Be sure to check out our Portland travel guide to make sure you’ve got your hands on the best tips for traveling to Portland. We’ll guide you through every step of the way with this incredible Portland itinerary! Are you ready for the adventure to begin?

Portland is the largest city in the US, filled with a multitude of different cultures and colorful interactions. In the 1830s, a large number of people migrated to the Portland area to find their fortune! What once was a small village, eventually flourished into one of the biggest cities in the US!

During the 1940s, Portland became infamous as a hub of criminal activity. These were mainly illegal nightclubs, underground gambling dens, and other seedy activities. In the 1960s, Portland was exposed to the hippie community, which was the beginning of an even more diverse crowd for Portland!

So, why should you make Portland your next port of call? Well, its rich cultural history makes it the perfect place to spread your wings! As well as the wide range of activities you can indulge in while you’re there.

Hiking around the outskirts of town and then enjoying a delicious lunch at an alternative bistro is the ultimate Portland experience. Not thrilling enough for you? How about spending the day skiing on the icy mountain slopes? Let’s get started!

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    Best Time To Visit Portland

    If you’ve been wondering when to visit Portland, you’ve come to the right place. While there’s no wrong time to visit Portland, there’s definitely a season for everyone’s preferences. Portland summer runs from June to August and is a great time to visit as all the flowers are in full bloom. This being said, if you don’t like crowds, it’s best to stay well away from Portland during this time.

    Where to Stay in Portland

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    Spring in Portland runs from March to May, during this time the temperatures begin to rise, however you can still expect scattered rain showers throughout your trip. Spring is a great time to visit if you’d like to enjoy some warm weather and stay away from the crowds!

    From September to November, Portland experiences Autumn. The temperatures start to drop and so does the price of accommodation. If you’re on a budgeted trip, this is a great time to visit this beautiful city.

    Winter in Portland runs from December to February and is characterized by loads of rain! The temperatures are very low, but you’ll be happy to know that they rarely drop below freezing. The mountain peaks are covered in snow, making it a great time for a ski trip!

    Pick your preferred weather, and keep reading to find out where to stay in Portland.

    Average TemperatureChance of RainCrowdsOverall Grade
    January8°C / 47°FHighCalm🙁
    February10°C / 51°FHighCalm😐
    March13°C / 57°FHighMedium🙂
    April16°C / 61°FHighMedium🙂
    May20°C / 68°FHighBusy🙂
    June23°C / 74°FLowBusy😀
    July27°C / 81°FLowBusy🙂
    August27°C / 81°FAverageMedium🙂
    September24°C / 76°FHighCalm😀
    October17°C / 64°FHighCalm🙂
    November11°C / 53°FHighCalm😐
    December7°C / 46°FHighCalm🙁

    Where To Stay In Portland

    In order to round off your Portland itinerary, you’re going to need to plan where to stay in Portland during your trip. If you’re planning a short vacation, we recommend staying in a central location that allows for quick transportation to all of the main Portland attractions.

    Downtown is a great place for first-time visitors to Portland! It’s overflowing with an indescribable vibe that will leave you wanting more. This area is famous for its street markets, its historically significant museums and galleries, as well as its fascinating street art. Everything about this area is Instagrammable in the best way possible!

    where to stay in Portland
    These are the best places to stay in Portland!

    If you’re looking for an area a little off the beaten tourist path, you might want to try a place that has become very fashionable with the locals. Nob Hill is an upscale suburb filled with all of life’s little luxuries! Tree-lined streets and Victorian-style houses are what this area is known for. If you decide to stay in Nob Hill during your time in Portland, you can expect to be visiting many restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and sophisticated bistros.

    Now that you’ve got an idea of what type of neighborhood you’d like to stay in during your Portland trip, you can decide exactly which hostel or hotel would suit your needs best. Here are a few of our favorites!

    Best Hostel in Portland – HI Portland

     Portland itinerary
    HI Portland is our pick for the best hostel in Portland!

    HI Portland is centrally located in the Nob Hill district which makes for easy access to many of the main Portland attractions. Located in a Victorian-style building, this very simple yet efficient hostel allows for a sense of community with its open communal areas. If you’re looking to meet up with like-minded travelers, opting to stay in this hostel is a great choice!

    If you’ve got your heart set on staying in a hostel, take a look at our top hostels in Portland!

    Best Airbnb in Portland – Downtown Home on the River!

    Downtown Home on the River
    Downtown Home on the River is our pick for the best Airbnb in Portland!

    If there’s one thing you should do when you visit Portland, it’s staying in a home overlooking the Willamette River. This room has an iconic view of the bridge in the background that you can have the pleasure of waking up in the morning. Often its quite cold in Portland, which is the best time to take a dip in the hot tub this place has access to all year round, with a fire pit and picnic table to enjoy on the deck as well! Did we mention blackout curtains? YEP! Get all the beauty sleep need because there won’t be any sunshine peaking through those windows to disturb you.

    Best Budget Hotel in Portland – Ramada by Wyndham

    Portland itinerary
    Ramada by Wyndham is our pick for the best budget hotel in Portland!

    The Ramada by Wyndham is conveniently located a mere mile from Portland Airport and offers a twenty-four-hour airport shuttle service to make travel a little easier for its guests! Casual on-site dining and a fully stocked bar are available for those who’d like to save a pretty penny on dining expenses.

    Best Luxury Hotel in Portland – Hotel Rose

    Portland itinerary
    Hotel Rose is our pick for the best luxury hotel in Portland!

    The Hotel Rose is located in the Downtown area, close to all the action, and provides a luxury stay for their guests. Each room is kitted out with its own kitchenette and bathroom, allowing for more privacy. The hotel has a beautiful restaurant and cafe area that means guests won’t have to travel far to get a great meal!

    Portland Itinerary

    If you’re traveling to Portland, it’s important to figure out just how you plan to get around during your stay, because of the heavy traffic in this city, we recommend skipping the car rental to make life a lot easier (and cheaper) for yourself!

    Tickets for buses, light rails, and streetcars will only cost you $5 USD for a whole day, making it a very affordable way to get around. The same ticket will work for the entire TriMet System. You can hop from light rail to bus, to streetcar the whole day without having to worry about buying another ticket. As you know, convenience is key to having a great holiday in Portland.

    Portland Itinerary
    Welcome to our EPIC Portland itinerary

    Many Portland locals use Uber to get around. It is very convenient, but it can get a little pricey if you’re on a budget. However, it’s still cheaper than using a traditional taxi.

    Portland is a very bike-friendly town, in fact, it’s the main form of transport that the local use for short distances. There are rental stations all over the city making it extremely easy to locate a bike whenever you need one.

    Now that you know how to get around Portland, let’s take a look at what activities you should be adding to your Portland itinerary.

    Day 1 Itinerary in Portland

    Washington Park | Japanese Garden| Oregon Zoo | Pittock Mansion | Pioneer Courthouse Square | Oregon Historical Society Museum

    On the first day of your Portland itinerary, you can expect to spend plenty of time in nature, as well as getting to know the locals a little better in their amazing public spaces. You’ll learn a lot about the city and its rich cultural history!

    Day 1 / Stop 1 – Stroll Through Washington Park

    • Why it’s awesome: Washington Park is a public urban park and there are over 15 miles worth of walking/cycling trails in Washington Park, as well as many attractions.
    • Cost: Free!
    • Food nearby: Elephants Delicatessen is just a short drive from Washington Park and serves incredible gourmet foods. It also opens early in the morning which is helpful for those wanting to get an early start. They serve everything from burgers, deli meat and fish to cupcakes and pastries.

    Washington Park expands over an impressive 410 acres of land and is home to many of Portland’s wildlife species. You’ll be sure to see a fair amount of thriving birdlife during your morning walk on this Portland itinerary.

    Photo: Visitor7 (WikiCommons)

    With so many paths to choose from, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll manage to see the whole park in one morning, but no matter which path you take, you really can’t go wrong. The trees and flowers are always showing off, and you’ll feel at peace in your luscious green surrounds.

    There are many Portland attractions in the park, a children’s museum, an arboretum and Japanese Gardens, some of which you’ll be exploring after your walk. If you’re in the mood for some stiff competition, feel free to make use of the free tennis courts in Washington Park.

    Day 1 / Stop 2 – Visit the Japanese Garden

    • Why it’s awesome: The Japanese Gardens in Washington Park are absolutely beautiful, and they present many gorgeous photo opportunities.
    • Cost: USD $19
    • Food nearby: Bamboo Sushi serves certified sustainably sourced seafood, and it couldn’t be more delicious. After a morning learning about Japanese culture and enjoying the zen Japanese garden, sushi is the perfect way to end it off. However, if you’re not a sushi fan, there’s still plenty of dishes for you to enjoy. Everything from steak to sunny side eggs, there’s sure to be something for you!

    The beautiful Japanese Gardens create an amazingly zen space within Washington Park. Once you’ve strolled through the well-kept miniature gardens, and moss-covered trees, be sure to visit the Japanese Cultural Village that sits on top of the hill in the Japanese Garden!

    Japanese Gardens, Portland

    At the Japanese Cultural Village, you can immerse yourself in Japanese Culture and art, while learning about the many facets of their way of life! You can listen to the enchanting melodies being played on a harp and flute. You’ll also get the chance to learn about the art of kimono making and partake in a tea ceremony! All of which play an integral part in Japanese culture!

    This activity will put you in the right mindset for the rest of your day, and leave you feeling at peace with the world around you!

    Day 1 / Stop 3 – Enjoy the Company of Incredible Creatures at Oregon Zoo

    • Why it’s awesome: Oregon Zoo is one of the most famous of all the Portland attractions.
    • Cost: USD $18
    • Food nearby: Verde Cocina at Sylvan Highlands is a cozy restaurant that serves healthier options to traditional Mexican cuisine. You’ll find everything from steaks and salads to burritos and tacos, each with a distinctly Mexican flair! This is the perfect place to stop for lunch before heading to the next activity on your Portland trip itinerary!

    If you’re an animal lover, this is an attraction you shouldn’t miss! This is by far the best place to come if you’re wanting to meet a variety of furry and feathered friends. This incredibly diverse zoo is home to more than 230 different animal species, including nineteen endangered species and nine threatened species, making it the largest zoo in Oregon.

    Oregon Zoo
    Oregon Zoo, Portland
    Photo: brx0 (Flickr)

    The zoo is located in Washington Park, making it easily accessible to the public, and close to many other Portlands points of interest. The zoo was founded in 1888, making it the oldest zoo west of the Mississippi River.

    The zoo also boasts an incredible plant collection, and puts plenty of energy into creating the right environment for each of its inhabitants!

    Day 1 / Stop 4 – Explore Pittock Mansion

    • Why it’s awesome: The Pittock mansion was built in 1912 by Henry Pittock and his wife and is absolutely beautiful.
    • Cost: USD $12.
    • Food nearby: Papa Haydn is a romantic cafe that crafts European desserts to meet American-style sandwiches and salads. It’s the perfect place to stop for a burger lunch or an incredibly decadent slice of cake! This exquisite restaurant is more than just a place to have a meal, it provides an experience that no foodie should miss.

    The Pittock mansion boasts incredible architecture and is the perfect space to do a bit of birdwatching. The mansion is built on a forty-six-acre piece of land, and there’s plenty of birdlife around.

    The original Pittock couple that built the house moved into it during 1914 and only lived for another four years before their family took over the house. Their family lived in the mansion until 1958, before selling it to the state of Oregon in 1962.

    Pittock Mansion
    Pittock Mansion, Portland
    Photo: mike krzeszak (Flickr)

    The mansion was scheduled to be demolished, but local protesters stopped the demolition and it was later opened to the public in 1965. It now has 80,000 visitors every year!

    The Pittock Mansion, now a museum, is dedicated to showing people the history of Portland and how this city turned from a muddy village into the industrial hub of Oregon, and then into the thriving city that it is today!

    Day 1 / Stop 5 – Investigate Pioneer Courthouse Square

    • Why it’s awesome: Pioneer Courthouse Square has been lovingly named by the locals: Portland’s Living Room, and is a great place to socialize and get to know the locals.
    • Cost: Free!
    • Food nearby: Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen is a favorite amongst the locals and a must-try during your time in Portland. They serve authentic Vietnamese food and it’s absolutely delicious. Be sure to try one of their incredible noodle dishes! It’ll give you the energy you need to take on the rest of the day.

    This 40,000 square foot courtyard has been lovingly renamed by the locals, as it’s become a local hangout for many of them. For many, it serves as a pedestrian footpath to simply get from one place to another, but there is so much more to this culturally vibrant courtyard!

    Pioneer Square at Christmas
    Pioneer Square at Christmas

    You’ll notice a name carved into each brick, this is because the city needed funding to build the Pioneer Courthouse Square and came up with the idea of charging people $15 USD to get their name carved into a brick. These people have now become an immortalized part of the city!

    There are many recreational activities to take part in, including outdoor chess tables- which makes for a great way to meet and get to know the locals.

    Be sure to view the beautiful fountain that looks like a cascading waterfall, and visit the amphitheater just in case there’s live music to enjoy.

    Day 1 / Stop 6 – Visit the Oregon Historical Society Museum

    • Why it’s awesome: You’ll get the chance to see the coin that was flipped to decide Portlands name!
    • Cost: USD $10
    • Food nearby: Jakes Famous Crawfish is the perfect place to end your day for any seafood lover! The decor is beautiful and gives the restaurant a very upscale feel! You can expect a myriad of unique dishes such as bacon-wrapped prawns, seafood soup, crayfish bowls, calamari plates, and seafood salads. Any dish you choose is guaranteed to be incredibly delicious. If you’ve worked up an appetite, be sure to splurge on dessert too as it won’t disappoint!

    The Oregon Historical Society Museum is dedicated to making Portland’s long and interesting history accessible to all! They have put together many thought-provoking exhibits, that allow you to get to know Portland just a little bit better.

    The museum contains many historical artifacts, including the very coin that was flipped in order to decide on Portland’s name!

    If you’re interested in the history of the place you’re traveling to, this is a must-visit during your time in Portland. Be sure to take your time and explore every exhibit, as there’s so much to learn at this incredible museum.

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    Day 2 Itinerary in Portland

    Forest Park | Powell’s City of Books | The Portland Art Museum | Oregon Museum of Science and Industry | Grixsen Brewing Company

    During your second day in Portland, Oregon you can expect to see some great Portland attractions! You’ll start your morning off with a casual stroll through luscious natural surrounds and then explore a great big building filled with books, before heading on to many other adventures!

    Day 2 / Stop 1 – Walk Through Forest Park

    • Why it’s awesome: Forest Park is a municipal park just outside of Portland.
    • Cost: Free!
    • Food nearby: The Meating Place Cafe is a cozy little restaurant that doubles as a meat deli. Don’t let this fool you, their food is incredible! Just a nine-minute drive from Forest Park, it’s the perfect place to come for a morning coffee or even an early breakfast! In the morning you can expect to be served a toasted sandwich, a breakfast burger, or even a waffle.

    Forest Park is a beautifully overgrown and luscious park that sits just outside of downtown Portland! In 1860, Portland decided to create the municipal park in order to preserve its beautiful forests and create a big area for recreational activities such as walking, running, and cycling during your Portland itinerary adventures.

    Forest Park
    Forest Park in Portland

    An early morning stroll through this luscious area is a great way to get your blood flowing and get energized for the day ahead. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife you’re likely to see during your walk! The forest is home to over 112 different plant species and over 62 mammal species!

    Be sure to take your camera along for this trip as you’re more than likely going to be overwhelmed by the luscious forest and its shade-loving plants, as well as the multitude of wildlife you’re bound to see!

    Day 2 / Stop 2 – Explore Powell’s City of Books

    • Why it’s awesome: Powell’s City of Books is a massive bookstore that stretches an entire square city block and reaches three stories high!
    • Cost: Free!
    • Food nearby: Oven and Shaker is a happening pizzeria that serves incredible wood-fired pies. A favorite amongst the locals, this cozy little restaurant never fails to amaze us! The pizza is great and the vibe is even better! Be sure to try one of their killer cocktails, we’re certain you’ll be coming back for more.

    This incredible bookstore is so big you may just need a map to find your way around. But that’s why we love it! Getting lost in a ‘city of books’ is every reader’s dream. But you don’t have to be a bookworm to enjoy this immense bookstore!

    Powell’s City of Books, Portland
    Photo: Adam Jones, Ph.D. (WikiCommons)

    Almost every day the bookstore hosts a reading by a famous author. It’s an incredible honor to watch one of these, so if you can coincide your visit with a reading, that would be ideal! If you’d like to tour the bookstore, you’ll need to let them know in advance. You can do this by simply emailing the store, and they’ll arrange for one of their friendly staff to show you around.

    If you’re looking for a great read to enjoy on your plane ride home, this is sure to be the place to find it. So, keep your eyes peeled for a book that tickles your fancy!

    Day 2 / Stop 3 – Discover a Masterpiece at the Portland Art Museum

    • Why it’s awesome: The Portland Art Museum is the oldest art museum in the Pacific Northwest, and it holds all the others to a very high standard!
    • Cost: USD $20
    • Food nearby: Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse is any meat-lovers dream! Expect to sit down for a delicious meaty lunch. They run an all-you-can-eat lunch special every day that helps to cut down on traveling expenses. If you’re not in the mood for a heavy lunch, don’t worry, there are plenty of delicious desserts to choose from!

    At the Portland Art Museum, you’ll find Oregon’s most prestigious art collection! You can expect to find works from European masters, Japanese screen prints and American contemporary artworks, and that’s just for starters!

    Portland Art Museum
    Photo: Daderot (WikiCommons)

    Once you’ve strolled through the incredible artworks inside the museum, you can visit the sculpture garden and the area devoted to photography. Each area has its own special charm and should be appreciated and observed with respect!

    Delve deep into the art world and discover your favorite masterpieces from a previous century or this millennium. You’ll find it easy to get lost in the art at this museum as it stretched over the space of 3 separate buildings. For this reason, we recommend visiting their website and deciding on the exhibits you’re most interested in seeing before visiting the art museum!

    Day 2 / Stop 4 – Explore the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

    • Why it’s awesome: The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is an interactive museum that’s filled with hands-on exhibits.
    • Cost: USD $15
    • Food nearby: PDX Sliders is an imaginative yet cozy restaurant that serves wonderful food. As you may have guessed, sliders are at the forefront of their menu and a hit amongst the locals. If you’re in the mood for a drink, they also serve the best local beers on the market, so be sure to give them a taste! PDX Sliders is the go-to place for all things comfort food in the Portland area!

    If you have a keen interest in physics, science, chemistry, or paleontology, this is the perfect place to spend the day exploring and learning. Even if you don’t, these interactive and fun-filled displays make learning fun! It’s the kind of place you could get lost for hours.

    What you see before you is a wind turbine.
    Photo: M.O. Stevens (WikiCommons)

    If you’re a lover of all things ocean related, you’ll want to head to the USS Blueback display to see the most modern submarine on display in the US!

    When you’ve had enough of the exhibits, be sure to see a show at the IMAX theater to get an incredible visual experience. The movies and documentaries that they show are constantly changing, so you’re sure to see something unique!

    Day 2 / Stop 5 – Visit Grixsen Brewing Company

    • Why it’s awesome: Portland has a thriving craft beer scene, so why miss out on all the action!
    • Cost: Price varies depending on the tasting you choose.
    • Food nearby: Teote House Cafe is a happening Latin American Cafe that serves wonderful food until late at night! Enjoy absolutely delicious food while sipping on happy hour cocktails at this cozy joint. It’s also a great place to meet a few locals as it’s a favorite amongst those that live in the area!

    A Grixsen is someone who always gives an honest effort to follow a righteous path and celebrates the good in everyone. It’s not hard to see what kind of company Grixsen Breweries is trying to be!

    Grixsen was started by three friends who wanted to make a positive difference in their community, and that they did. Bringing the finest tasting beers to the modern experimental craft beer movement!

    Celebrate the end of your second day in Portland with a very noble beer, and be sure to give their tasting menu a try. You’re sure to want to try more than one or two! Supporting local businesses while you travel is also a great way to give back to the community, showing your appreciation for their fine city!


    HI Portland

    HI Portland is centrally located in the Nob Hill district which makes for easy access to many of the main Portland attractions. Once you’ve booked your hostel, brush up on the basics of backpacking America.

    • $$
    • Free WiFi
    • 24 Hour Reception

    Portland Itinerary: Day 3 and Beyond

    Doughnut Store | International Rose Test Garden | McMenamins Bagdad Theater and Pub | Dark Mini-Golf | Downtown Portland

    If you’re going to be staying for more than three days in Portland, you’re going to need a few more activities to spice up your Portland trip itinerary. Here are a few extra Portland points of interest that are sure to make your holiday a hit!

    Grab a Sweet Treat at Portland’s Favorite Doughnut Store

    • Enjoy Portland’s most unique doughnut flavors at their Voodoo Doughnut store.
    • Explore the mystical store and purchase some memorable merchandise.
    • Take photos of some of the wonderfully decorated sweet and savory doughnuts.

    It seems that everyone that visits Portlands needs to have at least one doughnut from Voodoo doughnuts! It’s a right of passage of sorts. Stop by for a sweet treat and a coffee before exploring the town and be sure to snap a pic. As they say, if you didn’t post it on Instagram, did it even happen?

    Choose from a range of incredible flavors including the Voodoo Doll, Bacon Maple Bar and Portland Cream. All of which are worth a try. If you’re traveling with friends, be sure to order a box of different flavors and share it amongst you!

    Don’t judge me and my Captain Crunch donut.
    Photo: Kevin Galens (Flickr)

    Be sure to buy some unique merchandise at the Voodoo doughnuts store. It’s the perfect way to immortalize your Portland trip with a memorable souvenir! After visiting the store, we’re sure you’ll fall under their witchy doughnut spell and be back for more!

    Visit the International Rose Test Garden

    • If you love to stroll through beautiful gardens then this is the perfect activity to add to your Portland itinerary!
    • It’s best to skip the parking and arrive by walking, cycling, or by using a rideshare to get around. The parking lot is often full and it may take you a while to find parking.
    • Be sure to check out the public art while you’re in the rose garden! All public art was donated by local artists.

    Portland’s Best Rose competition is held in the gardens each year, where judges from all over the world come to judge the roses in the International Rose Test Garden. This is a testament to the quality of the roses in this beautiful garden!

    International Rose Test Garden
    As promised: that’s a lot of roses.

    Be sure to check out the whole garden, in certain areas you’ll even be able to find fragrant roses that fill the area with a beautiful aroma! Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to pick the roses, but you can take photos to remember this beautiful place.

    On the premises, you’ll also find a miniature rose garden that provides the garden with some of the cutest flowers you’ll ever see. This rose garden is well worth the visit and is a must add to your Portland itinerary!

    Watch a Movie at McMenamins Bagdad Theater and Pub

    • Bagdad Theater was originally opened in 1927 and it has a distinctly old-timey Hollywood feel to it!
    • Sit back and relax with buttery popcorn as well as an ice cold beer while you enjoy a movie.
    • During its first year open, Bagdad Theater and Pub ran only silent films.

    Visiting the Bagdad Theater and Pub, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the early 1900’s! Although the Bagdad Theater and Pub has undergone many upgrades over the years, it has managed to preserve its authentic Hollywood feel.

    The historical Bagdad theater has been a favorite amongst the locals for over 90 years and we believe will continue to be a hit for many more!

    Be sure to check what movies are showing ahead of time, and to book in advance for the more popular films just to ensure you won’t miss out on attending this awesome theater! Stopping by at the pub for a bite to eat after the show is also a great idea. The Bagdad Theater and Pub is known for its great food, so don’t miss out on this tasty opportunity!

    Play Glow in the Dark Mini-Golf

    • If you’re into unique sports, this just may be the game for you.
    • Decide whether you want to partake in a long or short game by choosing either the nine-hole or eighteen-hole option.
    • Play miniature golf under black lights on a 3D miniature golf course.

    This is a great and memorable game to take part in, especially if you’re traveling with friends. A little challenge always makes the trip a little more exciting! Depending on the number of people playing, a full round generally takes about forty-five minutes to complete, so you’ll still have plenty of time in your day to enjoy other activities.

    Glow in the dark mini-golf is also a great opportunity to get some really interesting photos while you make some incredibly unique memories! Although this game is usually played in groups of two or four people, you could always arrive and team up with a group there if you’re traveling along.

    Be sure to book before you go as it gets really busy during certain times of the year, especially during school holidays. If you’re not in Portland during the school holidays, then don’t worry about booking as you’ll be able to show up and play whenever you like!

    Explore Downtown Portland

    • There’s plenty to do in Downtown Portland, but it’s easily explorable by foot, which saves you money on public transport!
    • Exploring a neighborhood is one of the best ways to get to know an area and the people that live there. It opens you up to meeting new people and making friendships!
    • Downtown Portland is a fun mix of hipster bars and cafes, with arty boutiques and breweries thrown in the mix.

    There really is something for everybody’s taste in Downtown Portland! Whether you’re in the mood for a shop-til-you-drop experience, or you just feel like strolling around and getting a feel for the area, you won’t be disappointed.

    Downtown Portland
    Photo: Eric Baetscher (WikiCommons)

    To make sure you’re getting the most authentic experience of Downtown Portland, be sure to eat at one of the many creative food trucks in the area. You’ll find them everywhere serving up a range of different cuisines. Locals tend to stop by for a bite to eat on their lunch breaks or on their way home from work, so why not join in the trend?

    If you haven’t visited an art museum on your trip yet, be sure to stop by one of the many art galleries in the area. Whether it’s to spark the creativity in you or to just enjoy the art scene, you’re sure to find a gallery to suit your taste in Downtown Portland!

    Staying Safe in Portland

    Portland is generally a very safe city to visit, and it’s unlikely that you’ll come across anything that’ll make you feel unsafe or even unwelcome in the great city, but that doesn’t mean you should be careless. When traveling, you should always take certain precautions to make sure you have a safe and undisturbed trip!

    If you’re renting a car, be sure to hide your valuables out of site so that you don’t become the next victim of a smash-and-grab. Just like any other big city, smash-and-grabs happen from time to time.

    Because so many people ride bicycles in Portland, bike theft has also become a problem. If you decide to rent a bike, make sure the rental shop gives you a proper lock for the bicycle, so that you can keep it safe even when you’re not on it!

    Beware of overstaying your welcome in a parking space, or parking in a no-parking zone. Portland’s parking police take their jobs very seriously, and you could face a fine for staying just a few minutes more than your parking meter allows! Explaining that you’re foreign to Portland meter police doesn’t usually work either.

    Be sure to check out other safety tips to make sure you stay safe during your tour of Portland!

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    Day Trips From Portland

    If you’re going to be staying for more than three days in Portland, we recommend adding a few day trips to your Portland itinerary! This is often the best way to squeeze in the most Portland points of interest during your travels. Here are a few of the best day trips you should be adding to your itinerary!

    Wine and Waterfalls Portland Day Trip

    On this eight-hour tour, you’ll start your in the morning by heading to the Columbia River Gorge. Here you’ll get the chance to stand at the foot of the second highest year-round waterfall in the U.S – Multnomah falls. This is one of the coolest hikes in Oregon.

    Multnomah Waterfall
    Photo: Ron Reiring (Flickr)

    You’ll then explore the rest of the Columbia River Gorge and see many other waterfalls along the way. After an exciting morning, ignoring the advice of TLC and waterfall-chasing with your experienced guide, you’ll enjoy an incredible lunch with wonderful views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, while tasting fine wines.

    Be sure to take your camera along for this Portland day-trip as this tour will provide you with many Instagrammable moments!

    Mount Hood: Full Day Loop Tour From Portland

    You’ll start your day with an early morning pick-up from the hotel. You’ll then be driven along a forested highway to the Mt. Hood wilderness, where you’ll stop to take a look at a few spectacular waterfalls! You’ll be taken to the best waterfall viewing spot, Benson Bridge, where you’ll be able to capture some incredible footage of the cascading waterfall!

    Mount Hood Full Day Loop Tour From Portland

    Next, you’ll be taken to Hood River, a picturesque valley town, known as one of the best wind-sport destinations in the Portland area! You’ll get a chance to watch kiteboarders and windsurfers in action, before exploring the town a little further.

    You’ll enjoy a bit of free time to explore Hood River, doing some shopping, having lunch, and doing a little wine tasting before heading home!

    Oregon Coast Day Tour: Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock

    During the eight-hour tour, you’ll get the chance to enjoy spectacular views of the dramatic Oregon coastline and the breath-taking Pacific Ocean. Your first stop will be Neahkahnie Point, which provides views of the massive expanse of ocean before you! It’s known as the best whale watching location on the coast.

    Oregon Coast Day Tour Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock

    You’ll then visit Short Sand Beach, which is a four mile stretch of beach, surrounded by luscious, temperate rainforest vegetation. After stopping for a walk and some photo-taking, you’ll head to Cannon Beach.

    Cannon Beach is a small beach-side village that is easily walkable and fun to explore! You’ll get the rest of the afternoon to meander its pathways, enjoy its public artworks and photograph its beautiful flowers.

    Eugene Highlights and Wine Tasting Combo

    On this nine-hour tour, you’ll explore various attractions in the Downtown Eugene area. You’ll tour through the Shelton McMurphy Johnson house, which has been iconic in the Eugene area for over a century!

    Eugene Highlights and Wine Tasting Combo

    You’ll then explore the 400 different types of roses in the Owen Rose Garden, and then head to the University of Oregon for a tour of the beautiful campus. You’ll also get the chance to tour the Cascades Raptor Center, which has one of the largest collections of Raptor species in the Pacific Northwest!

    You’ll then be dropped off in the Downtown area for lunch, before heading back to Portland.

    Mount St. Helen’s Full-Day Tour From Portland

    During this ten and a half hour tour of Mount St. Helen, you’ll get a few spectacular hiking opportunities. You’ll also get the chance to see the largest lava tube in the US! Along the way, you’ll learn a lot about the geology of the area, even visiting an old blast zone!

    Mount St. Helen's Full-Day Tour From Portland

    You’ll then visit the site of the largest landslide in recorded human history and learn how exactly volcanoes are now monitored.

    Be sure to keep your eyes peeled during the tour, as elk, deer, beavers, otters, and an array of birds are all common sights on this tour.

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    FAQ on Portland Itinerary

    Find out what people want to know when planning their Portland itinerary.


    No matter what kind of vacation you prefer, we’re absolutely sure that Portland has something for you. Being such a big city, with such a vast population of people, there really is something for everyone’s taste!

    If the big city life just isn’t for you, there’s plenty to do just outside of Portland. Luckily for every nature lover, Portland is surrounded by nature and has one of the biggest urban parks right in its center. This means you’re never too far from luscious vegetation and beautiful scenery.And, if you really like the outdoors, you can even stay at one of the stunning Eco-lodges in Portland where you can experience nature in Portland at its finest.

    If you’re a thrill seeker looking for adventure, or you’re just looking for a break from mundane everyday life, Portland has plenty to offer. We hope you spotted some fabulous activities that you’d like to add to your Portland itinerary!

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