10 EPIC Hostels in Uluwatu (2020 • Insider Guide!)

The ultimate list of the best hostels in Uluwatu. Period. Written by travelers, this is your insider guide to Uluwatu at it's best!

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Situated on the southwestern Bukit Peninsula on Bali, the beautiful Uluwatu is all about epic limestone cliffs, blue seas, surfers and beach bums. This is your little exclusive slice of paradise, a world away from the parties of Seminyak or the hippy-ism of Ubud.

It’s also home to the literally stunning clifftop Balinese Hindu temple of Uluwatu. This place is truly amazing.

But do you wanna be right on one particular beach in Uluwatu? Is your main purpose just chilling the F out, or are you planning to travel about?

Don’t you worry about that. With our handy list of the best hostels in Uluwatu, you’ll be able to find the place that’s right for you – and your budget!

So let’s see what this slice of Bali has to offer…


Quick answer: The Best Hostels in Uluwatu



Best Hostels in Uluwatu


Best Hostels in Uluwatu

Uluwatu offers some of the best accommodation in Bali. Check it out here.


Best Overall Hostel in Uluwatu – SR Hostel Uluwatu

SR Hostel Uluwatu best hostels in Uluwatu

SR Hostel Uluwatu is our pick for best overall hostel in Uluwatu

– $$
– Bar
– Outdoor Swimming Pool
– Scooters For Hire

So one of the best things about this best overall hostel in Uluwatu is the fact that it puts on a FREE buffet dinner EVERY night. EVERY NIGHT. That is so cool. Free food literally wins us over every single time. Seriously.

Buuuut… aside from that, this is really nice place to stay. There’s so much to do here that you’ll never get bored – from tours to partying, you’ll be occupied at all times if you want to be. Plus, some of Uluwatu’s best beaches are right nearby so if you fancy chilling on the sand, you can do that too. AND there’s a pool. Definitely a top hostel in Uluwatu.



Best Party Hostel in Uluwatu – Karma Backpacker Hostel

Karma Backpacker Hostel best hostels in Uluwatu

Karma Backpacker Hostel is our pick for best party hostel in Uluwatu

– $
– Scooters For Hire
– Free Breakfast
– Outdoor Terrace

Located in the central area of Uluwatu, this Uluwatu backpackers hostel is also the best party hostel in Uluwatu. Why? Because they create a super fun atmosphere for all the guests to spend time together drinking and getting to know each other.

Yep, you can have a pretty fun time at this place. And once you’re all ready to go out with your new best friends, you can head out to the local bars for a few more drinks. Or to the beach (also for a few more drinks). Fun place!



Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Uluwatu Pecatu Guest House & Hostel

Pecatu Guest House & Hostel best hostels in Uluwatu

Pecatu Guest House & Hostel is our pick for best hostel for solo travellers in Uluwatu

– $
– Housekeeping
– Outdoor Swimming Pool
– Restaurant

A literal home away from home for your Bali backpacking trip, this top hostel in Uluwatu creates the perfect atmosphere for you to get to know every other traveller passing through its doors. It’s great for making friends.

So this easily makes it the best hostel for solo travellers in Uluwatu. But it’s not just the sociable atmosphere, but there’s a vibey outdoor pool surrounded by tropical plants that’s always fun to chill around and get chatting to other peeps. There’s also a nice selection of dorms – or private rooms if you’re not THAT sociable.



Best Cheap Hostel in Uluwatu Bookit Backpackers

Bookit Backpackers best hostels in Uluwatu

Bookit Backpackers is our pick for best cheap hostel in Uluwatu

– $
– Free Breakfast
– Luggage Storage
– Cable Tv

We feel like this budget hostel in Uluwatu is sending you subliminal messages with its name. But really, you could just go ahead and book this one. Especially if you’re on a shoestring (like many of us are).

There’s a free breakfast here, plus it’s in a top location and the owner will help you arrange things like cheap transport, take you out to local (cheap) places to eat, all the kinda stuff to keep costs down. Easily the best cheap hostel in Uluwatu. You WILL be saving coin here.



Best Hostel for Couples in Uluwatu SR Home

SR Home best hostels in Uluwatu

SR Home is our pick for best hostel for couples in Uluwatu

– $
– Free Breakfast
– Cafe
– Communal Kitchen

Travelling in a romantic kinda way to Uluwatu? Then you should look no further than this best hostel for couples in Uluwatu. Yep, it’s really close to some sick beaches where you can find tasty restaurants and dine with your partner under the stars. Sounds dreamy.

The hostel itself is great value and run by two kind local lads. It’s not the most stylish of places (we know you couples like that sorta thing), but it’s perfect if you’ve both been backpacking around for a while and just want somewhere nice to stay and enjoy Bali’s beautiful beaches



Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Uluwatu Terrace Ampels Backpackers

Terrace Ampels Backpackers best hostels in Uluwatu

Terrace Ampels Backpackers is our pick for best hostel for digital nomads in Uluwatu

– $
– Pool Table
– Bar

Just 5 mins from the beach but located up in the lush hills, there’s a nice breezy lobby where you can just sit and work on your laptop. Or you can head to the similarly breezy rooftop for a spot of workin’.

So yeah, it’s the best hostel for digital nomads in Uluwatu. And get this: when you’re done with all your work, head to their infinity pool overlooking the jungle canopy. Like, that pretty much makes this one of coolest hostels in Uluwatu. Definitely love that pool.



Best Hostel with a Private Room in Uluwatu – U Tube Hotel and Spa

best hostel with private room in Uluwatu

U Tube Hotel and Spa is our pick for best hostel with a private room in Uluwatu

– $$-$$$
– Pool and sundeck
– Private balcony
– Car/bike hire available

The U Tube Hotel is the ideal place for some relaxation and a haven from the hectic tourist areas. You can spend the day around the pool, chill on the sunbeds or watch Netflix on your private balcony (free wifi available).

Since it’s located pretty much in the centre of Uluwatu, it means that you’ll have to get around in a taxi or rent a scooter at the front desk. No need to pick it up, it’ll be delivered right to your doorstep! If you’ve got a transportation option, you’ll have a great selection of beautiful beaches all around you.



Psst! Heading to a hostel? Don’t forget to pack a padlock! It’s well worth having one so you can secure your locker and protect your stuff!


More Best Hostels In Uluwatu


Merta Nadi Homestay

Merta Nadi Homestay best hostels in Uluwatu

Merta Nadi Homestay

– $
– Tea & Coffee Facilities
– Air Con
– Laundry Facilities

This might call itself a homestay but it’s a backpacker hub for travellers who wanna soak up the local atmosphere. Close to the airport, this recommended hostel in Uluwatu is a great shout if you need to catch an early flight – it’s just 15 min drive away.

Another thing that it’s close to is the pretty dang cool Uluwatu Temple as well as a load of other natural sights. Communal kitchen helps, so you can whip up some instant noodles when you’re feeling famished. But the local restaurants are super tasty and very nearby.



C8 Bed & Breakfast

C8 Bed & Breakfast best hostels in Uluwatu

C8 Bed & Breakfast

– $
– Shuttle Bus
– Luggage Storage
– Free Breakfast

Pretty much in the middle of the island, you can get to loads of Uluwatu’s beaches from this top hostel. But apart from that the very friendly hosts will cook you up a very tasty free breakfast in the morning. Much appreciated.

It’s reasonably priced, and it’s clean and comfortable. But don’t come to this budget Uluwatu hostel expecting too much in the way of atmosphere. You’ll have to check 0ut the local streets and backpacker bars for that sorta thing.



Ashana Homestay

Ashana Homestay best hostels in Uluwatu

Ashana Homestay

– $$
– Cafe & Bar
– Outdoor Swimming Pool
– Free Breakfast

A slice of Bali luxury for backpackers, this is less like a Uluwatu backpackers hostel and more like a budget hotel (except it’s super nice) for travellers like yourself. Flashpackers, for instance, will love this place.

The private rooms here are actually very affordable, so you can stay in a pretty lavish room all decked out with typically Balinese cool – think wooden beds, white linen, nice furniture – for a snip. Couples also should take note of this top hostel in Uluwatu. Cute cafe/bar features a buzzy lil’ atmosphere, too.



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What to Pack for your Uluwatu Hostel

Pants, socks, underwear… Here are some other items you might not have thought to pack.


Luggage Travel Lock1. Padlock: Keep your stuff safe, guys. Unfortunately not all dorm lockers share the same security standard. You’ll want a lightweight lock that can fit all the various dorm lockers you’ll clip it to. Having a padlock that is flexible and can fit a variety of locker styles is the best way to make sure none of your belongings wander away while you are out.


Headphone Spltter2. Headphone Splitter: Don’t be those awkward people sharing one earbud on the bus, as you show off your in-depth music knowledge to your new friend. A headphone splitter is a great item to bring traveling, it works fantastic on those long bus rides or easy dorm Netflix nights when you want to relax and connect with someone.


Noise Cancelling Earbuds3. Noise-Cancelling Earbuds: These simple earbuds will help you out. Keeping out most of the surrounding sounds, you can either choose to listen to some relaxing music or no sound at all while falling asleep. This can be a life-saver in some unexpected party hostels. Make sure you’re well-rested for the next adventures!


Travel Pillow4. TRTL Travel Pillow: Get rid of the red eyes and yawning with this TRTL travel pillow. It’s not just a normal neck pillow (I mean, look at it!), the ergonomic design gives your neck and head so much comfortable support that you’ll actually be able to have some decent rest. Super easy to carry and clean, it takes up so little space compared to a traditional travel pillow.


Active Roots Water Bottle5. Active Roots Water Bottle: Hostels are increasingly meeting backpackers’ demands for potable (drinkable) water. Now is better than ever to start traveling with a reusable water bottle! Aside from cutting down single-use plastic, The Active Roots stainless steel water bottle will also keep your favorite beverage hot or cold all day long and it’s sized perfectly to fit an entire bottle of wine. ‘Nuff said.


AR Towel6. Active Roots Microfiber Towel: Quick-drying, lightweight, super soft and compact – the Active Roots Microfiber Towel is essential for every backpacker. No need to use the scabby towels your hostel may or may not provide! Use it for drying off, as a yoga towel or even as a picnic blanket – the options don’t stop here. Made of antibacterial material, you don’t have to worry about your towel starting to smell unpleasant either after lots of use.


Why you should travel to Uluwatu

So those were the best hostels in Bali. And what a selection!

From places that are perfect getaways with infinity pools tucked in the jungle to beachside bastions of relaxation, you’re spoilt for choice.

They range from cute family-run places to more, y’know, typically Balinese luxury. But all affordable for a backpacker budget!

SR Hostel Uluwatu best hostels in Uluwatu

There aren’t too many places where you can go wild and party here – but there’s Seminyak for that. Uluwatu is all about chilling out, so we hope that you can find a top hostel in Uluwatu that suits you!

A lot to take in here! So if you can’t decide on a hostel to stay out, don’t worry: just check in at SR Hostel Uluwatu, our top pick for the best hostel in Uluwatu.

Uluwatu and its chill times are waiting for you!

If you still need more convincing, then be sure to check our comprehensive guide that covers all the coolest things to do in Uluwatu!


Travel Safety Tips for Uluwatu

Don’t forget to sort your travel insurance! We’ve put together a roundup of the best travel insurance for backpackers – check it out here, or if you’re low on time, get a quote from World Nomads now, our favourite travel insurance provider.



Concerned about Bali’s natural disasters or the occasional pickpocket? Arm yourself by reading all our travel tips and advice for visiting Bali safely!


More Epic Hostels in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

Hopefully by now you’ve found the perfect hostel for your upcoming trip to Uluwatu.

Planning an epic trip all across Indonesia or even Southeast Asia itself?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

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Over to you

By now I hope our epic guide to the best hostels in Uluwatu has helped you choose the perfect hostel for your adventure!

If you think we’ve missed anything or have any further thoughts, hit us up in the comments!

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The ultimate list of the best hostels in Uluwatu. Period. Written by travelers, this is your insider guide to Uluwatu at it's best!

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