Check out from hustle culture and escape to an island filled with sandy beaches, emerald green waters, and some of the best waterfalls you will ever see? Sounds like a dream come true to me.

Now, although you will be living your best life on the island of Siquijor in the Philippines, the island is quite small and the amenities are pretty basic. Which means that selecting a hostel that has everything you need is trickier than you may think.

However, that is where this guide comes in as I have collected the best hostels in Siquijor. You’re welcome. 😉

The guide has been formulated to take the hassle out of planning your trip. You just have to find the hostel best suited to you, click the link to book your room, and have your very own island adventure.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump into this, shall we?

Siquijor Island
Welcome to Siquijor! 🙂

Quick Answer: The Best Hostels in Siquijor

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    What to Expect from Hostels in Siquijor

    Travelers in Siquijor will know that hostels here are quite different from the ones that you may be used to if you have stayed in hostels in popular cities.

    When visiting, you should expect all of those laid-back island vibes. Slow living, healthy food, and a relaxed community is the main priority here.

    As for location, the hostel’s hosts have strategically located themselves right by the best beaches. This is great for you as you’ll wake up to ocean views and get to spend as much time topping up your tan and diving as you like.

    You’ll find that the majority of these hostels only offer group dorms. This is mainly because there are limited hostels in the area, so creating enough space for all tourists is how the hosts make their money. It makes it easier to find a travel buddy though!

    Private rooms are available on Siquijor. But, you can expect to pay a fair chunk more for ’em.

    Salagdoong Beach Siquijor Island
    Just seeing this image makes me miss Siquijor so much

    When booking a hostel in Siquijor, here is what you should expect to pay per night.

    • Private rooms – $23 – $43
    • Group rooms – $8 – $10 is the best website for booking affordable places to stay online. This site features photos of the hostel, a bullet-pointed list of facilities offered, and a description written by the hostel hosts. I also like to use to get a second opinion and compare hostels and rates.

    With all that being said, living on an island is an experience that every traveler should have in their lifetime. Some of the best memories can be made when you’re completely cut off from the modern world and surrounded by travelers all searching for an escape. 

    The 4 Best Hostels in Siquijor

    So now that you are up to date with what you can expect in a hostel, here are the best budget places to stay in Siquijor

    You’ll find that these hostels each have an identifier, this is to help you decipher who the hostel is best catered to.

    Best Overall Hostel in Siquijor – Fable Hostel

    Fable Hostel
    Fable Hostel has lovely spacious dorm rooms
    • $$
    • Air conditioning
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • 24-hour reception

    Designed to be a special retreat location for travelers backpacking the Philippines, this hostel is what I like to call an “all-rounder.”

    Located just a seven-minute walk away from the iconic Paliton beach, you’ll be situated in the middle of an oasis of nature and tranquillity by staying here. Not only that but for those who want to explore more of the island than just its beaches, you can hire a motorbike and hop over to the colorful streets of San Juan.

    The hosts are incredibly welcoming and have worked hard to create a communal atmosphere. They also love to share their knowledge on the best locations on the island, so make sure to ask.

    This hostel is also home to two pups, Gozo and Agra. You can get to know them on your trip! 🙂

    Is that why this hostel is at the top of the list? Yes. Does this also make it my favorite hostel in the Philippines? Yes.

    Why you’ll love this hostel:

    • Nearby to the beach
    • Meals available
    • Family run atmosphere

    This hostel claims to have the “biggest eight-bed dorm on the island.” From what I can gather, despite this hostel having a group dorm, you’ll still have some privacy as the beds are very far apart from one another.

    Despite being on an island, Wi-Fi is available throughout the property, so you can still stay connected to your friends and family. Plus, they offer free coffee and bread in the morning so you can start your day feeling energized.

    They even host family dinners most nights (which I always love when hostels do that). These dinners bring everyone together and you get to taste authentic Filipino cuisine.

    Hostel for Large Groups in Siquijor – Monkey Business Bungalows

    Monkey Business Bungalows
    • $$
    • Café
    • Air-conditioning
    • Restaurant

    You can already tell by the name of this hostel that this accommodation has such a vibrant and lively atmosphere, right?

    This hostel is located in a hot spot of San Juan where all the best restaurants, cafés, and convenience stores are located. Solangon Beach is within walking distance, so you’ll get to experience some of the most magical sunrise and sunset views by staying here. 

    This hostel is specifically great for those who are staying on the island for a long time and embracing slow travel. There are laundry and housekeeping services available to help and the hostel can also arrange motorbike rentals so you can easily explore the island.

    Why you’ll love this hostel:

    • Bar
    • Nearby to the nightlife scene
    • Family rooms available

    As for the rooms, everybody in the group will be satisfied. Get to know other travelers in the eight-bed mixed dorms or select a bungalow where you and your friends can all stay together. These rooms are equipped with a queen bed, a single bed, and a private ensuite. 

    Each of the rooms also has air-conditioning, so you can return here to cool down after a hot day in the heat of the summer. 

    For the most part, this hostel has “Bali vibes.” There is just such a strong tropical atmosphere that prioritizes relaxation, slow living, and detaching from hustle culture. This just feels like a hostel you would come to to forget about all of life’s problems for a while.

    Plus, there is a vibrant nightlife scene nearby to this hostel so you and your friends can party the night away!

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    Hostel for Solo Travelers in Siquijor – Tagbalayon Lodging House

    Tagbalayon Lodging House
    Tagbalayon is just three minutes from the beach!
    • $$
    • Tours/Travel desk
    • Wi-Fi
    • Hot showers

    This is one of the best hostels in Siquijor for solo travelers because all of the best locations are right on your doorstep which means that you don’t have to navigate the island alone. You’ll be just a three-minute walk away from the beach, popular restaurants, bars, and cafes.

    Not only that but previous guests praise the ‘home away from home’ atmosphere. You can get picked up straight from the port and feel welcomed into the hostel with complimentary drinks upon arrival.

    They also have a delicious restaurant serving authentic Filipino food, so you can stay on a budget and eat at the hostel instead of spending money at restaurants. Vegetarians and vegans won’t feel left out as they are more than happy to cater to dietary preferences.

    Why you’ll love this hotel:

    • Excursions offered 
    • Centrally located
    • Breakfast available

    This hostel has a bunch of different room varieties available. So, you can choose whether to mingle with the other guests or have your own private space. 

    That being said, the hostel is very large with many rooms so there’s no doubt that you’ll meet a bunch of different people while on this trip. There is a shared seating area with gorgeous garden views where you can share all the great and not-so-great anecdotes from your traveling endeavors. 

    To explore this stunning Filipino island, you can rent a scooter or you can take advantage of their day trip to Apo Island! 

    Most Affordable Hostel in Siquijor – Mlb Bungalows 3 Hostel

    Mlb Bungalows 3 Hostel
    $8 for a bed sounds fab to me!
    • $
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Air-conditioning
    • Hot showers

    Describing itself as the “best value for money on the island,” this hostel is designed for travelers on a budget.

    Despite the rooms being the cheapest on the island, this hostel still offers more amenities than you might expect. Firstly, you’ll be right next door to a spa where you can indulge in massage treatments and you’ll be near restaurants, a grocery store, and popular cafés. 

    In short, if you’re looking for an indulgent island experience with delicious food, scenic views, and luxury treatments, all for an affordable price, this is, surprisingly, the place to be. 

    Why you’ll love this hotel:

    • Centrally located
    • Ocean views
    • Beautiful garden

    Admittedly, you are paying pretty much for the location by staying here. The rooms are pretty basic. They offer mixed group dorms with shared bathrooms that are praised for being clean online but lack any extra amenities. 

    While the hosts don’t go out of their way to create a socializing atmosphere, you can hang out on the balcony or in the garden where you’ll be sure to meet other travelers. Plus, they offer a light breakfast of mango, toast, and coffee in the morning to help you recharge.

    Despite creating a space where you’re kind of left to your own devices, the staff are friendly and they do have great knowledge of all the local hotspots that are well worth the visit. It’s defo the best place on the island to stay if you’re trying to keep your cost of living down.

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    Other Hostels in Siquijor

    Not found what you’re looking for yet? After checking out these places, hopefully, all you have to do is pack for the Philippines and book that damn flight!

    Republika Beach Hostel

    Republika Beach Hostel
    • $
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Right by the beach
    • Excursions offered

    This is another hostel that is great for those who are seeking a secluded beach vacation. The type of vacation where you switch off your phone and immerse yourself in the present moment.

    Within meters of the ocean, you wake up to gorgeous oceanfront views and are able to spend your mornings sipping coffee on the beach and spotting turtles.

    Not only that but a bunch of different wildlife excursions await you. Marine sanctuaries, waterfalls, and diving experiences are all available by staying here. Look out for one of the 618 endemic species in the Philippines while staying here!

    There is also a popular beach bar which has a relaxed local type of feel to it. The bar is open every day from 7:30 am to 9 pm where you can try out affordable Filipino dishes that are vegetarian and vegan.

    Love Shack

    Love Shack
    My friends <3 Love Shack
    • $
    • Wi-Fi
    • Breakfast available
    • Tours/travel desk

    Who knows you may have your very own movie experience and fall in love on the island and what better place to do so than in the Love Shack Hostel?

    This hostel is very affordable. The staff are praised for being extremely nice and the hostel is set up in a way for you to get to know other travelers. 

    While here, tuck into a simple breakfast of homemade jam and bread, sip some coffee, and explore the island at your own leisure. If you’re the type that gets lost easily (me too), you can speak to the staff and they will point you in the direction of the best snorkeling and scuba-diving excursions.

    Seashore Inn

    Seashore Inn
    She sells sea shells on the seashore
    • $$
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Air-conditioning
    • Calm atmosphere

    When looking for hostels in Siquijor, I wanted to find one that has a family-run atmosphere. 

    Sometimes, visiting an island like Siquijor is much more about taking some time alone than it is about getting to know other people. If that sounds like the experience you want, then you should consider staying at Seashore Inn.

    By staying at this hostel, you can be picked up directly from the port and feel a part of the family as soon as you arrive on the island. 

    The property is small and secluded but with gorgeous sunset views, you really can’t be wrong. Spend time hanging on the hammocks, reading a book, and getting that dose of vitamin D that you need. This is the island escape you have been looking for!

    Siquijor Hostels FAQs

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get about all things Siquijor and the hostels here. If you have a question of your own, please drop it in the comments section.

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    Final Thoughts on Hostels in Siquijor

    Despite being on an island, these hostels were pretty impressive. Don’t ya think?

    Each of these hostels has its own unique aspects, however, Fable Hostel would be my first pick. For sure. By staying there, you’ll be right by the beach, be able to make friends with other travelers, and spend time with the two pups!

    If you’re looking for a cheap hostel I can defo recommend Mlb Bungalows 3 Hostel, and despite not staying there myself, I heard so many great things about Love Shack.

    Whichever hostel you end up deciding on, when you’re taking a trip to an island known for its gorgeous beaches you can’t ever really have a bad time, right?

    Lugnason Falls San Juan Siquijor
    Enjoy your stay in one of my fav places in the world!
    Photo: mabi2000 (Flickr)

    And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!