Mexico is a traveller’s dream. It’s hard to think of another place that offers this level of diversity. It will leave you will your heart full, and your belly even fuller.

It offers dry deserts, tropical jungles, white sand beach resorts, ancient ruins, and so much more; the list is endless. Because of this, Mexico is one of the most popular places to travel in the world. From spicy Mexican cuisine to snorkelling in the Caribbean sea, the opportunities for a relaxing retreat in Mexico are endless.

That’s why we’re pleased that Mexico is making such a good effort with their sustainable tourism. Many are understanding that preserving their local community with eco-friendly  is vital.

Although hotels are fairly easy to find, considering eco-friendly and unique accommodation options in Mexico for your trip brings a new experience with it. For a peaceful and sustainable travel experience, check out some of Mexico’s best eco resorts.

There are loads of amazing eco-friendly resorts on offer, so how do you pick the best one? Well, we’ve done the dirty work to help you decide exactly what to look for, and what to expect from an eco resort in Mexico.


How do we love the sea turtles and respect the sea turtles?

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Zamas Hotel Mexico

Zamas Hotel

  • > $$
  • > 2 guests
  • > Swimming pool
  • > Beachfront location

Las Guacamayas Lodge Resort

  • > $
  • > 1-5 guests
  • > Room service
  • > On-site restaurant
Sandos Caracol Eco Resort Mexico

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort

  • > $$
  • > 5 guests
  • > Onsite waterpark
  • > Numerous restaurants

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    Staying in an Eco Resort in Mexico

    Mexico is pretty large, and eco resorts tend to be in a more secluded setting, often close to stunning beaches or tucked away in jungle scenery. No need to worry about loud city noises. 

    Staying at an eco resort also means a unique Mexico travel experience. You’ll be removed from the main tourist scene so you can appreciate the country’s natural gems. 

    Eco hotels and resorts vary greatly from luxurious high-end spiritual retreats to smaller down-to-earth spots. However, you can always expect natural surroundings, a focus on environmental sustainability, and eco-friendly practices. 

    beautiful beaches in Cancun Mexico
    Beautiful beaches in Cancun, Mexico

    Thanks to Mexico’s diverse landscape and intriguing history, eco resorts offer a range of activities. You can enjoy palm trees, morning yoga, snorkelling, boating, or hiking activities. You’ll have the opportunity to choose somewhere that fits your travel style. 

    Eco resorts mostly offer private rooms, while some budget eco-friendly hostels follow traditional dorm-room models. Others have private bungalows, luxury tents, treehouses, or even cabanas. 

    Healthy food is also often included, dining is available onsite, or self-catering options. Most importantly, food waste is taken care of correctly.

    So let’s take a look at the best options for you.

    The Top 15 Eco Resorts in Mexico 

    Now that you have an idea of what to expect at an eco resort, read on to discover our picks of the top 15 eco-friendly resorts in Mexico! Each of these places offers the chance for a relaxing escape from daily life amid peaceful, natural surroundings. 

    1. The Overall Best Eco Resort in Mexico – The House in the Woods

    The House in the Woods Mexico

    Located just outside of Xalapa, Veracruz, this beautiful woodland eco lodge is the perfect place to relax and take a break from it all. There’s a nature spa offering Temazcal and yoga sessions within walking distance. Alternatively, you might just want to stay at the lodge to enjoy the scenery. 

    There’s a deck with outdoor seating where you can admire the views. The cabin also has some modern comforts including a full kitchen, TV, and Wi-fi. You’ll feel right at home within this quiet and nature-loving local community, where you can appreciate the beauty and wildlife of the Mexican jungle. 

    2. The Best Budget Eco Resort in Mexico – Las Guacamayas Lodge Resort

    A proper escape in the jungle

    Surrounded by the lush, tropical scenery in the jungle of Chiapas,  this eco-friendly resort is both budget and eco-friendly! They’re a perfect example of how sustainable tourism should be done. Their eco-friendly practices pay close attention to their surroundings, nurturing the jungle’s native species and constructing with natural materials. 

    Activities at Las Guacamayas are aplenty. Go hiking and canoeing, or take a boat ride to see the Azules Nature Reserve. And, of course, take time for bird watching with people who really care in this unique location.


    Budget Tip: Dorms in Mexico start from $10USD per bed. They’re the cheapest accommodation in the city. Search for hostels in the area!

    3. Best Eco Hotel for Families visiting Mexico – Sandos Caracol Eco Resort

    Sandos Caracol Eco Resort Mexico

    As far as eco-friendly all-inclusive resorts go, Sandos Caracol Eco Resort is a truly unparalleled luxury experience on the Yucatan peninsula. Staying in Playa Del Carmen is a great choice and this luxury experience is one of a small handful of resorts on the Riviera Maya working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. 

    Their sustainable energy is made up of renewable sources such as solar panels. They understand that without their local community, the Riviera Maya has nothing. So Sandos Caracol Eco Resort strives to protect its surrounding ecosystem.

    Guest rooms include access to a private beach on the Caribbean Sea, free wi-fi, an outdoor pool, its own private terrace, and room service. There’s something for the whole family here too at this Eco Resort in Playa Del Carmen.

    4. The Best Budget Eco Hostel in Mexico – Xkopek Native Bee Farm Camping

    Xkopek Native Bee Farm Camping Mexico
    The perfect backpacker accommodation

    Just outside the city of Valladolid, Xkopek Native Bee Farm has rooms and tents available for budget backpackers hoping to find somewhere close to nature. Guests have access to a shared kitchen, showers and bathrooms, and bikes to rent for exploring the area. 

    Within Valladolid, you’ll find local markets, churches, museums, and historic ruins. Explore the Cenote Zací or travel a bit further to Chichén Itzá, then return to the peaceful and quiet campsite to relax in the garden.  

    5. Best Eco Hotel for Couples – Zamas Hotel

    Zamas Hotel Mexico
    Tulum is a must-see area in Mexico

    This eco-resort in Tulum is perfect if you want to treat your other half. Tulum is a popular city among tourists, known for its white sand beaches and ancient Mayan ruins. What better than to enjoy the wonders of this tropical paradise in an eco friendly hotel? The Zamas Hotel is a mostly electricity-free property, although a generator does supply limited lighting and Wi-fi in common areas. 

    During the day you can sign up for yoga classes, book a massage onsite, or rent gear at the diving shop to explore the tropical waters. Once the sun goes down, the candles and matches provided can be used to create a romantic atmosphere on the beach.

    6. Another Great Eco Hotel for Couples – Cocolia Hotel, Mazunte

    Cocolia Hotel Mazunte Mexico
    Can you beat that view?

    Enjoy a peaceful and romantic jungle escape at the Cocolia Hotel, located just outside of Mazunte. Your private bungalow features a king sized bed, expansive views of the jungle and Pacific, and even an open shower facing the ocean. Caliente.

    You’ll have complete privacy in your bungalow, as well as access to public spaces including a salt-water swimming pool and onsite restaurant. The main energy source of the hotel comes from solar panels, and the buildings were designed to flow with the natural topography of the region to create a more sustainable and immersive nature experience. 

    7. The Best Eco Resort for a Group of Friends – Four Seasons Crocodile Bar and Cabañas

    Four Seasons Crocodile Bar and Cabañas Mexico

    The rustic and charming cabins of Four Seasons are the perfect spot to enjoy a beach vacation on the Jalisco coast of Mexico. There are several cabins to pick from depending on your group size, each featuring beachfront access and a palapa roof.

    The peaceful charm of La Manzanilla makes it a great place for relaxing on the beach. You can check out one of the local restaurants in town, or just eat at the Crocodile Bar onsite and watch the sunset over Tenacatita Bay. 

    8. Over-the-Top Luxury Eco Resort – Chablé Yucatan

    Chable Yucatan Mexico
    Nature but fancy.

    As long as your budget allows, the Chablé Yucatan eco resort offers a truly unparalleled luxury experience on the Yucatan peninsula. Each room features its own private terrace and pool, plus guests all have access to the high-class spa, free bikes, and large swimming area. 

    Rooms don’t come cheap, but they really do have it all when it comes to comfort and service. Start with breakfast in your room, head out on a bike tour, enjoy an afternoon at the spa, then round off your day with a delicious meal at the highly rated La Chaya Maya restaurant and bar. Wind down with an evening dip in your private pool. 

    9. Best Eco Hostel for Backpackers – Nomadas Ecohostel

    Nomadas Ecohostel Mexico
    Did somebody say free breakfast?

    Located in the town of Mérida, capital of Yucatan and popular home-base for exploring Mayan ruins, this eco-accommodation has everything you’d want from staying in a hostel. Start off each day with a free breakfast onsite, take yoga, dance, or cooking classes during the day, and relax to live music in the evenings. 

    There’s plenty to see and do in Mérida, from touring museums to live music entertainment. On days when you just need to relax and take a break, you can lounge by the pool or read your favourite book in the comfort of one of the hammocks.

    10. Best All-Inclusive Eco Resort in Mexico –Xinalani Yoga Retreat

    Xinalani Yoga Retreat Mexico
    Is this paradise? Possibly.

    For the ultimate relaxing beach vacation in Mexico, the Xinalani Yoga Retreat is an excellent choice. This all-inclusive resort includes 3 meals and 2 yoga sessions per day in the room price. Plus there’s a swimming pool and private beach area, so you can spend as much time as you want relaxing on the sand. 

    The resort has excellent modern comforts like Wi-fi, fans or AC, but it also maintains a simplistic charm. Here, you can reconnect with nature and be undisturbed by the rush and traffic of daily life. 

    11. Best Eco Hotel for Solo Travelers – Tubohotel 

    Tubohotel Mexico

    This unique hotel takes sustainability to the next level, by converting old concrete tubes into fun and classy accommodation. The large glass windows let in plenty of natural light and a view of the pool and garden, but the curtains provide full privacy when you’re inside.

    Tepoztlán’s local markets and natural parks are pretty close by. If you just want to relax, get comofrtable in one of the beach loungers by the pool for a break. Each tube is perfect for solo travelers, but can also accommodate couples who don’t mind getting cozy. 

    12. Best Eco Hotel for a Weekend in Mexico – OYO Jolie Jungle Eco Hotel

    OYO Jolie Jungle Eco Hotel Mexico
    Perfect for a weekend escape to the jungle.

    If you only have a weekend to spend in Mexico, then the Jolie Jungle Eco Hotel is the perfect place to stay. Whether you’re flying solo or traveling with a large family, the bungalow has rooms of various sizes to accommodate all parties. 

    The eco design of the hotel makes it a perfect place to relax and reconnect with nature. Watch jungle birds out of your window, take a dip in one of the swimming pools, or relax in the traditional Temazcal steam bath. There are also bikes which are free to use, and nature trails on the property so you can appreciate the jungle scenery. 

    13. Best Eco Resort for Honeymooners – Cabaña Areca

    Cabaña Areca Mexico

    If you’re planning a honeymoon in Mexico, the Cabaña Areca offers a beautiful, private eco retreat for a romantic vacation. There’s no hot water or air conditioning, but the mild climate and open architectural design allows for natural air flow to keep the cabin perfectly comfortable. 

    You’ll be peacefully secluded in the jungle and surrounded by nature, but if you do want to venture out there are shopping centers, beaches, and restaurants nearby. You can also sign up for additional activities like morning yoga, massages, Temazcal steam baths, or the breakfast service. 

    14. Amazing Luxury Eco Retreat – Rancho del Agustin

    Rancho del Agustin Mexico

    Imagine having your own private eco ranch in Mexico for an unforgettable vacation! This eco-friendly retreat is perfect for groups, families, or couples who want a special and private place to relax and reconnect with nature. 

    You’ll be surrounded by rolling green hills with views of mountains and rivers, plus a traditional Mexican ranch all to yourself. The space is well equipped with modern amenities like a grill, solar heating for the pool, and large comfortable living and dining spaces. 

    15. Most Traditional Eco Hostel in Mexico – Cenote Encantado

    Cenote Encantado Mexico
    Sweet and simple

    This eco hostel is a great spot for adventurers and people looking for a more holistic retreat experience. Located in a popular eco-tourist location, this hostel in Tulum features camping-style accommodation with a shared kitchen. You’ll also have opportunities to take yoga classes and learn about permaculture.

    You can take part in fun adventure sports like swimming, snorkelling, boating, and hiking thanks to the 100+ cenotes (aka sinkholes) located close to the property. The hostel has kayaks and snorkelling gear available for rent, and there’s also a Temazcal steam bath onsite.

    FAQs about Eco-friendly Resorts in Mexico

    Here’s what people usually ask us when they look for vacation homes in Mexico.

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    Final Thoughts on the Best Eco Resorts in Mexico 

    Whether you’re interested in historic ruins or simply looking for a spot to relax on the beach, Mexico offers the dream vacation destination for many travellers. Instead of booking into your regular Mexican backpackers, try out an eco resort! It’s the perfect opportunity to turn your trip into a more unique and sustainable experience. 

    Remember that these places that truly care about their natural landscape and environmental sustainability will give you 100% transparency. They LOVE questions about their eco friendly practices and impact.

    Yes, green washing is becoming more of a problem with eco tourism. So please, do your research: many places do truly just want to take your money and don’t really care about the environment. 

    But you people care for the world are making a difference. Eco-tourism is an important tool to changing the world for better.

    Hopefully, after reading through this list of the best eco hotels and eco hostels in Mexico you’ll have found a spot that’s perfect for you. From luxury travel to simple and rustic accommodation, there’s a lot of variation so everyone can find something to fit their preferences and budget. 

    Welcome to tranquillity.