The Philippines is not a place that is short on breathtaking beach towns. The province of La Union and the city of San Fernando are well known for being one of the best surf destinations in the world! Even if you can’t quite stand up on a board, you will still find relaxing beaches and stunning nature all throughout La Union!

While some other places in the Philippines are a bit out of the way, La Union is the closest beach from Manila where you can still get castaway-like vibes!

Despite cascading waterfalls and beaches you will want to layout on for hours, La Union is still considered a bit more off the beaten path for most travelers and it may be difficult to find an abundance of backpackers hostels.

Spend more time brushing up on your surfing skills and less looking for dorm beds online! We put together all the best backpackers hostels in La Union so you can be sure that you will be booking yourself into a place that fits how you like to travel!

Get ready to hit the beaches! La Union is just a few clicks away!

Quick answer: The Best Hostels in La Union

best hostels in La Union
This is La Union! | source: Katesalin Pagkaihang (Shutterstock)

Best Hostels in La Union

Best Overall Hostel in La Union – Lokal Home

Lokal Home best hostels in La Union
Lokal Home is our pick for best overall hostel in La Union.
  • $
  • Kubo Hut
  • BBQ
  • Terrace

Anyone can just stay at a backpackers hostel, but if you are really wanting to make your trip to The Philippines one for the books you will have to stay in a traditional Kubo Hut! The location is great and you can easily check out all the top attractions in La Union from here!

No need for AC or fans here! These traditional Philipino huts were designed to capture the breeze and keep you cool! The decor and the cultural experience is more than enough to have you wanting to make Lokal Home your home for good!

With a terrace and even BBQ, you will be living the island life in no time.

Best Party Hostel in La Union – Sea Breeze Beachfront Home

Sea Breeze Beachfront Home best hostels in La Union
Sea Breeze Beachfront Home is our pick for best party hostel in La Union
  • $$$
  • Beachfront
  • Bar
  • Kitchen

At Sea Breeze Beachfront Home, they understand why you decided to visit The Philippines: To hit the beach and crack open a beer! While you may not be in a hostel with dorm beds, Breeze Beachfront Home will have you staying in a cozy little bungalow just minutes away from the beach!

At this budget hotel in La Union, you will be just minutes away from sinking your toes into the soft sands of the beach! And don’t forget the bar! On Sea Breeze’s private beach you will find your very own bar ready to serve you anything from a cold beer to a mixed drink!

Best Hostel for Solo Travelers in La Union – Hostel de Catalina

Hostel de Catalina best hostels in La Union
Hostel de Catalina is our pick for best hostel for solo travelers in La Union
  • $$
  • Beachfront
  • Breakfast
  • Pet-Friendly

If you are traveling to La Union, you probably only have one thing in mind: hitting the beach. At Hostel de Catalina they will put you up in a dorm bed just a few steps away from dipping your toes into that refreshing cool sea.

This backpackers hostel may lack some of the added perks of some of the other hostels around the Philippines, but they are sure to give you a cozy stay while exploring San Jose and the rest of La Union.

With breakfast served every morning, a location right next to the beach, and extremely friendly staff, Hostel de Catalina is the perfect place to truly enjoy the tranquil waters of La Union!

Best Cheap Hostel in La Union – The Circle Hostel

The Circle Hostel best hostels in La Union
The Circle Hostel is our pick for best cheap hostel in La Union
  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Terrace
  • Lounges

The Circle Hostel is one of the few places in La Union where you can find that true backpackers atmosphere. While other guesthouses and dormitories lack a laid-back vibe bringing together travelers from around the world, The Circle Hostel is the perfect place to just kick back and hang out!

It’s not just the social atmosphere and lounges that will make you want to click that “book” button. This youth hostel is located in the heart of San Jose, La Union, meaning you will be minutes away from great restaurants and a hopping nightlife!

With one of the best locations in La Union, cheap beds, and great vibes, The Circle Hostel is a must for backpackers traveling to La Union!

Best Hostel for Couples in La Union – Bella Vista Resort

Bella Vista Resort best hostels in La Union
Bella Vista Resort is our pick for best hostel for couples in La Union
  • $$$
  • Bar
  • Pool
  • Restaurant

Let’s get all you couples out there out of the backpacker’s hostels for a few nights and check you into Bella Vista Resort, one of the more romantic hotels in La Union.

The sheer amount of perks packed into this resort is more than enough to have you ready to ditch the dorm beds and treat yourself to this tropical paradise.

With its very own pool, bar, restaurant, and even a shared kitchen if you are looking to save a few bucks, Bella Vista Resort packs quite a punch for its price!

Best Hostel with a Private Room in La Union – NJT Guesthouse

NJT Guesthouse best hostels in La Union
NJT Guesthouse is our pick for best hostel with a private room in La Union.
  • $$
  • Breakfast
  • Shared Kitchen
  • Near Beach

Needing a break from the hostels for a few days and want to find yourself a private room? NJT Guesthouse has some of the cheapest single rooms in all of La Union along with a location just a few minutes away from the beach.

Putting you right smack in the middle of San Jose, you will be sure to find slews of mini markets, restaurants, and bars just a few steps away from NJT Guesthouse.

The icing on top is that this guesthouse also serves up its very own breakfast, meaning you can scarf down that delicious meal early in the morning before heading out to explore more of San Jose and La Union!

Things DO go missing sometimes…

lock iconPsst! Heading to a hostel? Don’t forget to pack a padlock! It’s well worth having one so you can secure your locker and protect your stuff!

More Best Hostels in La Union

Boondocks Cabin Resort

Boondocks Cabin Resort best hostels in La Union
Boondocks Cabin Resort. Nice…
  • $$$
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Pool

Looking to make your trip to La Union truly one for the books? Boondocks Cabin will give you a resort-like experience for a fraction of the price of brand-name hotels.

With its very own bar, restaurant, pool, and even a jacuzzi, you will find tons of ways to relax during your downtime. When you are not taking a dip or cracking open a few beers, go out an explore some of the mountains and the beach nearby!

With luxury comfort, great food, cold drinks, and a premium location, what does Boondocks Cabin Resort not have?

CV Bed & Bath San Juan

CV Bed and Bath San Juan best hostels in La Union
CV Bed & Bath San Juan is another fine spot to chill out and relax.
  • $
  • Garden
  • Lounge
  • Shared Kitchen

CV Bed & Bath is another one of the few dormitories found in La Union. With cheap beds, a garden, a shared kitchen, and lounges perfect for kicking back and chilling, this hostel will be the perfect place to call home while exploring the beaches and mountains!

Offering an adults-only hostel, you don’t have to worry about any small whipper-snappers running amock. Top it all off with a cheap breakfast every morning before you head out to the beach, and you have the perfect hostel to base yourself out of while staying in La Union!

La Union Apartments

La Union Apartments best hostels in La Union
La Union Apartments.
  • $$
  • Lounge
  • Shared Kitchen
  • TV

Want to really feel at home while staying in La Union? San Juan La Union Apartments is actually a guesthouse which will hook you up with some of the cheapest rooms on the whole beach! Complete with their own TV, AC, and private bathroom, you will be feeling just like a local!

Wanting to get out and meet other travelers? This guesthouse also has shared lounges and a kitchen which is perfect for chewing the fat and socializing with fellow backpackers.

If you are wanting to go out on the town, your room is just minutes away from downtown San Juan, meaning all of the best bar and restaurants and just a few steps away from your door!

Villa Elita

Villa Elita best hostels in La Union
Villa Elita is another one of the best hostels in La Union.
  • $$
  • Bar
  • Swimming Pool
  • Garden

Are you a backpacker on a budget but still wanting a resort-like experience? Villa Elita is a hotel in La Union which you can pamper yourself at without totally bleeding your wallet dry! This budget hotel raises the bar and offers a bar, swimming pool, restaurant, and even a garden!

Although the beach is just a few minutes down the road, you may find it hard to tear yourself away from the comfort of the pool and bar! With a chill, relaxing atmosphere and great staff, you are sure to find yourself extending your stay night after night at Villa Elita!

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What to Pack for your La Union Hostel

Pants, socks, underwear… Here are some other items you might not have thought to pack.

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Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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Escape the crowds and experience one of the most underrated beaches in all of The Philippines! With some of the beaches, water to surf on, and natural beauty, La Union is a place which will never cease to amaze you!

Despite La Union’s stunning nature and great surf culture, the area has tons of untapped potential. This means that you will find tons to do in La Union, but not many places to sleep.

Still undecided on where to stay in La Union? We got you covered. If you are wanting a true backpacker experience while traveling through La Union you will have to check yourself into The Circle Hostel, our pick for the best backpackers in town!

Grab your surfboards and get ready to catch some waves, your adventure to La Union starts here!

And don’t forget to sort your travel insurance before heading to La Union! We’ve put together a roundup of the best travel insurance for backpackers – check it out here, or if you’re low on time, get a quote from World Nomads, our favorite travel insurance provider.

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