LA UNION Itinerary • MUST READ! (September 2019)

Our EPIC La Union itinerary will show you all of the best things to do while you are in La Union - no matter your travel style!

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La Union is a laid back province found within the Mediterranean wonder world of the Philippines! The tropical coastline is home to San Fernando, the capital of the whole Ilocos Region, and hosts an astounding amount of beautiful historical and religious landmarks!

 If you’re a surfer, this is precisely the place you want to be, as the weaves are favorable and well known for being some of the best in the Philippines!

 Along with the rich culture, La Union also boasts magnificent ocean waters and picturesque beachscapes. It’s a stunning amalgamation of the urban city life and cruisy island lifestyle that you will instantly get into when you travel to La Union!

 . We share with you a mind-blowing La Union Itinerary. This will ensure that you enjoy all of the most amazing sights whilst embarking on a simply unforgettable adventure whilst touring La Union!


Best Time To Visit La Union

when to visit La Union

These are the best times to visit La Union!

The weather in La Union is typically sunshine with a chance of more sunshine,. Making it the perfect place for anybody wanting to escape to a warm paradise where water sports and sightseeing is a must! We will share with you the best time so you can put together your La Union travel plan and know when is the best time to use our La Union Itinerary.

Although the typical day in La Union is ideal, there are certain months that bring on the clouds, and you will find that from December to April there is a lot of rain. Humidity levels are high year-round.

For those who are seeking to explore and bask in the notoriously beautiful ocean and partake in water sports, we suggest that you visit between January to April. Now you know when to visit La Union to best enjoy the fun in the sun!

July to October is the best time to visit if you’re interested in catching a few waves in this popular surfing destination, as this is when the swells are best.

 Average TemperaturesChance of RainCrowdsOverall Grade
January20°C/ 69°FAverageBusy🙂


Where To Stay In La Union

where to stay in La Union

These are the best places to stay in La Union! (photo credits:GMA Network)

We will help you figure out where to stay in La Union and find a place that’ll suit you best! Everywhere in La Union has character and something special to be shared, but there are certain places that just can’t be missed. Whilst you are planning a trip to La Union, keep these magnificent neighborhoods in mind!

San Juan is, by far, the most famous city in La Union. This is because of all the unique features and places this lively place provides! Also, if you’re a surfer, then look no further. The beach found here is the best place for surfing, as the waves are off the chart awesome!

Bauang offers a scenic town with a great coastline. This city has so much to offer, along with being a central spot close to San Fernando, the capital of the Ilocos. You can enjoy a lazy stay without the mass crowds found in the capital, whilst also being closer to the seafront.

Luna is a huge part of the La Union region and is famous for being the home of the serene and beautiful stone pebble beach. This is a popular attraction for all who visit La Union on a beach -seeing mission.

Luna is adorned with stunning sites and old school buildings, so you will be spoilt with a place full to the brim with aesthetic value and culture. A lot of the places in our La Union Itinerary are found here!


Best Hostel in La Union – The Circle Hostel La Union

La Union Itinerary

The Circle Hostel La Union is our pick for the best hostel in La Union!

Situated in the surfers’ capital of San Juan city, this hostel is the best option for those adventurous spirits who are wanting to enjoy surfing,  the good Filipino food, and exploring! You will be blessed with accommodation not far from the lazy beach, as well as be surrounded by upbeat bars and amazing restaurants. Breakfasts are free, and the rooms are super comfortable! There is also a relaxing outdoor terrace for you and your mates to put your feet up.

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Best Budget Hotel in La Union – China Sea Beach Resort

La Union Itinerary

China Sea Beach Resort is our pick for the best budget hotel in La Union!

This resort will have your jaw dropping and it‘s incredibly affordable so you can stick to your La Union budget! Found within Bauang, there are comfortable and modern rooms offered, with free wifi and friendly service. The rooms are also air-conditioned – a major bonus in such a hot place! You will find a convenient on-site restaurant and a really cool bar. You can also enjoy magnificent views and have a dip in the refreshing pool!

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Best Luxury Hotel in La Union – Thunderbird Resorts – Poro Point

La Union Itinerary

Thunderbird Resorts – Poro Point is our pick for the best luxury hotel in La Union!

This Mediterranean-inspired high-class resort offers guests luxury by the sea! Complete with an infinity pool, yoga classes, and an on-site casino, you will have everything you desire right at your fingertips! The resort sits on a cliff overlooking the South China Sea. You can also experience fine dining at the elegant on-site restaurant, Olives Restaurant. The resort boasts a golf course with 9 holes if you feel the need to practice your swing!

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La Union Itinerary

La Union itinerary

Welcome to our EPIC La Union itinerary (photo credits:AvianQuests.Com)

La Union bus terminals are scattered everywhere, and it is the easiest and most direct way to get from point A to Point B in this fascinating region. La Union bus fare is super reasonable, so you won’t be paying out your ears! The buses are always on time and provide a smooth ride, you can also expect to make a few friends along the way to where you’re going!

You can hire out a car or bike to get around, which is relatively inexpensive and allows you to work on your own time. Cruising the streets is a fun activity in itself, as La Union’s towns are all full of grand places and wonderful architecture.

Taxis can also be found, so you can also hire out a driver for the day or just for one trip. The locals are friendly and the chances are you will learn something new from your driver about La Union. If you’re wanting to experience a more cultural mode of transportation than the habal-habal (motorized taxi ) are the best way to indulge.

 Walking around is a lovely way to see the cities and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of La Union, provided you aren’t going to walk too far. The beach is more often than not only a few steps away!


Day 1 Itinerary in La Union

Ma-Cho Temple | Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Charity | Tangadan Falls | Baluarte Watch Tower | Poro Point


Day 1/Stop 1 – Ma-Cho Temple

  • Why it’s awesome: It is a mystical Taoist temple dedicated to the sea goddess, Mazu.
  • Cost: There is no entrance fee, but donations are accepted.
  • Food Recommendation: Enjoy a laid back dining experience at Mandarin Restaurant and indulge in a traditional Filipino style breakfast!

 Enjoy the start of your 2 day itinerary La Union with this incredibly cultural and significant Taoist Temple, revered by all who visit and who know the tales of the history it holds! The temple stands as a living tribute to the Confluence of the Filipino-Chinese Culture.

 The temple was named after a legendary Chinese deity named Ma Cho, she was born in 960 AD during the Sung Dynasty.  It is said that she never cried a single tear during her entire first month of life, that is how she earned the name “Mo”, which translates to“keeping silent”.

Ma Cho Temple

Ma-Cho Temple, La Union (photo credits:Wikipedia)

She was intelligent with a photographic memory, and blessed with healing powers! At the age of ten, she became a monk. An unusual story indeed for a little girl! She was able to accurately predict the tides and weather conditions of the sea, thus dubbed the ‘goddess of the sea’

 This temple is different from all the other temples you will find in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, as it is the biggest temple in the world outside of China! The Ma Cho Temple believed to be one of the very few Chinese temples that have been built with five archways.

 An entire hectare of sheer beauty and rich history all wrapped up in a gorgeous Taoist temple!


Day 1/Stop 2 – Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Charity

  • Why it’s awesome: A beautiful Roman-catholic Church dedicated to Our Lady of El Cobre.
  • Cost: There is no entrance fee!
  • Food Recommendation: The Makkan Ilocano Restaurant is a spunky place set with tinted windows and a fun vibe! Enjoy every cultural meal and a light Filipino soup!

 Experience old Mexican-Baroque architectural features. Complete with iconic doors, a captivating facade of stained glass windows and a distinct atmosphere of mystique and charm! There are palm trees swaying outside the entrance and magnificently sculpted religious statues to greet you as you stroll in.

 The architectural style of the Basilica is outstanding, and will mesmerize you with its design and attention to detail that has been added! First constructed all the way back in 1598, the church is a historical gem and one of the most significant La Union landmarks.

Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Charity

Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Charity, La Union (photo credits:Organographia Philipiniana)

Explore the splendor and bask in the ancient atmosphere of this Basilica, and enjoy everything that it has to share with you! Don’t forget to take a picture with the shrine of Our Lady of Charity. Once you see the mesmerizing building and understand the historical value of this Basilica, it’s easy to see how it has made its way onto our La Union Itinerary!

 You may even be able to play a few notes on the old school pipe organ!

 Insider Tip: Be sure to see both of the bell towers, as they are an unconventional touch to the church and are entirely different from each other!


Day 1/Stop 3 – Tangadan Falls

  • Why it’s awesome: The Tangadan Falls are set in a large and very beautiful nature park!
  • Cost: Entrance fee is ?30 (58c)
  • Food Recommendation: The Surf Shack is the ideal place to stop off and have a bite to eat for lunch! Expect friendly service and delicious food. We suggest going for their tasty skewers.

 Adventure through wild vegetation and connect with the sublime nature surrounding you as you travel to the remarkably stunning Tangadan Falls, a cascading waterfall set in a picturesque park in San Gabriel city.

 This waterfall is a highlight of the park and a hugely popular tourist attraction in general! Once you see for yourself the ancient smooth rocks, the unspoiled and fresh water, and the enchanting atmosphere, you will no doubt also fall in love!

Tangadan Falls

Tangadan Falls, La Union (photo credits:The Pinay Solo Backpacker Blog)

There are authentically handmade river rafts for you and your mates to hop aboard and cruise the river and will give you a chance to truly admire all of the different rock points and unique little pools of the waterfall.

 This is a once-in-a-lifetime escapade that showcases the raw natural beauty of La Union’s wild landscapes and natural wonders. This is precisely what a tropical dream come true feels and looks like!

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Day 1/Stop 4 – Baluarte Watch Tower

  • Why it’s awesome: the Baluarte Watch Tower in Luna that has a unique historical and storied past!
  • Cost: Free
  • Food Recommendation: Enjoy dining in ambiance at El Navi Hotel and Restaurant. We suggest having a light wine with one of their meaty Filipino meals.

 Otherwise known as, the ‘leaning tower of Luna’, the Baluarte Watch Tower is a significant tourist attraction as well as one of the most important historical La Union landmarks. The overall setting may be quite unexciting, as it is a relatively small structure set on the coastline, but when you understand the history and meaning behind the structure, it will come alive with magic!

 The Luna watch tower denotes the town’s great past and was originally built during the pre-Spanish era as a strategic lookout point for impending attack from aggressive pirates or other dangerous attackers coming by sea. Just like a guardian angel looking over its community and the lives of the people, this ancient structure has served its purpose very well countless times in Luna’s past.

Baluarte Watch Tower

Baluarte Watch Tower, La Union (photo credits:Manila Bulletin)

Now the watchtower stands in disarray, as it has been vertically cut in two due to the eroded base and foundation, the two halves stand with concrete post supports on its sides.

Today, the mighty landmark sits on the famous pebble beach of Luna, and although it has been damaged by weather and time, it is still a sight to behold!

 Insider Tip: We suggest that to get the full feeling of the watchtower, that you step inside, between the two halves, and simply survey for yourself the view it had over the sea!


Day 1/Stop 5 – Poro Point

  • Why it’s awesome: Poro Point is a magnificent headland and peninsula located in San Fernando!
  • Cost: Entrance fee is ?20.79 (40c)
  • Food Recommendation: Enjoy fresh and spicy seafood dishes at Patio del Sol Seafood Restaurant! We suggest the seafood medley, it’s scrumptious. Service is wonderful and the staff is always smiling.

 Poro Point is a beautiful place to visit and watch the sun as it sets over the Chinese Sea! Scenic doesn’t even begin to describe the beauty of the landscape, as lush bushes and wild plants adorn the cliff sides and wild birds swoop overhead! Keep your eyes peeled for the kingfisher, grey heron, starling, and pied triller.

 This serene space is known for keeping a thriving habitat that is completely compiled of coral limestone and dates back to the ice age (2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago), making these lands outrageously ancient. That is why there is a Special Economic Zone called the Poro Point Freeport zone, and why it is one of the best La Union attractions.

Poro Point

Poro Point, La Union (photo credits:La Union Tayo!)

The Poro Point Lighthouse was originally built in 1905 during the American occupation. The lighthouse is unusual, as it does not have a lantern, typical to most, but it does still function as a working lighthouse for sailors. The lighthouse instead has a focal plane of 107 ft and has two white flashes every 10 seconds.

Insider Tip: Unfortunately, you will have to admire the lighthouse from afar, as it is not open to tourists because it is inside a military base.


Check Best Price

The Circle Hostel La Union
Situated in the surfers’ capital of San Juan city, this hostel is the best option for those adventurous spirits who are wanting to enjoy surfing, the good Filipino food, and exploring! You will be blessed with accommodation not far from the lazy beach, as well as be surrounded by upbeat bars and amazing restaurants.
  • $$
  • Free WiFi
  • Free breakfast


Day 2 Itinerary in La Union

St. William the Hermit Cathedral Parish | Pindangan Ruins | Occalong Falls | La Union Botanical and Zoological Garden | San Juan Beach


Day 2/Stop 1 –  St. William the Hermit Cathedral Parish

  • Why it’s awesome: Cathedral of St. William the Hermit is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese in the San Fernando city!
  • Cost: Entrance is free
  • Food Recommendation: Joanna’s Kambingan Restaurant offers a relaxed environment for you to fill up on good food for the morning! They have fantastic tuna jaws and fresh coffee.

 The cathedral is also known as the San Fernando Cathedral and was originally built way back in 1765 and by order of the Catholic King of Spain who ruled during that time. The Cathedral’s patron saint is William of Maleval (also known as William the Great), who was the founder of the Catholic congregation of Williamites.

 The Williamites were a branch of the Hermits of St. Augustine. The town still celebrates a feast on February 10, the day on which William the Great past. The church stands with historical prestige, featuring beautiful artistic details, statues, and golden finishes.

St William the Hermit Cathedral Parish

St William the Hermit Cathedral Parish, La Union (photo credits:Wikipedia)

The isle is long and the church is massive inside, and every part of it is full with beauty and a rich atmosphere of faith and love! Religious and non-religious alike can feel the majesty of the people who have come and gone in the church and enjoy the aesthetics of the old architecture.

 Begin your second day of our La Union Itinerary with a hugely significant addition to the La Union landmarks with an inspiring heritage!


Day 2/Stop 2 – Pindangan Ruins

  • Why it’s awesome: The Pindangan Ruins are the remnants of an ancient Spanish-built church!
  • Cost: Entrance fee is ?20 (38c) per person
  • Food Recommendation: Enjoy tasty food at La Famiglia Restaurant, they offer superb quality and affordable Filipino dishes! You can go for ala carte options and taste a wide variety of magnificent meals.

 The Pindangan Church once stood proudly in 1764, and the word Pindangan is an Ilocano term for “a place where meat is sun-dried with salt for preservation.” It was built as a symbol for union between San Vicente de Balanac (a coastal village)  and San Guillermo de Dalangdang ( a village at the foothills of the mountain) as they needed to mutually protect each other from pirates and headhunters.

Pindangan Ruins

Pindangan Ruins, La Union (photo credits:La Union Tayo!)

The church was destroyed by an earthquake and now there is only the standing buttresses and walls remaining that are looked after by Carmelite sisters. As the years have gone by, the remaining structure has now grown wildflowers and moss, covering what is still a brilliant display of architectural design!

  The ruins are set with a thick eerie atmosphere, the kind where you could hear a pin drop, and is absolutely an experience to explore! The walls stand as a reminder of how this church served its role to the people, bringing the two villages together in harmony and peace.

 Insider Tip: The ruins are lavish with ghost stories galore, so be prepared for a folklore feel and goosebumps!


Day 2/Stop 3 – Occalong Falls

  • Why it’s awesome: The Occalong Falls is a must-see waterfall and pool in Luna!
  • Cost: Entrance fee is ?10 (19c) per person, and you can hire out tables and chairs for ?50 (96).
  • Food Recommendation: Dine at The Food Project: La Union, a combination of fusion meals that are truly amazing! We suggest getting one of their stellar falafels!

 Next up on our La Union Itinerary is a chance to refresh yourself after a morning of adventuring by dipping into the cool waters of the Occalong Falls, and bask evermore in the beauty of La Union! Let out your inner animal as you venture through the jungle and find yourself at the awe-inspiring and stunning environment of the Occalong Falls.

Occalong Falls

Occalong Falls, La Union (photo credits:Luna La Union, Philippines –

This is nature’s remedy at its best, as the soothing sound of the placid waters and the distant bird songs treat your spirit to some calming therapy and the waters rejuvenate your entire being! This waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural formations in La Union.

 You can laze in the water, sit under the waterfall and let it hit your back and wash down your body, or climb the small ledge over which the waterfall flows! This is a perfect place to lay back and enjoy the day, soaking in the vitamin D and breathing in that fresh tropical air during yout trip to La Union.

 Insider Tip: Be sure to adventure, as there are many hidden and beautiful gems around the Occalong Falls waiting to be discovered!


Day 2/Stop 4 – La Union Botanical and Zoological Garden

  • Why it’s awesome: The La Union Botanical and Zoological Garden feature themed exhibitions!
  • Cost: Entrance fee is ?10 (19c) per person.
  • Food Recommendation: Experience good vibes and good food at Above Sea Level La Union. Enjoy your meal whilst in a quirky and fun themed restaurant! Their seafood is to die for and their mixed sauces are heavenly.

The La Union Botanical and Zoological Gardens are situated on a scenic hilly twenty-hectare land, east of San Fernando city with fully maintained concrete roads, which makes it the first of its kind in the whole of the Philippines and one of the most amazing La Union attractions!

Dive into a wildlife paradise as you explore this nature park complete with many themed, and expertly landscaped garden environments, complete with orchids and an aviary bustling with native animals!.

La Union Botanical and Zoological Garden

La Union Botanical and Zoological Garden, La Union (photo credits:La Union Tayo!)

This majestic garden is the center for laboratory research in Northern Luzon and was inaugurated in March 1996. The Garden is an idyllic and gorgeous tourist destination that will provide an accurate in-depth impression of the various plant worlds, exploring those which grow in tropical, sub-tropical and desert climates.

All of the beautiful plants are labeled with their local and scientific names, along with their origin. The plants are all set out to look like a country-style garden where plant life and wildlife, ornaments and oddments go hand in hand to create a truly mesmerizing experience! 

The prominent harmony, together with the solitude and peace naturally give the Garden a great soothing and grounding effect.


Day 2/Stop 5 – San Juan Beach

  • Why it’s awesome: This beach is a legendary surfer’s paradise!
  • Cost: Entrance is free!
  • Food Recommendation: Oceano offers sleek dining right on the beachfront, so you can watch the moonlight over the sea! We suggest that you try their cocktails and steak for an unforgettable mealtime experience.

As the last stop on our La Union Itinerary, we offer you the opportunity to muse and be caught in reverie as you gaze at the infinite swells of the San Juan ocean, crashing leisurely onto the golden shoreline and simply receding back. Enjoy the sundown in a trance-like state of calmness and enjoy the playground that is San Juan Beach!

San Juan Beach

San Juan Beach, La Union (photo credits:nalulunodako –

Lounge on the bay, walk around, collect seashells and simply take in the marvel of this spectacular coastline, a famous surfers beach and a favorite to all who visit La Union! After you have settled in, grab yourself a refreshing drink and set up a fire on the beach, where you and your friends can gather under the stars.

Take in the monumental beauty of the beach and let your 2 days in La Union that have consisted of pure relaxation and bliss sink in as you watch surfers, skim boarders and beachcombers all doing their thing!

Ma Cho Temple

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La Union Itinerary – Day 3 And Beyond

Bauang Beach | 3D Art Gallery and Bahay Na Bato Souvenir Shop | Balay Anito Falls | Tapuakan River Park | Museo de Iloko

Whether you are spending 3 days in La Union or more, we have a La Union travel guide that will have your days overflowing with fun and rejuvenating escapes! Enjoy our 3 day Itinerary Union and beyond!


Bauang Beach

  • Collect eclectic seashells and even find live sea crustaceans on the shoreline!
  • Especially wonderful for families with small children or those who aren’t comfortable with big waves.
  • There is no entrance fee to get onto the beach!

 Locals and foreigners alike gather to Bauang Beach to celebrate the smooth waves, quiet atmosphere and remarkably beautiful sunrises and sunsets! The beach provides a private sanctuary of beach paradise and is adorned with mass amounts of seashells and marine life.

 Pack your lilo, your beach towels and your sun hat for an amazing day of soaking up some vitamin sea on the prominent coastline of La Union. This beach is perfect for a lazy swim and wonderful if you’re looking for calm waves that won’t knock you over.

Bauang Beach

Bauang Beach, La Union (photo credits:True-Beachfront)

Bauang Beach is a favorite and also sports a luxurious array of resorts if you’re wanting to stay on the beachfront. Enjoy all sorts of fun activities, such as watersports, frisbee, volleyball, fishing, boating or even catch a relaxing massage!

 Bauang Beach is one of the La Union points of interest because it is the epitome of chilled vibes, and will melt every iota of worry that you might have during your trip to La Union! Whether you want to spend the day here or just a few hours, it is well worth the visit.


3D Art Gallery and Bahay Na Bato Souvenir Shop

  • The galley and souvenir shop are set in a quint cobblestone cottage complete with a magnificent garden!
  • The area is known for producing an unlimited amount of high-quality stones that get exported across the globe.
  • Entrance fee is ?30 (58c)

 La Union has so much artistic flair and many gifted individuals, that taking time out and seeing it during your weekend in La Union had to be in our La Union Trip Itinerary!

 As you walk in the grounds of the 3D Art Gallery and Bahay Na Bato Souvenir Shop, you will already be blown away by the soothing atmosphere and the beautiful stones decorating the pathway. You will find intricate wooden carvings and smoothed stone sculptures, as well as other eye-catching artwork throughout the garden and entrance pathway, as well as many vibrant flowers!

3D Art Gallery and Bahay Na Bato Souvenir Shop

3D Art Gallery and Bahay Na Bato Souvenir Shop, La Union (photo credits:Airbnb)

You will have a view of the ocean as you stroll the gardens and enjoy the lush surroundings. The artwork continues to spill over the gardens, allowing a very interactive and one-of-a-kind artistic experience, where you can take your time to appreciate and admire how the artwork compliments the garden and syncs in with nature.

 The 3-D gallery and souvenir shop is a haven of all the locally made masterpieces sculpted from rocks and wood, delighting everyone who sets eyes on them as they portray immense creative talent and imaginative effect! You can even purchase a carved wooden replica a Bahay Na Bato village!


Balay Anito Falls

  • The falls are so fascinating that the locals believe it to be the home of mystical beings, that is how the name Balay (meaning “house”) Anito (which means “spirits”) came along!
  • The waters are a beautiful light green color!
  • Entrance fee is ?100 ($1,93) per person.

 One of a kind trekking and swimming adventures await you at the Balay Anito Falls, one of the most mysterious and astoundingly beautiful tropical paradises that La Union offers! The pristine basin where the crystal clear lime green colored waters cascade is surrounded by a dense rainforest full of thriving life forms of both plants and animals.

Add so much more to your exotic vacation by spending time having a refreshing dip in this beautiful and invigorating pool, which also comes with an exciting new challenge! Try to climb down the steep rocky terrain whilst your only support is exposed and scattered tree roots bulging from the rock face! After your thrilling descent towards the seductive waters below, enjoy a well-deserved swim.

Balay Anito Falls

Balay Anito Falls, La Union (photo credits:Tupang Gala)

The Balay Anito Falls or the ‘house of unseen friends or anitos’ has a 20-meter deep base. It may be too deep for everybody to dip in but is great fun for swimmers. You will also find, a few steps down, that there is a smaller version that is much shallower for you to dive in. Be careful not to slip on the surrounding rocks though!

 This is one of the most riveting places to visit in La Union (in 3 days).

 Everyone who includes this enigmatic destination in their itinerary will surely be in for a spellbinding and unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. Prepare to be bewildered by natural beauty at its best and enjoy this captivating activity in our Itinerary for La Union!


Tapuakan River Park

  • This marvelous river is said to be the very cleanest inland river in the north of Ilocos!
  • The word ‘tapuakan’ translates to “a place where one can jump as high”
  • The fare is ?20 (39c) per person

 Indulge in a natural luxury as you enjoy an adventure to the Tapuakan River Park during your trip to La Union! The main river, the Pugo River, has crystal clear waters that are flowing directly from the scenic mountain tops heading towards the river mainstream. The waters start slowing down along the ancient giant stones and then engulfing into the calves of other rock formations that are discovered along the water’s path.

Tapuakan River Park

Tapuakan River Park, La Union (photo

Enjoy the ever cool and pristine water flowing from the town’s streams amid huge rock beds and large flat rock formations surrounded by forests and a waterfall. This experience allows you to escape into the exotic wildlife, and completely melt into the effervescent atmosphere of the magical water flowing from the rivers!

 There is an unending amount of fauna and tropical nature to be enjoyed, and you can even find huts along the trails for you and your travel companions to set up a picnic or lounge for the day. Remember to bring your camera, as this is some of La Unions most remarkable vegetation and the perfect spot to see Mother Nature’s flawless beauty!

 Enjoy the sunshine and swim in the cool waters during your La Union getaway.


Museo de Iloko

  • The Museo de Iloko is a fun heritage site and museum found in Agoo!
  • This fascinating museum is open from Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday visits are organized by prior arrangement
  • The entrance fee is ?20 (39c) per person

Also known as The Agoo Museum or The Agoo Presidencia, The Museo de Iloko is popular for having a wide variety of precious artifacts and other important cultural pieces, all thrown together in a beautiful way that helps to preserve the rich heritage of Ilocos! Enjoy one of the most engrossing La Union attractions.

 The building itself has stood the test of time, having first been constructed during the American occupation, it was then turned into a museum in 1981 after being rebuilt as an earthquake had done a lot of damage to the structure.

Museo de Iloko

Museo de Iloko, La Union (photo credits:Municipality of Agoo)

The only other museum in La Union is Museo de La Union, and although both are beautiful and significant, the selection of artifacts and other collections that are showcased are done so in a uniquely displayed fashion at Museo de Iloko. This museum is one of the few in the Philippines that also surveys examples of the American Colonial Era architecture in the Ilocos.

 The artifacts found in this museum include a vast amount of religious paraphernalia that is connected with Archbishops Mariano Madriaga and Antonio Mabutas, some personal belongings of Elpidio Quirino (an old president) and locally found Ming Dynasty collections.

Don’t forget to pack a good book!

Lonely Planet Philippines (Travel Guide) This is our top recommendation for an awesome and inspiring read on this magical city.


Staying Safe in La Union

La Union is known for being one of the very safest places in La Union, as is all areas found north of the Luzon island. However, it is better for you to have complete peace of mind, and we want to ensure that by sharing what we consider to be essential safety tips.

 Of course, when accepting a ride from either a taxi driver or even a habal-habal driver, then we will highly suggest that you ask for certification so that you can guarantee your safety, especially if you are alone. Not only that, but it also helps you to know that you won’t get ripped off with exorbitant prices.

 Do not get overly drunk and funny with the locals, although this isn’t necessarily dangerous, it will score you a few harsh looks and you definitely won’t get friendly smiles and will not be as welcome to local drinking spots.

 If you are a woman, you will be safe the majority of the time, but we suggest that you make sure that you have at least a few other friends with you if you are intending to go walking at night.

 If you keep your common sense and your head on your shoulders, your belongings will be safe and, more importantly, so will you during your trip to La Union.

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Day Trips From La Union

Want to know what to do in La Union? We have all the best day trips to full up your weekend in La Union with incredible adventures and amazing sightseeing!

 We have a wonderful La Union tour itinerary, inclusive of Manila, which is only a few hours away, providing you with mesmerizing getaways and once in a lifetime experience.


Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Tour

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Tour

On this one of a kind day trip, you will have the opportunity to discover a living museum showcasing the Filipino customs and traditions on a day trip from La Union!

 The city provides insight into the lives lived by the local community during the 18th century right through to the early 20th century! The Philippines is so full of colorful heritage and has sensationally storied past to be shared with travelers around the globe.

 As you venture the city on this La Union walking tour, allow yourself to take in the marvelous views of the old houses! Some of the highlights on this tour are the Noble Class Mansion, the House of Stone, and the signature Filipino wooden stilt houses.

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Subic Bay Adventure

Subic Bay Adventure

Enjoy a truly remarkable escapade to the tropical island of Luzon! On this day trip, you will be taken on an incredible journey to Visit the former US Naval Facility at Subic Bay!

 You will gain indispensable knowledge and see how it was successfully transformed into a free port and tourism zone from what once used to be something that houses the Navies! After a long tour, you will then be whisked away to soak in the rest of your day with an exciting visit to the Zoobic Safari!

 This is the perfect La Union day trip. Enjoy all of the splendor of the wildlife found on the island, and have a sundowner whilst you do it!

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From Manila: Majestic Pagsanjan Falls Adventure

From Manila Majestic Pagsanjan Falls Adventure

We know that the concrete jungle has nothing on a real jungle, so on this day trip you will have the chance to get away from the bustling city of Manila, and instead embark on a journey to the majestic Pagsanjan Falls!

 Pagsanjan Falls are one of the most famous natural attractions in the Philippines! The magnificent waterfall offers so much more than an idyllic spot to hang out and refresh yourself! To get to the waterfall, you will also be taken on a thrilling ride over rapids in a dugout canoe.

 Once you arrive at the falls, you will have your breath taken away as you explore a hidden cave that is surrounded by the serene landscape of Pagsanjan Gorge National Park.

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Manila: Old & New 4-Hour City Tour

Manila Old and New 4 Hour City Tour

Learning about the incredible history of the Philippines and all of its unique provinces, you can never get enough insight! On this exciting and comprehensive 4-hour city tour, you will be taken on an adventure through Manila’s past and present.

 On this whimsical journey, you will get to see the best of the city, including old city Manila, the American Cemetery and Memorial, historic Intramuros, Fort Santiago, and the bustling financial capital of Makati.

 Prepare to have your mind blown with the beauty of Manila!

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Day Tour Enchanting Hidden Valley

Day Tour Enchanting Hidden Valley

Who said fairytales and magic aren’t real? You will experience your very own as you take a stunning day trip to a jungle oasis!  Relax and enjoy a phenomenal full day excursion to the enchanting Hidden Valley.

 Start off your day by simply soaking in the beauty, and then take a once-in-a-lifetime dip in the valley’s naturally heated volcanic water pools!

 You will melt away and find yourself experiencing a whole new adventure as you are surrounded by lush natural vegetation and a rare collection of exotic flora.

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Travelling La Union will fill your spirit with a zest for life, and you will almost certainly return again to soak in those good vibes and the easy-going atmosphere of the cities and coastlines. Although La Union’s beaches may not have pristine white sands, you will find a different kind of beauty that will have you falling in love with the personality of this province!

 After going over our La Union Itinerary and expenses, we know that your days will be jam-packed with memories made for a lifetime, and epic moments shared with your loved ones as you explore the magic of La Union.

 No doubt, you will have a remarkable amount of stress-relieving adventures and your perspective of the Philippines will be greatly enhanced by all of the culture and splendid beauty experienced during your vacation in La Union!


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