Most digital nomads know too well that finding the right short-term accommodation can often prove to be seriously tough. For many, the foremost challenge lies in striking that balance between cost and comfort and furthermore, digital nomads, who merge travel with work, face the added pressure of needing reliable internet connectivity and a conducive work environment.

Because of this, Airbnb pretty much became the de-facto provider of short to medium term accommodation for digital nomads and ‘slow travellers’. However, this was always a thoroughly imperfect solution as there are many challenges, short comings and drawbacks with this approach.

Tailored for digital nomads and backpackers, Wunderflats addresses the common challenge of finding affordable, comfortable, and convenient short to medium term accommodations. Whether you’re hopping from city to city or settling in for a longer stay, Wunderflats could be your ideal solution.

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    What is Wunderflats?

    Founded in Berlin in 2015, Wunderflats is somewhat unique amongst the growing plethora of accommodation platforms. Unlike Airbnb et all which can be booked for a single night, Wunderflats focuses on longer-term rentals of at least 1 month. The advantage for slow travellers and digital nomads is that this provides a blend of home comfort and hotel-like convenience in the process.

    At this time, Wunderflats has a very healthy roster of properties in Germany where the company is based, but they are fast establishing themselves all across Europe.

    Benefits for Budget Travelers and Digital Nomads

    Fairbnb Porto

    So why should travellers and digital nomads use Wunderflats? Well the obvious benefit of course is that they specialise in short term rentals and all of their properties are available for at least one month. If a property is available, it is available for a full month unlike Airbnb where many properties are only available for a matter of days or sometimes weeks.

    Furthermore, because they are designed for longer stays, the properties are more comfortable and ‘livable’ being situated in residential locations and including proper working kitchens and the likes.

    Next, Wunderflats rentals are secured by proper contracts unlike Airbnb. This means that the host can’t simply kick you out mid way through a booking for because they got a better offer on another platform – something that Airbnb is routinely called out for allowing.

    Finally, Wunderflats is also a damn sight more cost effective than other comparable platforms. For example, while researching this piece I managed to find a studio apartment in Dresden for one month for €775 ($845) on Wunderflats whereas the cheapest option over on Airbnb was €918 ($1002). And furthermore get this, the Airbnb option looked like like a vastly inferior apartment in a far less convenient part of the city.

    How to Use Wunderflats

    In order to sign up to use Wunderflats, prospective guests do have to supply quite a bit of personal information such as passport, proof of address and bank statements. This is a lot more information that is normally required to sign up with a booking platform, but remember that Wunderflats are acting more as a real estate letting agent.

    Once you are signed up though, booking a stay via Wunderflats is pretty straightforward. Users start by visiting the Wunderflats website, selecting a destination and dates, and browsing through the available options.

    Note that very few properties are available to book instantly and most require the user to send a “request to book”. Usually these are answered within a few days, and usually in the affirmative.

    Downsides of Wunderflats

    Nothing is perfect, right? So what are the major drawbacks of using Wunderflats?

    Well, unlike platforms like Airbnb, in order to book a rental on Wunderflats guests are requested to put down some pretty serious deposits. For example, during my research for this piece, one booking for a flat in Nuremberg asked for a deposit of €2k – that’s almost 100% of the total value of the booking!

    While these deposits are refundable (presuming the occupier doesn’t trash the apartment), the fact is that many travellers and Digital Nomads just don’t have that amount of cash. Even for those who do,  it can sometimes feel unnerving putting down such an amount although Wunderflats are as close to an honest broker as it is possible to find in this space.

    I am also not a huge fan of any platform where guests have to ‘request to book’ and wait for a response rather than being able to book immediately. Still, considering the nature of medium-term letting, this is kind of inevitable.

    Comparison with Traditional Accommodations

    When compared to hostels, hotels, and Airbnb, Wunderflats often emerges as a more cost-effective choice, particularly for longer stays. Its unique selling points include the privacy and comfort of a home for a longer period of time, setting it apart from more transient accommodation types.

    Let’s look at some other platforms though and see how they compare to Wunderflats;

    Alternative Platforms To Wunderflats

    Let’s now take a look at some of the alternative platforms to Wunderflats.


    Spotahome is similar to Wunderflats in specialising in offering medium to long-term rentals. One of the things that makes them stand out is their much more detailed neighbourhood descriptions and virtual tours of each property. Photos, videos and tours go into much more detail so you know exactly what you’re getting including things like showing drawers and cupboard sizes and detailing things like kitchen appliances.

    The confirmation and booking process for Spotahome is something we also love about the platform. Your first payment is made through the company and held until 48 hours after you move in. There are also signed contracts with the landlord intended to protect both parties and keep everything as legit as possible. Our favourite part is that they protect against last-minute cancellations by helping you relocate and covering hotel costs.


    Nestpick is a platform that acts like a comparison site where you can search the largest online database of mid-to-longterm furnished apartments. As a result, it includes properties in over 3000 cities around the globe including some of the world’s top destinations. They also cater for a wider audience having search options specifically dedicated to things like student accommodation, different amenities, rooms and full apartments.

    Having access to so much data, they also offer analysis and insights into the global rental market. This includes a “work-from-anywhere” index which highlights the destinations that are most attractive and suitable for digital nomads. They also have different categories such as best LGBT+ and Vegetarian freindly cities as well as neighbourhood price indexes. Our favourite has to be the “white Christmas index”!


    HousingAnywhere is focused on making it easy and accessible to book housing and mid-long-term accommodation from anywhere in the world without needing an in-person viewing. They operate in 30+ countries (including a few countries popular with digital nomads) and specialise in housing for students and young professionals by partnering up with universities and companies.

    The listings on HousingAnywhere are super detailed and provide you with an extensive amount of information so you can decide if a place is right for you before making the move. They include things like floor plans, a list of amenities, detailed photos and walk-through videos. They also provide extra layers of security including anti-fraud regulations, money-back guarantees and holding your first month’s deposit and rental for 48 hours after you successfully move in.


    Homelike is a platform created with working professionals and expats in mind, looking to make them feel at home in any city they lay their heads in. They specialise in fully furnished apartments and have a presence in over 500+ cities across Europe and the US. The Homelike ethos is all about providing a simple, convenient and professional service that is user-friendly for both the host and landlord.

    Their platform allows users to easily filter results to only show apartments that are relevant to their needs as well as making it super simple to compare properties. Properties can either be instant confirmation or have a guaranteed response time of 48 hours. They also allow you to request multiple apartments with no obligation. Your first month’s payment is also held in a secure Escrow account until your move-in date for peace of mind when booking ahead.


    Ok, so Airbnb needs no introduction! It’s usually associated with short-term holiday rentals but it is also a super useful platform for those looking for longer-term solutions. One of the best features of Airbnb is that many hosts will provide significant discounts on monthly rentals making it an affordable option in some destinations.

    Though the platform is more weighted towards shorter stays, there is plenty of potential if you search out the right property and contact hosts beforehand. Some hosts might be less willing to have you stay longer than a month if it’s usually for them to get booked up with more profitable shorter stays and availability to extend is sometimes an issue. I have found Airbnb best if you’re only looking for around a 1-month stay.

    Also, be aware that last-minute cancellation is a major issue with Airbnb hosts and the platform doesn’t protect well against this.

    Month to month payments, no lock-in contracts, and no itineraries required: that’s the exact kind of insurance digital nomads and long-term traveller types need. Cover yo’ pretty little self while you live the DREAM!

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    Final Thoughts

    Wunderflats is fast emerging as a practical solution for digital nomads and slow travellers seeking short to medium-term accommodation in Europe. With its focus on rentals of at least one month, Wunderflats offers a blend of home comfort with a touch hotel-like convenience, particularly suitable for those needing stable, reliable environments for work and travel.

    However, it’s important to note the requirements for substantial deposits and the process of requesting bookings, which may not suit all travellers.

    Comparatively, while platforms like Spotahome, Nestpick, HousingAnywhere, Homelike, and Airbnb provide alternative options, Wunderflats holds a unique position in the market, especially for those prioritising longer stays and a blend of comfort and convenience.

    Are you ready to explore Europe with Wunderflats?! Well hit the button below to start the sign up process.

    See you on the road guys!

    And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!