As a professional travel blogger, I presumably don’t need to point out that I really LOVE travelling. However, I will admit that sometimes, travelling can kinda get in the way of my other great loves; staying fit and catching up on my sleep…!

While some of you may go on vacation for a bit of R and R, I generally come home from holiday in need of a holiday (having fun is tiring when done right, right?) And that’s before we get to how exhausting travelling itself can –  I mean, how do you get quality rest while in transit?

With the right gear is how, and this is going to form the focus of today’s blog post as we look at some of the best travel gear and accessories from TRTL Travel.

In this post we are going to look at the best travel accessories from TRTL Travel including their excellent pillow, eye mask and sleep range along with their other innovative little offerings.

About TRTL Travel

Based in sunny Glasgow, Scotland, TRTL Travel is known for its innovative travel accessories, most famously for its travel pillows. The TRTL travel pillow, in particular, gained popularity for its unique design that differs from traditional travel pillows.

Instead of the common U-shaped design, TRTL pillows often feature a more structured support system that wraps around the neck, providing support to the head and neck in a way that’s meant to be more comfortable and supportive during travel, especially on long flights or trips. Since formation in 2010, they’ve expanded their range over time to include other travel essentials, focusing on comfort and convenience for travellers.

Top Travel Accessories From TRTL Travel

TRTL understands the needs of the modern traveller and this shows in all of their gear which is lightweight, practical, and, most importantly, affordable. Each product is designed with the core ethos of enhancing travel comfort, without adding unnecessary bulk or expense.

By the way, all of the items below make great gifts for the traveller in your life.

Travel Pillows

TRTL Pillow Plus

Forget everything you know about travel pillows. The TRTL Pillow, with its scientifically proven ergonomic design, offers unparalleled neck support, allowing you to rest comfortably in a seated position. Lightweight and easy to pack, it’s a backpacker’s dream for long-haul flights, bus rides, and impromptu airport naps.

There are a number of different versions available catering for all occasions, sleeping styles and personal preferences which we will quickly summarise;

  • TRTL Travel Pillow: The classic, flagship pillow from TRTL promises the best sleep you will ever have…
  • TRTL Pillow Cool: This innovative bit of kit is temperature regulated to prevent your neck rom overheating and help you stay cool.
  • TRTL Pillow Plus: A height adjustable pillow that you can shunt up and down to match your size, and sleep style.
  • Pillow Junior: The world’s leading travel pillow for kids.

Packing Pods

TRTL Packing Pods

Some of you have used packing cubes (or maybe compression sacks) before. If you have not then take it from us that they are a proper game changer and personally I never travel without them anymore.

Well, the Packing Pods from TRTL are the Packing Cube, reimagined. Each set includes 3 different size (S, M, L) packing pods and a carry-strap. The idea is that you can simply pack them into your luggage like with standard cubes/sacks or you can carry them like a light day pack. The straps also allow you to hang them up once you arrive at your destination rather than having to leave them on the floor which I normally do.

Oh, and they are also eco-friendly.  Each set is made from 13 recycled plastic bottles.

Travel Socks

TRTL Travel Socks

In case you have never tried them, travel compression socks are designed to support circulation in your legs during long periods of inactivity – such as when sitting on long flights or car rides. By applying the right amount of gentle pressure to your legs, these socks help to increase blood flow, reduce the risk of swelling, and minimise the feeling of fatigue. This enhanced circulation can also help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a serious condition where blood clots form in the veins deep within your legs.

I never used to need compression socks but now that I am approaching 4 and 0 years, they have become an indispensable travel accessory for long flights.

These ones from TRTL are made with COOLMAX® and knitted with LYCRA® and come in 3 sizes to ensure the perfect fit and stop that ‘too tight’ feeling you sometimes get.

Travel Flask

TRTL Travel Flask

You all understand the importance of staying hydrated when travelling and I hope you also understand the importance of saying no to plastic bottles. As such, a good quality drinking flask that you can refill at airport fountains, is a vital piece of travel gear.

There are of course countless different flasks and reusable bottles out there to choose from so what is so special about this one?

Well, it’s fairly light to carry when empty, will keep hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cool for 24 and comes with a handy clip that you can use to attach the flask to your bag.

Best Bundles From TRTL

TRTL also offers a range of bundles or packages. Let’s take a look at them.

Double Comfort Bundle

TRTL Double Comfort Bundle

This is simply 2 TRTL pillows of your choice bundled together. This is great for couples who want a pillow each, or sole travellers who think they may need to change pillows at some point. For example, you could use the classic TRTL Travel Pillow and then cool for when it gets a bit too warm.

This bundle also comes with a complimentary passport cover.

Packed To Perfection Bundle

TRTL Packed To Perfection Bundle

This bundle consists of a Travel Pillow along with a full set the Packing Pods. So not only do you arrive at your destination well rested, but you are already nicely packed and organised.

Snooze Bundle

TRTL Snooze Bundle

As we said, getting a good bit of rest on a flight, long bus ride or train journey is tough. Well the TRTL Snooze Bundle helps you to arrive rested with the awesome Travel Pillow and the lovely Eye Mask.

Next day delivery is available and the bundle also comes with a free passport cover.

Final Thoughts

Travelling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. With TRTL, you’re equipped with innovative, space-saving, and cost-effective travel accessories that ensure you arrive at your next destination refreshed and ready to explore. Whether you’re sleeping on a plane, train, or bus, TRTL has your back (and neck).

Say goodbye to restless journeys and hello to smarter, more comfortable adventures with TRTL.