Poland’s growth in popularity among backpackers has, understandably, led to a boom in hostels throughout the country’s top locations. It can be easy to get lost in the fray when trying to figure out which hostel in Poland best suits the way you like to adventure. That’s where I come in.

They say, not all heroes wear capes. Well, I wield a laptop, love Poland’s hostel scene, and have taken on this task without fear.

As you know, not all hostels are built equal. Nor, were they meant to. Some use their profit margin to provide liters of free booze. Others go all in on guest comfort and chill vibes. But a common trend among the top hostels is their location.

Here in Poland, with all of its incredible history and majestic buildings lie some FABULOUS places to stay.

Historic old buildings of Poland
POV: You’ve finally arrived in Poland.
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

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Quick Answer: The Best Hostels in Poland

What to Expect from Hostels in Poland

The Best Hostels in Poland

Hostels in Europe are like nowhere else, seriously! From east to west, they’re the epitome of cool, creative, and just downright fun. And Poland is nothing short of extraordinary.

The most memorable Polish hostels are much like the country itself: friendly, scenic, and irrevocably charming. Here are my picks for your adventure.

Greg & Tom Hostel – Best Overall Hostel in Poland

Greg&Tom Hostel Kraków, Poland

If there’s a hostel that epitomizes the backpacking experience here in Poland, then it’s Greg & Tom. Although it’s a multi-award-winning hostel, you can forget about the accolades. Hostels aren’t in the biz of filling up the trophy cabinet, they’re all about providing you the ultimate time on your epic adventure.

That’s what makes Greg & Tom Hostel the best hostel in Krakow. The social vibe is apparent the moment you step through those doors and shrug the backpack off your shoulder onto the hostel floor. The staff, who are more like knowledgeable mates help you feel welcome, especially for solo travelers looking to mingle and get to know fellow guests.

With your bunk now claimed and your bags tucked away in the large lockers, head down to the common areas. Full of color and atmosphere, what the hostel lacks in overall size it makes up for by being able to bring every backpacker together as one. That’s where the real fun starts.

Krakow is one of Europe’s great party cities, and any good night starts with a few beers among new friends. Fuel up on Greg & Tom’s nightly complimentary dinner spreads that lay the groundwork for their epic Club Crawls.

Why you’ll love this hostel

  • Multi-Lingual Staff
  • Tour Desk
  • Awesome Common Areas

So your first night here was a blast and you got to see how fantastic the hostel’s location is. Not only are you close to public transit such as Krakow’s Main Station, but also the wondrous Stare Miasto and, importantly a 24-hour liquor store.

But now, with your head pounding and your eyes struggling to stay open, it’s the comfort of their cozy dorms and the big, free breakfast that will soothe you back to health.

Greg & Tom goes out of its way to pack your Krakow stay with plenty of free and low-cost extras that provide amazing value for money. You know about the meals, but heck they’ll even pack you a lunch for the day’s adventure.

Their amazing multi-lingual staff can help get you sorted with tours including beyond to Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps, the Salt Mine or even go-carting and bungee jumping.

Of course, if the day is all about recuperating you can simply stick to enjoying their communal areas home to board games, movies, a Wii, and plenty of PlayStation. For some outdoor time, enjoy a brief walk to the gorgeous Planty Park. With all of this in one single place, not only is Greg & Tom a top-shelf hostel it’s a budget backpacker’s dream.

Little Havana Party Hostel – Biggest Party Hostel in Poland

Little Havana Party Hostel, Krakow Poland

Less than 100 meters from the city’s Main Market Square, Little Havana Party Hostel places you in the heart of all the things that make Krakow tick.

People come here for the incredibly moving history and eye-catching architecture. But after hours, the city’s famed nightlife kicks into gear. What you’ll soon find out is that this very hostel lies in the center of this party scene.

The hostel is unabashed about what it offers and what it doesn’t. Backpackers should know, this is a party hostel in Europe. A slew of dorms offer over 120 beds, all standing above a boisterous nightclub and a trio of onsite bars. This isn’t a place that goes half-arsed. That’s good news for you, as your nightly tipple will occur alongside dozens of new friends from around the world.

As the name suggests, Little Havana evokes a Caribbean vibe set among old-time Colonial decor. It shouldn’t work. But it does. The dorms are simple and effective, great for a good night’s sleep, but not good enough to keep you confined to your room all day.

That’s exactly how it should be, as the entire hostel finds a spot in on the couches downstairs, plays some foosball, downs some shots, and ready themselves for the night to come.

Why you’ll love this hostel

  • Free Breakfast
  • Top Shelf Staff
  • Awesome Location

I’m a broke backpacker, I love a good time and value for money. Little Havana ensures I can continue my travels by not gouging me off my precious dollars while ensuring I depart with nothing but happy, blurry memories. Although they don’t offer the same dinner spread as Greg & Tom, they make up for it with some awesome extras.

Krakow is a spectacular destination for those who love history and old-time buildings. This hostel has one of the top locations of all the best hostels in Poland.

The staff will even guide you on a free walking tour of the Old Town. They’ll even help you see the Rynek Underground Museum, explore the concentration camps, or go cliff diving off the edges of Zakrzówek Lake.

After a day of exploration, trade stories with your new hostel buddies before joining the nightly events. Yes, they run an epic pub crawl along the neighboring Szeswka Street. But not every night can be that rowdy, or we wouldn’t be able to function. So Little Havana runs foosball tourneys, karaoke evenings, and beer pong battles and can guide you to a chill night of beer and eats at Krakow’s Food Truck Park.

Hostel Mamas & Papas – Most Affordable Hostel in Poland

Hostel Mamas & Papas Gdansk Poland

There’s nothing quite like returning to Hostel Mamas & Papas after a day out and about in Gdansk. You can already tell from the name what I’m about to say, it’s like a big warm hug. This budget-friendly, no-frills hostel is as cozy as cozy gets with a staff that provides you with stellar Polish hospitality.

Many of the best hostels in Poland create a modern backpacking experience within historic old buildings. Here, at Mamas & Papas tradition reigns supreme. The hostel is set within a charming home alongside a lush green backyard.

Stepping into the hostel for the first time feels akin to coming home after months on the road. That itself is worth its weight in gold. But aside from the joyful vibes and relaxing atmosphere, this hostel is perfect for budget backpackers.

The owners are seasoned travelers and know how to create a valuable experience for their guests, whether that be their delicious complimentary breakfast spread, their buffet-like options of teas and coffees, free towels (yep, most charge for this!), or free use of the hostel bikes. My favorite part? The free hugs and staff that endeavors to learn everyone’s name. You can’t put a price on that.

Why you’ll love this hostel

  • Family Vibes
  • Big Backyard
  • Nice Dorms

Free hugs lead to a great sense of camaraderie, something that’s immediately obvious among staff and soon among everyone in the hostel. It’s a beautiful thing that will develop over your stay. It’s a cool, social hostel in Gdansk, but partying is not the end goal.

This allows everyone to take a deep breath and sink further into their conversations and maybe even make more meaningful connections. Your time here will be exceedingly simple, enjoy good people, good music, and good times around the backyard campfire.

The vibe of simplicity and comfort extends to your dorms. You can forget bare-boned metal bunks and enjoy sturdy wooden bunks with thick mattresses and warm duvets.

The bathrooms will feel like home and not a battering of multiple showers and toilets in a single space. To top it off, the kitchen feels straight out of grandma’s house, and the common areas are just like your childhood living area. Come here to find books and games galore.

As for exploring Gdansk, travelers will take a quick stroll to the beautiful Orunski Park and nearby public transit awaits to quickly whisk you into the Old Town. The hostel staff can also arrange walking tours.

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Oki Doki Old Town Hostel – Best Hostel for Solo Travelers in Poland

Oki Doki Old Town Hostel Warsaw Poland

There’s so much more to this marvelous country than just Krakow. In fact, one of the best hostels for solo travelers in Poland lies four hours north. Oki Doki Hostel in Warsaw has a serious pedigree.

It lies in the city’s immersive Old Town within a restored building from the 1700s. Most importantly, the owners are certified, badass backpackers.

If the fish rots from the head, then the exact opposite happens here. The expertise of the owners, stemming from their worldly travels trickles down to their staff, then to the events, and onto the layout and comfort of the hostel environment. For solo travelers in Europe, this is about as much as you can ask for.

With your bags ditched and having tested out the bunk mattress (don’t worry, they’re thick), enjoy the communal spaces that lie both within and outside the hostel. There’s a distinct youthful vibe at Oki Doki. Yep, it’s got a bit of a party streak but it generally means folks are up for a chat whether it’s around the coffee tables or outside on the patio, under that shimmering Warsaw sun.

With a couple of new mates, head to Fretka Bar in time for happy hour where the local beers flow as much as the conversation.

Why you’ll love this hostel

  • Regular Events
  • Helpful Staff
  • On-site Bar

Although the facade would suggest otherwise, Oki Doki Hostel is a modern and bright hostel in Warsaw with ample natural light.

The dorms are some of the best we’ve come across in Poland. They’re clean, full of (good) character, and offer all that we want out of a 21st-century hostel experience, reading lights, big lockers, curtains, and new bunks that don’t sound like the bated breaths of a 60-year-old smoker. The bunks promise a decent night’s sleep, with some even offering a little balcony to enjoy the city.

Oki Doki strikes a great balance between fun and travel. Yes, we love a drink but we didn’t come all this way just to drink Tyskie. The staff here know the best places around Warsaw, and with the hostel’s epic location, you’ll be seeing some of the city’s best sights within minutes of jumping out of bed.

After checking out the Royal Castle, Palac Prymasowsky, and the bridge to Old Praga, you’ve earned a couple of pints of Warka. Back among the backpacking crowd, the crew will prep for an evening in Pawilony, Mazowiecka, and Teatro Cubano.

As much as Oki DokiHostel is great for meeting backpackers, it offers enough respite once you’re socially tapped. The good beds, with their privacy curtains, create your own world and the TV room with endless movies helps you rest the battered liver.

Safestay – Epic Hostel for Digital Nomads in Poland

Safestay, Warsaw Poland

For digital nomads, a little more goes into choosing which of the best hostels in Poland to stay at. Of course, a strong internet connection and space to work are key ingredients in this recipe, but so too is the overall cleanliness and homey feel. After all, as much as you’re on the road, the vibes need to be somewhat grounded.

In Warsaw, the Safestay Hostel provides the best of all of this with a fresh, modern take on the hostel experience. The hostel gives off a splash of the hotel vibe across its four-story layout with plenty of room to get your work done. Within the common areas are cozy couches for writing up a quick email plus rows of tables and desk space to get down to business.

The staff does a wonderful job keeping Safestay in immaculate condition, especially in the upscale kitchen that really allows you to whip out your best meals. In addition, the dorms are pristine with big wooden bunks and blackout curtains allowing you to make the most of your own space and enjoy some downtime away from the world.

Why you’ll love this hostel

  • Fantastic Location
  • Comfortable Dorms
  • Laundry Facilities

Safestay lives up to its name, providing all you need to feel at home, a handy trait that all digital nomads can appreciate. But ultimately the best part of this lifestyle is the ability to remain traveling while working remotely. Otherwise, you’d simply be a digital homebody.

Safestay doesn’t have a reputation as being a rowdy party hostel, which is likely a good thing for our laptop-wielding backpackers. But on the fourth-story common area, you’ll find room to socialize, take part in a board game battle, and trade stories from the road.

It’s here you’ll find the hostel’s cafe bar, which offers an indulging daily breakfast and becomes the place to break the ice over a few pints after a day of meeting deadlines.

This can lead to a long night out in some of Warsaw’s top nightlife districts. But even if you just feel like your own company, Safestay’s location ensures you’re never far from a memorable attraction. The hostel is tucked away in the Old Town where you can see the Presidential Palace and the National Art Gallery or simply wander by the historic splendor of Krakowskie Przedmiescie.

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Other Hostels in Poland

I know how picky we are about the hostels we stay in. They’re more than just places to sleep; they shape the people we meet and the experiences we have. Here are other hostels in Poland, guaranteed to enhance your stay in the country!

Good Bye Lenin Hostel

Good Bye Lenin Hostel Zakopane Poland

There are some fantastic Polish hostels beyond the major cities. Here in Zakopane, surrounded by opulent beauty, including Tatra National Park, lies Good Bye Lenin Hostel. For the outdoor adventurer, or really anyone who enjoys peeking at grandiose scenery, Good Bye Lenin provides a stellar base.

Zakopane is a great backpacking destination and this hostel places you within meters of national park trails, When the sun is replaced by tumbling snow, local resorts become the den of skiers and snowboarders. Don’t worry, if you’re a newbie the slopes are great for beginners.

As for the hostel, the chalet layout creates an alpine charm with mountain-style dorms and outdoor space for hanging with new friends under the sun. After a day on the slopes or exploring the majestic Tatra Mountains, the cozy living area is a delightful place to rug up with warm mulled wine.

Kapsula Hostel

Kapsula Hostel Warsaw Poland

Pod hostels have become all the rage over the last several years. After all, who doesn’t love their own private little alcove at a budget-friendly price? Kapsula is one of the best niche hostels in Poland and provides backpackers in Eastern Europe with an epic capsule experience.

Located in the center of Warsaw, travelers will find themselves steps from the action. Whether that be historic landmarks, vibrant town squares, or some of Warsaw’s neon-soaked nightlife streets. But wherever you go, and whatever you do, you’ll know you have your own space waiting for you.

All with the same vibes and privileges of being in a regular hostel. The pods at Kapsula are long and tall enough to sit up in. Security roller blinds act as your door, blocking off the world. Charging ports, reading lights and personal air-con will keep a smile on your face.

Grampa’s Hostel

Grampa's Hostel Wroclaw, Poland

We love a hostel with a great name. But I bet you’ve never met a grandpa with as much character, color, and exuberance as this one. Grampa’s Hostel is run by folks just like us, not old folks but long-time backpackers.

They know that a great hostel must have its own style, tick. It should have a large shared kitchen so your boiling ramen doesn’t get knocked off the stove, tick. Finally, a great hostel should have plenty of room for mingling, tick.

Keeping Grampa’s Hostel from being among the best hostels in Poland is its location. Although not bad, the hostel is about a 25-minute walk into Wroclaw’s Stare Miasto. So backpackers will need to budget a little more time into their daily adventures.

Let’s Rock Party Hostel

Let’s Rock Party Hostel Poland

It’s tough to become the number one party hostel in Poland. But if Little Havana is booked out for your trip to Krakow, its understudy Let’s Rock Party Hostel is more than ready to take the helm. This highly-rated, wildly fun hostel is a great place to go if you just want to paint the town red.

Surrounded by some of Krakow’s best nightlife, the hostel is a breeding ground for good times. The staff knows a thing or two about pub crawls and gets the whole crew pumped for an epic Krakow weekend with a thorough pre-game session.

At Let’s Rock, you can ensure the music remains on high in the common room and the on-site bar, creating a boisterous atmosphere. But it may not be for everyone. After a rip-roaring night, rest your head in dorms that are solid, but certainly not spectacular.

Chillout Hostel

Chillout Hostel Warsaw Poland

In central Warsaw, the Chillout Hostel is quite different from our last hostel. But it’s far from boring, it’s well, chills. In a great part of town, you’re never far from something to do, whether that’s tasting the best of Polish cuisine, seeing every part of the city, and sampling the local tipple.

The staff at this hostel are malleable and ready to ensure you’re staying is awesome. It gives the Chillout Hostel a more refined vibe, things stay clean, the guests stay happy and with a little less booze flowing through the common area, there’s more energy for some daytime adventures.

Traveling couples seeking some more privacy will enjoy their upscale private rooms. The hostel’s tour desk is also ready to plan any tours and travel through and beyond Warsaw.

Dizzy Daisy Downtown Hostel

Dizzy Daisy Downtown Hostel, Krakow, Poland

Krakow has a rich culture and a storied past. As you can see, it’s also become a hot spot for a good time after dark.

If you’re trying to focus purely on the former and really experience what Krakow has to offer, then Dizzy Daisy is the answer. Ensuring there is no lingering nightclub in the basement, you can enjoy one of the oldest hostels in Poland at a chill pace.

The dorms offer plenty of natural light, with some furnishings so you can relax without leaving the room. The common areas have plenty of color and plush couches and chairs. To top it off there are modern bathrooms and a proper good kitchen.

With just a brief walk into town, you can enjoy the best of Krakow without random rowdy partiers on the neighboring street

Szafarnia 10 Bed & Breakfast

Szafarnia 10 Bed & Breakfast , Gdansk Poland

In the center of Gdansk, at Szarfarnia 10 you’ll wake up mere steps from the Old Town. The cozy hostel lies on the banks of the Motlawa River with windows opening up to views of the river’s marina and a mix of modern and traditional waterfront buildings.

It has some of the best views you’ll find from our favorite hostels in Poland. With the help of nice, clean, and simple dorms, it’s a top option for those staying in Gdansk. But before you head out into the Old Town, enjoy the hostel’s hearty breakfast spread with delectable pastries and donuts. It’s OK, you’re traveling.

Although it’s not an overly social hostel, its location, self-catering facilities, and on-site restaurant ensure it’s a good next stop.

Bacówka PTTK Jaworzec

Bacówka PTTK Jaworzec Poland

Bacówka PTTK Jaworzec is potentially the most unique Polish hostel in this guide. In gorgeous Wetlina, this hostel brings you away from the city and into the Poland countryside just in time to see what it’s all about.

Not far from the Slovakian border, the hostel provides easy access to the Bieszczady Mountains. This range harbors spectacular bald hills and epic ridgelines that feel straight from a fairy tale.

In keeping with the mountain theme, this hostel is bare-bones basic but with old-school cabin vibes. The owners are incredibly friendly and cook up traditional fests that are as enjoyable as the surrounding views.

This is a great hostel for those who want to slow down their travels, take a little detox, be outside, and maybe even play a little mini golf!

The Boat

The Boat - Hostel&Chill Kraków Poland

Who doesn’t like a hostel with a twist? The Boat Hostel & Chill in Krakow lies on the Vistula River with city views that, frankly, are hard to top. There’s something pretty amazing about being able to sleep on a boat with the city’s famous Wawel Royal castle shimmering under the nighttime lights.

The dorms are fairly basic, but provide a fairly inexpensive way to experience Poland’s ancient capital. But perhaps this hostel will speak more to couples who can enjoy their own private queen cabin with beautiful river views.

Although there isn’t a full kitchen on board, guests are just a short walk into Stradom and the Old Town for restaurants and nightlife. The Dzoka Monument and encompassing park also lie on the other side of the river.


Iroom Lublin Poland

Lublin is one of the most underrated cities in Poland. Backpackers who like to buck the trend can come and discover the city’s charming beauty with a stay at IRoom. Blending the hostel and apartment experience allows this accommodation to provide a more upscale stay.

The modern rooms, with sleek furnishings and beds you can spend all day on, provide privacy that no dorm can match. All rooms come with their own TVs for relaxation, and town views and offer desks for catching up with family or work. Without dozens of fellow backpackers, you also won’t have to compete for kitchen space.

Well rested and fed, it’s time to explore Lublin. From IRoom you can stroll through Park Ludowy and onto the cobbled streets of the city’s amazing Old Town.

What To Pack For Your Poland Hostel

Pants, socks, underwear, soap?! Take it from me, packing for a hostel stay is not always quite as straightforward as it seems. Working out what to bring and what to leave at home is an art I have perfected over many years.

Don’t Let Snorers Keep You Awake!
Don’t Let Snorers Keep You Awake!

Ear Plugs

Snoring dorm-mates can ruin your nights rest and seriously damage the hostel experience. This is why I always travel with a pack of decent ear plugs.

Keep your laundry organized and stink free
Keep your laundry organized and stink free

Hanging Laundry Bag

Trust us, this is an absolute game changer. Super compact, a hanging mesh laundry bag stops your dirty clothes from stinking, you don’t know how much you need one of these… so just get it, thank us later.

Stay Dry With a Micro Towel
Stay Dry With a Micro Towel

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Make Some New Buddies…
Make Some New Buddies…

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Reduce Plastic – Bring a Water Bottle!
Reduce Plastic – Bring a Water Bottle!

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Hostels in Poland FAQs

We know your curiosity is piqued, and we’re here to satisfy it with intriguing answers to some of the most common questions about the best Polish hostels. Let’s dive in!

How much do hostels in Poland cost?

Most of the hostels hover around the $15 and $40 mark. This is fairly consistent across the board, however, private rooms tend to fluctuate more in price. Poland hostels aren’t overly expensive.

What are the best hostels in Poland for couples?

If you’re traveling to Poland as a couple, will like Warsaw’s Chillout Hostel. Most of the options on our list also have nice private rooms that are cheaper than hotels.

What is the best hostel in Poland near the airport?

Chillout Hostel, a mere 7.5km from Warsaw Chopin Airport, takes the hassle out of travel. It also offers an airport shuttle. You can’t resist that!

Travel Safety Tips for Poland

Please, do wisely consider getting hostel travel insuranceYou never quite know where your nights will take you while staying in hostels, so make sure you’re covered in case of emergencies.

ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing.

They offer month-to-month payments, no lock-in contracts, and require absolutely no itineraries: that’s the exact kind of insurance long-term travellers and digital nomads need.

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Over to You

Poland has become something of a backpacking mecca over the last decade. The Eastern European gem has remained inexpensive and a fun place to be while also providing a bevy of traveling highlights.

The best hostels in Poland take you deep into the reverent old towns to be among the history and brilliant nightlife. Others will guide you to the foothills to experience Poland’s largely underrated nature.

One thing they all have in common is they’re a haven for folks like us, the ones who know that a place is only as good as its people. Whether you’re chasing the chill or the party, Poland has some epic hostels for you.

Among these, I’ve found Greg & Tom Hostel to be especially unique, offering truly warm and genuine vibes, that’ll make you feel at home.

Foothills to experience Poland's largely underrated nature
Poland shining on a sunny day.
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