If you’ve never spent the afternoon trying to keep your cool while speaking to apoplectic baggage handlers, let me save you the trouble. It’s only a matter of time before your bag slips off the back of a luggage cart. You’ll be at the mercy of an overworked and underpaid employee who may or may not care about getting your bags back without doing your research.

Taking matters into your own hands is logical, especially when traveling with sensitive gear. I don’t think I could stomach the idea of packing expensive electronics into a bag, handing it off to someone else, and having no receipts.

Smart GPS luggage trackers won’t add any weight to your pack, but they’ll take a load off your shoulders. Great trackers can provide up-to-date information and keep you posted on where to find your bags before you can even clear customs. Use this guide to keep tabs on your bags from international travel to days crossing the grasslands on the bus.

We’ve tracked our luggage across the globe and spent a few days waiting for our luggage to show up. When you’re living out of your backpack, it can be excruciating to spend a week without it, so GPS luggage tags have become a natural line of defense.

Read on to explore the best luggage trackers for movement across town and the Pacific.

We Found The Best Luggage Trackers

#1 Gego Worldwide Tracker

#2 Tracki LTE Mini Gps Tracker

#3 Landairsea 54 GPS Tracker

#4 Loxigstar GL310MG

#5 Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Bluetooth Tracker


Gego Worldwide Tracker

  • > $
  • > Contract free SIM connection
  • > Battery saver mode

Tracki LTE Mini Gps Tracker

  • > $
  • > Replaceable battery
  • > Records and stores up to 5 years of movements

Landairsea 54 GPS Tracker

  • > $
  • > Lifetime hardware replacement
  • > Water-proof guarantee

Logixtar GL310MG

  • > $
  • > Magnetic attachments
  • > Comes with a lifetime warranty

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Bluetooth Tracker

  • > $
  • > Easily removable back compartment
  • > Smart Tag Bluetooth Low Energy signal

These Are The Best Luggage Trackers – GPS, Smart & More

Luggage Trackers are two-part systems. On one end, you’ll have a physical unit that you place inside the gear you want to track. This beacon will communicate with GPS, cellular data, or Bluetooth systems to continuously send signals. It’s not much more than a tiny tracking chip, but it brings a wealth of data. 

You’ll want to look for either a GPS or GSM luggage tracker to take advantage of real-time tracking, but you won’t find any of those that won’t require a subscription fee. The best luggage tags will use a combination of these signal types to make sure you’re never out of service. You can find trackers that send a probe out every few seconds or ones that can update you once or twice a day to save battery life. 

The second part of the parcel is often a smartphone app that receives your bag’s beacon and translates it into up-to-date statistics. These apps can show everything from luggage top speed to the amount of time spent idle at each stop to paint the complete picture. 

As long as you fully charge your luggage tracker before your travel days, every option on this list will last for weeks of movement and can pinpoint your bag to a precise location every few minutes, hours, or days. 

Keeping track of your gear can be a hassle, especially when left up to the airlines. These luggage trackers can draw you a map to your equipment and place it in the palm of your hands, as long as you solemnly swear you’re up to no good. Take it from us, GPS luggage trackers have fast established themselves as a go-to modern travel accessory.

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#1 Gego Worldwide Tracker

Gego Worldwide Tracker

Gego’s real-time tracker will let you watch your bag travel from the hold to the taxi trunk without a blip. The tracker communicates with your cell phone, so you don’t need to add more complicated electronics to your luggage. Just slip the thin reader into the corner of your luggage, charge and connect the tracker before your voyage, and travel with peace of mind.

The Gego Worldwide isn’t called that for nothing. This travel tracker utilizes TSA compliant battery to stay on and stay off any x-ray machine’s radar. You can set your own proximity radar for customized alerts if you’re bag starts wandering off and check back over the bag’s history to see how it got there. 

Anywhere you’ve got a cellular connection, you’ll have your hands on minute-by-minute baggage updates to keep you from wasting time at the carousel. This is the pick of the GPS luggage trackers which we tested.

  • Contract free SIM connection – only activate it when you’re ready to travel
  • Battery saver mode helps the tracker last through long haul trips
  • Bluetooth connection can keep you notified of your baggage before you connect to airport wif
  • You’ll need a monthly subscription to get everything out of this device

#2 Tracki LTE Mini Gps Tracker

Tracki LTE Mini Gps Tracker

This mini tracker is a great daily GPS that’s always ready to go on vacation. The long-lasting battery and low monthly subscription cost make this tracker perfect for dog collars, carburetors, and international travel.

Tracki uses GTM/LTE Service to connect in over 180 countries and provides up to one month of constant updates on your luggage’s whereabouts. You don’t need convoluted equipment to keep an eye on things. The Tracki mini is one of the lightest luggage trackers out there, but that tiny packaging is more than capable of tracking your gear.

  • Replaceable battery brings backup without buying an entirely new system
  • Tracki records and stores up to 5 years of movements
  • 3-month battery life tracking once a day, 2-3 days tracking at once per minute
  • Expensive monthly subscription fee unless you opt for a long-term contract
  • Being tossed around in the luggage compartment rarely accidentally activates a panic button

#3 Landairsea 54 GPS Tracker

Landairsea 54 GPS Tracker

This Conveniently storable cookie-sized tracking device slips into your daypack or checked bags and draws a map of their movements 24/7. Over 50 hours of movement battery stays with you through the red eye and helps you relax a bit while dealing with delays. This product brings several deluxe features that have it fighting for top dog in the market. 

Lifetime hardware replacement and a water-proof guarantee bring peace of mind to your purchase. Your GPS luggage tracker can trace its design and manufacture origins to the USA and provide pinpointed live location for your luggage and loved ones. 

  • HIstorical reports provide speed, stops, and idle time information
  • Low Power Mode brings six months of battery life
  • The longest interval you can select is every 3 minutes
  • Magnetic trackers can set off alarm bells

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    #4 Logixtar GL310MG

    Logixtar GL310MG

    This luggage tracker is all about monitoring objects in motion. The sensor can provide minute-by-minute updates for up to three weeks on one battery charge and a monthly subscription. Logixtar’s daily tracker goes above and beyond the capabilities of most baggage tags. 

    Get instant alerts if your baggage starts to break speed records or gets too far out of hand. The tracker uses a sim card and magnetic attachment to bring versatile full-time location sharing international. 

    • No extra charge for more frequent updates
    • Magnetic attachments holds on in cars and boats
    • Your purchase comes with a lifetime warranty and an accompanying app that receives frequent updates
    • Good luck remembering how to spell Logixtar
    • Not specifically designed to beat TSA requirements
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    #5 Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Bluetooth Tracker

    Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Bluetooth Tracker

    Our last Smart Luggage Tracker is also one of the simplest. This thin black square easily loops across keychains and stows away inside a pocket to fit any suitcase with an extra security splash. Connect the Bluetooth tracker to your cell phone and make sure your bag gets on the same plane that you do. 

    There is one eerie piece of technology that helps this Smart Tag stand out in a crowded field. The Smart Tag Bluetooth Low Energy signal will communicate with any nearby Galaxy devices. That means if someone with a participating device walks past your lost luggage, it can update you on the location of lost luggage. 

    If you already have your hands on a Samsung Galaxy, this additional tag comes with no subscription fees or monthly contract requirements, making it easily the most GPS luggage tracker out there. Unfortunately, it’s useless if you don’t already have the proper cell phone setup. 

    • Easily removable back compartment allows you to replace the battery without replacing the product
    • Loud tones can help your bag screech up to 89 dB
    • Slightly too large to fit in your wallet
    • Can only be used with a Samsung Galaxy

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      Final Thoughts

      aer travel pack review
      The pass through for wheeled luggage attachment. Photo: Chris Lininger

      Have your choice of any of these fantastic luggage trackers and keep your security in your hands. Travel insurance can only recover a fraction of the financial burden and inconvenience of lost or stolen luggage. Don’t let your expensive equipment travel without some essential back-ups. 

      Hopefully, these luggage trackers will never come in handy, but it only takes one disaster averted to more than justify the investment. Connect to the accompanying application before your travel day, and you’ll be sitting at the controls in no time. 

      Every tracker on our list can fit inside handbags or larger backpacks and even keep track of mobile equipment at the push of a button. 

      Luggage tracking technology has gotten easier and easier. We don’t need military satellites to take advantage of global positioning systems, thanks to our cell phones. One chip is all it takes to get to your destination at the same time as your fresh pair of underwear. 

      And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!