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The legendary Amalfi Coast is on the northern shoreline of the province of Salerno, in Italy. This gorgeous stretch of coastline is famous for its stunning seaside towns, breathtaking views, outrageous hikes and sheer beauty!  The region welcomes thousands of excited travelers each year!

Our Amalfi Coast vacation Itinerary will help you to fill your days with exciting adventures and new ways to experience this magnificent haven of wonder and enchantment! 

 This complete Amalfi Coast travel guide will share with you the best itinerary full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, unforgettable adventure and day trips that will blow you away, making it the ideal travel companion! Prepare to embark on one of the (if not, the) most exquisite travel experiences of your life!


Best Time To Visit  Amalfi Coast

when to visit Amalfi Coast

These are the best times to visit Amalfi Coast!

This spectacular stretch of a beachside dream come true  has an amazing climate all year round. The Amalfi weather is remarkably inviting! Even visiting during Winter is fun, as the sun shines most days and there is still so much to do. It’s good to keep in mind though, that during Winter most of the hotels and restaurants are shut down as it is considered Amalfi Coast’s ‘offseason’.

The Amalfi Coast is enjoying its peak and most popular seasons between April and October. The high tourist season begins in Easter to September, and this is when the weather is magnificent, especially during the spring when gorgeous indigenous flowers bloom and share their vibrant beauty all around the towns!  During May and June, all of the prices are lower than during July and August.

 All of this in mind, every month is a good month for a getaway to The Amalfi Coast! However, the very best time to visit is by far is in May. Temperatures are perfect, the plants are lush and colorful, and you can experience the vibrancy of the notoriously beautiful coastline!

 Average TemperaturesChance of RainCrowdsOverall Grade
January8.9°C/48°F (Winter)HighCalm🙁
February9.1°C/48.4°F (Winter)HighCalm🙁
March10.6°C/51.1°F (Spring)HighCalm😐
April13.C°C/55.9°F (Spring)AverageBusy😀
May17.2°C/63°F (Spring)LowBusy😀
June20.8°C/69.4°F (Summer)LowBusy😀
July23.4°C/74.1°F (Summer)LowBusy😀
August23.6/74.5°F (Summer)AverageBusy😀
September21.1°C/70°F (Autumn)AverageBusy😀
October17°C/62.6°F (Autumn)AverageBusy😀
November13.1°C/55.6°F (Autumn)HighCalm🙂
December10°C/50°F (Winter)HighCalm/Christmas festivities🙂


Where To Stay In Amalfi Coast

where to stay in Amalfi Coast

These are the best places to stay in Amalfi Coast!

When you travel to Amalfi Coast you will find quaint and picturesque towns, as well as lively and historical ones, each of the towns that make up the Amalfi Coast, has something unique to share and a distinct atmosphere of its own!

The Amalfi Coast sweeps more than 110 square kilometers and is comprised of 13 unique municipalities that lie between Sorrento and Salerno. When traveling this gorgeous slice of Italian wonderland, it is good to know where to stay on the Amalfi Coast, so you can choose the best spot for you!

Positano is glamorous and picturesque, best known for having iconic pastel-colored houses that spill down its sheer craggy cliffs straight into the sea! However, they don’t call Positano the ‘vertical town’ for nothing, and there can be some steep hikes up the hills.

It is perfect for those seeking a place full of adventure complete with upscale shopping, a bustling nightlife, a peaceful sandy beach, and spotting famous Italian actors in the upbeat seaside bars!

Praiano one of the most romantic Amalfi Coast towns, featuring astounding views that extend from the Bay of Positano to the island of Capri, and divine sunsets! The beach is also second to none, boasting full sunlight from sunrise until sunset (perfect if you’re working on your tan!). The cherry on top is that Praiano is also a great base for those who love hiking, as the famous trail called the Sentiero Degli Dei starts from here.

Amalfi Town has a little something special for each and every kind of soul, with sweet pebble sometimes sandy beaches, as well as richly interesting culture and history. The town has been this region’s main maritime powers since the 6th century so it’s full to the brim with historical landmarks and beautiful medieval structures! It’s also smack bang in the middle of the coast, only around 40 minutes from Sorrento in one direction and Salerno the other, making the perfect base for relaxed day trips!

Once you have chosen your base, you need to work out what kind of digs you want. There are hotels, apartments, and hostels on the Amalfi Coast, and where you end up it will largely depend on your budget. You can find some decently priced hostels in Sorrento (though they’re still pricey).


Best Hostel in  Amalfi Coast – Ave Gratia Plena

Amalfi Coast Itinerary

Ave Gratia Plena is our pick for the best hostel in Amalfi Coast!

You will be welcomed with open arms into this unique 17th-century convent, nestled in one of the oldest streets of Amalfi Town, still hosting it’s original architectural structure and providing modern services. Enjoy a wonderful stay, comfortable and set with areas for you to meet and mingle with other enthusiastic travelers!

 The Ave Gratia Plena is the first hostel in Italy to receive the Hi-Quality Certification from the International Youth Hostel Federation.



Best Airbnb in Amalfi Coast: Villa Amazing View Peaceful Location

Villa Amazing View Peaceful Location, Almafi Coast

Villa Amazing View Peaceful Location is our pick for the best Airbnb in Almafi Coast

Enjoy an authentic stay on the Amalfi Coast at this charming two-bedroom apartment. Featuring five beds and two baths, this flat is perfect for couples, small families or groups of friends exploring the coast.

Enjoy unbeatable views, a private terrace and your very own lemon tree at this fantastic Airbnb in Positano.

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 Best Budget Hotel in  Amalfi Coast – Hotel Plaza

Amalfi Coast Itinerary

Hotel Plaza is our pick for the best budget hotel in Amalfi Coast!

The Hotel Plaza has rooms that are complete with flat screen TVs, air-conditioning for those hot days, private bathrooms, and some even include their own private balcony! Expect quality and comfort. Laze out on the furnished deck and have a dip in the pool after a long day of adventure, the Hotel Plaza is set in the center of Sorrento.

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Best Luxury Hotel in Amalfi Coast – Santa Caterina Hotel

Amalfi Coast Itinerary

Santa Caterina Hotel is our pick for the best budget hotel in Amalfi Coast!

Get 5-star treatment and world-class service at the Santa Caterina Hotel, complete with an award-winning restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine and delicious local wines! Have your breath taken away by the most amazing views of the Amalfi Coast, and enjoy this Art Nouveau villa built on a rock that overlooks the sea!

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Amalfi Coast Itinerary

Amalfi Coast itinerary

Welcome to our EPIC Amalfi Coast itinerary

Every place found in the Amalfi Coast is laden with beauty, architecture, history, prestige and absolute wonder. Don’t believe us? Just try walking around the cities by foot, and you will be spoilt with views of boutiques, seaside mountains, and even pastel colored houses, as well as old buildings galore.

There are plenty of buses moving around the Amafali coast between town and villages. However, the buses can get crowded, so expect to make a few friends along your way!

The best way to get around the Amafali coast is by taking to the seas and hopping on a ferry. Not only is this more scenic, but it is often more convenient and cheaper…talk about a bonus! Skim the shimmering waters and gaze at the insurmountable landscapes that pass you by.

There are a few train stations to consider using, The Napoli Centrale and Vietri Sul Mare are two of the most popular railways and are functioning around the clock.

If you want to rent a car, that is also an option should you want to keep your travels more private. You can even hire your own personal driver! You’ll have no worries when traveling to and from the many attractions of the Amalfi Coast!


Day 1 Itinerary in Amalfi Coast

Salerno Cathedral | Villa Rufolo | Grotta Dello Smeraldo | Museum Of Paper | Monte Faito


Day 1/Stop 1 – Salerno Cathedral

  • Why it’s awesome: This cathedral is hugely Significant to the religious history of Italy as a whole!
  • Cost: Entrance is €2 ($2,24)
  • Food Recommendation: Stop off at The Ristorante Lulì, where you will find exceptional food and a good cup of coffee to kickstart your travels! All of the meals are well presented and will delight your taste buds.

Begin your journey into the arms of the Amalfi Coast at the Salerno Cathedral, the main church of the stunning city of Salerno. The church is a major tourist attraction, and we can see why! Who wouldn’t fall in love with the flawless architecture, the violet colors and the renaissance style frescoes? Complete with a magnificent and storied past, this is a must-see stop!

Salerno Cathedral, Amalfi Coast

Salerno Cathedral, Amalfi Coast | source: S-F (Shutterstock)

This beautiful church is dedicated to Saint Matthew, and you can find plenty of his relics within the church crypt. Complete with golden and innately detailed touches, the church has a unique grandeur to be shared with all those who visit.

Right off the bat, you will learn heaps about this fascinating history of ancient Italy and the politics of the most loved city of Salerno!


Day 1/Stop 2 – Villa Rufolo

  • Why it’s awesome: You may even get to see a world-class concert during your visit!
  • Cost: Entrance fee is €5 ($5,60)
  • Food Recommendation: Vittoria Restaurant is one of the most beautiful restaurants! You can enjoy everything you order here, but we do suggest going for their signature Ravello Pizza, with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and courgettes.

Villa Rufolo is a  building in the historic center of Ravello that overlooks the main square of the city. Build in southern Italy by an exceedingly wealthy family in the 13th century, the villa captures a rich and interesting legacy!

When this villa was in its prime, it was considered to be the most exquisite villa in all of the Amalfi Coast, which is extremely impressive. Legends began to be told about hidden treasure on the premises, you might even be walking on stored jewels and gold whilst you stroll the astoundingly scenic and tranquil gardens.

Villa Rufolo

Villa Rufolo, Amalfi Coast

The villa is influenced by Moorish architecture and style, with its cascading gardens and noble terraces overlooking the vast Amalfi Coast ocean! Step into a world fit for royalty and experience some of the most extravagant structures and landscaping known to this phenomenal part of Italy’s coastline!

 Insider Tip: Be sure to venture up the two massive and graceful towers within the grounds, as they offer magnificent views of the sky, seas, and the decadently colorful garden!


Day 1/Stop 3 – Grotta Dello Smeraldo

  • Why it’s awesome: The Grotta Dello Smeraldo is also known as ‘The Emerald Cave’, do we need to say more?
  • Cost: Entrance fee is €5 ($5,60)
  • Food Recommendation: Experience Italian cuisine at its best when you visit Le Bontà del Capo. We highly recommend being open-minded to new meals, and giving one of their magnificent seafood dishes a try! You will get a meal with an outstanding view of the ocean.

Cruise the turquoise sea waters of the Amalfi Coast with a trained guide who will take you on a boat ride that you will never forget! Slide under the limestone cliffs of the mountainside and slip into a world of splendor.

You will find yourself on top of the surface of ocean waters that seem too beautiful to be real! Shimmering blue and green water that radiates light and fulls this cave with a mystical atmosphere. Due to the sunlight reflecting off the water at a certain angle, the sea waters within the Grotta Dello Smeraldo are illuminated and sparkling!

Grotta Dello Smeraldo, Amalfi Coast

Grotta Dello Smeraldo, Amalfi Coast | source: GothEric (Flickr)

 The cave itself is not only magnificently beautiful and lit up by the captivating ocean waters, but preserves an ancient and magically eerie environment that will enchant every bone in your body!

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Day 1/Stop 4 – Museum Of Paper

  • Why it’s awesome: The museum is housed in a rugged, cave-like 13th-century paper mill that happens to be the oldest in the whole of Europe!
  • Cost: Entrance fee is €4 ($4,48)
  • Food Recommendation: Delicious food and local wines are provided at the stylish Ristorante San Giovanni! Sit down and relax with a glass of red or white and dine on some decadent Mediterranean meals with ingredients fresh out of the restaurant’s garden.

 Situated among the first handful of towns where the existence of the paper was originally discovered in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Learn about the surprisingly in-depth and diverse history of paper, a substance used every day and found in almost every household or establishment!

The Idea of the museum is to be a concrete and interesting reality aimed to preserve the vast historical heritage of paper, as well as the recovery of ancient arts such as the manufacturing of handmade paper. It is an insightful look into this long forgotten world, very different from how we do things now with the digital revolution underway.

Stroll the old paper mill and enjoy some brain food, as well as some soul food with the remarkable paper artworks adorned throughout the premises!

 Insider Tip: You can find curious and creatively designed paper made decor within the museum’s gift shop, which is well worth having a squizz at!


Day 1/Stop 5 – Monte Faito

  • Why it’s awesome: This magnificent mountain provides some of the most astounding views of its lush forests and landscapes, as well as the magnificent shoreline of this province!
  • Cost: The cable far fee varies from €6,71 ($7,52) to €7,23 ($8,10)
  • Food Recommendation: Enjoy a scrumptious feast at The Titos Ristorante Pizzeria! Choose anything from marinated steaks to delectable pizzas or lobster. Whatever suits your taste, you will be sure to find something that will blow you away. Expect amazing service and affordable prices.

Monte Faito is a glorious mountain in the Monti Lattari, a small mountain range chain in the Campanian Pre-Apennines that showcases the majesty of the Amalfi Coast landscapes! The famous mountain towers over the picturesque countryside of Campania whilst also overlooking the whole of the charming Sorrento Peninsula.

The mountain is known for providing scenic trails that give you the opportunity to receive respite from the heat and crowds often found along the coastline. Faito Mountain was named because of the plentiful of beech trees that blanket its splendid slopes. Find some of the best hiking trails and enjoy a mesmerizing beauty of the mountain’s vegetation and the views offered.

Monte Faito, Amalfi Coast

Monte Faito, Amalfi Coast | source: Francesco Ricciardi Exp (Shutterstock)

Along the routes, you will meander past ancient cisterns, churches, cafes, as well as pine and beech forests! Keep your eyes out for all of the wild bears, vibrant butterflies and small mammals that call this mountain home.

 Insider Tip: It’s ideal to wear hiking shoes or trainers, but it is manageable in flip flops. The best way overall to reach the peak is via the official cable car.


Check Best Price

Ave Gratia Plena
You will be welcomed with open arms into this unique 17th-century convent, nestled in one of the oldest streets of Amalfi Town, still hosting it’s original architectural structure and providing modern services.
  • $$
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Washing Machine


Day 2 Itinerary in Amalfi Coast

Church of Santa Maria Assunta | Castello di Arechi | Riserva Statale Valle Delle Ferriere | Amalfi Cathedral | Arienzo Beach


Day 2/Stop 1 –  Church of Santa Maria Assunta

  • Why it’s awesome: This is an ancient cathedral with incredible history and many secrets to be shared!
  • Cost: Entrance fee is €1 ($1,12)
  • Food Recommendation: Relax and dine at the Ristorante Villa ‘600! Experience amazing views and a tranquil atmosphere. Venetian cuisine is prepared and served with flair! Enjoy an inspired and unusual breakfast.

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta is famous for its innovative fashion design and practically vertical setting, complete with colorful villas that are stacked one on top of another up the craggy cliff side. A relaxed atmosphere pervades the space, and so does ancient history, as the church is an important part of Positano’s cultural, religious and architectural landscape.

Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Amalfi Coast

As one of the town’s most prominent and photographed sights, you can imagine the kind of magnificence you will behold whilst strolling the church’s grounds and admiring the setting! The church also features a Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary and was once part of a monastery.

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta has a lively and colorful majolica tiled dome, which has become one of the town’s most iconic symbols, with its intricate pattern of yellow, green and blue tiles shining against the clear blue sky and the shimmering Mediterranean Sea.


Day 2/Stop 2 – Castello di Arechi

  • Why it’s awesome: The Castello di Arechi is a magnificent medieval castle just waiting to be explored!
  • Cost: Viewing is free!
  • Food Recommendation: Enjoy a delightful meal at the Botteghelle 65, where service comes with a smile and you can indulge in the best ham and cheese! We suggest going for one of their many famous bread varieties!

This ancient castle was first constructed in the medieval era, 1100 AD. Castello di Arechi has truly stood the test of time and remains to this day a noble and beautiful sight to behold! Take a step back in time to the Medieval era and feel like a King or Queen as you stroll the halls.

The castle features multimedia and archaeological museums on the grounds, so if you feel like expanding your knowledge on history and the renowned medieval architecture, this is the perfect place to do it!

Castello di Arechi, Amalfi Coast

Castello di Arechi, Amalfi Coast | source: SOLOXSALERNO (Wikicommons)

Also discovered within the bountiful walls of the castle grounds is a scenic park full with beautiful flowers, hedges and nature trails! Get lost in the mystical garden and then find your way to a peak that provides enchanting Amalfi Coast sea views.

 Insider Tip: At night, the castle is turned into a disco! Talk about a 360.


Day 2/Stop 3 – Riserva Statale Valle Delle Ferriere

  • Why it’s awesome: A lush rainforest that preserves the wilderness of this wonderful space, complete with a nature reserve in the center!
  • Cost: Entrance fee is €4 ($4,80)
  • Food Recommendation: Enjoy a sensational and authentically Italian dish at the family owned Ristorante Dei Cavalieri! Everything is fresh, and the service is impeccable. We suggest trying one of their seafood pasta dishes, you will not be disappointed.

 The Valle Delle Ferriere offers serene wildlife, awe-inspiring waterfalls and placid streams running its length. You can even download a map to make sure you don’t get lost although getting lost in this kind of beauty wouldn’t be such a bad thing!

 Take a  break from the city and escape into this peaceful sanctuary of thriving vegetation and wildlife. The Nature Reserve (Riserva Naturale Orientata), can also be found at its center. The reserve is absolutely bursting with life and beauty.

Thanks to Valle Delle Ferriere’s geographical position, the area benefits from the specific physical and biological characteristics of the environment! High rocky ridges on either side of the valley protect this astounding natural wonderland from the cold north winds!

 Meander and connect with this pristine and untouched plethora of wild plants and fresh air! Find yourself in bliss, and be sure to bring your camera so you can keep photos of the exclusive park grounds with you.

 Insider Tip: Plenty of the plants found here have been around for centuries! One of which is the giant fern Woodwardia radicals,  first identified in 1710.


Day 2/Stop 4 – Amalfi Cathedral

  • Why it’s awesome: Amalfi Cathedral is a sensational and beautiful church located in the heart of Amalfi!
  • Cost: Visiting the Cathedral is free, but an entrance fee of €3 ($3,36) is required to view the must-see cloisters and the crypt.
  • Food Recommendation: The Sensi Restaurant offers fine dining with beautiful views from its terrace. Whether you feel like experimenting with new flavors or keeping it simple – you will find it all here! We suggest trying one of the many seasonal wines.

 Italy as a whole offers the world some of the most divine and revolutionary artwork, architecture and grandeur! The Amalfi Cathedral is no exception to that standard and is one remarkably brilliant building. The medieval Roman Catholic cathedral is found within the famous Piazza del Duomo.

 All of the most spectacular cathedrals within Amalfi Coast are all dedicated to an important saint, and this graceful structure pays homage to the Apostle Saint Andrew, whose beautiful relics are kept and displayed here.

Amalfi Cathedral

Amalfi Cathedral, Amalfi Coast

The rich religious history of the Amalfi Coast is all hidden within the walls of this predominant cathedral, and experiencing the extensive beauty of the pillars and artwork is something that stays with the soul!

The value of this church to the Amalfi Coast is immense, and it was formerly the archiepiscopal seat of the Diocese of Amalfi, and it has been since 1986. Explore and learn about what makes this part of Italy so special, and how much of the Italian culture and roots were founded within this province.


Day 2/Stop 5 – Arienzo Beach

  • Why it’s awesome: This beach has the best of both worlds, it is famously scenic and also quite!
  • Cost: Entering through Bagni d’Arienzo Beach Club, the entrance fee is €12,50 (($14) and this includes a beach chair and umbrella.
  • Food Recommendation: Arienzo Beach Club has a fantastic range of meals and delicious cocktails! This famous beachside bar and restaurant will add so much to one of the most incredible evenings of your life!

 Stroll lazily down a long flight of steps, and gaze out at the paradise before you! Lapping ocean waters, long stretches of rich golden sands, and tan bodies as far as the eye can see. Watch out for dolphins and whales in the distance as well, wanting to wave a fin and welcome you to a dream come true.

 This picturesque and famous beach offers swimming to the public, as the waters are smooth and incredibly alluring! Sit back, relax and get yourself a cocktail as you watch the sunset over the sea horizon, with the warm colors dancing on the flowing ocean surface and waves lap onto the shore.

Arienzo Beach, Amalfi Coast

Arienzo Beach, Amalfi Coast | source: D.Bond (Shutterstock)

This is heaven on earth, and most certainly the most beautiful beach along this prestigious coastal stretch! What better way to complete your 2 days in Amalfi Coast than to soak in the afternoon sunlight with a sundowner, letting all of the wonderful memories you’ve created along with your journey set in.

 Enjoy the vibrant nightlife and celebrate your last evening in the glamorously stunning Amalfi Coast in one of the laid back and chic seaside bars!

Villa Rufolo

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Day 3 And Beyond

Lattari Mountains| Archaeological Museum of Salerno | Temple of Apollo | Coral Museum | Terrazza dell’Infinito

If you’re considering how many days to spend in Amalfi Coast to see everything this gorgeous place has to offer then we suggest that you plan on enjoying more than 3 days in Amalfi Coast to soak it all in!


Lattari Mountains Regional Park

  • The mountains stretch a vast 160 square kilometers on the peninsula!
  • Expect ocean views that will take your breath away.
  • Entrance fee is €20.09 ($22.50)

This mountainous area rides over the exquisite Sorrento and the Amalfi peninsula. The park owes its name to the breed of sheep that enjoy the pasture there, and who provide luxurious delicacies for the locals, such as the Provolone del Monaco, Fiordilatte, Burrino, caciocavallo and many more incredible kinds of cheese!

 The entirety of the park spreads between Naples and Salerno, including 27 towns. The area is full of historical centers and prestigious locations that will have you mystified for hours on end! The intimate connection between sea and mountains can be felt here whilst walking one of the many winding paths and adds to the character of the park.

Lattari Mountains Regional Park, Amalfi Coast

Lattari Mountains Regional Park, Amalfi Coast | source: Andy Rusch (Flickr)

If you’re a lover of hikes, this beauty offers some of the best in the world for your Amalfi Coast trip! Monte Sant’Angelo a Tre Pizzi and Monte Faito are the highest peaks, then Monte Finestra and Monte dell’Avvocato that ends the southern Lattari mountain chain. By far the most famous of the trail is The Path of the Gods, starting from Bomerano and leading to Positano through magnificent ancient paths that offer mysterious caves, ancient ruins from old houses, woods and natural bluff terraces over the sea. 

Experience the best of the Amalfi Coast’s nature trails and ocean views from the gorgeous haven of this wild paradise!


Provincial Archaeological Museum of Salerno

  • Browse and admire ancient artwork and artifacts that have been found in the area!
  • A celebrated bronze head of Apollo himself can be spotted!
  • The entrance fee is €4 ($4,80)

The insightful Provincial Archaeological Museum of Salerno first Opened on October 28th back in 1928 and the museum has had several locations over the years until finally In 1939, the museum was moved to the complex of St. Benedict as a permanent location. Even the location of the museum has a fascinating history to it!

The very first exhibition within the museum complex was originally designed and created in the seventies by renowned Italian architect by the name of Ezio de Felice. The maintenance and restyling completed a design that respects the philosophy of restoration and first design, and it is a sight to behold!

Provincial Archaeological Museum of Salerno

Provincial Archaeological Museum of Salerno, Amalfi Coast | source: Jack56 (Wikicommons)

The garden at the front of the museum has a stunning lapidary with Roman remains in particular statues, figures, and honorary bases. On the Inside, you will find the most important finds from the whole province of Salerno!

Embark on a journey that offers you a look into the main cultural trends that have emerged in Campania, right from the prehistoric to the Roman times! There is a distinct focus on the aspects of the male and female costumes and attire.

 A place not to be missed when traveling the Amalfi Coast, Italy! 


The Temple of Apollo

  • The temple is dedicated to none other than the Roman god, Apollo.
  • Find the temple within the famous archeological ruins of Pompeii!
  • The temple is the town’s most important religious building and has a revered ancient history!

 You will be enthralled by the reminiscent features of this fantastic and massively renowned temple. Wander the ruins and enjoy the structure that has been standing since 4th century BC! Dive into the world of ancient Roman religion and become captivated by the passion and loyalty of the people to their notorious gods that now form one of the most complex and well-studied mythologies on earth!

The Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo, Amalfi Coast | source: Carole Raddato (Flickr)

The temple was first demolished by the Roman emperor Theodosius, as he silenced the oracle and destroyed most of the statues and works of art! The site was soon after completely destroyed by zealous Christians in efforts to remove all traces of Paganism.

The ruins of this ancient temple do actually decay at a faster rate than a handful of the other ruins of the Parnassos mountain due to the fact that it was constructed purely out of limestone and porous stone. You will also see a vast array of other ruins as you venture, all proving that the ancient Roman legacy is worth all the hype and continuing on the stories into today’s world.

The beauty and the atmosphere are both full of history and thick with stories untold!


The Coral Museum

  • The museum is family owned!
  • You can buy yourself some one-of-a-kind coral jewelry.
  • Entrance to the museum is free.

 The Coral Museum was originally founded in 1986 by Giorgio Filocamo, based on his innate generosity, he happily constructed the museum as he wanted to preserve the precious wealth of antiques handed down from his family! The museum celebrates the venerable tradition of Italian workmanship in coral. This is a sublime experience and certainly not the kind that can be found anywhere else but in the Amalfi Coast!

Enjoy the host of artwork created with the irresistible charm of this precious gift from the seas and allow yourself to become inspired by the devotion displayed! There are plenty of symbolic and sacred coral relics to be admired, one of which is a coral horn.

You will be astounded by the magnificence of the museum, there is so much to experience and incredible beauty to be enjoyed. If you are lucky, you can get away with a sprig of coral in your hands, as Giorgio Filocamo stands by the tradition that coral material should be broken, red, and gifted.

Experience the diversity of the artisan world of coral! The museum is bursting with stunning creations that are waiting for you to be discovered while you visit Amalfi Coast!


The Terrazza dell’Infinito

  • This stretch is known as “the terrace of infinity” in English
  • See the best view of the Amalfi Coast, and make sure someone is there to catch your jaw when it drops!
  • The entrance is free!

Imagine a setting that is so highly beautifully and gloriously atmospheric than any words to try and somewhat describe this miracle of nature is somehow ineffective… This is that kind of place! The Terrazza Dell’Infinito has been said to be one of the most heavenly views of tranquility imaginable. Just go there and see it for yourself, you will appreciate every moment spent gazing into the horizon.

Walk along this incomparable majestic jewel found on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, you will easily understand how so many are simply awe-struck by the cliff-edge panoramic vista from the Terrace of Infinity! It may even be the most beautiful view in the world, that’s just how special it is.

The Terrazza dell'Infinito

The Terrazza dell’Infinito, Amalfi Coast

Completing this heart-stoppingly beautiful terrace is marble busts of Roman statues that are located high up on the cheer cliff, facing the ocean at Villa Cimbrone in Ravello. It is fascinating that this is considered to be one of the most prestigious interpretations of a Roma Villa known to the entire Mediterranean, and the villa’s structure dates all the way back to the 11th century!

 The magnificent charm and absolute serene splendor of Terrazzo dell’infinito have proven irresistible to so many visitors, and it will capture your soul in a way you didn’t know was possible! You will find yourself literally spending hours gazing across the great divide between the turquoise Tyrrhenian Sea and azure Mediterranean sky! Enjoy the most immeasurable, enticing, and exhilaratingly infinite views right before you as time stands still.

Don’t forget to pack a good book!

The Amalfi Coast Up Close & Personal This is our top recommendation for an awesome and inspiring read on this magical city.


Staying Safe in Amalfi Coast

Your trip to Amalfi Coast will be just that much more relaxing if you keep in mind some safety tips. Keeping yourself well informed about the unique problems in Italy and of your belongings is a good start.

Firstly, let’s start with the usual. Things like, do not leave your belongings unattended (especially at popular tourist destinations), keep your bag on your stomach when in busy streets and do not walk alone at night in quieter alleyways.

We also suggest that you hike with caution, as some of the mountains can be especially rocky and steep. It is well worth the journey, but pack a small medical kit with you in case of injuries and keep your wits about you!

Other than these simple tips, the Amalfi Coast will provide remarkable safety and is especially known for being a safe place for solo female travelers, which is wonderful! We suspect you will have no problems during your adventure, but keep this information in mind.

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Day Trips From Amalfi Coast

If you want to know what to do in Amalfi Coast during the day, well then we have the best tours and day trips for you so look no further! Full up your stunning days and your weekend in Amalfi Coast with these must-do escapades!


Faito Mountain: Hike the Highest Peak of the Amalfi Coast

Faito Mountain Hike the Highest Peak of the Amalfi Coast

Mountain ranges are something that must be enjoyed during your trip to Amalfi Coast! The unforgettable landscapes and long ranges of rolling mountains will steal your heart and nurture your adventurous spirit.

Enjoy a private hiking tour lead by an expert guide who will take you through an ancient forest. Walk down winding paths and connect with the magic of this splendid area. You will have an opportunity to see spectacular views of the peninsula!

That’s not all, you will also get to admire views of Vesuvius, the Bay of Naples, and Capri island.

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Amalfi Coast: Full-Day Private Boat Cruise

almafi coast boat tour

The ocean waters of the Amalfi Coast are calling your name! What better way to enjoy them than to take a leisurely cruise along the famous shorelines of the Amalfi Coast? You will have peace and contentment for 6 hours during this private boat tour, which has been entirely customized to suit your preferences.

Have all the fun without the crowds and get an insight into the history of each of the sights that this province is known for, such as Nerano, Furore, Praiano, picturesque Ravello, Positano, and so many more!

Don’t forget to look out for aquatic wildlife and distant islands!

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Amalfi Coast: Limoncello Tasting & Scenic Cruise

Amalfi Coast Limoncello Tasting and Scenic Cruise

Whether you’re more of a land-lover or someone who should have grown a pair of gills by now, you will get to experience something special during this stunning tour of the Amalfi Coast. The tour features both land and sea attractions and will spoil you with all sorts of history and show you the best places to see!

Spend your day exploring and learning about the various old towns spotted along this storied stretch of coastline! You will be amazed at how much this iconic province has seen and soak in the aesthetic majesty of the cobblestone streets and the lazy ocean!

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Day Cruise to Capri from the Amalfi Coast


All aboard! Don’t miss out on the chance to set sail for the glamorous and exceedingly popular island of Capri! This remarkable island has so much to share with you, and the memories you create along this journey will stay with you forever.

Escape the city’s crowds on this full-day boat cruise that starts from the Amalfi Coast. Experience 3 to 4 hours of ocean breezes, sunbathing and leisure as you sail forth to discover Capri’s outstanding beauty and the seductive charm of a legendary island.

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Pompeii + Amalfi Coast Day Tour

Pompeii Express Half Day Tour from Amalfi Coast

Treat yourself, and your travel companions, to a wonderful half-day tour of the famous Roman ruins of Pompeii! The site offers splendor of another kind, featuring old castle bathrooms, ancient temples, sacred sights and massively broken down castles.

Take a step back in time and walk where the spirits of the ancient royalties used to live their lavish lives! You will have the opportunity to learn about the life of ancient Italy while also exploring the compelling and fascinating archeological site.

 You will be utterly captivated by the Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed Pompeii as you venture the uncovered remains of Roman life from 79 A.D.

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The Amalfi Coast is one of those precious places that you can visit and tell stories of to your grandchildren! With romantic, historical and simply mind-blowing spots, as well as dreamlike beaches. It’s one of the most incredible places for you to travel and should definitely be on your list of places to visit if you intend of backpacking through Italy on a budget.

 We hope to have provided you with the best way to see the Amalfi Coast. Explore the superb cities, enjoy the alluring seas and dive into this world of ecstatic and graceful beauty.

 You will be forgiven for shedding a tear when you leave!

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