Perfectly positioned for exploring the stunning Amalfi Coast, the city of Sorrento is itself a bustling city filled with tasty food and a buzzing nightlife that deserves to be explored. It’s famous for its lemons and famous lemon alcoholic byproduct, limoncello.

With its busy marina, pedestrianised main street, and nearby beaches all facing the Bay of Naples – complete with views of Mount Vesuvius – Sorrento is an exciting and picturesque Italian destination.

So… what do you wanna do? Chill out on the beaches? Explore the town? Head out into the surrounding areas of the region? It can be difficult to know where to stay Sorrento.

But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Actually, we’ve sorted through the best hostels in Sorrento (and categorised ’em as well) to make life easy for you when it comes to choosing the hostel that’s right for you.

Peep our list of the top Sorrento backpackers hostels below!

Quick answer: The Best Hostels in Sorrento


Best Party Hostel in Sorrento – Seven Hostel

Seven Hostel best hostels in Sorrento
Seven Hostel is our pick for best party hostel in Sorrento
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Rooftop Terrace
  • Bar

This is a great option for a budget hostel in Sorrento. Plus it’s surrounded by pizzerias, bars and nightclubs, making it pretty much the best party hostel in Sorrento. This hostel also has a fun atmosphere on the weekend, when local people come to hang out at the bar here with live music playing and stuff.

There’s not a great deal of hostel atmosphere here (like, don’t expect a communal kitchen or anything), but the dorms are big, cool, and clean. The roof terrace is chill here too. But yeah, the proximity to the bars really helps this place in the fun department.

Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Sorrento – Casa Rachele

Casa Rachele best hostels in Sorrento
Casa Rachele is our pick for best hostel for solo travellers in Sorrento
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Air Con
  • Tours/Travel Desk

This is a super friendly place to stay in Sorrento, which easily makes it the best hostel for solo travellers. Rachele is a super host who will make you feel like you’re part of the family when you arrive and throughout your stay, which is always great if you’re on your own.

Enjoy the free breakfast at this Sorrento backpackers hostel whilst chatting to other guests staying here. Plus you can take a tour through the hostel or explore the nearby Amalfi Coast by yourself. Decent choice overall.

Best Cheap Hostel in Sorrento – Naradas Homestay

Naradas Homestay best hostels in Sorrento
Naradas Homestay is our pick for best cheap hostel in Sorrento
  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Air Con
  • Cafe

Naradas Homestay is a cheap and cheerful option when it comes to a base for exploring the Amalfi Coast (and other parts of this region). The breakfast is included in the price, which definitely helps make this place the best cheap hostel in Sorrento.

What also helps is the fact that it’s near the train station, so it’s easy to take a train and explore by yourself without having to pay too much money for taxis or anything. Plus this top hostel in Sorrento is in the town’s main pedestrianised street, so bars and restaurants and cafes are easy to find.

Best Hostel for Couples in Sorrento – Village Campsite

Village Campsite best hostels in Sorrento
Village Campsite is our pick for best hostel for couples in Sorrento
  • $$
  • Restaurant
  • Beach Nearby
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool

Why is a campsite the best hostel for couples in Sorrento, you may be wondering? Well, because it’s super romantic, that’s why! Yep, this place is immersed in the countryside dotted with olive trees and lemon groves and it’s just ultra picturesque.

There’s an outdoor swimming pool complete with sun loungers at this budget hostel in Sorrento, too – plus it’s close to the beach. And don’t you worry: you don’t have to stay in a tent if you don’t wanna, ’cause there are also cabins here.

Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Sorrento – Ulisse Deluxe

Ulisse Deluxe best hostels in Sorrento
Ulisse Deluxe is our pick for best hostel for digital nomads in Sorrento
  • $$
  • Bar
  • Air Con
  • Swimming Pool

Definitely a great base for exploring Sorrento and other towns on the Amalfi Coast, this top hostel in Sorrento is actually more like a hotel than a hostel – which is fine if you’ve had enough of hostel atmospheres for now. Fine.

We say it’s the best hostel for digital nomads in Sorrento because, yeah, it does make a break from dorms and stuff if you’ve been backpacking long-term. Plus the beach is nearby so when you’ve done your work (in one of this hostel’s many lounges) you can simply roll down to the sand and relax.

Best Hostel with a Private Room in Sorrento – Casa Mazzola

Casa Mazzola best hostels in Sorrento
Casa Mazzola is our pick for best hostel with a private room in Sorrento
  • $$$
  • Tours/Travel Desk
  • Free Breakfast
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool

Located overlooking the Bay of Naples, this top hostel in Sorrento is set in a beautiful villa surrounded by classic Italian gardens, complete with olive trees and dramatic sea views.

The best hostel with a private room in Sorrento, this place is more like a B&B with a relaxed atmosphere than a budget hostel in Sorrento – so it’s perfect if you’re looking for space, comfort and privacy. Plus it’s run by a friendly family who’ll give you tips on what to do in the area, and make sure you’re happy and looked after.

Things DO go missing sometimes…

lock iconPsst! Heading to a hostel? Don’t forget to pack a padlock! It’s well worth having one so you can secure your locker and protect your stuff!

Best Budget Hotels In Sorrento

And, if that roundup of the best hostels wasn’t enough for you, here’s our top pick of the best budget hotels in Sorrento just in case you couldn’t find the ideal hostel for your trip. The top budget hotels in Sorrento have a lot going for them, and you can get a lot for your money, so if you fancy spending your trip in a private room, or just want a more relaxing place to stay then these top budget hotels might just be the best choice for you.

La Neffola Residence

La Neffola Residence best budget hotels in Sorrento
La Neffola Residence
  • $$$
  • Table Tennis
  • Air Con
  • Swimming Pool

This Sorrento budget hotel is a nice and relaxing lil’ oasis of chill and quiet, which is always a plus when you’ve been walking around in the bustling city all day. The outdoor pool area is SUPER nice and definitely the kinda place you can unwind for an hour or two.

The onsite restaurant helps with all the budget-friendly offerings since it serves up reasonably priced but moreover VERY TASTY food. The B&B itself is actually based in a campsite, so it’s a 5 min walk away from Sorrento itself, and there are more facilities on offer.

House Matilde

House Matilde best budget hotels in Sorrento
House Matilde
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Luggage Storage
  • Air Con

House Matilde is all about clean and spacious apartments with small lounges and balconies, which sounds just about great to us. What sounds even better is the super tasty Italian breakfast served up every morning. FREE.

Set at the end of the pedestrianised street, this budget hotel in Sorrento is not so noisy but since it’s still pretty close to the restaurants and bars you can get into the thick of the city’s nightlife very easily. The owners? Super kind and friendly and ready to help out with whatever you want to do on your trip.

Ostello Le Sirene

Ostello Le Sirene best budget hotels in Sorrento
Ostello Le Sirene
  • $$
  • Cafe
  • Tours/Travel Desk
  • Bike Rental

Modern and small, sort of like a hotel and sort of like a hostel, Ostello Le Sirene is in the centre of town so you can easily get around using this place as a base. So, yep, location wise, this budget hotel in Sorrento is pretty dang good.

Close to the train station and about a 10 min walk to the beach, you can get your fill of basic accommodation at this place. The decor is bright and cheery, the staff are friendly and helpful. In the lobby, there’s a tour agency which is helpful if you wanna explore around the area.

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Why you should travel to Sorrento

So there you have it: our guide to the best hostels in Sorrento.

Whether you want to be close to the beach, near to the nightlife of town, or well positioned to explore the Amalfi Coast, we reckon there’ll be something in our list for you.

And whatever you choose, there will be some amazingly helpful staff running the top hostels in Sorrento to make you feel at home and help you explore further afield.

We’ve also chucked in a few of the best budget hotels in Sorrento, just in case you don’t fancy staying in a dorm – or you just want a lil’ bit of privacy.

Still can’t decide? We don’t blame you!

So we recommend Florida Hostel and Hotel – our pick for the best overall hostel in Sorrento and a great all round choice for anyone.

All that’s left to do is… have fun in this amazing part of Italy!

Florida Hotel  & Hostel best hostels in Sorrento

Travel Safety Tips for Sorrento

And don’t forget to sort your travel insurance before heading to Sorrento! We’ve put together a roundup of the best travel insurance for backpackers – check it out here, or if you’re low on time, get a quote from World Nomads, our favorite travel insurance provider.

Getting an estimate from World Nomads is simple – just click the button or image below, fill out the necessary info, and you’re on your way!

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Over to you

By now I hope our epic guide to the best hostels in Sorrento has helped you choose the perfect hostel for your adventure!

If you think we’ve missed anything or have any further thoughts, hit us up in the comments!

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