Mostar is one of the most interesting cities you could visit. From waterfalls to medieval historical sites, you’ll be transported into a completely different time on this trip.

Nowadays, Mostar is a safe place to visit. However, as the city continues to rebuild after the effects of the war, it is important that you find safe accommodation.

Which is why I have created this insider guide to all the best hostels in Mostar. Now, not every traveler loves the trip planning process. If you’re the spontaneous type who would rather just book your tickets and figure the rest out later, you will love this guide.

The guide has identifiers where you can match the hostel to your preferred trip. Just click the link, book your room, and you’re ready to go! Yes, I have made it that simple.

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Welcome to Mostar!

Quick Answer: The Best Hostels in Mostar

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    What to Expect from Hostels in Mostar

    Hostels are set up like hotels but have way more of a socializing atmosphere. Those traveling through Europe and backpackers all over the world use hostels. Not only because they are affordable but also because of the people that you get to meet inside. 

    Location is important when picking a hostel. Being in the city center will mean that you won’t have to figure out transport, however, it may be noisier in the evenings. 

    Inside the hostel, you often find communal areas, a shared kitchen, and sometimes an outside garden. Additionally, you will find group dorms and private rooms.

    Mostar Town
    Expect THIS!

    When staying in a hostel in Mostar, here is what you can expect to pay per night. 

    • Private rooms – $26 – $40
    • Group rooms – $14 – $17

    When booking hostels, you will want to use Hostelworld. On the website, you’ll find everything you need to determine if this is the right hostel for you. The description of the hostels and the reviews are well worth reading before you book a room.

    I always use as a backup site. I find I can cover all bases with the combination of the two.

    Surprisingly, many of the hostels offer guided tours which you should definitely take advantage of. These tours include visiting waterfalls, historic sites, and the best restaurants in town.

    Finally, it’s worth mentioning that hostels are much more basic than hotels. This means you need to know just what you require in order for your trip to be comfortable.

    However, don’t let that put you off. For the most part, hostel living is actually quite exciting. Getting to meet new people, explore a new country, and completely take yourself out of your comfort zone is what being a traveler is all about, right?

    The 5 Best Hostels in Mostar

    Now that you know just what hostel living is like, here are the best hostels in Mostar, one of Europe’s hidden gems. Each hostel has a specific identifier, so you can find the hostel that matches your preferences the most. 

    Best Overall Hostel in Mostar – Majdas

    Hostel fams are always so kind and welcoming 🙂
    • $$
    • Self-catering facilities
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Tours/Travel Desk

    If you’re looking for all the family-run vibes, then this hostel is perfect. After 17 years in business and gaining thousands of STUNNING reviews online, this family knows a thing or two about running a successful hostel.

    It’s rated 9.8 on Hostelworld, I can’t get over how fantastic that is. This has to surely be one of the best hostels in the world with that rating! It has certainly won the awards to back this claim up too.

    One cool aspect of this hostel that I’ve never seen before but I love the sentiment behind is that there are no bunk beds. This is because they believe that, “Nobody is above nobody is below. We are all equal.”

    Why you’ll love this hostel:

    • Excursions offered
    • Dedicated socializing area
    • Family run atmosphere

    This hostel welcomes people traveling through the Balkans from all over the world into their home away from home to rejuvenate and explore the delights of Mostar. Hosts love to interact with guests.

    So while here, you’ll learn more about the culture and history of Bosnia. Expect to hear local stories, especially about the recent war and how Mostar has become what it is today. 

    The hostel is fully equipped with a shared kitchen and a large lounge area. There are also areas outside with great views where you can socialize or just chill.

    You can also take part in a tour. From swimming in Kravice (a gorgeous waterfall) to traveling back in time in their medieval town, you’ll have so much to do while staying here. Blagaj is also a nearby prominent historical site that is a must-visit while here.

    Epic Hostel for Digital Nomads in Mostar – Hostel Dino

    Hostel Dino
    Digital nomads… stay here!
    • $$
    • Café
    • Air-conditioning
    • Hot showers

    Located within the historical city center and a short distance away from all of the major attractions, no time will be wasted traveling while staying at Hostel Dino. 

    Those living the digital nomad lifestyle will appreciate that unlimited superfast 5G Internet runs throughout this entire hostel, so you won’t be fighting for the best spot in the hostel to access the Wi-Fi. This means you can meet all your deadlines and spend the rest of your day experiencing Mostar.

    Why you’ll love this hostel:

    • Fast internet connection
    • Centrally located
    • Excursions offered

    At this hostel, you can choose from both private rooms and group dorms. So, whether you’re traveling here on a budget or having a work vacation there is a room to accommodate your needs. 

    The hostel hosts are also praised for being accommodating and very kind. All you have to do is ask and they will point you in the direction of all the hidden gems.

    You should also consider taking part in their all-day Herzegovina tour. On this tour, you will get to experience life as a local. You can climb the Old Fortress, bathe in waterfalls, and enjoy food and drinks at some of the best local hotspots in the city.

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    Hostel for Solo Travelers in Mostar – Hostel Miran

    Hostel Miran
    This place has craaaazy good reviews!
    • $$
    • Tours/travel desk
    • Wi-Fi
    • Hot showers

    This hostel has been a home for over 20,000 guests since opening in 2005 and the popularity is very well deserved. There’s no doubt in mind that this is a top contender for the best hostels in Mostar.

    Just a quick look online will show you that they have gained a huge positive reputation. They have collected nearly 2000 reviews praising anything from the atmosphere, the services offered, the location, and the host.

    At the time of writing this, Hostel Miran boasts a super impressive 9.7 rating on Hostelworld! That score makes it one of the best hostels in Europe.

    This hostel is centrally located. You’ll be just two minutes away from the main bus and train station and a five-minute walk away from the famous Old Town. Not only that, but all the best cafes, bars, and shops are right outside your door.

    Why you’ll love this hotel:

    • Excursions offered 
    • Centrally located
    • Breakfast available

    Inside the hostel, they have modern rooms with air-conditioning and heating. Additionally, they have an affordable traditional breakfast that vegetarians and vegans can also enjoy.

    The hostel invites you on two tours. This includes the ‘All Day Tour’ where you will be taken around some of Mostar’s most cherished sites.

    The hostel also has a “Miran’s War Tour” where you can transport back in time to the period of 1992 to 1995. The tour guide will take you to significant areas during the war and offer you a fresh perspective on what Mostar has been through.

    Most Affordable Hostel in Mostar – Mostar Downtown Hostel

    Mostar Downtown Hostel
    • $$
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Hot showers
    • Self-catering facilities

    Despite being centrally located, this hostel is a beautiful oasis tucked far enough away from the hustle and bustle. Mostar Downtown Hostel is designed for those who are seeking a quiet place to get a good night’s sleep before heading out into the city the next day. 

    The hostel has an enchanting garden that has a peaceful ambiance. Imagine this. Waking up to the bird song and breathing in the fresh scent of the flowers as you plan your day. Sorry, is this a retreat location or a hostel?!

    That being said, as many locals live in the neighborhood, the socializing within this hostel is limited. Basically, you’ll be asked to be quiet after 11 pm. So, if you love to party you’ll want to choose a different hostel.

    Why you’ll love this hotel:

    • Peaceful atmosphere
    • Excursions offered
    • Beautiful garden

    This hostel is also very affordable – at least the group rooms are. Inside the rooms, you’ll discover a harmonious atmosphere, comfortable mattresses, pillows, and high-quality linen.

    This hostel also offers tours around Mostar. This includes visiting the Kravis waterfalls and trekking to some of Mostar’s highest mountain peaks. And if you love to indulge in an alcoholic beverage, you can book a spot on one of their famous wine-tasting tours.

    Great Dorms for Couples in Mostar – Hostel Nina

    Hostel Nina
    Home sweet home… away from home.
    • $$
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Air conditioning
    • 24-hour reception

    This is one of the best hostels in Mostar simply because of the cozy atmosphere. 

    Located just a three-minute walk away from the Old Bridge, you can rest assured that you’re staying in one of the safest areas in Mostar. 

    Expect to experience all those slow-living vibes where you can wake up to a homemade breakfast, spend time soaking up some rays in the garden, and get to know travelers from all across the globe. 

    Why you’ll love this hotel:

    • Hot showers
    • Barbecue
    • Full day offered

    When traveling as a couple, you’ll likely want to select a private double room. Which they offer here. Although these rooms are quite pricey in comparison to the group dorms, they are far more affordable than any hotel.

    The main feature of this hostel is that they offer a full-day tour exploring Mostar. The tour will take you on a journey of breathtaking landscapes. You’ll stop by famous landmarks including Blagaj and Pocitelj. They also claim to take you to a secret location that only the locals truly know about!

    During the tour, you’ll also get to taste local cuisine, swim in refreshing waterfalls, and get to know your roommates. If you are a history buff, you’ll love learning more about the war all told from the perspective of those who lived through it. 

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    Other Hostels in Mostar

    Not found what you’re looking for yet? Not to worry, here are a few more amazing hostels in Mostar.

    Lovely Bosnian Home

    Bosnian Home
    • $$
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Air-conditioning
    • Quiet location

    Located on the banks of the river, this hostel is hosted within a traditional Bosnian-style home. 

    Live like a local and enjoy the slow pace of staying just outside of the city center. You’ll be a short distance away from historical monuments, restaurants, coffee shops, and markets where you can pick up a souvenir for your friends and family back home.

    Inside the hostel, there are six rooms in total. There is also a living area, bathrooms, air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. 

    Depending on the date that you visit, you may be sharing this accommodation with a couple of other travelers. However, if you’re looking for an escape on this trip, this may be a great option as you won’t have to socialize with a large group of different people.

    Villa Cardak

    Villa Cardak
    Hotel vibes from this one
    • $$
    • Wi-Fi
    • Breakfast available
    • Tours/travel desk

    Slightly more pricey than the other hostels listed but well worth the investment is Villa Cardak. This hostel is mostly designed for those who are looking for a private escape or simply traveling with a large group.

    When staying here, you’ll feel secluded in a peaceful part of the city but still within arms reach of some of the best museums (like the Herzegovina Museum), restaurants, and attractions that Mostar has to offer. 

    At the hostel, you’ll find a beautiful flower garden where you can spend time sipping coffee, relaxing, and enjoying the beautiful nature. Treat yourself to breakfast for a cost of only $6 and fuel for the day before hitting the city.

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    Rooms – Goa Mostar

    Rooms Goa Mostar
    • $$
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Barbecue available
    • Calm atmosphere

    This is one of the best hostels in Mostar if you are traveling with a group of friends. The hostel itself is located right by the Neretva River and offers scenic views of the Old Bridge.  

    Inside the hostel, you will find a mix of rooms including a double-bed private room, a three-bed private room, and a four-bed private room. 

    This hostel just has a really welcoming atmosphere where you can return to the hostel in the evening and have a private barbecue dinner in the yard. You’ll be able to stay connected as Wi-Fi runs throughout the entire hostel which is always a reassuring aspect to have!

    Mostar Hostels FAQs

    Here are a handful of questions I have been asked about Mostar and its hostels. If you have your own, feel free to ask me them in the comments section below.

    Get Insured BEFORE You Visit Mostar

    Don’t forget some good quality travel insurance if you’re heading to Mostar. I never travel without it, and neither should you!

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    Final Thoughts on Hostels in Mostar

    With so many great hostels in Mostar, you can rest assured that your trip here will be one filled with memories that last a lifetime.

    Plus, by booking a hostel with a tour around the city, you can really get to know the extensive history that this city has. Who doesn’t love a good educational trip once in a while, right? Plus, when they also have mesmerizing waterfalls and incredible hiking trails, you really can’t fault this city.

    Each of the hostels listed are great in their own right. However, Majdas is just an all-rounder. It’s family-run, nearby to attractions, and offers tours around the city. Could it get much better than that?

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