You know what Dorothy says about Kansas – “there’s no place like home.” And that’s exactly the feeling you get when you come here. Kansas has a certain vibe that makes anyone feel like they can just roll out a sleeping bag and make themselves at home.

This laid-back energy attracts thousands of visitors each year, all wanting to gaze upon its expansive farmland and prairies. And since it’s largely unpopulated, it’s the ultimate destination to escape the crowds and enjoy some peace and serenity.

The best way to enjoy the calmness of nature here is to stay in a cabin in Kansas. Cabins put you right in the thick of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of towns, and in a quiet remote location.

They are the ultimate peaceful escape, and the good news is, that they come in all different sizes and budgets, so anyone can stay in one! The bad news is there are so many options to choose from, that sorting through the wheat and the chaff can be pretty stressful.

No matter, because I’m here to help. I’ve listed the 10 best cabins in Kansas and what you can expect from a cabin vacation in the state, so you can make planning your next trip a breeze.

In a Hurry? Here’s Where to Stay in Kansas for One Night


Cozy Cabin with Private Pond

Perfect for outdoor lovers, or if you’re just looking for a relaxing spot away from civilization, this cozy cabin has been remodeled with farm-style interiors. Take advantage of the lack of Wi-Fi to slow down and recharge.

  • Kansas City
  • Tulsa
  • Chanute

Is this amazing Kansas cabin booked for your dates? We’ve got your back with our other favorite properties below!

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    Staying in a Cabin in Kansas 

    Sunflower field in Kansas

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    Kansas is a particularly interesting state when it comes to geography, with a jumble of countryside plains, forested areas, and lakes. The diverse landscape means there’s plenty to explore.

    Because of this, you will find many different types of cabin rentals in Kansas, from barn-style cabins in the countryside to treetop cabins in the woods to lakeside cabins on the banks of Milford Lake.

    No matter which type of cabin in Kansas you stay in, you can expect cabins to be made from timber and natural materials. Many of them feature warm and inviting features, such as stone fireplaces, exposed beams and loft spaces.

    Most cabins are self-catering cabins, which means they come with fully-equipped kitchens, dining rooms, and living spaces. You might also find private decks with outdoor dining spaces overlooking incredible views.

    While these are all pretty standard in cabins, there are a few extra things you’ll want to consider before booking a cabin to make the most out of your trip.

    What to Look for in a Cabin in Kansas

    Kansas Maxwell Prairie Preserve

    As cabins are in remote locations in Kansas, you do need to prepare before you visit. Most cabins come equipped with a kitchen, but they might not have all the pots and pans you need to prepare a meal. It’s a good idea to check what is provided in the kitchen as you may need to bring some stuff with you.

    It’s quite common to find luxurious cabins with spacious decks, BBQ facilities, hot tubs, and fire pits. But you need to consider the time of year and choose facilities that will make your stay more comfortable. It can get really cold in the winter, so you’re probably not going to use those outdoor facilities if it’s snowing.

    If you are traveling with young children, pick a cabin with toys, games, and other facilities that will help keep your kids occupied during your stay. Any parent of young kids will know the value of laundry facilities, so make sure your cabin has this too.

    Make sure your cabin has parking and that the road to it can be accessed using a normal vehicle. This is especially important in the winter, as you don’t want to get stuck. Make sure to check this before starting a USA road trip so you know what vehicle to hire.

    You should also note that many cabins in Kansas come without WiFi, as the whole point of the experience is to be off the grid. If this is a deal breaker for you, check the listing to see whether WiFi is provided. Cell service may also be spotty, so check the reviews to see what former guests say.

    Best Overall Value Cabin in Kansas
    Cozy Cabin with Private Pond
    Best Overall Value Cabin in Kansas

    Cozy Cabin with Private Pond

    • > $
    • > 4 Guests
    • > Two hours from Kansas City, Tulsa, and Wichita
    • > Cozy fireplace and private dock
    Best Budget Cabin in Kansas
    Charming Cabin with Farm Views
    Best Budget Cabin in Kansas

    Charming Cabin with Farm Views

    • > $
    • > 4 Guests
    • > On a farm just outside Russell
    • > Old milk barn turned cozy cabin
    Best Cabin for Couples in Kansas
    Treehouse Cabin with Hot Tub
    Best Cabin for Couples in Kansas

    Treehouse Cabin with Hot Tub

    • > $$
    • > 2 Guests
    • > Hidden in the forest near Leavenworth in Easton
    • > Built into the trees with natural log interiors
    Best Cabin for a Group of Friends in Kansas
    4 BR Cabin w/ Games Den & Hot Tub
    Best Cabin for a Group of Friends in Kansas

    4 BR Cabin w/ Games Den & Hot Tub

    • > $$$$
    • > 16 Guests
    • > On 440 acres of remote wilderness in Rantoul
    • > Hot tub, poker table, and pool table
    Over-The-Top Luxury Cabin in Kansas
    Opulent Cabin w/ Gym & Gardens
    Over-The-Top Luxury Cabin in Kansas

    Opulent Cabin w/ Gym & Gardens

    • > $$$$
    • > 8 Guests
    • > Overlooking the creek in a residential street in Stilwell
    • > Contemporary interiors with tons of natural light
    Best Cabin for Families in Kansas
    Gorgeous Cabin with Fire Pit
    Best Cabin for Families in Kansas

    Gorgeous Cabin with Fire Pit

    • > $$$
    • > 12 Guests
    • > In a semi-rural area in Valley Center
    • > Games, children’s dinnerware, toys, and travel crib provided
    Best Cabin in Kansas for Digital Nomads
    A-Frame Cabin w/ Office Space
    Best Cabin in Kansas for Digital Nomads

    A-Frame Cabin w/ Office Space

    • > $
    • > 6 Guests
    • > Near Elmdale
    • > Private desk space ideal for digital nomads on a budget

    The 10 Best Cabins in Kansas 

    Now that you have an idea of what to expect from this type of property, let’s take a look at the ten best cabins in Kansas! These are suitable for any type of traveler, from USA backpackers to large groups.

    Best Overall Value Cabin in Kansas – Cozy Cabin with Private Pond

    Cozy Cabin with Private Pond

    This cozy cabin is ideally located between three of the biggest cities in Kansas. It’s built to entice you to sleep in, slow down, and take a well-deserved break surrounded by nature.

    It’s an old cabin that has been beautifully preserved and remodeled with trendy interiors to maintain the original integrity of the property. With no Wi-Fi and low reception, it’s a real escape from reality­.

    I especially love this spot during wintertime, when you can light a cozy fire in the stone fireplace and cuddle up with a good book.

    Best Budget Cabin in Kansas – Charming Cabin with Farm Views

    Charming Cabin with Farm Views

    One of the most incredible things about the best cabins in Kansas is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg renting one.

    This gorgeous spot just outside Russell is on a picturesque farm, boasting incredible sunrises, sunsets, and stargazing opportunities. It’s just 20 minutes from Lake Wilson, the perfect place for boating and fishing.

    The traditional cabin interior has a loft space bedroom and an open plan kitchen, living, and dining room on the ground floor. There’s even a dedicated workspace and well-working Wi-Fi if you need to bring along some work.

    Best Cabin for Couples in Kansas – Treehouse Cabin with Hot Tub

    Treehouse Cabin with Hot Tub

    Treehouses are basically just traditional cabins on stilts, right? If you’re after a unique romantic experience, staying in this treetop cabin will do the job. The space has a central living area and a wrap-around deck, all overlooking gorgeous dense forest, and creek views.

    The interiors are rustic and trendy, boasting raw timber features and furniture. There are also a ton of walking and hiking trails just outside the cabin, so be sure to bring your hiking boots for a stroll with your partner!

    Best Cabin for a Group of Friends in Kansas – 4 BR Cabin w/ Games Den & Hot Tub

    4 BR Cabin w/ Games Den & Hot Tub

    Set on 440 acres of pristine wilderness near Rantoul, this rustic cabin in Kansas has the charm of a classic lodge with all the facilities of a modern home. The entire space is beautifully designed with open-plan living spaces and private bedrooms.

    If you’re planning a trip with friends, there are plenty of bedrooms to crash in and a spacious den with a pool table and poker table. Even more impressive, you can have a soak in the five-person hot tub while admiring the gorgeous countryside views.

    Over-The-Top Luxury Cabin in Kansas – Opulent Cabin w/ Gym & Gardens

    Opulent Cabin w/ Gym & Gardens

    You won’t believe your eyes when you step inside this bright and spacious modern cabin. With a contemporary take on the traditional A-frame cabin, the space has tons of windows and is overflowing with natural light.

    The central living space is the star of the show, opening out onto a spacious deck that overlooks incredible woodland scenery. The home has four bedrooms, all designed with contemporary furniture and décor. Bonus extras include a jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom and a dedicated office space.

    The house is the last built on the street, so it offers complete seclusion. It’s near the Blue River Creek trail for hiking lovers.

    Best Cabin for Families in Kansas – Gorgeous Cabin with Fire Pit

    Gorgeous Cabin with Fire Pit

    I can’t think of a better way to bring the family together than at one of the best cabins in Kansas. This basic-looking cabin has much more space than expected, with five bedrooms and room for twelve guests.

    Your family can gather in the open-plan living room, which features a central fireplace and double-height ceilings. It’s designed to help guests disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature and family and is perfectly set in a gorgeous rural area to do just that.

    Best Cabin in Kansas for Digital Nomads – A-Frame Cabin w/ Office Space

    A-Frame Cabin w/ Office Space

    If you’re after cabin vibes with a backpacker’s budget, this A-frame ranch cabin with a private cabana will do the job. It’s set between a grass prairie and a creek and offers a ton of space for a super low price per night.

    Make use of the fully equipped kitchen to prepare and store your meals before heading to the farm to observe the native wildlife. This cabin has a master bedroom in the loft space and an entirely private cabana as the second bedroom.

    Best Cabin Farm-Stay in Kansas – Farm Cabin with Spa Bath

    Farm Cabin with Spa Bath

    Let’s be real; what would this list be without a typical Kansas farm stay? Perched on the edge of a private pond on a Colwich farm, this gorgeous cabin is the perfect destination for a two-person trip.

    This quaint cabin in Kansas looks pretty simple from the outside; however, once you walk inside, you’ll be greeted by warm interiors, fresh white linen, and a contemporary kitchen and bathroom. When you stay here, you’ll have access to the full 20-acre private farm.

    Best Cabin in Kansas for Stargazing – Cabin with Private Boat Dock

    Cabin with Private Boat Dock

    This four-bedroom cabin is ideally located on the lakefront in Cedar Vale. It has its own dock, which juts out into the pristine water – the perfect spot to enjoy unparalleled stargazing!

    The entire cabin has been built with contemporary interiors and trendy furniture. It features a modern living area with floor-to-ceiling windows, a gourmet kitchen, and four spacious bedrooms, all with the rustic charm you would expect from a typical cabin.

    There’s a bunch of exciting wildlife roaming the property, so make sure you rise with the sun to catch a glimpse of the action!

    Best Off-the-Grid Cabin in Kansas – Rustic Cabin with River Views

    Rustic Cabin with River Views

    There’s something special about staying in one of the best cabins in Kansas that leaves little to no footprint on the earth. This off-grid cabin is set on a hill overlooking a four-acre private pond near Junction City.

    While the property is entirely off-grid, it still offers all the modern amenities that make for a comfortable stay. BBQ using the outdoor grill, make s’mores around the campfire, or take the small paddle boat out into the pond for a paddle! The simple life sounds dreamy to me.

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    Final Thoughts on Cabins in Kansas

    That concludes our guide to the absolute best cabins in Kansas. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to rent a cabin for a romantic weekend away or to save some cash as a backpacker; there is no shortage of options across The Sunflower State.

    Located right in the center of the USA, Kansas is often a pit stop on a cross-country road trip, but I implore you to stop for a few days and enjoy the peace and tranquility. Not only is it conveniently positioned, but it’s overflowing with gorgeous views and classic American charm.

    If you’re visiting this sunny state from overseas, don’t forget travel insurance for your trip. The only thing worse than an unexpected injury on vacation is spending an arm and a leg on it.

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