Located in the mountainous regions of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai artfully blends tradition with modernity. Contemporary buildings stand shoulder to shoulder with historic temples in this vibrant city.

There are so many attractions and places to visit in Chiang Mai that it can seem overwhelming, especially for those visiting for the first time. From cultural excursions and cooking courses to nightlife and nature, there’s so much to explore. Visit nearby tribal villages, see Thailand’s tallest mountain, and explore the many national parks just outside the city.

The accommodation options are just as varied as the things to see and do. There’s also an increasing increasing number of eco-resorts in Chiang Mai. This means you can enjoy a comfortable stay while minimizing your impact on the environment. Many offer benefits like free parking and an airport shuttle service too.

To help you out, we’ve gathered this list of the best eco-resorts in Chiang Mai. Whether you’re planning a family trip, traveling on a budget, or are looking for a romantic break away, we’ve got you covered.

In a Hurry? Here’s Where to Stay in Chiang Mai for One Night


Baan U Sabai Boutique Hotel

Baan U Sabai Boutique Hotel is a traditional hotel offering an authentic Thai retreat with warm local hospitality. Located just outside of the city centre, many top attractions are within easy reach like the Chiang Mai night bazaar.

Nearby Attractions:
  • Wat Chedi Luang
  • Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre
  • Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Is this amazing Chiang Mai Eco-resort booked for your dates? We’ve got your back with our other favourite properties below!

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    Why Stay in an Eco-Resort in Chiang Mai? 

    Mountainside ttd Chiang Mai

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    The best eco-resorts in Chiang Mai can offer you a truly unique and memorable stay in a setting close to nature. Whether you choose to stay near the city centre, Chiang Mai international airport or outside of town, you can be assured a comfortable stay that respects nature. 

    Thanks to its mountainous location, Chiang Mai is surrounded by beautiful nature. Here, you’ll find rivers, verdant hillsides, and peaceful valleys. Not only will you be immersed in this beautiful landscape, but you’ll also be travelling responsibly and uplifting and supporting local communities. 

    What is an Eco-Resort? 

    An eco-resort is any accommodation that aims to minimize its impact on the environment and seeks to benefit local communities. There are many ways that a resort can employ sustainable practices. These include using solar power and energy-efficient lightbulbs and appliances, installing water-efficient showers and toilets, and committing to recycling and composting efforts. 

    But don’t worry, most still have things like free wifi, air conditioning and an outdoor pool too, they just make sure they are run in an eco-friendly way. Things like a breakfast buffet are also compromised off local produce rather than imported too.

    In addition to this, resorts can also emphasise local culture and heritage. This can be through sharing insights into the local history and way of life, or they can support local artisans and businesses. 

    Baan U Sabai Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

    Baan U Sabai Boutique Hotel

    • > $
    • > 2 guests
    • > Traditionally built boutique hotel
    • > Locally owned and managed
    Leafy Greens Chiang Mai

    Leafy Greens

    • > $
    • > 3 guests
    • > Unique mushroom-shaped eco bungalows
    • > Set among organic gardens
    Pak Ram Chiang Mai

    Pak Ram

    • > $
    • > 2 guests
    • > Peaceful boutique resort
    • > Surrounded by nature
    Karen Eco Lodge Chiang Mai

    Karen Eco Lodge

    • > $
    • > 2 guests
    • > Tranquil location outside of the city
    • > Authentic Thai farm-style living
    Eco Resort Chiang Mai

    Eco Resort Chiang Mai

    • > $
    • > 2 guests
    • > Modern, luxury resort with traditional elements
    • > Lush setting in a quiet area
    Doen Din Chiang Mai

    Doen Din

    • > $
    • > 4 guests
    • > Rustic eco-friendly mountain cabin
    • > Live in harmony with nature
    Re-wild House Chiang Mai

    Re-wild House

    • > $
    • > 5 guests
    • > Get back to basics in a lush setting
    • > Traditional style raised bungalows

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    The 10 Best Eco-Resorts in Chiang Mai

    To help you plan your trip, we’ve gathered this list of the best eco-resorts in Chiang Mai. Each is tailored to a slightly different travel style, so you can pick the one that’s best for you.

    Wanda ya want? An outdoor pool with a breakfast buffet near the Chiang Mai bus station? An airport shuttle or free parking? We’ve got you covered!

    Overall Best Value Eco-Resort in Chiang Mai – Baan U Sabai Boutique Hotel

    Baan U Sabai Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai
    This resort’s got the best of everything!

    Baan U Sabai Boutique Hotel offers a comfortable stay with warm Thai hospitality. Each room is neatly furnished to offer a calm retreat after a day of exploring and there’s free wifi so you can update your insta!

    The hotel is made entirely from wood and uses innovative joining techniques instead of nails. The hotel exudes an authentic charm and is cool and airy, reducing the need for additional cooling. The swimming pool at the centre of the hotel is purified with salt water instead of harsh chemicals. 

    Chiang Mai’s top attractions and the city centre are a short ride away, as is Chiang Mai airport. Alternatively, the staff at the hotel can assist in hiring a scooter or bicycle for guests to explore the city. Explore the many temples and museums of the city or do some shopping at one of the many bustling markets and shopping districts. 

    Best Value Eco-Resort in Chiang Mai – Leafy Greens

    Leafy Greens Chiang Mai

    Stay in a unique, mushroom-shaped eco bungalow among lush organic gardens. Leafy Greens offers a soothing space with a strong commitment to honouring and protecting nature, but don’t worry, there’s still free wifi!

    The individual bungalows are made from local clay. The resort makes use of solar panels to provide sustainable energy, as well as waste separation and recycling. The gardens on the property provide organic fruits for guests to enjoy.

    The resort is located on the fringe of the city. Guests can make use of local taxi services to head into Chiang Mai to explore the various temples, museums, and historic districts. 

    Budget Tip: Dorms in Chiang Mai start from $10USD per bed. They’re the cheapest accommodation in the city. Search for hostels in the area!

    Best Eco-Resort for Couples – Pak Ram

    Pak Ram

    Pak Ram is a tranquil retreat situated among lush greenery and on the banks of a flowing stream. The private rooms are spacious, with high ceilings to keep things cool alongside the air conditioning. 

    The deluxe suite features various natural materials, including bamboo and timber, to blend with the surrounding nature. To minimize the use of harsh chemicals, the swimming pool is purified with salt instead of chlorine. 

    Spend lazy days beside the swimming pool, relax in a sun lounger, read a book on the patio or WhatsApp your mates on the free wifi and make em jealous! Some of Chiang Mai’s top attractions are close by, including the Mae Sa Waterfall.

    Most Ecological Eco-Resort in Chiang Mai – Karen Eco Lodge

    Karen Eco Lodge Chiang Mai

    In the hillsides outside Chiang Mai, Karen Eco Lodge offers a rural escape in nature. The private rooms are simple but comfortable and offer a private bathroom, free Wifi, and incredible views. 

    The resort features many local and natural materials. The cuisine, decor, and staff all provide insight into the local culture.

    Explore these beautiful surroundings by bike, or put on your hiking boots and explore the numerous trails. Take an authentic Thai cooking class or try your hand at fishing and even canoeing. Head out on a guided tour to learn more about the local culture or enjoy a pampering massage. 

    Best Eco-Resort for Families Visiting Chiang Mai – Eco Resort Chiang Mai

    Eco Resort Chiang Mai
    Comfortably, eco-friendly, and very affordable

    Eco Resort Chiang Mai began as a humble farm and later a kindergarten. After all this time, the original splendour of the main building remains, and the impressive variety of lush trees and gardens continue to thrive. Here you can choose from bunk beds in dorms or a superior twin room, so plenty of options.

    The original buildings have been preserved, and new additions have been added using local materials. Breakfasts are made using locally sourced produce, and guests can rent bicycles from the resort to head out and explore Chiang Mai

    While the resort is somewhat out of town, a short cycle or cab ride can get guests to the old town and various other top sites in the city or they can organise car rental for you. At the resort, guests can relax beside the swimming pool, choose a book from the library, take a traditional cooking class or use the free wifi to keep in contact with family back home.

    Best Eco-Resort for a Weekend in Chiang Mai – Re-wild House

    Re-wild House

    Rustic and authentic bamboo and wood bungalows are your home at Re-wild House in Pai. The bungalows are simply furnished and offer a truly unique back-to-basics lifestyle amid lush gardens. It’s the perfect ‘eco-hostel’ for travellers backpacking Chiang Mai.

    The bungalows blend in with the surrounding vegetation and are constructed from local materials and traditional methods. Re-wild produces various craft products, homemade personal care items, and herbal teas that are for sale in the shop. All items are made with all-natural organic products.

    Guests can enjoy daily morning yoga, pampering treatments at the organic spa, or head to the nearby hot springs. Hire a scooter to explore further afield or spend time at a local cafe or restaurant. This is a great spot for budget travellers and is conveniently located for exploring the rest of the area.  

    Best Eco-Resort with an Epic Location – Ban Rai Tin Thai Ngarm Eco Lodge

    Ban Rai Tin Thai Ngarm Eco Lodge Chiang Mai

    Ban Rai Tin Thai Ngarm Eco Lodge is a hidden gem located just north of Chiang Mai in a country village. Spacious rooms provide the essential comforts for a relaxing stay, and the gardens provide an idyllic setting. 

    Not only can guests soak up the rural atmosphere and tranquillity, but there’s ample opportunity to learn more about traditional Thai culture from the local people.  

    Visit the beautiful Mae Sa Waterfall, explore the Doi Suthep Pui National Park, or enjoy a walk or cycle along the scenic roads. Other attractions are also nearby, including historic temples.

    Best Eco-Resort for Views – Lake and Mountain View Villa

    Lake and Mountain View Villa

    Overlooking a lake with towering mountains in the distance, this villa provides a peaceful retreat in a beautiful location. When you’re not enjoying the outdoors, you can still enjoy the view through the large windows in the villa.

    The house has a contemporary feel with many modern conveniences. Timber and concrete keep the temperature down, minimizing the need for additional cooling. Guests can experience traditional life at the nearby Mae Kampong eco-tourism village and purchase products and handicrafts from local producers and artisans. 

    Explore the local market and the nearby handicraft market or head further out to explore the natural hot springs, mountains and caves, and various hiking trails. Bicycles are available for guests to use to get around the various sites. 

    Most Beautiful Eco-Resort in Chiang Mai – Spectacular Mountain View Villa

    Spectacular Mountain View Villa

    Located in a scenic mountain location close to Wat Umong, the beautiful mountain villa provides a spacious and well-equipped escape with breathtaking views. It’s perfect for families and small groups looking for a relaxing vacation in an idyllic location.

    The house features wooden floors and accents made from local timber. Plenty of large windows allow for great ventilation, and fans are provided to assist with cooling. There are many nearby sanctuaries and reserves nearby to explore. 

    When guests aren’t relaxing beside the swimming pool and enjoying the peaceful location, they can head out to explore the nearby caves and mountain trails. Other nearby activities include ziplining, bamboo rafting, and mountain biking.

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    Final Thoughts on the Best Eco-Resorts in Chiang Mai

    Whether you plan to explore the city sites or explore the incredible natural beauty of the rural areas, Chiang Mai is a generous and varied destination. It’s one of the coolest places to stay in Thailand and is a must for any keen traveller. And, as the trend to a more conscious way of living and travelling grows, so does the variety of unique accommodation.

    This list is just a small sample of the best eco-resorts in Chiang Mai, but it illustrates the variety and scope of what is available to suit all travel tastes, budgets, and requirements. No matter which eco-resort you choose, you’re sure to enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay. 

    Once you’ve decided on where you’ll stay, it’s advisable to consider taking out some good travel insurance. Thailand is a safe destination, but it’s always best to be prepared. You’ll enjoy your travels so much more knowing you have a backup if things don’t go to plan!