Portugal. Maybe once Portugal wouldn’t have exactly jumped out at you when you thought about backpacking. These days though, Portugal is a prime travel spot with hiking, beautiful beaches, a bursting party scene, and a wealth of awesome places to stay and meet backpackers.

So, what about all those awesome hostels in Portugal. Well, there are a lot to choose from… and a lot of epic ones! That’s exactly why we absolutely had to look into it and whip up this huge, handy guide to the 24 best hostels in Portugal!

We’ve divided this roundup up by location, from the bustling coastal capital to more of Portugal’s best destinations. Expect a lot of beaches, parties, and good vibes. From Portugal’s budget hostels to their bouncing backpackers, this list will have you ready for a youth hostelling adventure in Portugal.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see what these 24 best hostels in Portugal can offer you!

Quick Answer: What are the Best Hostels in Portugal?

The Top Hostels in Portugal

Wondering where to stay in Portugal and need some hostel picks?! However, before we start this list proper, we’re gonna talk about the top hostels in Portugal as a whole. These are the absolute best places to stay in Portugal for backpacker vibes. When in doubt, just go with the best!

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    The Overall Best Hostel in Portugal – Lisboa Central Hostel (Lisbon)

    The Overall Best Hostel in Portugal - Lisboa Central Hostel
    Lisboa Central Hostel is our pick for the overall best hostel in Portugal.
    • $$
    • Very Clean
    • Loads of events
    • Games Room

    So, yeah, if you’re looking for not just the best hostel in Lisbon but the best overall hostel in Portugal… here it is! Seriously.

    Can we tempt you with homemade soup? Homemade milkshakes? Yeah, we thought you’d like that.

    The staff here will also sort you out with cheap beer, sangria at a steal, super fun bar crawls and movie nights for when you can’t do anything but veg out in front of a screen. But don’t worry: you won’t feel grimy staying here since it’s pretty dang clean. And the staff are super friendly too.

    Best Cheap Hostel in Portugal –  Hostel Gaia Porto (Porto)

    Best Cheap Hostel in Portugal -  Hostel Gaia Porto
    Budget prices, plentiful drinks, and free smiles at the best cheap hostel in Portugal – Hostel Gaia Porto!
    • $
    • Themed Events
    • Garden
    • Laundry Facilities

    On the other side of the river to the main hub of the city, this backpackers hostel in Porto is pretty much a calm place to stay because of that. Solo travellers, couples, groups of friends, whoever you are: this’ll be a good and cheap choice for you.

    It’s easy to kick back in the garden here with a couple of beers, keep costs low by using the kitchen here, wash your clothes in the laundry. Yeah, it’s one of the best cheap hostels in Portugal with some top-notch staff, friendly faces, and those sweet, sweet budget prices.

    Best Party Hostel in Portugal – G-Spot Party Hostel (Lisbon)

    Best Party Hostel in Portugal - G-Spot Party Hostel
    G-Spot Party Hostel is our top pick for the best party hostel in Portugal.
    • $$
    • Free Breakfast
    • Discount Club Tickets
    • Bar

    Well, I mean, with a name like that… of course this is one one of the best party hostels in Portugal. (Although to be fair, there are a lot.)

    It’s also got one of those hilarious party hostel names that mean you’re asking for something ridiculous if you ask where it is. Or if you’re staying there. Think of the puns!

    But it is a super fun place. Family dinners, happy hour drinks, nightly pub crawls, and a free tasty breakfast in the morning to sort your hangover out. The common area here is good for sleeping off a hangover too. And there’s a French Bulldog here who you can cuddle if you’re missing your mum.

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    The Best Hostels in Lisbon

    So, about that coastal capital, it’s the best! Cascading hills of gorgeous architecture flowing down to meet the Atlantic Ocean. And the kickass party scene ain’t half bad either!

    There are a lot of awesome hostels in Lisbon so why delay. Here are the best!

    This is Lisbon Hostel

    Just in case you forgot what city in Portugal you were visiting.

    This is Lisbon Hostel - Top Lisbon hostel for solo travellers
    • $
    • Free Activities
    • Free Food
    • V Nice People

    This. Is. LISBOONNNNN!!! … Wow, sorry. But it is…

    This place is newly refurbished and is smack bang right in the middle of Lisbon’s old town area. It features very, very nice views from its calm roof terrace. A great spot for yoga!

    The staff are super friendly here, helping to create a wonderful atmosphere that makes this one of the best hostels for solo travellers in Portugal. Free walking tours, beach trips, and tasty homecooked Portuguese dinners, as well as lessons in the local lingo, make it pretty easy to get chatting and make some pals.

    Oh and shout out to the free breakfast at this Lisbon hostel. One word: immense.

    Safestay Lisboa

    A super safe place to stay in Lisbon!

    Safestay Lisboa - A safe place to stay in Lisbon
    • $$
    • Free Breakfast
    • Bicycle Hire
    • Bar

    If you were wondering about how safe Lisbon is, well have no fear. This ain’t no false advertising. This is a super safe place to stay in Lisbon!

    This top Lisbon hostel is absolutely massive. It’s not a party hostel, but dang it is huge! There are 152 beds – that’s a lot of friends!

    And as we said, it’s safe, the atmosphere is friendly and it’s close to nearby attractions that you might wanna go snap some photos of. It’s one of the best hostels in Portugal for those backpacking alone. The balconies are good for a drink and if you want to drink more the pub crawl here is pretty comprehensive.

    Lost Inn Lisbon

    Puns and comfy beds!

    Lost Inn Lisbon - Best cheap hostel in Lisbon
    Lost Inn Lisbon is our pick for the best cheap hostel in Portugal
    • $
    • Free Walking Tours
    • Free Breakfast
    • Bicycle

    Yay, puns! Putting aside the winning name, we do actually rate this place very highly. Yep, it’s one of the best hostels in Lisbon’s Chiado neighbourhood and it’s pretty sick: the building is from the 18th-century and the floors are all decorative tiles and stuff.

    The location is amazing (very close to the metro), but since it’s so central you can walk pretty much everywhere, part of what makes this one of the best cheap hostels in Portugal. There’s also a free breakfast, and a common room complete with… musical instruments.

    Let the jams commence!

    Rossio Hostel

    One of the best-located hostels in Lisbon.

    Rossio Hostel - a new hostel in Lisbon
    • $$
    • Bar
    • Free Breakfast
    • Self Catering Facilities

    This place is brand new, smack bang in an amazing location, and packed full of activities and nightly events and all that sort of caper that makes it one of the best hostels in Portugal. For one thing, the staff make sure the vibe never dips and come up with fun stuff to do every night.

    And if you have a literally terrible hangover the next day this Lisbon hostel serves up a big ol’ greasy breakfast to chase your demons away and send you on a journey into the afternoon siesta. And it’s award-winning too. We give it our own award too… of awesomeness.

    Goodmorning Solo Traveller Hostel

    Good for the solo backpackers (as the name would imply).

    Good Morning Hostel Lisbon best hostels in Portugal
    • $$
    • Bar
    • Free Drinks
    • Free Breakfast

    Wow. How is this place so nice? This is amazing. Maybe it’s because of the hour of power they put on every night (that’s free-flowing drinks), maybe the staff are just amazing, or maybe it’s just because it’s one of the best party hostels in Portugal.

    It’s not, like, an absolutely mental party hostel – you can choose to stay in drinking or go out. Whatever. Yep, you’ll get to have a rowdy night out with the people you meet here but it’s CIVILISED. They’ve got cooking classes and walking tours, y’know. We can’t leave without mentioning the breakfast: top marks.

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    The Best Hostels in Porto

    Old-world flair mixed with contemporary highlights, Porto is another of Portugal’s best places to go. Te kind of city that’s best explored just by wandering its woven streets, there is a lot to discover in Porto for its scrumptious food and wine scene to its delicious picturesque skyline.

    Porto is another strong favourite for those backpacking in Portugal. With so many cool things to do and see, you can spend some days just enjoying the beautiful city. But first, you’ll need to pick a sweet hostel in Porto.

    The House of Sandeman

    Welcome to my abode.

    The House of Sandeman - Best hostel in Porto
    • $$$
    • Bar
    • Free Breakfast
    • Cool AF

    We know, we know, House of Sandeman just makes us think of something spooky as well. Probably something to do with that Neil Gaiman comic. But actually, this couldn’t be less scary.

    Well, it is in a historic building to be fair. And the rooms here are mental. The bunks are actually in the old frames of barrels used to make port wine.

    Where is it? Downtown Porto, of course, so it’s pretty sick locale we gotta say (history, river, all sortsa stuff on your doorstep here). It’s a memorable hostel, the kinda place you’ll use as a measure when you visit other hostels. Definitely the top-dog for the best hostel in Porto.

    Pilot Design Hostel & Bar

    A stylish hostel in Porto.

    Pilot Design Hostel and Bar - top hostel in Porto
    • $$$
    • 24-Hour Bar
    • 24-Hour Security
    • Free Bicycle Hire

    “Pilot”? What’s “pilot” about this place? It’s not pen themed, boat-themed, nor aeroplane themed, and we’re livid. Not really.

    This super Porto backpackers hostel is equipped with a 24-hour bar and lounge where you can chill, watch movies, play the guitar, drink, chat. It’s all good!

    This place even has a waterfall, which probably helped it win those awards. The events like free walking tours, pub crawls, and the general social space here makes it one of the best hostels in Porto for backpackers. “Pilot” though – why?

    Cool Hostel

    Would you believe me if I told you this was Portugal’s coolest hostel?

    Cool Hostel Porto - a cool hostel in Portugal
    • $
    • BBQ
    • Airport Transfers
    • Foosball (Very Cool)

    Here is another of the potentially best cheap hostels in Portugal and definitely the best budget hostel in Porto. We love that this place is actually inside a sweet historic building. Another cool thing about this Porto backpackers is that it’s a very short walk to the Bolhao metro station. It’s colourful, relaxed, and, dare I say, cool.

    But one of the coolest things about this cool place is that it’s cheap! This hostel might not be the most atmospheric of places, but it’s clean, has a terrace, and a free breakfast – which is the coolest!

    Some might even say that it’s… awesome. Hah! Subverted your expectations.

    Mim Hostel

    Mim’s favourite place to stay in Porto.

    Mim Hostel best hostels in Portugal
    • $$
    • Bar
    • Cable TV
    • Self Catering Facilities

    This is a place for the pairs coupling in Porto together. A charming courtyard with hammocks just ripe for spooning in, it’ll be a romantic weekend in Porto together.

    So if you’re looking for the best hostel for couples in Porto, well, here it is! There’s a calm pace of life here, plus the private rooms are perfect if you just don’t do dorms. Location is meh, but everything else is super chill. Mim even comes complete with a friendly hostel dog!

    Mim Hostel is one of our favourites in Portugal but they’re not taking guests right now. We’re not sure if they’re closed for good but we hope they’ll come back soon.

    The Best Hostels in Lagos

    Moving away from the pretty city life now to the pretty town life! It is a tourist town for sure, but that just means there are heaps more things to do in Lagos. From the surrounding awe-invoking nature and cliffs to the fabulous beaches, Lagos is a dope place to visit in Portugal.

    Plus, all those tourists just means an awesome selection of hostels in Lagos.

    Rising Cock Party Hostel


    Rising Cock - top party hostel in Portugal
    • $
    • Free Breakfast
    • Pub Crawls
    • BBQ

    There are no words. Perhaps two words: Rising Cock. I can’t believe I get to write those words.

    Look, based on the name, you already know what to expect. It’s a party hostel in Lagos that will send you nutty in the best way possible. Centrally located in Lagos’s old district, it’s a walking distance from a bunch of sweet restaurants, bars, and other goodies.

    Being one of Portugal’s best party hostels, days here are about chilling out and recharging those poor batteries of yours (BBQs on Saturdays – winner). But the nights here are about getting absolutely on it. Free pub crawls is one thing. Another is, well, the staff just know how to get down.

    Or up. 😉

    Gold Coast Calm Hostel

    A calm backpackers in Portugal.

    Gold Coast Calm Hostel - a chill hostel in Lagos
    • $$
    • BEACH
    • Free sangria
    • Sun Terrace

    For another one of the best hostels in Portugal, get yourself to Lagos for a majorly chilled beach hangout. It’s run by friendly locals which always, always makes a difference – good vibes all round here. They’ll also take you out for fun stuff like kayaking, windsurfing, all that outdoors beach biz.

    Want to get absolutely smashed and wake up with a giant hangover? Don’t come here. This is one for the refined backpacker, surfers, and people who just wanna hit a few sangrias in the evening and wake up for a stroll on the beach. Calm by name, calm by nature.

    Gold Coast Calm Hostel is one of our favourites in Portugal but they’re not taking guests right now. We’re not sure if they’re closed for good but we hope they’ll come back soon.

    Sol A Sol Hostel

    Sun to sun and good vibes only.

    Sol A Sol Hostel - cheap Lagos hostel
    • $
    • Tours
    • Sea Views
    • Bars

    Sol A Sol has that perfect balance between the fun stuff and chilling that’s pretty hard to attain. In fact, this Lagos youth hostel literally claims that it provides “the ultimate Lagos experience.” It is a bold claim indeed, but not far from the truth. It’s also cheap!

    They do trips to caves, daily tours, rooftop BBQs, yummy family dinners, bar crawls, and the staff are helpful, which easily give it creds enough to be one of the best hostels in Portugal for the lonely wanderers. This budget hostel in Lagos is also very close to the beach – perfect!

    Sol A Sol Hostel is one of our favourites in Portugal but they’re not taking guests right now. We’re not sure if they’re closed for good but we hope they’ll come back soon.

    Algarve Surf Hostel

    For those surfing in Portugal.

    Algarve Surf Hostel - best cheap hostel in Portugal for surfers
    • $
    • Free Breakfast
    • Free Parking
    • Pool Table

    If you’re a surfing person you’ll love this place. It’s basically all about surfing. Or not just surfing, but doing all those sunshiney, beachsidey sorta things like hanging out around the pool, in the pool, or in view of the pool. Think BBQs in the afternoon and drinks in the evening sorta vibe probably followed by a surf the next day.

    This Lagos backpackers hostel has a homely feel, which is nice if you’re travelling by yourself, we think. Other than that the room rates, the free/cheap stuff, the general good feels of it all – oh, and the location – make this one of the best cheap hostels in Portugal. That’s right: in the whole damn country.

    (For surfers.)

    Algarve Surf Hostel is one of our favourites in Portugal but they’re not taking guests right now. We’re not sure if they’re closed for good but we hope they’ll come back soon.

    The Best Hostels in Faro

    Faro is sometimes overlooked by travellers in Portugal which is a damn shame. Though not as vibrant as Lisbon or picturesque as Lagos, some truly awesome nature surrounds Faro and the hodge-podge mix of architectural styles make it one of the more unique places to visit on Portugal’s south coast.

    So, how ’bout them hostels?

    Casa d Alagoa

    A kickass friendly atmosphere in Faro’s top hostel.

    Casa d Alagoa - best hostel in Faro, Portugal
    • $$
    • Social Events
    • Comfy Beds
    • Location, Location, Location

    This cool backpackers hostel in Faro is inside a super stunning villa that’s probably very historic or something but whatever! You won’t be coming to this place to stare at the walls. It’s ALL about the atmosphere here, which definitely goes a long way to making this one Portugal’s best hostels

    You can eat your fill and get silly at their sangria and BBQ nights. It’s also easy to get chatting with fellow travellers. Make the most of your days here by heading out on a bike tour, go spot some wild flamingos, or roll through Faro’s old town. This is the kinda place you end up extending your stay.

    Le Penguin Hostel

    Perhaps not as eye-catching as “cock”.

    Le Penguin Hostel - top hostel in Faro
    • $$
    • Free Breakfast
    • Swimming Pool
    • Free Bicycle Hire

    Another hostel that chucks in an animal name to make itself stand out (though maybe not to the extent of “Rising Cock”), this social Faro backpackers also happens to be one of the top hostels in Portugal for solo travellers. Not going to lie, it’s probably because it’s so compact; you literally have to make friends with people otherwise you’ll just fume all day long.

    But seriously: mix drinking games, quiz nights, beer pong, BBQs, a platter of drinking games, and themed parties, add a side serving of a huge Netflix-ready TV and PlayStation, and garnish with big family dinners and you got yourself a great place to meet other peeps. Also, it’s just 10 minutes from the centre of town!

    Casa de Madalena

    A place to stay in Portugal for mad siestas.

    Casa de Madalena - best hostel in Portugal for siestas
    • $$
    • Free Breakfast
    • Roof Terrace
    • Bicycle Hire

    It’s in an old Mediterranean house in Faro and it’s a chill, cool place to stay. What else can we say?

    It’s got modern amenities meeting traditional stylings and is all-round just a really cool hostel in Faro. The vibe is good too!

    The staff here are amazing: like really, really nice. There’s a rooftop terrace where you can get some nice views. There’s a free breakfast (feat. fresh coffee and homemade pancakes). They also respect siesta time, which we also respect very strongly.

    Hub 1878 Faro Hostel

    A period hostel in Portugal.

    Hub 1878 - best cheap hostel in Faro
    • $
    • Musical Instruments!
    • Free Breakfast
    • Big Old Building

    Mmmm… this is a pretty cool hostel! The name basically says it but it’s housed in a building dating back to 1878. If you like the sound of that and period features and tiles, then you’ll probably love staying here.

    It’s also one of the best budget hostels in Faro. Why? Well, that’s because it’s literally in the centre of Faro, has a great social vibe, a piano and guitar for musicians, gambling tables (yeah, actually), coffee machines, two lounges, two kitchens AND free breakfast.

    The value for money game is strong here.

    Hub 1878 Faro Hostel is one of our favourites in Portugal but they’re not taking guests right now. We’re not sure if they’re closed for good but we hope they’ll come back soon.

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      The Best Hostels in Coimbra

      Holy crap, there are no beaches. We’re in Central Portugal now! There’s still a river though.

      With old architecture, an ongoing university life, and a lot of history in this city’s walls: it used to be Portugal’s capital city for over a century. So while yes, there may be no beaches, there are still a lot of things to see in Portugal’s old capital, Coimbra. There are a lot of good places to stay too.

      Coimbra Portagem Hostel

      Definitely more of a Portugal boutique hostel.

      Coimbra Portagem Hostel - good Portugal accommodation for couples
      • $$$
      • Cafe
      • Rooftop Terrace
      • Games Room

      Well, the swank keeps on coming! We dunno what this is but it’s a mental ornate world of next-level murals, a grand staircase, and loads of other un-nameable decoration that makes it perfect as a top hostel for couples in Portugal who want a classy vacation stay. It’s a very romantic getaway sorta ting happening at this former palace (yes, really).

      But on top of how sick this place looks inside – and out – is the location. Yep, this hostel in Coimbra is close to some pretty stunning historical sites. So why not stay in an actual slice of its history at this mad palatial hostel? We definitely would.

      The Luggage Hostel & Suites

      More of a Portugal boutique hostel.

      The Luggage Hostel and Suites - a Portugal boutique hostel
      • $$
      • Restaurant
      • Air Conditioning
      • (Sick) Free Breakfast

      We can forgive this Coimbra backpackers hostel for its utterly dry name because it’s actually a sick place to stay. What’s in a name, right? It’s also pretty dang beautiful.

      Looks the part, y’know. A flashpackery kinda place, if that’s something you’d actually call yourself.

      It’s probably not the best place to stay in Coimbra for a solo traveller. The atmosphere is a little bit… absent. Oh and the location ain’t all that either. However, the breakfast here is literally amazing.

      So it’s not strictly the best hostel in Portugal but it is a nice choice for anyone looking for a swankier stay.

      The Luggage Hostel & Suites is one of our favourites in Portugal but they’re not taking guests right now. We’re not sure if they’re closed for good but we hope they’ll come back soon.

      Serenata Hostel Coimbra

      Close to the Coimbra student life.

      Serenata Hostel Coimbra - student party hostel in Coimbra
      • $$
      • Karaoke
      • Pub Crawls
      • Free Breakfast

      Get silly in the hostel bar at Serenata and then head out to a load of good places to drink: this hostel is located in an area in Coimbra near the university so there’s a bunch of cheap places to get crunked student-style nearby.

      It may be one of the top party hostels in Portugal, but to be honest, that’s more to do with where it’s located (though they do put on a pub crawl and big social dinners, too). It’s also basically one of the coolest hostels in Coimbra, too. The building itself is just beautiful.

      Serenata Hostel Coimbra is one of our favourites in Portugal but they’re not taking guests right now. We’re not sure if they’re closed for good but we hope they’ll come back soon.

      NS Hostel & Suites

      The best bathrooms in the Portugal hostel scene.

      NS Hostel and Suites - Portugal hostel with private rooms
      • $$$
      • Self Catering Facilities
      • Outdoor Terrace
      • Bicycle Hire

      This highly recommended hostel in Coimbra is right in the middle of the city surrounded by not only cool attractions but also lively bars that local students love to drink in. The building is cool: it’s from the 1930s and has a lot of original features from the period.

      Shoutout to the dope bathrooms here! Being one of the best hostels in Portugal with private rooms you can kinda expect that the decor is going to be pretty design-y. Perhaps not the coolest hostel in Coimbra, however, if you don’t really care about socialising but just want a cheap hostel-hotel-ish place to stay, here it is folks.

      NS Hostel & Suites is one of our favourites in Portugal but they’re not taking guests right now. We’re not sure if they’re closed for good but we hope they’ll come back soon.

      Before You Book Your Hostel in Portugal

      Before embarking on a backpacking and hostelling journey around Portugal’s best destinations, there are a couple more things to finalise. Don’t worry; we got ya. Just want to make sure you’re packed right, you’re safe in Portugal, and you’re insured. Because we care.

      Map of Where to Stay in Portugal

      Map of Where to Stay in Portugal
      1. Lisbon, 2. Porto, 3. Lagos, 4.Faro, 5. Coimbra

      What to Pack for your Portuguese Hostel

      Pants, socks, underwear, soap?! Take it from us, packing for a hostel stay is not always quite as straight forward as it seems. Working out what to bring and what to leave at home is an art we have perfected over many years.

      Check out our definitive Hostel Packing list for our top packing tips!

      Why you should travel to Portugal

      Wow. Like, seriously – wow. Who knew that Portugal was gonna be packed with such a selection of stunning hostels.

      There are literally so many on this list (24, we know it’s a lot) so if you’re struggling to choose, don’t worry. Just bear in mind Lisboa Central Hostel – it’s easily the best overall hostel in Portugal. Book a bed here and make life super easy for yourself.

      Man travelling in Portugal on the beach
      Portugal has got da goods!

      So, what do you reckon about our 24 best hostels in Portugal? Let us know if any take your fancy with a lil’ comment below.

      Plus, make sure to check out Portugal’s eco-friendly accommodation! Traveling sustainably is a great way to give something back to our planet, and adds an element of adventure.

      If you’ve backpacked through Portugal before, what were your favourite (or not so favourite) places to stay? And if we’ve missed something, or you’ve crashed at any of these hostels recently, let us know. We need to stay up to date on what’s going on in the Portuguese hostel scene!

      Heading somewhere a bit more off the beaten track, check out the hostels in Leiria, a lovely little city with a stunning medieval castle.

      Otherwise, go get silly, folks! But not too silly. Maybe just silly enough to stay at a place named “Rising Cock”…

      Do you own or run a kick-ass hostel? Want to be featured on this list? Get in touch at [email protected]

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