Known as Brigitte Bardot’s glamorous playground, Saint-Tropez has long been a magnet for the rich and famous across the world. Situated in the heart of the French Riviera, it comes with gorgeous Mediterranean scenery and an upscale atmosphere.

It’s also, of course, one of the most expensive destinations in the world. This can be off-putting for many travelers. There’s no avoiding how pricey staying in the center of town can be, but it’s totally worth splurging if you have the budget. That being said, you can also find some ways of staying in the area that won’t break the bank.

That’s where we come in! Combining our personal experience with hints and tips from locals and tourism experts, we’ve got the lowdown on the three best places to stay in Saint-Tropez.

Whether you’re looking for luxury escapes, peaceful coastal scenery, or an affordable way to experience the region – we’ve got you covered.


Where to Stay in Saint-Tropez

Best Airbnb in Saint-Tropez – Pampelonne Home

Pampelonne Home Saint Tropez

Airbnb Plus properties are hand-selected for their stylish interiors, unbeatable locations, and above-and-beyond guest service. This gorgeous home is located in Pampelonne – the most famous beach in the Saint-Tropez region. The nature-inspired design brings the outside in, with a quirky tree-trunk feature in the middle of the living room. We also love the small swimming pool in the garden.

Best VRBO in Saint-Tropez – Rue des Marquises

Rue des Marquises Saint Tropez

Saint-Tropez is a notoriously expensive destination (much like everywhere else on the French Riviera) but there are a few ways you can save some cash! This studio apartment comes at a reasonable price, and you won’t need to compromise on location. It comes with stunning sunset views over a tree-packed garden, and is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway.

Best Hotel in Saint-Tropez – Mas de Chastelas

Mas de Chastelas Saint Tropez

When in Saint-Tropez you might as well splurge! This five-star hotel offers everything you need to feel like a VIP throughout your stay. Every room comes with a private balcony that either overlooks the pool or the sea. All guests can enjoy four-poster beds and luxury bathrooms, and the pool deck has gorgeous gazebo areas where you can enjoy alfresco dining.

Saint-Tropez Neighborhood Guide

Old Town Saint Tropez

Old Town

This is where you will get to experience the charming alleys, inspiring views, and glamorous boutiques! For first-time visitors to Saint-Tropez, there really isn’t anywhere like the Old Town.

La Croix Valmer Saint Tropez

La Croix Valmer

La Croix Valmer (Cwah, like croissant, not like the drink!) is a charming little village just inland from Saint-Tropez. Since it isn’t next to the coast, you’ll find the accommodation here is a lot cheaper.

Port Grimaud Saint Tropez

Port Grimaud

Known as Little Venice, Port Grimaud is a peaceful little town tucked away at the inner corner of the Saint-Tropez peninsula. Since it’s a little quieter, this is a popular option for families in the area.

Saint-Tropez is a tiny village on the French Riviera, so getting around the area is pretty easy. You’ll find the best beaches and some cheaper places to stay outside of the town itself, which are well served by public transport.

The Old Town is the beating heart of the village and where most first-time visitors choose to stay. Narrow streets, coastal vistas and luxury boutiques give this town a quintessentially Southern France feel that has charmed visitors for decades. This is the best connected by public transport, and you’ll find some great tour providers just outside the Old Town.

Not everything is in the Old Town, however! Many of the best beaches are just outside of Saint-Tropez – including Pampelonne, the most famous beach in the area. This area is expensive so we’ve left it off this guide, but if you’re looking to splurge on a life of luxury, it’s worth considering.

For those traveling on a budget, you can head to some of the inland areas close to the village. La Croix Valmer has many of the same charms as Saint-Tropez but without the eye-watering price tag. It isn’t on the coast, but it’s just as close to Pampelonne as Saint-Tropez with great public transport connections.

Last but not least, Port Grimaud is another great destination close to Saint-Tropez. This town is a little quieter and offers more family-friendly activities. If you’re travelling with kids it’s worth staying here and taking day trips to Saint-Tropez and Pampelonne. Thankfully the public transport is also good here – because the traffic is notoriously dreadful!

Saint-Tropez Top 3 Neighborhoods to Stay in

Still undecided? Keep reading for more information about each place below. We’ve also included our top accommodation picks and a selection of things to do for each.

1. Old Town – Where to Stay in Saint-Tropez for your First Time

Old Town Saint Tropez
The quintessential French Riviera

This is where you will get to experience the charming alleys, inspiring views, and glamorous boutiques! For first-time visitors to Saint-Tropez, there really isn’t anywhere like the Old Town. Will you have to splurge? Absolutely. Is it worth it? Hell yeah! Sometimes you really just have to go all out, and Saint-Tropez is one of those places.

The Old Town is easy to get around on foot, and you’ll also find some great boat excursions departing from the harbor. Pampelonne can easily be reached by public transport and is frankly a must-visit for anyone in the area. Leave the car – it won’t get you very far here anyway.

Best Townhouse in Old Town: Peaceful Haven

Peaceful Haven Saint Tropez

This stunning Airbnb Plus property is located right in the center of the Old Town. The trendy interiors benefit from mid-century modern furnishings and cool tones. The main shopping and dining street runs right by the front door with the Citadelle only a short walk away.

Best Airbnb near Old Town: Pampelonne Home

Pampelonne Home 2 Saint Tropez

We’re really spoiling you with another fantastic Airbnb Plus home in the area! This one is actually just outside Saint-Tropez, closer to Pampelonne Beach. This is the part of the region that was made famous by Brigitte Bardot and is a must-visit for anyone heading to the French Riviera. The house itself is a short walk from the beach, whilst also remaining secluded enough for a little bit of serenity.

Peaceful Hotel in Old Town: Hôtel de Lices

Hotel de Lices Saint Tropez

This four-star hotel oozes charm thanks to a spacious pool area and luscious greenery. Interiors are stylish and contemporary, and family rooms are available. This hotel is just outside the town center, giving you some peace and quiet away from the main thoroughfares. That being said, you can still easily visit them within a five-minute walk.

Things to See and Do in Old Town:

ttd Old Town Saint Tropez
Explore this picturesque destination
  • Learn about the fascinating history, culture, and architecture of Saint-Tropez from a local guide in this informative experience.
  • Take a boat trip out to an environmental reserve and spot local dolphins, whales, and other marine life along the way in this epic excursion.
  • Pampelonne is home to the most famous beach in the area, where the rich and famous love to gather and soak up the sparkling sunlight.
  • The Tarte Tropézienne is a local pastry filled with crème pâtissière that you’ve got to try while staying here. Thankfully you can find it in just about every bakery.
  • Musee de l’Annonciade is a stunning art gallery filled with 20th Century art with lots of post-impressionism in particular.
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2. La Croix Valmer – Where to Stay in Saint-Tropez on a Budget

La Croix Valmer Saint Tropez
Enjoy Saint-Tropez without breaking the bank!

La Croix Valmer (Cwah, like croissant, not like the drink!) is a charming little village just inland from Saint-Tropez. Since it isn’t next to the coast, you’ll find the accommodation here is a lot cheaper. This makes it an excellent choice for travelers visiting France on a budget. In many ways, it’s just like a smaller, less touristy version of Saint-Tropez.

It’s also not even that far from the coast! Some of the more secluded beaches in the area can be reached within 90 minutes if you’re up for the hike, or just a couple of minutes by car. It’s also known for its gorgeous vineyards with multiple experiences, letting you get up close with how France’s most famous export is produced.

Best Apartment in La Croix Valmer: Belvilla

Belvilla Saint Tropez

This charming pied-à-terre is a great way for families and groups to save money on a trip to Saint-Tropez! It can sleep up to five guests, with bunk beds in one of the rooms. It’s certainly cozy, but the views from the balcony will feel endless. We love the traditional architectural features like exposed beams and a rustic kitchen.

Best Studio in La Croix Valmer: Rue des Marquises

Rue des Marquises 2 Saint Tropez

You might not get to enjoy sea views in La Croix Valmer – but that won’t matter once you step foot in this gorgeous home! It’s surrounded by trees, with marvelous views over the canopy from the pool deck. This studio forms part of the property and is a great option for couples looking to stay on budget.

Best Hotel in La Croix Valmer: Hotel la Bienvenue

Hotel la Bienvenue Saint Tropez

This three-star hotel will make you feel like a VIP throughout your stay. Hotel la Bienvenue is an excellent option if you want a more authentic French Riviera experience. The rooms are kitted out in traditional furnishings, each with ensuite bathrooms. The French breakfast on offer every morning is very popular and can be enjoyed out in the sun or in your room.

Things to See and Do in La Croix Valmer:

ttd La Croix Valmer Saint Tropez
There’s plenty to see and do here – even on a budget!
  • La Croix Valmer is known for its vineyards. Take a walk through a working winery at sunset before sampling the produce on this chilled-out experience.
  • More adventurous travelers can start their walk at the sea and head inland to the vineyards on this quick trip with a local guide.
  • Put on your hiking boots and head down to Heraclée. This small town is home to Plage de Sylvabelle, a peaceful little beach with stunning coastal scenery.
  • Just a short walk to the west of Heraclée is the Centre Nautique de La Croix Valmer, where you can hire a yacht to take out onto the sea.
  • There are some authentic restaurants dotted around the area. Café Valmer offers an authentic atmosphere and delicious French cuisine.

3. Port Grimaud – Best Area in Saint-Tropez for Families

Port Grimaud Saint Tropez
Everyone should visit Port Grimaud!

Known as Little Venice, Port Grimaud is a small and peaceful town tucked away at the inner corner of the Saint-Tropez peninsula. Since it’s a little quieter, this is a popular option for families in the area. It’s not cheap, however, you’ll find many of the restaurants and accommodations here don’t reach the extensive rates of those in the heart of Saint-Tropez Old Town.

Its nickname comes from the many canals that can be found in the town. This explains why it is a major hotspot for yacht sailing and watersports in the region. You can hop onboard an organized excursion, or hire your own boat for exploring around the coast.

Best Villa in Port Grimaud: Villa Magnolia

Villa Magnolia Saint Tropez

Airbnb Luxe properties go even further than the Plus range, offering extravagant services that will make you feel like a celebrity. On this particular property, you can enjoy airport transfers, fresh groceries, and a restaurant concierge. It’s housed within a traditional building that has been newly renovated with modern furnishings.

Affordable Hotel in Port Grimaud: Hôtel Soleil de Saint-Tropez

Hotel Soleil de Saint Tropez

This hotel is the perfect spot for those traveling with kids and looking to save some money. The rooms are affordable, and the large pool area comes with floats and toys for families to use. It’s situated right at the foot of the Maures Mountains, offering jaw-dropping scenery.

Rustic Hotel in Port Grimaud: Mas de Chastelas

Mas de Chastelas 2 Saint Tropez

It comes as no surprise that the French Riviera is packed with stunning luxury accommodations, including this gorgeous five-star retreat. It’s located just outside Port Grimaud on the Saint-Tropez peninsula. If you’ve got a car, you’re only about five minutes from either town (except during the busy traffic periods). There’s a restaurant onsite, offering classic French cuisine.

Things to See and Do in Port Grimaud:

ttd Port Grimaud Saint Tropez
  • Sip on cocktails, snack on crudités, and admire the sunset from the Mediterranean on this lavish boat experience.
  • Plage de Grimaud is a little more laid-back than other beaches in the area and is where you will find some of the best boat-hire companies.
  • Le Rialto is something of a local institution. They actually serve Italian cuisine, but you’re sure to keep the whole family satisfied with a meal here.
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Final Thoughts on Where To Stay in Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is a stunning destination in France, but there’s no denying that it’s super expensive. Thankfully there are a few great places nearby to help you visit the area on a budget. It’s a really worthwhile destination regardless of the price, thanks to the stunning weather, ocean views, and romantic atmosphere.

If we had to choose, our favorite place in this guide would be La Croix Valmer! It’s the most affordable area in the region and has plenty of activities to keep you entertained. It’s also well connected to Saint-Tropez and other destinations along the French Riviera, so isn’t even that much of a compromise.

That being said, if you really don’t mind splurging, then Saint-Tropez Old Town is well worth the money. Port Grimaud is pretty mid-range when it comes to prices, but it’s a great alternative if you want a calmer vibe. We hope this guide has helped you narrow down your options.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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