Ah yes, another jacket review. If it were up to me, I would exclusively review jackets for a living, but you all yearn for my opinions and assessments of all things gear so alas, I remain a reviewer of all things gear.

Jackets come in all shapes and styles, and it feels like there’s a jacket for almost every type of climate you could come across. From fleece pullovers for those brisk days to insulated down jackets ready to fight off the harshest winter conditions, you could easily become lost in the whirlwind of what jacket you need for every type of season.

While often times you need a good jacket to combat really cold climates, it’s hard to pin down the perfect jacket for those shoulder seasons and cool windy days. That being said, soft-shell jackets are starting to stake their claim as the ultimate off-season jacket, providing just enough protection and breathability to keep you comfortable.

Soft-shell jackets are probably my favorite everyday jackets outside of a nice fleece pullover or hoodie. Not only are they great for tackling trails where you may encounter some wind or light rain, but they also make the perfect companion for your day-to-day errands. Soft-shell jackets are perfect for those days when you’re walking the dog and just can’t tell what the weather is going to do, a true better safe than sorry kind of jacket.

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    So with that, today we’re going to take a look at REI’s take on the soft-shell jacket, the Trailmade Anorak. Let’s dive in!

    REI Trailmade Anorak - Women's

    REI Co-op Trailmade Anorak Features and Specs

    Starting with REI’s stretch nylon shell, this jacket protects against the wind without getting you all hot and bothered inside. It’s breathable where you’d want it to be, and strong when you need it to be. Why does it sound like I’m describing my favorite whiskey to you? Anyways, let’s just say, it’s one of the best anoraks for travel, so let’s take a closer look.

    REI also used a durable water-repellent coating on the jacket to wick away those pesky spring showers. The adjustable hood also features a built-in visor to help keep the rain from rolling down the hood into your face and base layers.

    I’m usually not the biggest fan of half-zip jackets, but for a jacket designed as your in-between-seasons soft-shell, a half-zip only makes sense. The zipper is nice in terms of regulating the ventilation, and the yellow color compliments the teal jacket really well in my opinion (The men’s version does not feature the yellow zipper and is the same teal color.. Heartbreaking I know). 

    The jacket also includes some zip hand pockets to make sure your hands don’t feel left out, as well as a center storage pouch for your phone or whatever else you want to bounce around loosely on the front of your person.

    How Much does the REI Co-op Trailmade Anorak cost?

    You ever have those moments where you need to walk the dog (or yourself) and nothing in your closet looks like it’ll do the trick? Soft-shell jackets shine bright here for me, and more times than not I’m glad I spent the money to have this style of jacket at my disposal. 

    The price is about what you’d expect for a quality soft-shell, coming in at 99.95. I have no complaints on the price, especially when you throw it up against some of the more expensive competition, you don’t want to be paying $150 plus on a jacket that will have virtually the same effect in similar weather.

    REI Trailmade Anorak - Women's

    REI Co-op Trailmade Anorak Jacket vs the Weather

    I would consider myself I pretty indecisive guy when it comes to most things, so having a jacket that’s as in-between as I am has been somewhat of a relief. Soft-shell jackets by design are not meant to go toe-to-toe with thunderstorms or severe weather, but they can typically hold their own in some light rain and chilly wind. 

    The hood is also a nice addition to ward off any rain that may try to make it’s way to your face. Overall for a jacket that isn’t designed for extreme weather, it does ward of the mild weather and wind with ease. 

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    REI Co-op Trailmade Anorak Jacket Ventilation and Breathability

    Ventilation is definitely one of this jacket’s strong suits, making sure you stay cool and comfortable no matter what the day has in store. The nylon stretch material is super breathable and has just the right amount of give. In addition to the ventilation and breathability, the material of the jacket feels very comfortable and high-quality while wearing it, as I’ve found some jacket of similar style to feel plasticky or downright uncomfortable.

    REI Trailmade Anorak - Women's

    How Much Does the REI Co-op Trailmade Anorak Fit?

    To test the overall fit of the jacket I did try it on, but for the sake of it being a women’s jacket, I figured the assessment given by my female friend may be a tad more useful. 

    “Starting from the top, the shoulders were kind of tight, but maybe that’s just me being picky. I also found the hood to be a bit short when pulled over my head, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Then lastly, the bottom of the jacket felt a bit cropped, but I actually liked the look and feel of this so no complaints there. Overall I’d say I’m a fan of the jacket and would have no problem recommending it to someone.”

    Also, keep in mind the model I used was 5’ 11” for a reference point to the photos and fit.

    REI Trailmade Anorak - Women's

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      Final Thoughts on the REI Co-op Trailmade Anorak Jacket

      Again, as a self-proclaimed jacket connoisseur, I love this jacket as soft-shell go-to jacket for everyday use. With a great price and quality eco-freindly materials used, there really wasn’t too much, if anything, to really gripe over on this jacket. Though as always, I would suggest going in to your local REI if possible and checking how the jacket fits you, as the cropped bottom could fit everyone a bit different!
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