – Small Luxury Palace Residence

    Small Luxury Palace Residence, Prague
    Small Luxury Palace Residence is our favourite budget hotel in Prague!
    • Within walking distance to Old Town and public transportation
    • Tea/coffee maker in every room
    • Decorated with classic Czech antiques and oil-paintings

    The name of this hotel really says it all! Great location, modern amenities, plus friendly and attentive staff. It’s located in the city centre and only a short walk from Prague Castle and many other top attractions.

    Our Favourite Splurge Hotel – Grand Hotel Bohemia

    Grand Hotel Bohemia, Prague
    Grand Hotel Bohemia is our favourite splurge hotel in Prague!
    • Located in the heart of Prague
    • Free breakfast with a wide variety of options
    • Spacious rooms, elegantly decorated with modern amenities

    This lavish hotel has it all! It’s conveniently located in the heart of Prague, only 400 meters from the city centre. Rooms are large and spacious and have every amenity you could possibly want! Free WI-FI, satellite TV, bathtubs in every room, and more!

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    Know How to Get Around in Prague

    Getting around Prague is easy and convenient. There are a few different options for public transportation around the city, the main forms being the metro, trams, and buses. Walking is another option, as many of Prague’s historic sites are within pedestrian zones.

    There are lots of things to do in Prague but thankfully most are easy to reach on foot or public transport.

    Public transportation in Prague is known for being reliable and affordable. If you’re spending a weekend in Prague it might be a good idea to purchase a tourist transport pass. This pass allows for unlimited travel between any form of public transportation in Prague and can be purchased in increments of 30-minutes, 90-minutes, 1-day or 3-days.

    Uber also operates in Prague and is a popular form of transportation. With this convenient app you will be connected to a reliable ride in minutes. A great option for people unfamiliar with the city, your driver will know exactly where you want to go!

    Prague is very much a walking city. Most of the city’s top attractions are in close proximity to each other and you can easily spend a day walking around. Prague also offers many free-walking tours around the city’s different areas, that can help you get better acquainted with the city’s layout and cover your Prague itinerary.

    Prague Nightlife Guide

    Prague nightlife
    Prague has some amazing nightlife options!

    Weekend trips to Prague are the best time to experience the nightlife. Different areas of the city have different options for going out. Here are the best districts in Prague to experience the vibrant nightlife!

    Old Town Prague

    • Lots of options for clubs and bars
    • Easily accessible by public transportation
    • Prices to suit all budgets – inexpensive to high-end

    You can’t go wrong going out in Old Town Prague! This area of the city is known for its exciting nightlife. Al Capone’s Cocktail Bar has a fun speak-easy setting with a wide range of drink options and reasonable prices. Or, If you feel like dancing head to KU Club & Bar, one of the trendiest clubs in Prague with a great atmosphere and good dance music.

    New Town Prague

    • Eclectic range of nightlife options for going out
    • Larger layout than Old Town with more options
    • Easy to walk around and navigate

    From clubs that stay open all night to quiet bars with inexpensive local beer, going out in New Town is sure to make for a memorable night!

    Duplex is one of the most popular spots to party in Prague. Dance the night away with locals and fellow travellers! If you’re a beer lover you’ll definitely want to check out The PUB Pilsner Unique Bar. You get to pour your own unpasteurized beer from individual table tabs at this lively bar.

    Lesser Town

    • Lots of casual eateries and traditional pubs
    • Less crowded than other areas of Prague, more relaxed and laid-back vibe
    • Lots of wine-bars, perfect for wine enthusiasts

    This district of Prague is located just across the river from Old Town. It has a reputation for being a quieter area of the city. Perfect for a more relaxed night out.

    Blue Light Bar is a hip local hangout that serves cocktails until the early morning hours. U Staré Studny offers something a little different. This cognac and wine bar is perfect for people with a passion for wine and spirits because they value quality and have a large selection of drinks.

    Prague Food Guide

    Prague Food Guide
    Prague has a delicious food scene!

    Food is an integral part of any holiday getaway! Whether you’re on a weekend trip to Prague or backpacking around the Czech Republic, the capital is a great place to experience the local food culture. Here are a few of our favourite places to go to enjoy Czech cuisine!

    Naplavka Farmers Market

    • A great way to sample the local culinary flavors
    • Large and diverse selection of food and drink options
    • Casual style eating, great for groups and people with different dietary needs

    From snacks to mains, to dessert, to drinks, there’s something for everyone! Naplavka Farmers Market has a large variety of local food and drink. It’s located right on the water and has live music you can enjoy while taking in the calming views of the river. This market is closed on Sundays, so make sure to head over on a Saturday to check it out!

    Head to the Strahov Monastic Brewery For Traditional Czech Food

    • Great prices and a wide variety of local Czech dishes
    • A nice selection of fresh craft beer made on site
    • 17th-century brewery restored and reopened in 2000

    This former monastery turned popular Czech restaurant is the perfect place to go for traditional food and beer. Its prime location in Old Town, next to Prague castle makes it easily accessible. The portions are large and there’s plenty of craft beer on the menu to help you wash it down!

    Check out Maitrea Restaurant for Vegetarian and Vegan Options

    • Large range of menu options for people with different dietary needs
    • Cozy restaurant with a friendly staff in the city center
    • Customizable food options made with fresh and flavorful ingredients

    Maitrea is a highly rated vegetarian restaurant that also caters to vegans and people with gluten intolerance. Their menu features a large variety of wholesome meals, from traditional Czech dishes to Asian cuisine. The interior is decorated with a relaxing zen aesthetic. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the palate!

    Sporting Events in Prague

    Prague sports
    Prague has some really cool experiences for sports lovers!
    Photo: Martin2035 (WikiCommons)

    A weekend trip to Prague is a great time to experience the city’s sports culture. Here are a few of our favourite activities to enjoy on your weekend away.

    Play a communal game of Pétanque in the Park

    • Enjoy a game at Letna park, where this activity is always free
    • Easy to learn and fun for people of all ages and skill levels
    • Relaxing game and a great way to socialize

    This leisurely game of French origin is very popular in Prague, especially when the weather is nice. It has a simple concept, throwing a set of balls to reach close proximity to another ball, the team who gets the closest wins. Head over to the Letna chateau in Letna park and enjoy a friendly game, or two!

    Have a Quick Outdoor Workout at one of Prague’s Outdoor Gyms

    • Workout at one of Prague’s many outdoor gyms found across the city
    • Free gyms that have all of your workout essentials
    • Enjoy a gym session in the beautiful outdoors

    These outdoor gyms are perfect for people visiting Prague for the weekend, but still wanting to fit in a quick workout. The gyms are well organized and laid out like obstacle courses in the middle of grassy areas. You’ll get a great workout, and there are no memberships or fees required!

    Attend a Sports Match at Sinobo Stadium

    • Professional football club and the home of the Slavia Praha
    • Watch a match and immerse yourself in the electric feel of gameday
    • Largest stadium in the Czech Republic.

    The Sinobo Stadium is a must-see for sports enthusiasts. This is the largest and most modern stadium in the Czech Republic. Gameday brings high energy and a lively atmosphere. Watch a match and experience the local sports culture!

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    Weekend Cultural Entertainment in Prague – Music/Concerts/Theatre

    Prague entertainment
    There are plenty of shows and events in Prague!

    Two days in Prague will give you plenty of time to explore the city’s music and theatre culture. From classical plays to modern music, here are our favourite places in Prague to go for live entertainment.

    The National Theatre

    • The place to go in Prague to experience the performing arts
    • Wonderful selection of operas, ballets, and plays
    • Affordable prices, amazing acoustics and good visibility

    Immerse yourself in Prague’s magical world of art. The National Theatre is beautiful from the inside out. This neo-Renaissance Opera House was built in the 19th-century and is one of the most important cultural and historical monuments in the Czech Republic. All acts are performed on a large stage and offer subtitles in English and Czech.

    Jazz Republic

    • Live local music club with a friendly vibe and casual aesthetic
    • Reasonably priced drinks and food items
    • Different genres and new bands perform every night

    Famed jazz house in the heart of Prague offering live music every night of the week. This cosy family-run club showcases the best of Prague’s jazz, funk, blues, Latin, world music, and more! Free entrance during the week and a small entrance fee during the weekend. Check out their website to view their monthly line-up, showtimes, and weekend prices.

    Lucerna Music Bar

    • Concert venue within the Lucerna Palace of New Town
    • Great atmosphere and a large dance hall
    • Frequented by locals and travelers from around the world

    This fun and high-energy dance hall are known for its weekend 80s and 90s pop disco nights. It has a fun vibe with a casual dress code and reasonable drink prices. Large TV projectors display the performances and flashing neon lights add to the exciting weekend atmosphere!

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    10 Other Awesome Things to do in Prague This Weekend

    Weekends in Prague are a great time to explore this happening city. Here is a list of even more places to visit in Prague that’ll make your weekend as epic as possible!

    #1 – Visit the John Lennon Wall

    John Lennon Wall
    If you’re a fan of John Lennon (who isn’t?), go check out this wall!

    If you’re a Beatles fan, this is a must-see! The John Lennon Wall has been attracting visitors since the 1980s. This colourful wall is creatively decorated with art and inspirational messages. This is also a popular place to see artists singing, playing the guitar, or getting to work on a new piece of street graffiti.

    Visitors are encouraged to add their own messages or artwork to the wall, so you can see messages from all over the world! It’s ever-changing and a great place to stop for a photo-opt or a quick selfie

    #2 – Take a Jewish Quarter Walking Tour of Prague

    Prague has a long and tragic Jewish history that many people are unaware of. Taking a walking tour of the prominent Jewish areas of the city on this 2.5-hour walking tour, you’ll learn the stories of this side of Prague. The tour includes entrance tickets to many different synagogues and a Jewish cemetery where you’ll get to experience some impressive architecture too.

    You’ll learn about Prague’s sights, history, and secrets as you follow your tour guide around the different Jewish areas of the city. All tour guides are locals, so you’ll be able to hear personal stories from the families that have called this area home for generations.

    Adolf Hitler decided to preserve this section of Prague, calling it a “Museum of an Extinct Race.” Walkthrough the streets of the former Jewish Ghetto and reflect on this amazing piece of history.

    #3 – Explore Prague Castle

    Prague Castle
    Prague at night is something out of the ordinary…

    Prague castle is definitely one of the top places to see in Prague. This large complex is nestled on a hill overlooking the Moldava River. The vantage points are spectacular, especially at sunset! You’ll have a view of the whole city, and as the sun sets the sky projects pastel shades that contrast beautifully against the red roofs that fill the city.

    Entrance into the castle grounds is free, but if you want to go inside any of the structures you have to purchase a ticket. Choose what area you would like to visit and learn more about the history of these unique buildings inside the castle walls!

    #4 – Take a Stroll on the Charles Bridge

    Charles Bridge
    City of Lights.

    This historic bridge began construction in 1357, it is beautifully decorated with 30 mostly baroque-style statues that line the sides. It connects Old Town with Lesser Town and is often filled with musicians, painters, vendors, and tourists. It’s one of the great free things to do here.

    Perfect for a nice stroll, you’ll have wonderful views of Prague Castle and the Vltava River. This bridge does tend to fill up with tourists during the day, so we recommend going early in the morning or later at night when it’s a little less busy.

    If you want to take things a bit further, then you can take a river cruise down the Vltava and take in the city from this unique and stunning perspective. It’s the perfect way to get your bearings and take in so many of the cities highlights on a relaxing trip.


    Cosmopole Hostel

    This trendy Prague hostel is centrally located and within walking distance of Prague’s top attractions as well as bars, shops, clubs and restaurants. The whole top floor has been converted into a large social hangout-area.

    • $$
    • Free WIFI
    • Centrally located in the most beautiful ancient city in the heart of Europe.

    #5 – Enjoy a Beer at Letná Zahradní Restaurace

    Only in Prague can you find beer cheaper than water on some restaurant menus. Prague citizens love their beer and are extremely proud of their local beer culture. Letná Zahradní Restaurace is a beer garden just outside of Old Town that overlooks the Vltava River.

    It’s a great place to go for a cheap beer and panoramic views of the city. They also have a wonderful selection of wine, liquor, and some food items. Its chilled-out vibe attracts locals and travellers from around the world. You could spend hours relaxing in the garden, drinking craft beer, and admiring the city views.

    #6 – Climb up the Old Town Bridge Tower

    The best way to see Prague is definitely from above! Head up the Old Town Bridge Towers for excellent views of the city. This gothic monument was built in the late 14th century and is one of the best places to see Prague from above.

    There is a small entrance fee, and you’ll climb 138 steps to reach the top, but it’s totally doable! You’ll be rewarded with gorgeous views of Old Town and the Lesser Quarter. The bridge is open daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

    #7 – Visit the Prague Astronomical Clock

    Prague Astronomical Clock
    This medieval astronomical clock is worth the visit.

    The jewel of Prague, this astronomical clock is a beautiful piece of engineering that mixes science with art. There is a display at the top of the hour (from 9:00 am – 11:00 pm) where a procession of 12 apostles figures pass through open sections of the clock tower.

    Watch from the street as the hour strikes, or pay a small fee to enter the structure, you’ll also be given access to the Old Town Hall Tower. Once inside, there’s a staircase or an elevator for visitors to use to reach the top, you’ll be greeted by wonderful views overlooking Old Town Square.

    #8 – Watch a Classical Concert at the Spanish Synagogue

    Visit Pragues Jewish Museum

    Visit this beautiful structure and take in an incredible hour-long classical concert that just complements the incredible architecture. Depending on which day you visit you could be treated to Jewish folk music or classics from Mozart and Bach or traditional Czech music.

    Either way, you’ll get to experience this incredible building in style with music that will take your breath away and perfectly complement your surroundings. This is perfect if you’re visiting for a long weekend and have three days in Prague!

    #9 – Relax at Super Tramp Coffee

    Take a break from your busy day exploring and recharge with a cup of coffee. Super Tramp is a hidden gem in the heart of Prague with highly-rated coffee and a cosy laid-back vibe.

    This hip local joint also serves a variety of tea, lemonade, and alcoholic beverages, so there’s something for everyone! They have a nice selection of baked goods made in their on-site bakery. Relax in their quiet courtyard with a snack and a drink before resuming your exciting day of exploring!

    #10 – Take a Walking Beer Tour Around the City

    Experience Prague’s local beer culture on a walking brewery tour around the city! Meet fellow beer enthusiasts and explore Prague’s famous craft beer scene.

    There are numerous tour companies to choose from, all of which include beer tastings and tours of local breweries. Follow your guide to some of Prague’s oldest and most authentic breweries. Learn more about the brewing process and the history of Prague’s most beloved drink!

    Prague Weekend Travel FAQs

    Prague Weekend Travel FAQs
    Check out our Weekend Travel FAQs for more tips and advice!

    Travelling to a new destination can provoke an exhilarating feeling of excitement, but with that can come curiosity and questions. If you’ve never visited Prague before you might not know what to expect.

    No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few more details about Prague, and answers to questions you might be asking yourself.

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions…

    Don’t Forget Your Prague Travel Insurance

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    Final Thoughts on a Great Weekend in Prague

    Prague is one of the most visited cities in central Europe. From its enchanting Czech architecture to its rich history and its impressive beer culture, this city has a lot to offer.

    Prague is a great city to visit, especially for backpackers and travellers on a budget. We’ve collected all information to give you a rough idea of how expensive Prague is.

    However you decide to spend your time, we hope your weekend in Prague is as magical and enchanting as possible! And if you’re looking for even more things to see and do in Prague, make sure to check out our Backpacking Prague travel guide.

    This city has a natural and alluring beauty that draws in people from all over the world. From its windy cobblestone streets to its dramatic medieval buildings, and its attractive red roofs, this is a city you’ll want to keep coming back to!